Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0392: Divided, We Rule

Chapter 0392: Divided, We Rule

Ever since he had obtained the doppelgangers, there had not been a single time like the present, where they had fallen one after another in battle.

Even the numerous defensive sword cultivation dao techniques could not stop the Thousand-Eye Demon God that was the White Fiend.

The 1,000 bewitching eyes on the pale white body exerted a tremendous pressure on Wu Yu's spirit. Just on that aspect alone, a large portion of his fighting ability had been discounted.

"Doppelgangers? More doppelgangers?" The White Fiend consecutively slashed two of Wu Yu's doppelgangers!

At this moment, as they watched Wu Yu's doppelgangers fall one after another, there were only three Wu Yus left, which stood at the flanks of the White Fiend.

"Your doppelgangers are not bad, but they're not at all effective against me. Pity, pity." The White Fiend let loose with raucous laughter.

Wu Yu glanced over to see that the centurions and Gong Shuming were still completely trapped. No one could help him!


Another doppelganger was easily dispatched by thWhite Fiend.

"Any more?" The White Fiend lurched around to see Wu Yu and the last doppelganger.

"Unshackled Doppelganger."

The unshackled doppelgangers fell like flies.

Honestly, Wu Yu felt that this Unshackled Doppelganger mystique was, at this moment, unable to reach the level where it could decide battles. It was not yet comparable to others that could be used in battle.

But that was because his enemy's physical body was too formidable. If that were not the case, then his doppelgangers would’ve still posed quite a threat.

But he was clear that he could not be considered as having truly mastered this mystique. After all, his comprehension of this mystique was only barely at the second tier.

In light of the 10 tiers, this was considered rudimentary!

However, he had indeed spent a large amount of time on it.

"That's right...."

When these doppelgangers fell, they vanished, becoming golden hairs anew that returned to his own head. Finally, it seemed like they were no different from the other hairs....

"Only when broken can it be reformed."

Ever since he had obtained the Unshackled Doppelganger, Wu Yu had not let them die at all. He had even gone to the lengths of cultivating many defensive dao techniques so that his doppelgangers could survive for even longer and maintain their strongest form.

And now, after the last one had fallen, he gained new insight.

To live and die. That was the meaning of it all!

Just at the moment when all his doppelgangers disappeared, with this new revelation on life and death, Wu Yu reached a new level of insight for the Unshackled Doppelganger. It was like the violent way in which he conducted himself. It was direct, and the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's mystique was also like this. Surging forth unyieldingly, building as it was broken down. Take one down and still there were a million more!

As for the third tier of the Unshackled Doppelganger, Wu Yu had kept at it countless times. In truth, he knew how to create even more doppelgangers, but he always felt that it was lacking something. And now he had hit upon it.

Right now, the Unshackled Doppelgangers would give him only limited aid. But one day, when this mystique reached its full completion, it would definitely resound throughout the universe!

At this moment, his inner heart was in sync. Even more complex markings appeared upon the mystique insignia on his Jindan. The mystique transformed into an even more complete state. Although it was far from true maturity, it was a step closer!


When Wu Yu's Mystique changed, 90 hairs on his body turned golden and formed new bodies.

Wu Yu gave a violent shake and these 90 golden hairs fell. With a flash of light, they became 90 golden Immortal Apes that were exactly the same as Wu Yu!

Another 90 doppelgangers!

Of course, these 90 doppelgangers were newly formed and therefore were far from the former 10 in power.

However, the visual impact was indeed impressive.

The Yan Huang Immortal soldiers on the Yan Huang Warship had been fighting and bickering, some even attacking. Heaven's Equal Camp could only be forced back on the defensive, and many members of Heaven's Equal Camp were injured.

Wu Yu's sudden transformation caused the fighting to cease, and they stared outwards, thunderstruck.

Even the White Fiend was a little emotionally staggered. He had killed 10, and now 90 more had appeared. How limitless was this Wu Yu's doppelganger skill!?

He had just thought about this when he saw the countless golden Immortal Apes scatter. They surrounded the White Fiend!


The 90 doppelgangers charged as one, including the original Wu Yu!

Although he was faced with an expert who far surpassed him, Wu Yu's confidence was through the roof at this point! In battles of the Immortal Dao, things often depended on one's state of mind and how it changed.

The White Fiend was indeed completely intimidated!

"Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique!"

At this moment, all the doppelgangers and Wu Yu used the same movement, the Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique!

91 people were upon him, and all of them were using the same move. Although there were some differences, the final result was a Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique that was many times stronger than the original!

But in truth, because they were all parts of Wu Yu's true body, there was virtually no difference in terms of their comprehension and familiarity with the Heaven Earth Void technique!

Numerous vortexes instantly appeared at the White Fiend's lower body, flanks, and even head! Amongst them, the black vortexes were largest beneath his feet, and there were also 90 more vortexes around him, sealing off all means of escape.


Under the astounded gazes, eight black dragons emerged from the black vortexes. Of which, the black dragon beneath the White Fiend's feet was the largest. As they appeared, they completely bound the White Fiend!

