Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0543: Ink Immortal Palace Guard

Chapter 0543: Ink Immortal Palace Guard

When the audience witnessed how Wu Yu had grabbed the first opportunity to launch a quick, fierce attack at the start of the battle to defeat these four geniuses, they realized that he had not used his full power when fighting the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu.

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, who had recovered slightly, watched this scene and his expression darkened. On one hand, he desired revenge, and on the other, he lacked the confidence and was terrified of Wu Yu.

At this moment, he could only hate and be scared of Wu Yu.

Under the two Supreme God Technique attacks of Wu Yu's doppelgangers, the four quickly surrendered. After all, they had no hope of getting the championship and no one could obstruct Wu Yu's light now. All they could think of was how to avoid getting injured.

When the four of them admitted defeat, Wu Yu's original body, Ji Lingshuang, and Nangong Wei had not really fought yet.

The four people had disappeared from this group attack of six people.

The spectators watched in shock and looked at each other. They could only sigh helplessly. Previously, they had thought that Wu Yu was too arrogant.

Now the reality was presented before their eyes. He had the capacity to be that arrogant.

At this moment, Wu Yu's position in the divine continent had risen to a peak where no one could challenge.

The remaining mystery was now very little.

But both Ji Lingshuang and Nangong Wei had dao treasures, and these dao treasures added an element of uncertainty to this battle.

After Wu Yu used his doppelgangers to defeat the four, he did not use them to surround and attack the ladies. He retrieved his doppelgangers and faced the two beauties alone.

There was still anger in his heart that needed venting.

These two beauties were the top geniuses of this age in the divine continent, and they were the only people of the same age that could be compared to Wu Yu.

They were proud, and even at this moment, they would not admit defeat!

While the two of them did not plan earlier, they attacked together with great coordination.

Faced with the violent-looking, fiery Wu Yu, who had undergone the Immortal Ape Transformation and was now holding the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, they used their full strength in their first attack!

A fierce, explosive scene appeared again!

"Nine-Tiered Mystical Fiery Fortress!" Nangong Wei flapped her nine-colored wings. Heavenly fire rolled out, and within her mystique, the entire Upper Immortal Battle Ground was a domain that she controlled!

But this was only a method to slightly suppress Wu Yu!

After using her mystique, Nangong Wei flew up into the sky. The World Obliterating Furnace dropped from under her wings.

The dao treasure rotated and increased in size.

The spirit designs on it shone, and within a short period of time, just like when it defeated Jiu Ying, the World Obliterating Furnace covered the sky and hid the sun.

Next, it would fly down and cover both Wu Yu and Ji Lingshuang within this World Obliterating Furnace!


The giant World Obliterating Furnace covered the grand earth and raised a sandstorm! This upside down furnace was fierce and fiery.

Nangong Wei's phoenix body landed on the World Obliterating Furnace, then she fiercely activated the spirit designs on this dao treasure.

Nangong Wei was waiting for this moment. Hence, at this moment, she seemed to have gone crazy.

Of course, even though the interior of the World Obliterating Furnace was terrifying, as the controller of this dao treasure, she could also control it to keep it from hurting Ji Lingshuang.

After all, she still needed to depend on Ji Lingshuang to battle Wu Yu in the World Obliterating Furnace.

Whilst Wu Yu was trapped by this dao treasure, the World Obliterating Furnace, the plot thickened! Just who would possibly win?

At this moment, Wu Yu felt no different then when he previously was within the Ravaging Ghost Volcano. He was not surrounded by flames, but liquid lava!

The spirit designs in the World Obliterating Furnace were activated and the golden lava directly drowned him. It was as though he had been submerged in a sea of golden lava.

This sea was borderless and death filled it.

It seemed like there was no escape.

And nearby, white circles of light appeared on Ji Lingshuang, who was in a white dress. These protected her from the effects of the golden lava in the World Obliterating Furnace.

Under such circumstances, Ji Lingshuang's expression was cold and calm. Her long skirt flowed.

She moved her red lips and said, "Wu Yu, you are too arrogant and have no respect for us.

“The two of us will join hands to defeat you before having a fair battle."

As she spoke, the Immortal Palace Painting in her hands unfolded. Instantly, this ink painting was displayed before Wu Yu's eyes.

The ink painting changed and there seemed to be clouds and fog covering the immortal palace.

The water even seemed to flow!

It was like a real world, and he seemed to even hear extravagant immortal music.

Ji Lingshuang was like a holy immortal.

She was fair and was especially angelic within this golden lava.

She seemed so unreachable.

At this moment, she seemed to be blood-linked to the Immortal Palace Painting. Previously, she needed maximum control of the Immortal Palace Painting to fight Wu Yu.

Just like Nangong Wei, who at this moment pooled together all the power of the World Obliterating Furnace and directed it towards Wu Yu, suppressing and burning him!

At this moment, Wu Yu was attacked by the fierce rush of golden lava. He was under great pressure and his battle ability was greatly reduced.

However, he was also least afraid of fire affinity attacks.

If this was any other person, Jiu Ying for instance, he would have turned into molten slag by now in this World Obliterating Furnace.

The two great dao treasures attacked at the same time!

And the attackers were the most outstanding two beauties who were in the same age group as Wu Yu in the divine continent now.

