Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0351: Fracture

Chapter 0351: Fracture

As Wu Yu spoke, he was also deep in thought.

If he honestly explained everything and brought up the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's scheme, then Jiu Ying's identity would undoubtedly be revealed.

He was the son of Ying Huang. Nangong Wei would go crazy even before the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage, and the others would want to get rid of him. After all, this was her mortal enemy's son.

As such, he knew he could not say these things. However, even if he did not speak up, they had captured a demon after all. Perhaps they would just get rid of him conveniently, so Wu Yu could not simply leave while giving up on Jiu Ying. In such a tense situation, Wu Yu had no choice but to give things a shot. He wanted to see if he would be able to draw attention to himself so that they would let Jiu Ying go.

Wu Yu and Jiu Ying were not that close, but Wu Yu simply felt that Jiu Ying had fallen into a trap this time only because he had taken their previous friendship into account. Jiu Ying was not the killer after all, so he should not have to be a scapegoat. Wu Yu could not bring himself to let his friend die for him, even if it they were just ordinary friends.

"Just happened to pass by?" The Crimson Shadow Sword Sage looked at Wu Yu, then to Jiu Ying.

Wu Yu instantly understood that this Shushan Sword Sage had a wealth of experience. He was unfortunately not able to hide anything from him.

"Wu Yu, you seem to care about this demon quite a bit. By the way, you should have been the first one to come across this demon. Why didn't you use the core-tail talisman to contact us?" the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage's asked him coldly as he glared.

Everyone looked at Wu Yu. Even Nangong Wei, who was beside Wu Yu, started to tremble. Without a word, she continued to stare at Wu Yu blankly.

The Crimson Shadow Sword Sage was not foolish either. Wu Yu deeply understood that his connection with Jiu Ying would go by unnoticed. Mu Lingche had died here today, and backing her was none other than the Lunar Flower Sword Sage and the Distant Fire Sword Sage. Between Wu Yu and Jiu Ying, someone had to pay the price.

"If you don't say anything, I'll begin with this demon. I'll then bring you back for the Lunar Flower Sword Sage to interrogate you thoroughly." The Crimson Shadow Sword Sage brought up the black needle once again. The black needle was exceptionally thin, yet it was over a chi long. It would be able to pass through any part of the body with ease.

Things had escalated to a state where struggling against this strong a tide was a difficult task.

Looking at the speechless Wu Yu, Jiu Ying suddenly said, "Stop making things difficult for him. I'll tell you all what happened from beginning to end. How about that?"

Wu Yu could not stop him.

The two of them exchanged helpless glances with each other. The true victor of today had to be the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. However, now that Jiu Ying knew the truth, he should probably inform his father about it. Upon some more thought, it seemed like Jiu Ying was not in that much danger after all. As long as he did not die here.

Jiu Ying had a heart full of sincerity. If not for his different origin, he would indeed be a kindred spirit. If he was of the human race, he may even be an oath-sworn brother as well.

Under the sharp gazes of the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage and the others, Jiu Ying explained, "Some years ago, I first met Wu Yu at a sect known as the Wind and Thunder Dao Sect. We worked together to deal with a ghostly cultivator known as the Ghostly Wings of the Black Mountain."

He went on to explain the sequence of events in clear detail. From the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's control, to the Natural Mystique on Wu Yu. He eventually finished up with what had just happened. He was clear as he could be, so of course he was unable to gloss over the fact that he was the son of Ying Huang. He concluded, "Wu Yu has nothing to do with the fact that he killed this person. He was purely under the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's control as he tried to kill me. However, that girl appeared out of nowhere to obstruct him. He could not control himself and ended up accidentally killing her, so this is not his fault at all. If you need to find someone to exact your revenge upon, you should look for the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. If you don't dare to seek him out or are unable to, I don't mind if you look for me instead."

The Crimson Shadow Sword Sage never expected that so much had happened behind the scenes. This even concerned the battle between the two bloodlines of Zhu Huang and Ying Huang. This would unquestionably cause a huge uproar across the entire divine continent. Once this matter regarding the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu got exposed, it would definitely cause Ying Huang to be inundated with rage. A civil war could even break out in the Endless Demon Seas.

"I'll search for the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu first!" After listening to everything, the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage's first thought was that the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had to be close by.

