Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0357: Reborn

Chapter 0357: Reborn

Also, he knew of the mysterious event that Huang Yanwu had told him about. He could still remember that stone that was still within his Sumeru Pouch at this very moment.

It was just that Wu Yu wasn't able to tell why this stone was special after a long period of time.

"Why should I head to Yan Huang Imperial City? As a discarded disciple of Shushan, can I go to that place?" asked Wu Yu.

Shen Xingyu smiled faintly and answered, "It seems like you don't know much about Yan Huang Imperial City. Let me just give you a simple introduction.

"To the entire Dong Sheng Divine Continent, Yan Huang Imperial City is a force that is both mysterious and weird. They occupy the best and most bountiful land in the entire divine continent. They possess the most unique and precious Ancient Spiritual Qi that is rumored to be greatly beneficial to cultivation. It's even better than the spiritual qi around the Clear Sky of Shushan.

"However, Yan Huang Imperial City doesn't restrict the flow of people. As long as one submits a certain amount of wealth or treasures, they could get the opportunity to cultivate in the Yan Huang Imperial Region. One could even gain the protection of Yan Huang Imperial City. After all, brawls are forbidden within Yan Huang Imperial City. If found guilty, one would be banished and even enter the blacklist, never allowed to step into Yan Huang Imperial City ever again.

"Yan Huang Imperial City can be separated into the interior and exterior areas. The exterior area is a well-known trading and gathering place. It is also the most prosperous location in the entire Dong Sheng Divine Continent. There are all sorts of people there. You can even find demons and ghostly cultivators. As long as they don't get into a fight, the people of Yan Huang Imperial City wouldn't restrict them.

"As for the interior city, it is very small and forbids foreigners from entering. The interior city is the core of the Yan Huang Imperial City force. As long as you can enter the exterior city, you will have the protection of Yan Huang Imperial City. Even if those two sword sages find you, it won't be easy for them to kill you. Moreover, that's the most central and prosperous area in the entire divine continent. For you, it would also be the place with the most opportunities. I believe you don't want to be left in the dust by Beishan Mo."

Having heard what Shen Xingyu had explained, Wu Yu had a certain level of understanding about the most mysterious and core region of the divine continent.

The truth was that Yan Huang Imperial City would not participate in the conflicts on the divine continent. Even when treasures were discovered, their core group of affiliated individuals would hardly appear to compete for them.

Amongst the dao practitioners of the human world, the Shushan Immortal Sect and the Shangyuan Dao Sect were the leaders. The Tianyi Race could only be considered as a race that resided beyond the region.

However, this didn't mean that Yan Huang Imperial City was to be trifled with. Even the Shushan Immortal Sect and the Shangyuan Dao Sect didn't dare to offend Yan Huang Imperial City.

The exterior area of Yan Huang Imperial City was an open and passionate place. As people from all walks of life gathered here, information was transmitted very rapidly. Moreover, all kinds of precious treasures and resources were circulated in this place. It was said that there was nothing you couldn't buy in Yan Huang Imperial City.

There were millions of sects on the divine continent. Every single sect had their people living within Yan Huang Imperial City.

If there was any conflict, they would largely fight it out in designated areas or would choose to fight outside the city.

Wu Yu was currently a free man and even had people after his life. It was indeed suitable for him to live in Yan Huang Imperial City. This was a place where even demons could live in peace.

"Alright, I shall go take a look at that place."

Cultivation required resources and chance encounters. Having left his immortal treasures behind, he had nothing with him. To start anew, he would require a place for him to rise. Clearly, Yan Huang Imperial City was such a place.

"Wu Yu, you can even consider joining the Yan Huang Immortal Army. You are a discarded disciple of Shushan. Other sects wouldn't take you in even if they wished to. However, the Yan Huang Immortal Army of Yan Huang Imperial City wouldn't mind your identity. All they require is cultivation level and character that meets their requirements to join them. If you are part of the Yan Huang Immortal Army and work for Yan Huang Imperial City, the Lunar Flower Sword Sage would be more wary of touching you," said Shen Xingyu.

Shen Xingyao smiled faintly and added, "They just see you as the lowest hanging fruit and therefore want to vent their frustrations by finishing you off. This would probably convince them that they have done something for their daughter. However, they are also wary of the strong. If it was Beishan Mo who had killed Mu Lingche, they wouldn't have said a word. Wu Yu, you have to remember this. If you don't have a backing, let yourself become your greatest supporter!"

It was an enlightening moment.

Indeed! After leaving Shushan, he would be alone. Shen Xingyao couldn't possibly protect him for long. He could only rely on himself for his future. If he couldn't become his own greatest backer, he would be ruthlessly eliminated by the world. He would also be quickly forgotten by the millions of Shushan disciples.

However, Wu Yu couldn't stand being forgotten by all.

He looked to the east, the direction where Yan Huang Imperial City was located.

"That will be the place of my rebirth!"


After Wu Yu left, Shushan was shrouded in silence.

In the icy cold environment where snow was fluttering from the skies, the people flew around on their swords, joyously conversing.

The Clear Sky of Shushan reached into the clouds. One couldn't just see the highest point from the outside.

This huge sword cultivator world wouldn't change at all just because Wu Yu had left.

