Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0356: Yan Huang

Chapter 0356: Yan Huang

A debt paid in blood.

The wounds on Wu Yu's body were truly shocking. His body was formidable, and therefore hurt even more as it was ripped apart.

The thousands who witnessed this scene were speechless as well.

Throughout the vastness of Shushan, there were not many who could achieve this.

And now, he could not even mount his sword properly. With his grievous wounds, even his steps were unsteady. But he still persisted.

Everyone was watching the blood-stained figure's departure.

Perhaps hearing his voice, Nangong Wei had turned back as well, to stare woodenly at him. Perhaps once, her heart would have ached for him. But now, seeing the sea of blood, and the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column, her heart was filled with rage, with bitterness, with hate.

The emotional wound was too deep!

Wu Yu leaving had thoroughly severed their connection.

Hereon, she would never want to talk to him again.

Or perhaps to her, Wu Yu's departing figure would be one that she could never forget.

Wu Yu had not actually gone far. After all, he had been too seriously wounded. It was Shen Xingyao who stood up, and addressed the Ursae Sword Immortal. "I'll send him out of here."

After the Ursae Sword Immortal nodded, Shen Xingyao mounted a longsword that resembled a galaxy itself. He passed Wu Yu, pulling him up on his sword-energy, and then flew speedily away towards the east. Before long, they had disappeared from sight.

It was over.

All that remained was the blood that speckled the ground.

Everyone looked around at each other, and then at Nangong Wei.

"It's over. Disperse." The Ursae Sword Immortal waved them away. With such a direct command, the disciples did not dare to linger, and scattered with a flurry of discussion.

"Wu Yu has left. Once he leaves Shushan behind, he'll be nothing."

"That's right. Without the status of a Shushan disciple, I reckon he won't be able to survive long outside."

"That's natural. He only became what he was because of the sect's nurturing. After he leaves, his so-called talent will definitely wilt. I daresay that the distance between him and Nangong Wei will only grow bigger and bigger. In the future, he will only be a speck of dust, and even less of a match for Nangong Wei."

"Say, after Wu Yu leaves, do you think the two of them will become dao companions?" As they left, the gossip had turned to the matter of Nangong Wei and Beishan Mo.

"That's only to be expected. Without Wu Yu interfering, how could they not become dao companions with their compatible statuses and the support of the Seven Immortals? They are truly the pair who will be the future of our Shushan. They might even become an immortal couple in the future! In a century, they might even be at the level of the Seven Immortals of Shushan!"

"Even their names are very compatible."

After Wu Yu left, many were in high spirits.

Of course, this was merely a very small twist in their lives.

But as Beishan Mo heard these comments, he was still very happy inwardly, although Wu Yu had not been finished off. Actually, he completely dismissed Wu Yu the moment he was cast out from Shushan. Without the resources of Shushan, Wu Yu could not possibly catch up to him. From now on, the distance between the two would only grow bigger and bigger. In less than a decade, he would probably become nothing but an ant in his eyes.

And as time went by, it would be his chance to close in on Nangong Wei.

He believed that everyone wanted him to walk out of Nangong Wei's shadow, and for them to truly be the couple that would move and shake Shushan, become a legend of history.

That was why he was inwardly glad.

Now that everyone had left, Nangong Wei naturally had her own plans for her future.


"What is it?" Mizar Sword Immortal looked tenderly at her.

"From now on, I will cultivate in seclusion. I will walk my path alone from here on. I can go further that way," Nangong Wei said resolutely.

"What do you mean?" Mizar Sword Immortal was taken aback.

"Never mention the Immortal Pair Hall to me again." She turned towards the Clear Sky of Shushan and vanished in the foggy rain of the Clear Sky of Shushan with a flash of multi-colored fire.

"Sixth Master, what does she mean...." Beishan Mo was beside them, so he had naturally heard everything.

Mizar Sword Immortal's gaze was cold. "She was hurt too badly this time. I advise you to give her space for a few years. Do not give her any pressure whatsoever. In affairs of the heart, time is all that is needed. She will come to see your goodness, but at this time, any pressure you give her will only invite her dislike. Understood?"

Beishan Mo nodded. He understood.

But this made him hate Wu Yu all the more.

Suddenly, he noticed that the Lunar Flower Sword Sage and the Distant Fire Sword Sage were bearing their daughter's crystal coffin away. Both their faces were sinister, and showed no signs of being over it. Beishan Mo was shaken. He gloated inwardly. He knew that although Wu Yu had left, but he would not live for long.

"And now, there is no one left to fight me for it. I have centuries of time. What is there to worry about?"

Beishan Mo still laughed.

No matter what, he was the biggest victor today.

He had the last laugh.



Wu Yu was in a stupor. He opened his eyes to see the huge Clear Sky of Shushan shrinking behind him. The silhouette of a huge sword.

He still remembered how much it had touched him when he had first arrived.

He had vowed his ambition to reach the very top, but now he had no chance to realize it.

