Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0391: Demon God

Chapter 0391: Demon God

"Let's go!"

On Wu Yu's side, the nine surrounded and attacked!

The centurions were each strong in their own right. There were no weak links present. All of them used supreme immortal treasures worth at least 200,000 Golden Essence Pills!

Instantly, Heaven Earth Void techniques and Great Dao Mystiques all flew towards the White Fiend.

Those like Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu were adept at the Wood element of the Heaven Earth Void technique. The two combined to create an underwater forest. All kinds of things grew, and even their bodies grew to resemble trees. Even if they were torn down, they could immediately regrow.

As for Gong Shuming, he was adept at the Inner Sea Dao Technique. As he used his mystique, the sea roiled, dark ice rising all around!

Wu Yu was much more straightforward, but he was undoubtedly the spear of their attack!

Because in this battle, he was the closest to White Fiend, and also the one to meet him head on! After all, besides Shushan sword cultivators, there were not many martial cultivators who would be willing to engage in close combat with their opponent.

"Hmph." Actually, the ghostly cultivators despised Wu Yu and the rest of his bunch. The White Fiend was prepared, and the Thousand-Eye Spirit Beckoning Banner waved over. The thousand eyes on it immediately began revolving, forming a vortex which seemed to contain a void within. Suddenly, there were people beginning to rush out of the Thousand-Eye Spirit Beckoning Banner.

"The Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers are all good materials for making Corpse Puppets and Soul Puppets," White Fiend noted indifferently.

The Corpse Puppets and Soul Puppets he had mentioned were those things that had rushed out from the Thousand-Eye Spirit Beckoning Banner. The Corpse Puppets were evidently the corpses of martial cultivators. Only God knew what methods he had used to gouge out their eyes, and what sort of poisonous, wicked spirit designs he had placed upon them to preserve the martial cultivators' strength and still be subject to the White Fiend's control. The moment the Corpse Puppets appeared, a noxious stench filled the air. The eye-less Corpse Puppets were extremely terrifying, and a full nine of them appeared, rushing towards the group!

Besides the Corpse Puppets, there were also Soul Puppets! The Soul Puppets were a cloud of thick, white smoke that constantly formed the eyes and features of a human. They howled and cried and moaned, lunging towards Wu Yu and the others. There were also nine puffs of mist!

The Soul Puppets were made with the souls of martial cultivators, probably through means even more cruel and savage than the Corpse Puppets!

No wonder theWhite Fiend was covetous of Wu Yu and the others. He had enough Corpse Puppets and Soul Puppets now! This could very well be his trump card for many years.

"Watch well. Next time, your bodies will be my Corpse Puppets, and your souls my Soul Puppets." The White Fiend cackled mercilessly.

One could only imagine how tormenting it must have been for the martial cultivators who had fallen by his hand! They were all brethren from the same divine continent.

Forget the others, even Wu Yu himself felt that such ghostly cultivators truly could not be let off. It was one thing to kill people, but to torment them for eternity and deny them reincarnation!

The Soul Puppets were like vengeful spirits, but even more fearsome. They were the souls of martial cultivators, and Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators to boot. The Corpse Puppets and Soul Puppets' appearance caused them to have to fight one Soul Puppet and Corpse Puppet each. The strength of the Corpse Puppets was fearsome. They immediately blocked the attacks of Wu Yu and the others. They were unafraid of death and pain and let loose earthshaking roars. They came lunging forwards, and the Soul Puppets followed in their wake, sinister and threatening!

"We're in trouble!"

Wu Yu immediately knew the danger of their situation when he saw the charging Corpse Puppets and Soul Puppets. Especially the Soul Puppets - they had come to possess them. If the Soul Puppet caught him, even he would have trouble controlling his own body.

"Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique!"

He had snatched up a sword from his Sumeru Pouch and brought it down on the head of the Soul Puppet, ignoring the Corpse Puppet. The Soul Puppet shrieked and was immediately sliced apart by Wu Yu's second sword!

But the other eight did not have Wu Yu's sword technique. The Soul Puppets moved at terrifying speed. By the time Wu Yu had finished off his own Soul Puppet, the others had been defenseless, letting the Soul Puppets rush into their bodies. Instantly, their eyes were filled with struggle and torment. It would negate at least half of their fighting power.

Just as they were struggling to exorcise the Soul Puppets, the Corpse Puppets had already arrived, a frenzy of slaughter.

"They're in danger." Wu Yu was very clear that the Corpse Puppets and Soul Puppets would at least render them unable to deal with the White Fiend, if not kill them.

No one had expected that the White Fiend would have such a move. At least the Black Fiend did not have such a skill. This also meant that Huangfu Pojun had been unlucky - he had chosen the wrong opponent.

Because of the Soul Puppets' possession, Chen Cangsong and the others were battling against the Corpse Puppets in agony. The Corpse Puppets were heedless of their own lives and would not die if their hands and legs were cut off. They had to be completely shattered.

Wu Yu had no time to go and help them, because at this moment, the Corpse Puppet had reached him.

The White Fiend stroked his chin as he regarded Wu Yu with a half-smile. He had taken some interest in the way that Wu Yu had dispatched the Soul Puppet.

"Little one, not bad."

He had just said this when Wu Yu exploded forth with berserk speed. The Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff crashed down on the head of the Corpse Puppet, the God-Surpassing Heavy Design and Great Explosion Design activating together. The Great Explosion Design contributed greatly, and their enormous strength caused the Corpse Puppet to disintegrate completely!