The White Fiend struggled. By the time he had broken free of the black dragon on his body, another 700-odd black dragons had thoroughly trussed him up. Although they were not big, he could not even more a finger. At that moment, the White Fiend was locked in a frighteningly powerful seal!

This was a Heaven Earth Void technique 90 times over!

This was the best chance in Wu Yu's fight with the White Fiend up till now. He had forced the White Fiend to consider calling back the Corpse Puppets and Soul Puppets.

"There's only one chance!

"Violent Art!"

The Violent Art could only be used once, and so he had saved it for the golden opportunity.

After he used the Violent Art, he was even more frenzied than before. His strength welled within him. His Jindan essence, from his newly attained ninth tier Jindan Dao cultivation, surged forth from within! He gripped the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff with both hands, bringing it down on the crown of the White Fiend's head.

The White Fiend thrashed from within the throes of the Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique, howling in fury, "Black Fiend!"

A plea for help!

Wu Yu moved swiftly and powerfully, without a shred of mercy. If he missed this opportunity, he would be the one who would lay dead. Therefore, he raised the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff again, charging it once more with remarkably blinding golden light. The Huang Emperor Earth Shattering Design, the God-Surpassing Heavy Design, and the Great Explosion Design all activated simultaneously!

It opened a new dimension in itself within the chaos of the universe. It ripped open a new space, a testament to the will and power of these spirit designs.

Combined with Wu Yu's reckless strength, and the power of the Violent Art, it all came crashing down on the White Fiend's head.

After so much charging up, a killing blow was unleashed!

A frightful howl that cut the sky itself, and then abruptly cut off. Because the body had been smashed by Wu Yu!

The White Fiend, one moment carefree despite being surrounded by 100, was sent on to the next world in the next moment. He had not expected to die in such a manner.

From his perspective, a youth he had not seen as a threat had finished him off calmly, resiliently, and in a straightforward manner.

He had not known how fortuitous Wu Yu's victory over him had been. If not for the clutch revelation from the Unshackled Doppelgangers, his Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique alone could not have possibly held White Fiend so thoroughly.

And now, the golden light disappeared in a flash.

The White Fiend was no more!

The Corpse Puppets and Soul Puppets had no more controller. The Corpse Puppets stood unmoving, while the Soul Puppets left the bodies of Chen Cangsong and the others, surveying their surroundings blankly.

Chen Cangsong and the others had just come to their senses to see Wu Yu defeat the White Fiend.


Gong Shuming included, all of them could not help swallowing a mouthful of saliva. The way they saw Wu Yu had already begun to change. Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu were aghast at his fearsome rise. They were only just starting to comprehend how foolish their recent actions had been. No wonder there was no one helping them during this clash.... And they knew that within the Yan Huang Warship, their two camps had been ganging up on Heaven's Equal Camp.

"Wu Yu, I underestimated you. You killed the White Fiend before General Commander Huangfu even defeated the Black Fiend!" Gong Shuming hurried up to express his admiration.

There was also admiration in the eyes of the other centurions. Only Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu remained where they were, too ashamed to come over.

But at this time, besides these two, the others all regarded Wu Yu as their leader.

Especially over at the Yan Huang Warship, Heaven's Equal Camp was all puffed chests and raised chins. They even wept hot tears of passion! Besides Deep Pine Camp and Green Willow Camp, the rest were also ecstatic with joy. They had subconsciously come to stand on the same line as Heaven's Equal Camp, leaving the Deep Pine Camp and Green Willow Camp alone on the other side.

"Commander Wu!"

They cheered as one.

Deep Pine Camp and Green Willow Camp knew that their commanders had caused trouble. The centurions outside all knew about the fight within the Yan Huang Warship. They would probably be punished now. But they were unafraid. After all, everyone knew that it was Wu Tianyu who had made the first move.

Wu Yu had used the Violent Art, so he was rather fatigued now. But the Black Fiend was still around, and his fighting power was through the roof. There was no time to rest. He said, "Let's go and help Huangfu...."

Just as he said this!

Wu Yu and the others had completely not expected the Black Fiend to also be able to control the Corpse Puppets and Soul Puppets! At this moment, the Black Fiend's gaze flicked over for a moment, and the Corpse Puppets and Soul Puppets sprung into action once more!

This time, besides Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu, everyone was gathered at Wu Yu' side. Only the two of them remained beside the Corpse Puppets and Soul Puppets!

As the Soul Puppets lurched to life, four of them rushed towards Chen Cangsong and five of them towards Fang Qingliu. Evidently, the Black Fiend would kill these two and send them along the road to the netherworld to accompany the White Fiend!


Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu were each possessed by four or five Soul Puppets. They were held in thrall, completely controlled by the Soul Puppets.

After all, it was four or five Soul Puppets!

And the Corpse Puppets were even more direct. When the two lost consciousness, the nine Corpse Puppets surged up as one. Before Wu Yu and the others had time to react, their sharp claws had plunged into their bodies. Before everyone, those two were torn to pieces!


Blood and flesh flew!

It was a scene too gory to bear.

Everyone was rooted to the spot.

Wu Yu had not seen this coming. Although he detested the two, he had had no intention of letting them die....

Mission accomplished, the Corpse and Soul Puppets gathered together. They did not attack, but instead rushed towards the Black Fiend....

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