Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0388: Ninth Tier Great Dao

Chapter 0388: Ninth Tier Great Dao

Now everyone was looking at them.

Chen Cangsong saw everyone looking at him and Fang Qingliu with disdain. While he was frustrated and angry, he knew that this time he had lost to Wu Yu.

“I’m to blame for being too reckless. Little Sister Fang,” Chen Cangsong said lightly to Fang Qingliu.

There was no doubt that it was more embarrassing for Fang Qingliu. The scolding from the Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers from Heaven's Equal Camp angered her even more. She was not as rational as Chen Cangsong. She was actually at the edge of bursting out in frustration.

Luckily Chen Cangsong rushed to speak to Wu Yu before her. He cupped his hands in salute and said, “Wu Yu, I’m sorry. This is my fault.”

While it was an apology, his tone was unwilling.

If he pushed them any further, both Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu would probably retaliate, and that would affect the battle and defense. Hence, Huangfu Pojun waited for him to finish speaking before saying, “That’s right, we are from the Yan Huang Immortal Army. We are one. We are all brothers and sisters and should not make enemies out of each other. Now we have solved this crisis. However, there is still a long time on this mission and we continue to shoulder great responsibilities. Everyone, be more energetic!”

After speaking, his gaze swept across everyone, then he turned and returned to the east side.

Wu Yu had received great benefits. He did not bother wasting his time with Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu. At this moment, he led his Heaven's Equal Camp, which had barely suffered any injuries, back to his base camp.

Both Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu’s fists were clenched. They watched darkly as Wu Yu left.

"Chen Cangsong, are we just going to be bullied and humiliated like this?” Fang Qingliu glared at him angrily.

“No, Qingliu, I did not expect him to be so strong...”

Before he finished speaking, Fang Qingliu cut him off and coldly said, “You are so useless, why don’t you just die!

“I can’t swallow this humiliation. If you are not going to fight for me, then don’t look for me anymore.”

Chen Cangsong was very anxious, but many people were still looking at them.

He could only hold onto Fang Qingliu and whisper, “Little Sister Fang please don’t worry. I’ll definitely think of a way, think of a chance to embarrass Wu Yu!”

“Is embarrassment enough?” Fang Qingliu looked at him quietly.

“What do you want?”

Fang Qingliu sneered coldly and said, “I want him to kneel before me, kowtow, and apologize. I want to destroy his base and break apart his title as a genius!

“That will show him to humiliate me.”

Chen Cangsong was shocked and said, “That’s not a good idea...”

“I stand by my words. If you can’t do it, stop calling me ‘Little Sister Fang,’” Fang Qingliu said. Chen Cangsong was afraid of this sentence. He could only agree and started thinking hard. What was the way to take down Wu Yu?


Wu Yu very quickly returned to his base.

Gong Shuming came up to him at this moment. He had seen Wu Yu’s battles and could not hold back. “Commander Wu is really a talented genius. Too bad there are two blind fellows. They are petty and keep thinking of angering you.”

Wu Yu laughed and said, “Petty people are like ghosts; those two are short-sighted and calculative. They will not progress far.”

While they were both third tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators, Wu Yu was not bothered at all by them.

“Since that’s the case, Gong Shuming will not disturb Commander Wu’s accounting of rewards.” Gong Shuming was very smart. He saw Wu Yu sit down and knew that he had plans for training.

“It's just last minute training. If ghostly cultivators attack and if you notice it beforehand, let me know immediately. Can you do that?”

Gong Shuming said, “No problem. Commander Wu, please don’t worry.”

After Gong Shuming left, Wu Yu made some arrangements in Heaven's Equal Camp again. His doppelgangers did not need training at the moment; hence, he was only on guard. Once there was any movement, he would notice.

After settling that, he started to sort through the treasures he had received in this period of time, including the two Sumeru Pouches he had received just now.

Needless to say, there were many immortal treasures and dao technique books. After all, these were the belongings of ghostly cultivators. They were of no use to Wu Yu. He could only sell them to Zhang Tiande when he returned.

But there were countless varieties of immortal medicines. Of which, the key was Inner Sea Essence Pills. They added up to over 500. That was equivalent to over 500,000 Golden Essence Pills.

And there were many Golden Essence Pills too. Wu Yu counted them. There were over 100,000 Golden Essence Pills. There were many other immortal medicines too. If he sold them, they would probably be worth 100,000 Golden Essence Pills. Hence, if Wu Yu sold all the Golden Essence Pills and other types of immortal medicine that he would not be using, he could probably get over 700 Inner Sea Essence Pills total!

This was a huge amount of wealth.

If he sold some supreme immortal treasures later, adding the 150,000 merits, his wealth could easily surpass 1,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills.

After all, he had killed too many ghostly cultivators in these past few days. Most of their wealth had entered Wu Yu’s pockets.

Beishan Mo had once offered 1,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills to ask Wu Yu to leave Nangong Wei.

Today, he could finally depend on himself to amass such a fortune.

He had to admit that he had really earned a lot by taking this mission involving ghostly cultivators. Especially from the two opponents belonging to Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu.

Wu Yu distributed some Golden Essence Pills to the Heaven's Equal Camp.

He mostly used Inner Sea Essence Pills now.