Shen Xingyao was bringing him through the clouds, and Shen Xingyu was beside him, looking down at him with an expression of concern.

Wu Yu's physical recovery was astounding, and his wounds were already mostly recovered. The two must have also given him some recuperative immortal medicine.

However, they were still considered grave wounds, and he still needed a period of recuperation to properly return to peak condition. He would be unable to fight for a while.

Having left, his mood actually relaxed.

"From now on, I have gained freedom, and I am free to roam the world."

With this liberating mood, he could feel how limitless the world was, and how expansive his future was.

He had severed his feelings for Nangong Wei completely. To reminisce would be a joke.

"If this is a new life, then I will walk the road anew, and do right by my dao."

He struggled to stand on the sword energy, and gazed out at the endless mountains and rivers.

"Esteemed pair, we have already left Shushan. Let me go my own way. After all, I am a traitor, and it would not do for you to be with me for too long, right?" Wu Yu said.

Shen Xingyu gave him a strange look. "Stop talking nonsense, boy. If we leave you here, you won't live past three days."

Wu Yu started. He did not know why she had said that.

"Sister Shen...."

Even when he was at his lowest, this woman still treated him warmly and tenderly.

"Wu Yu, you did not do much wrong. There is no need to bear the burden within you. Now that you have left, it means that Shushan is not a good fit for you. From now on, walk your own path. Perhaps it fits you better," Shen Xingyu said softly.

Everyone believed that Wu Yu was wrong, except the two of them. Wu Yu wondered how he could ever thank them.

"Whether you are a traitor or not, I will still be your Big Sister Shen."

Her words were sincere and firm. She had no need to be false with Wu Yu.

"Got it. Big Sister." Wu Yu nodded amidst the raging winds.

Looking at Shushan again, it was even further now. It was once a place he had considered home, and now it was taboo. He would never set foot in Shushan again.

Although he had once flown high in Shushan, he had not expected that his fate would be virtually the same as Feng Xueya's. If Feng Xueya knew it, Wu Yu did not know how to tell him....

He could only laugh bitterly.

Suddenly, Shen Xingyao spoke from ahead. "Wu Yu, what are your plans from now on? Where do you want to go?"

Wu Yu had been escorted from Shushan, muddleheaded. Now that he had been cast out from the sect, it was already a miracle that he still lived. How could he be thinking about where to go?

In a world so wide, there could not be no place for him to hide.

He said, "I came from the eastern extremities. I still have kin there, and I want to go back to see them."

But Shen Xingyao shook his head. "I would advise you not to go back."

"Why?" Wu Yu was aghast.

Shen Xingyao said, "The Lunar Flower Sword Sage is someone who must seek revenge for every wrong received. She will not be willing to swallow any slight. You personally killed her daughter. Even though my master spared your life, the husband and wife will not. I brought you out of Shushan also to protect you. If you were left here, they would readily find you, and kill you without a trace. After all, no one would care now that you are a traitor to Shushan."

So that was how it was.

Wu Yu had still thought that he was free and severed of all connections from Shushan. To think that sword sages from Shushan were still pursuing him.

"If you travel east, they might predict it, or even be waiting in front of you, easy as a turtle in a jar. Given their abilities, they could kill you all too easily. If you return at this time, you're not only jumping into their trap, but you might even harm your kin."

The Lunar Flower Sword Sage would not go to the eastern extremities if Wu Yu appeared somewhere else.

"Where should I go?" Wu Yu asked earnestly.

Actually, he knew that Shen Xingyao must have already planned something for him.

It was Shen Xingyu who spoke as they flew through the mist. "Although this world is vast, there is only one place where you may hide from the two sword sages' pursuit."

Wu Yu was all ears.

Cast out from Shushan, he now had to consider the future of his new start.

More, he had to prove himself to Shushan. He especially wanted to return the slap that the Mizar Sword Immortal had delivered.

Seeing Wu Yu's intense gaze, Shen Xingyu did not beat around the bush anymore. "Throughout the divine continent, the Shushan Immortal Sect is only one of the powers. The Shangyuan Dao Sect, the Tianyi Race, etc. all have roughly equivalent power and scale of the Shushan Immortal Sect. However, having come from the Shushan Immortal Sect, entering these places will make others feel like you are a disciple of little faith. Only the center of the divine continent - Yan Huang Imperial City - that is your destination!"

Yan Huang Imperial City!

Wu Yu had long known of this place.

A city, but one of the superpowers that eclipsed Shushan.

It was not an exaggeration to call it the first in the divine continent.

Throughout history, not just demons, but humans had also tried to invade this city, but with no success. This city sat in the middle of the divine continent, and had never been harmed before!

As for Yan Huang Imperial City, there were too many legends surrounding it, and Wu Yu had long wanted to go and take a look.

Within his Sumeru Pouch, he still had the well-preserved corpse of Huang Yanwu. Back when he had found his body in the Supreme Hunting Ground, Wu Yu had decided to bury him within Yan Huang Imperial City.

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