Corpse Puppet, finished off!

The Corpse Puppets were not difficult to deal with per se, but because the other centurions were being possessed by the Soul Puppets, their movements were completely restricted by the Corpse Puppets who did not fear death.

"Not bad. You're a Jindan Dao cultivator? I don't believe it." The White Fiend had originally thought that the Corpse Puppets could finish these people off. He was just about to go over to the Yan Huang Warship to take it for himself. Who would have thought that Wu Yu would immediately finish them off and appeared before him.

With a glance, Wu Yu saw that the others would be of no help, so he steeled his heart. "You'll know if you try me."

The White Fiend was shocked and then gave a cold laugh. The Thousand-Eye Spirit Beckoning Banner waved towards Wu Yu and then he started to float towards Wu Yu.

From the Yan Huang Warship, they could see the events unfolding outside. Seeing Wu Yu engage the White Fiend in solo combat, the Heaven's Equal Camp soldiers were shocked.

"Commander Wu, retreat quickly!"

Their faces were green with shock. The news of the Black White Double Ghosts had spread quickly within the ship, that these were two demons of extreme power.

"Soul-Leeching Gaze!"

The White Fiend sneered as he neared. His eyes suddenly changed, causing even his pupils to turn completely white. With his eyes a sea of white, he looked like death itself.

This was a Great Dao Mystique!

Instantly, Wu Yu's entire mind was under torrential battering. His entire world started to dissolve into chaos.

Faced with this sort of mentally disrupting Great Dao Mystique, Wu Yu's experience was to Visualize the Inner Ape. This was equivalent to the White Fiend trying to disturb the mental world of the Unparalleled Monkey King. When Wu Yu saw the Unparalleled Monkey King, bathed in the fire and flames, he immediately fixed his eyes on the White Fiend within his world.

"How's this?" Wu Yu stared at the White Fiend.

The White Fiend was shocked. He had not even opened his mouth to speak, when his entire world was consumed in golden flames.

The Soul-Leeching Gaze was useless in trying to harvest Wu Yu's soul!


Wu Yu hefted the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and lashed out with it.

Bang, bang, bang!

In a flash, he had crossed weapons with the Thousand-Eye Spirit Beckoning Banner many times.

Wu Yu discovered that, against a fourth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, his previous physical advantage was indeed significantly diminished.

If he still had his advantage of the past, he would have been able to easily defeat the White Fiend.

Of course, this sort of advantage would lessen further on if his Invincible Vajra Body did not continue to strengthen.

And even if he reached the tenth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm, he would still be a far cry from fifth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators.

However, he still had to give it a try.

"No wonder you're so capable. What a stupendous physique. However...." The White Fiend gave a wicked laugh and changed once more.

"Thousand-Eye Demon God!" With a shake of his body, he began to grow, becoming a white demon god. The Thousand-Eye Spirit Beckoning Banner furled around his body, and the thousand eyes on the cloth fused into his body, turning him into a white monster!

This creature had 1,000 eyes on its body.

The eyes lit up. Some were alive, while others were gripped in agony and torment.

"Save me, oh, save me!" The eyes constantly beseeched of Wu Yu.

Wu Yu shuddered all over. The White Fiend was undoubtedly terrifying in this form.

"Unshackled Doppelganger!"

He immediately split into his doppelgangers. Besides the one that was recovering, there were nine.

At the same time, the 10 unanimously used Immortal Ape Transformation!

10 golden apes surrounded this thousand-eyed white demon god. The scene was a spectacular one.

A violent showdown!

"You're really an interesting one. I will have you converted to a Corpse Puppet. Your body will definitely be an exquisite treasure!" The White Fiend looked at Wu Yu with a glint in his eye.

To him, Wu Yu was indeed too precious an object.

That covetous glance was completely focused on Wu Yu.

At this point, hearing the voices from outside, the people on the Yan Huang Warship were even more panicked now.

"Those eight are completely played out. If Commander Wu loses, then the White Fiend will definitely come for us!"

"Sh*t, and General Commander Huangfu is also caught up, and even being held down by the Black Fiend."

"We're doomed! I don't know what they're thinking. Against such a terrifying opponent, why are they not running!?"

"It's all because Wu Yu's showing off! If not for Wu Yu, we wouldn't be in such danger! Wu Yu should die!" Those of the Green Willow Camp could not help but raise such a clamor.

"What did you say!?" Wu Tianyu was immediately bristling with anger upon hearing this. He rushed over to deliver that person a slap, raging. "Our General Commander is protecting us, and you actually speak such heartless words. See if I don't beat you to death!"

"You would actually dare to hit someone one from Green Willow Camp!?"

"Deep Pine Camp brothers, we are being bullied by Heaven's Equal Camp!"

"Get them!"

Instantly, the Yan Huang Warship descended into chaos. It was an intense clash, and Heaven's Equal Camp was being flanked by two other camps. They could only take a beating, and Wu Tianyu was also beaten to the ground in the resulting skirmish and took a few blows.

"Dog, you're asking for it!"

"What does Heaven's Equal Camp have to be proud about? Wu Yu's capable? He's still going to fall in battle immediately!"

Just as they were fighting, Wu Yu was doing battle with the final form of the White Fiend's Thousand-Eye Demon God.

Bang, bang, bang!

In their clash, they both employed their own techniques.

Ping, ping, ping!

The doppelgangers' Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique was rather ineffectual. Wu Yu's clones were torn down by the White Fiend one after another. From the get-go, Wu Yu was indeed being suppressed.

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