Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0387: Slaying Ghosts

Chapter 0387: Slaying Ghosts

Fang Qingliu's opponent was a younger cultivator. Just now, Wu Yu had killed his companion and created a big commotion. He had seen it all happen.

So at this time, he wanted to escape.

But Fang Qingliu stopped him.

“Wu Yu, don’t you dare snatch my opponent!” Fan Qingliu let out a high pitch scream in anger.

Wu Yu blocked his path. He looked at that strong, young ghostly cultivator. He was over one-zhang tall. In comparison, Wu Yu reached only his waist. He was like a terrifying giant beast.

His physical strength was great. It was like his body was melded from bronze. He had no hair and his head was as bald as a bronze ball. His expression was fierce and his strength great. In a one on one battle, even Fang Qingliu would not dare to clash head-on with him.

Wu Yu crossed his arms and laughed. “Then show me how long you can hold on. I want to see how long your Green Willow Camp can keep it up.”

He was not anxious to make a move.

But Fang Qingliu could not last. On one hand, this was a battle under the sea, so she was highly restricted. If she persisted in this battle, she would probably lose to her opponent.

And she was surrounded by over 500 ghostly cultivators. More and more people from Green Willow Camp were dying!

If she continued in this foolish struggle for personal agenda, she would only lose more! Fang Qingliu was not an idiot and she knew she had to give up some things.

She suddenly turned to Wu Yu and screamed: “Fine, I’m giving them to you, but you have no opportunity to launch a sneak attack. Do you think that these ghostly cultivators are easy prey?”

She was smart. She wanted to leave immediately and leave the opponent to Wu Yu alone.

Indeed, it was with Chen Cangsong’s help previously that Wu Yu could so quickly and smoothly defeat his opponent.

Fang Qingliu knew that her opponent was strong and that she had no hope of defeating him. Hence, she turned her opponent over to Wu Yu. This move was much smarter than what Chen Cangsong had done.

“What’s your name? How dare you kill my senior! You’ll die horribly!” That bronze ghostly cultivator was loud. He did not chase Fang Qingliu but stayed behind and stood in front of Wu Yu.

Both of them were strong individuals. Their gazes collided and instantly caused huge waves in the sea! Many people from the surroundings noticed the activity here.

Wu Yu took a look. Heaven's Equal Camp had finished their battles. Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu were released and could very quickly stabilize the battle situation. After all, other than the enemy in front of him, and the one who had just died in battle, there was no one else who could block Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu.

The two of them could block over 200 ghostly cultivators each!

The mission Huangfu Pojun had handed to him was already completed. What was next was his personal battle!

Wu Yu pointed his Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff at his opponent and said sternly, “Less nonsense. Let’s see who will live!”

“You have quite the courage; there are not many like you among the martial cultivators!” The bronze ghostly cultivator’s voice was like steel plates rubbing against each other. It was very hard on the ears.

He was holding on to a supreme immortal treasure. It was a huge mace and there were spikes covering its whole body. These were probably some demon’s teeth. They were not only sharp, but also had a tearing effect. On the mace were many Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs as well.

“Roar!” The monster-like ghostly cultivator tore apart the huge sea waves and rushed towards Wu Yu. He was like a shark under the sea!

“Hmph.” Wu Yu’s body was now growing larger. Golden fur was sprouting out. He turned into a golden ape. He was violent, fierce, restless, and crazy!

“Demon!” That bronze ghostly cultivator did not understand the situation and thought that he was a demon.

“Can a demon join the Yan Huang Immortal Army?” He was stunned.

Wu Yu did not care about him. At this moment, he was at the peak of his strength. After he used the Immortal Ape Transformation, he would use the Violent Art. It was at this moment that Wu Yu had truly reached the limits of his violence. His eyes were filled with a rich blood color. His thick arms held onto the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. With a roar, he exploded. His whole person was like an arrow leaving the bow, rushing straight for the bronze ghostly cultivator.


The instant he attacked, the underwater mountain behind him suffered from the aftershock and exploded into dust.

“Yan Emperor Heaven Splitting Design!”

His staff swept across and endless golden flames spread out. That golden sun from before had appeared again!

But it was different from the golden light before. This time it was flames. Endless flames spread furiously under the sea and instantly drowned that bronze ghostly cultivator.

Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu were battling on the side and looking to see Wu Yu mess up as well. They did not expect that Wu Yu, when faced with a frontal attack, could actually exert such a mystifying, terrifying, and more powerful attack!

Of course, they did not know that this was the effect of the Violent Art.

This was Wu Yu’s killer move!


That ghostly cultivator also roared angrily and ran towards him. The mace in his hand raised 10,000 jade green lights. They transformed into large wolf packs and attacked. However, they were instantly swallowed by Wu Yu’s golden flames!

Face to face, peak strength, hot-blooded attacks!

Only the stronger person could defeat his opponent.

At this moment, most people were watching this battle.


In an instant, those golden flames spread out over 4,000 kilometers. They burned the bottom of the sea and raised thick smoke. It even drowned the east side of the battlefield.