Perhaps many years from now, they would surpass the Dubhe Sword Immortal and the Taixu Sage Master to become the new rulers of divine continent. They would become ultimate beauties who would reign above all lives.

Ji Lingshuang's finger pointed on the Immortal Palace Painting.

"Immortal Palace Guard!"

Just as she spoke, the ink painting on the Immortal Palace Painting changed and a person could be seen emerging from one of the immortal palaces.

After that, the ink gradually concentrated onto one side and that person seemed to grow in size.

With this formation, a black shadow rushed out from the Immortal Palace Painting.

That black shadow held a long spear.

His whole body was black. He rushed out of the Immortal Palace Painting and appeared before Wu Yu's eyes!

That was a shadow formed from ink.

Its body was a concentration of ink and could be dispersed.

When dispersed, it would become a pool of ink.

When this ink was concentrated again, it would be like an immortal soldier or immortal general and possess offensive abilities.

This Immortal Palace Guard practically had an indestructible body.

This was the authoritative aura of Ji Lingshuang's dao treasure.

She was the next sect leader of Shangyuan Dao Sect that Taixu Sage Master had trained. Her potential and ability were naturally unlimited.

Now, on one hand, the destructive lava in the World Obliterating Furnace suppressed and burnt, and on the other, the Ink Immortal Palace Guard and his long spear from the Immortal Palace Painting clashed with Wu Yu head-on!

"Just this and you dream of suppressing me?" Wu Yu's voice seemed so cold in this angry fire, a stark contrast.

Those violent eyes did not cause any doubt that he would simply destroy these two beauties.

Whenever he attacked, the heavens shook! That was indeed true!


Within that angry fire, the golden ape and Ink Immortal Palace Guard, the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and long spear, instantly clashed!


With absolute power, even when Wu Yu was heavily obstructed by this World Obliterating Furnace, he destroyed the Ink Immortal Palace Guard easily!

But the Immortal Palace Guard's ability was not just limited to this.

While Wu Yu's Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was very strong, if this Immortal Palace Guard did not die, it would simply reassimilate and reform after being destroyed.

And within a short period of time, two of them actually appeared!

The two Immortal Palace Guards did not pause to observe the situation.

They flanked Wu Yu and moved stealthily.

They exchanged blows with Wu Yu.

Their long spears could pierce very well and they cut into Wu Yu's flesh. When that ink entered his body, the effect was terrifying. It was like a strong poison!

Ping, ping, ping!

Wu Yu was furious and exchanged blows continuously with the Immortal Palace Guards.

Within a short period of time, he destroyed the Immortal Palace Guard over 10 times!

Unexpectedly, each time an Immortal Palace Guard was destroyed, it would reform into two, and at this moment, there were already over 10 Immortal Palace Guards with long spears.

Together with the World Obliterating Furnace, they brought a certain level of trouble for Wu Yu.

"I know you're strong, but you cannot belittle us!" Ji Lingshuang said angrily.

"So what if I look down upon you?" Wu Yu replied rudely. Within the burning golden lava of the World Obliterating Furnace, he paused in his fight with the Immortal Palace Guards. His flaming gaze stared right into Ji Lingshuang's eyes.

Ji Lingshuang was furious. She controlled her dao treasure and the Immortal Palace Guard attacked together when Wu Yu had paused.

Actually, Wu Yu understood one thing during his furious, crazy battle. These Immortal Palace Guards could not be killed.

The Immortal Palace Painting and Ji Lingshuang, who stood far away, were the key. Hence, at this moment, he directly used his Eyes of Fire and Gold’s second tier, Purgatory Chains.

When his eyes met with the lively eyes of Ji Lingshuang, Ji Lingshuang screamed. At this instant, her soul was burnt by Wu Yu!

Because she was affected, the Immortal Palace Guards seemed to go out of control at this moment. Wu Yu instantly swung into action.

With the Swift Art, he destroyed eight Immortal Palace Guards and appeared before the Immortal Palace Painting.

Without any words, he pierced through it using the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean.


Every Immortal Palace Guard exploded into pieces.

Under the burning of the Purgatory Chains, Ji Lingshuang, who simply possessed a dao treasure, could not rival Wu Yu at all.

She was way weaker than the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. Wu Yu raised his staff and positioned it above Ji Lingshuang's head. When this landed, he could basically crack her head open like a walnut.

At this terrifying moment, Ji Lingshuang quickly shouted, "I admit defeat!" Actually, she was so scared of Wu Yu that she was covered in cold sweat.

After all, the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was too violent. If Wu Yu had landed this blow on her, her pretty face would’ve been destroyed.

Of course, Wu Yu was just scaring her into admitting defeat. After she said that, Wu Yu retrieved his weapon and retreated. He was now left with one enemy.

This feeling of ultimate power was very refreshing!

So refreshing that he gradually walked out from his depression.

Indeed, only those with absolute power could rule over everything!

If not, he could not protect anyone.

Only Nangong Wei was left.

Ji Lingshuang gritted her teeth and said, "I've nothing to say to someone as arrogant as you, Wu Yu. Today, I lost to you, but you should not celebrate too early. One day, I'll rise above you!"

She had never felt so agitated.

She did not know that Wu Yu had refused to be the Yan Huang City Lord. She thought that in the future, their relationship would be like the Yan Huang City Lord and the Taixu Sage Master’s.

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