After more than half a year of hard training, refining immortal medicines, and drawing spirit designs, he had an extreme understanding of the epiphanies of dao. Now if he had large amounts of Inner Sea Essence Pills again, he would, of course, have no hesitation and start refining immortal medicines!

“Strong, stronger!”

Wu Yu was always competing with those two at Shushan. He did not want to lose. He could take Qin Fuyao at Yan Huang Imperial City as his model. As long as he surpassed Qin Fuyao, he would probably surpass the two of them!

Hence, even if he were facing a great enemy soon, he would be brave and courageous. He started to refine Inner Sea Essence Pills. Then, based on the strength of his physical body, he took a few of these Inner Sea Essence Pills in one go. His speed of cultivation made the other martial cultivators in Heaven's Equal Camp stare at him in shock!

"How is this possible!? How could a normal person cultivate so rapidly? Is Commander Wu not afraid of causing his Sea of Breath Meridian to burst?”

"Yes, we don't possess a Violet Kingdom. Even if we were of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, we won't be able to cultivate it at this speed."

"Should I say that Commander Wu is not a normal person? If he was a normal person, he would not have the power to defeat a third tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator while still at the eighth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm like me!"

Everyone was shocked and burst into discussion while their eyes were fixed on Wu Yu.

"I guess that Wu Yu's understanding of dao has reached the limit of this level, so he just lacks immortal medicines."

"Now that he has gained a lot of immortal medicines in the battle, it's only a matter of time before he reaches the ninth tier of Jindan."

And Wu Yu was actually obviously younger than them.

However, the martial cultivators in Heaven's Equal Camp, whether in middle age or even the one or two in old age, all regarded Wu Yu as their senior.

As they had expected, after consuming hundreds of Inner Sea Essence Pills, Wu Yu directly reached the ninth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm!

The light golden Jindan essence, surging all over his body, was of extraordinarily high quality. Just this Jindan essence could compare with a first tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, or even higher.

Coupled with his immense physical strength, the Violent Art, and so on, it was normal that his fighting power was so scary, but Wu Yu gradually felt that with the increasing strength of his opponents, the advantage of the Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body was decreasing. It was not that his opponents' physical bodies had become stronger, but their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was also becoming more powerful, overturning the rivers and seas. It was sufficient to suppress Wu Yu's physical body. Their primordial energy was terrifyingly powerful.

"If I want to continue to stride over four or even five tiers and defeat my opponents, I have to strengthen my physical body again. Unfortunately, the Subterranean Blazing Sun Furnace is not easy to find.

"It's really hard for the Invincible Vajra Body to make progress. Next, other than depending on my luck, I can only catch up with others by rapidly raising my cultivation level."

Every now and then, he would then think of Shushan.

Shushan, the Mortal Arena, would never fail to inspire passion within Wu Yu, to take the next step of martial cultivation.

At least he had reached the ninth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm!

It was very dangerous to deal with third tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators before. Now it would probably be safer. And Wu Yu still had a large number of Inner Sea Essence Pills. Now, with the upgrading of his cultivation level, his doppelgangers could naturally continue to refine their Jindans and become stronger. Therefore, Wu Yu was not afraid of standing out. His 10 doppelgangers began to refine their Jindans immediately.

They would require more medicine to raise them to their maximum strength, a strength similar to Wu Yu’s. Yet, due to the high quality of the Great Way of Immortality Art, they had the same strength as first tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators. This process cost Wu Yu more than 300 Inner Sea Essence Pills.

He had less than 100 Inner Sea Essence Pills now. It would be too slow to refine the remaining Golden Essence Pills. Wu Yu prepared to go back and convert them directly into Inner Sea Essence Pills.

For the time being, there was no urgent need for immortal medicines, but at least the treasures that he had gained just now were almost consumed.

"Now, with the addition of the doppelgangers, 11 of me should be able to create some miracles."

But he was also eager to enter the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm quickly so that he could begin to cultivate his second Great Dao Mystique.

Of course, there was also the third change of the 72 Transformations!

Wu Yu's Fixed Body Art and Violent Art were his heaven-defying aces. He had also relied on these two techniques to overcome many difficulties.

The training this time lasted for more than 10 days. Because of the defeat of the ghostly cultivators last time, there were no other ghostly cultivator gatherings. Even if there were, they were watching from afar and dared not move forward.

After all, there were nearly 8,000 ghostly cultivators at the east and west sides last time. However, they were completely defeated by the Yan Huang Immortal Army. Those who had escaped from that battle were now afraid to go forward.

After all, they also knew that Yan Huang Imperial City was the top power in the divine continent.

After the training, Wu Yu returned to the state of alert and asked Heaven's Equal Camp, "Nothing else?"

"Nothing else for the time being, but we think that it's been a bit quiet lately. After all, there are still more than two months to go and we can't relax."

Wu Yu nodded. He contacted Huangfu Pojun with the core-tail talisman.

"Ghostly cultivators are like hungry wolves. They will not give up that easily when they see food. Now it's quiet. You can only say that they have no better way or are already making arrangements. However, we are focused on defense, so we cannot go out to investigate."

If they went out to investigate, the danger would be too great. After all, everyone would earn the same merits. Nobody wanted to go out and die.

"I’ll send my doppelgangers out to take a look."

Huangfu Pojun would ask nothing less of him.

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