A loud explosion followed. Only those at Chen Cangsong's level could see that Fang Qingliu’s opponent had died to Wu Yu’s killer move!

This was within Wu Yu’s expectations.

He had used the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff with the addition of the Violent Art to totally suppress and destroy his opponent. He had killed him instantly. While his opponent was physically strong, under the impact of the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, he instantly died. There was not even a chance to defend.

As for his Sumeru Pouch, Wu Yu, of course, grabbed it at the earliest moment.

"Martial cultivation is plunder."

At this moment, he reviewed this sentence and understood its meaning better. Plunder was not a negative term, but an inevitable path of martial cultivators. Even if you could not compete with others, you would have to compete with the world. Otherwise, how could the spiritual qi of the heavens and earth enter one's body and be controlled by people?

"Only the strongest can be heroic."

This latter sentence was the precondition. Firstly, martial cultivators needed to be heroic. Heroism was the precondition of plunder, but to be heroic, one needed to be strong. How could one be strong? Naturally, it was to plunder!

To be heroic, you needed to be strong, to be strong, you needed to plunder!

Throughout the ages, this was the essence of martial cultivation.

After experiencing this fierce battle, the most precious achievement he had gained was a pathway to the ninth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm. One might well say that Wu Yu understood this sentence very well now.

However, after using the Violent Art, his muscles became sore and his physical combat effectiveness was greatly reduced. It was impossible to kill two experts of the same level without feeling tired.

Therefore, he prepared to return to Heaven's Equal Camp. He had tried his best in today's battle. In terms of achievements, he was absolutely the first amongst others.

On the other side, Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu also took control of the battlefield.

With their help, the Yan Huang Immortal Army repressed its opponents, and casualties did not increase at that moment. It was only a matter of time before all the opponents were eliminated.

"Wu Yu, stop!"

Unexpectedly, Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu, who could finally pull away from the battlefield, intercepted Wu Yu after his battle.

In fact, the expressions of these two people did not look good. They did not expect Wu Yu to be so fierce that he could defeat the opponents that they had failed to take down.

Wu Yu looked over. His gaze was fierce, as if it was on fire. He said, "If the two of you keep bothering me repeatedly and refuse to listen to my warnings, then my patience also has its limits. Even though the two of you are my colleagues, I may not be able to control myself and will let you two suffer a bit to remember it well."

Wu Yu did not care about them. They still thought that Wu Yu was easy to bully.

Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu swallowed a mouthful of saliva. They looked at each other. At last, Chen Cangsong hardened his resolve and said, "Don't try to frighten us. We are not three-year-old children. It was not me who provoked you repeatedly, but you provoked us! Today, you snatched our opponents and gained so much. Don't you have anything to say or do?"

Obviously, they were still eyeing Wu Yu's gains.

The two supreme immortal treasures alone were worth 300,000 merits.

Wu Yu laughed. He looked at the two and said with a laugh, "Why don't you two go to the toilet and look at yourselves in the mirror? Look at how petty you guys are. If I were you, I would have no face to talk to me at this time, and you guys still dare to come up and beg for my loot? Do you guys have water in your head?"

He was tired now, but even if he were seriously injured, Wu Yu would not be afraid of them.

"You, Wu Yu! How unbridled! How dare you talk to us like this?" Fang Qingliu's expression turned grim.

Just when they were about to start fighting, Huangfu Pojun arrived. He glared at them fiercely and said, "Chen Cangsong, Fang Qingliu, what I saw today, I will keep it in mind. If you two choose to remain so stubborn and keep disturbing others, I will ask you to leave. Yan Huang Imperial City has a lot of centurions. Many will be willing to take up this mission."

The battles on the east side should have ended also.

Naturally, they were still unhappy, but now everyone was looking at the situation here.

The people from Heaven's Equal Camp were also angry and shouted, "Those two are really shameless. When Commander Wu saw that they had sustained many deaths and injuries, he went over to support them. Without asking for their help, he killed two big enemies by himself. These two are really one of a kind. They even thought to ask our Commander Wu for his loot. They are really one of a kind, the best in the world!"

Fang Chaoqun was a refined person. At this time, even he could not help saying, "To be a man, we need to have some dignity. If one has no sense of shame, what's the difference between them and animals? It's a shame for me to fight alongside such people."

Everyone knew, hence they naturally understood the reason.

On this matter, it was Fang Qingliu and Chen Cangsong who had become jealous and hot-headed for a while.

To think of it now, Wu Yu had an advantage. If they asked for his loot now, they would indeed be in a disadvantageous position.

Now that everyone was condemning them, they had lost all their face! They wanted to find a hole and hide inside. Of course, they hated Wu Yu even more, but at this time, they had to pretend to admit their fault.

Chen Cangsong said, "I'm sorry, this is something that I didn't think through properly."

"Apologize then," Huangfu Pojun said calmly.

He still hoped that they could reconcile.

Wu Yu smiled and said, "Yes, you guys still have to make an apology."

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