As for Nangong Wei and Beishan Mo, they continued making tremendous improvements. Their talents shocked the world and the younger generation of forces at a similar level as Shushan were all feeling the huge pressure.

Wu Yu was too insignificant, and the people were destined to forget about him.


After the incident on Shushan, a greater event broke out in the Endless Demon Seas.

Looking down from the skies, one could only see an endless, black ocean. Miasma tumbled violently and coalesced into the shapes of various savage beasts. The waves of miasma clashed violently, causing dreadful and pitiful screams.

One day, the Endless Demon Seas were turned upside down. Countless demons were crying out pitifully. The entire forest under the Endless Demon Seas was shaking violently. Billions of trees fell and countless amounts of earth were thrown up. Dust shot up into the sky and formed violent wind storms that ripped apart the sea of miasma.

Cultivators beyond the Endless Demon Seas could even vaguely spot a few horrifying huge beasts tumbling within. They were fighting, and the earth shook and crumbled from the impacts. When delving deeper into the Endless Demon Seas, they could even see a substantial number of corpses.

Over those days, the angry roars of demons were incessant. It was as though Armageddon had descended on this piece of land. The ground was shaking and homing constantly, without break.

"The demon races are in turmoil!" The humans gradually grasped the situation.

Naturally, the humans would hope for the demons to fight among themselves. It would be better if more died.

To their astonishment, the battle ended just after a few days. Deathly silence returned to the Endless Demon Seas once again.

As for the sea of black miasma, it quickly regained its original form and still shrouded the skies. It formed a unique space that shrouded all the demons in it.

In a world that was suffocatingly dark and silent, Jiu Ying was standing on a swamp. His eyes were cold as he scrutinized his surroundings.

"Father, is the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu dead?" Jiu Ying asked the empty void space.

"He's punished with deathly curses and would experience a fate worse than death for 10 days. It won't be that easy to kill him. Zhu Huang sees him as his son!"

From the void space, a voice filled with anger resounded.

"There are things you can't do?" Jiu Ying sneered coldly.

"Zhu Huang is only slightly inferior to me. Unless I'm willing to start a huge war between demons, it won't be easy for me to kill this Blood Dragon of Mount Wu."

Jiu Ying said, "I understand. Together with Ba She, you could definitely finish him off. However, we might just incur the dissatisfaction from the other demon kings. Moreover, you must be wary of humans exploiting the opportunity if demons are to have an all out war. Am I right?"

"You are indeed my son. Good analysis," answereed Ying Huang.

"Therefore, his son has only almost been killed."

"With Ba She protecting you, no one in this world can kill you," Ying Huang answered confidently.

"Fine." Jiu Ying knew that it was already a victory for him to deal such a punishment on the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. That Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had noble blood, and Zhu Huang naturally wouldn't be willing to kill him.

"I'm going to practice behind closed doors till I surpass the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. However, you have to get me information on a person."


"A disciple from Shushan called Wu Yu."

"He's the pitiful bug that was controlled by the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu to kill you?"

"He isn't a pitiful bug!"

Ying Huang was a little flustered as he interrupted, "Oh, my son, don't stray away. The males of our race will never be interested in other male species!"

"You are crazy." Jiu Ying was speechless and could only come out with this answer.

"I'm fine as long as you don't go astray. Rest assured and go do what you want. I'll convey the location and situation of this person to you. However, you can't continue being so stubborn....


On his journey towards Yan Huang Imperial City, Wu Yu was recuperating while refining his Jindan on the sword energy of the Galaxy Sword Sage.

He still had three or four Inner Sea Essence Pills with him that he had snatched from the bat demon and had not returned to Nangong Wei.

The truth was that Nangong Wei had no use for them. No one really knew who had taken the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column and other items in the end.

Wu Yu expended these few Inner Sea Essence Pills to refine his Jindan.

Perhaps it was because he had chosen his own path in the violent clash on the Mortal Arena of Shushan. When he started cultivating, his mind and path were exceptionally clear. All of a sudden, he felt smooth and without obstacles as he charged ahead.

Although he only had three or four Inner Sea Essence Pills, Wu Yu felt that he just needed a small amount of pills to reach the eighth tier of the Jindan dao Realm within a month after refining them.

This was the only good thing that his perseverance on the Mortal Arena had brought him.

The more determined he was previously, the clearer his mind and heart at this moment. While rejecting and resisting, Wu Yu found himself to be very similar to that Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

"As long as my heart is free, I shall not be killed or vanquished!"

Under no restrictions and jurisdiction, the Great Dao originated from the heart and cruised without obstacles.

This feeling was incomparably enjoyable.

Wu Yu wasn't affected at all, despite the fact that he was cultivating on the sword energy.

When Shen Xingyu and her brother saw him, they exchanged glances and revealed smiles. They were completely at ease now. Seeing Wu Yu still cultivating under such circumstances, it showed that this blow wasn't enough to keep him down.

What they didn't know was that Wu Yu was feeling no obstruction as he progressed after being released of the shackles.

Since he had chosen the dao, the dao would naturally not be stingy to him.

Within a month, Wu Yu made tremendous progress in dao cultivation. His heart was clear and his breakthrough to the eighth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm came swiftly.

His Jindan essence had experienced a huge increase once again.

However, he couldn't get any poorer than he was right now.

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