As he got up, a core-tail talisman suddenly flew into Li Chuxue's hands. Li Chuxue took a quick look and announced, "The Black Smoke King brought a few demons with him and is currently attacking the Yin Yang Sword Sage. He's killed off Liu Jin."

"Bring everyone back to the central mine!" The Crimson Shadow Sword Sage quickly gave his orders and vanished without a trace. On the other hand, Li Chuxue escorted Jiu Ying under duress, while Beishan Mo and the rest brought Mu Lingche's body with them as they hurried toward the central blue jade mine. As for Wu Yu, before him stood Nangong Wei. Wu Yu found her the hardest to face. In this moment, her gaze was a mix of disappointment, hopelessness, pain, and anger. It was as though her world had crumbled down…

"Can you please let me explain?" Wu Yu asked with a parched throat.

"That's not possible." Nangong Wei ignorantly shook her head, and pointed toward Lin Chuxue as she added, "You can't avoid your responsibility in this matter. Let's go."

These words hurt Wu Yu. He realized that their long-standing relationship was actually very fragile. At this very moment, it seemed like it was torn apart and crushed into fragments that littered the ground.

Nangong Wei acted like she was being escorted under duress as well. She arrived back at the central position of Yin Yang Mountain together with Wu Yu. As they looked ahead, all they could see was blood that flowed in rivers. Once the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage had swept across this area, he had killed everything in his sight regardless of whether it was the Black Smoke King, his brothers, or the demons he had summoned over. They had all turned into corpses here. Even the carcasses of the young demon underlings were scattered across the entire field. Their blood flowed like a river…

Only a handful of demons had managed to escape back to the Endless Demon Seas.

This was a total massacre.

The deep hatred between cultivators and demons was reflected clearly in the bloodshed before Wu Yu's eyes.

Such a scene made everyone find it hard to breathe.

The Crimson Shadow Sword Sage was no longer here. He had probably left in pursuit of the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu.

Nangong Wei stood before Wu Yu. Her feminine shoulders trembled and she did not dare to look at Wu Yu again. The truth was that Wu Yu felt that he could not truly be blamed for Mu Lingche's death. He had been under the control of someone else after all. So why was Nangong Wei in such despair?

Even Beishan Mo and the rest looked at him with gazes that had not changed one bit.

"The Galaxy Sword Sage once advised me not to discuss my friendship with Jiu Ying. We're just ordinary friends, so surely Wei Er doesn't have to act like this..."

As Wu Yu thought about this, the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage returned with his entire body drenched in blood. From the savage expression on his face, it seemed like he did not manage to chase down the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu.

Once the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage returned, Nangong Wei suddenly asked in a stern voice, "Everyone, Ying Huang was the one who harmed my mother. I wish to kill his son right here in order to let him taste the pain of losing a loved one. Does anyone have any objections?"

Li Chuxue did not dare to utter a word.

Beishan Mo replied, "Kill him. Demons all deserve to die. Nangong Wei, I'll help you. Today, we'll make Ying Huang grieve so much that he'll want to die!"

The Crimson Shadow Sword Sage was still the one in charge of things around here. He furrowed his brow and said, "Wei Er, are you sure you don't want to go back and discuss this with your father? After all, the moment Jiu Ying dies, there will be a serious conflict between the two races."

This was no trivial matter. He believed that it might be necessary for the Seven Immortals of Shushan to make a decision here.

However, Nangong Wei replied without hesitation, "If my father were here right now, he'd not even care to discuss such nonsense with you. Jiu Ying would be dead by now. Today, none of you shall stop me!" While she said this, Nangong Wei even paid special attention to shoot Wu Yu a look.

"Wei Er, for every grievance, someone is responsible; for every debt, there is a debtor. When settling disputes, one should not involve third parties. Jiu Ying has absolutely nothing to do with your dear mother's death." Wu Yu had to remind her about this. He was slightly confused as to what to do. He knew that revenge was a terrifyingly strong driving force, but he never liked implicating others. He did not know if his sense of revenge was not strong enough, or if it was Nangong Wei who had been blinded by hatred instead. On the other hand, he sometimes felt like since he loved her so much, he should be like Beishan Mo and be on her side. Why could he not do so?

"I knew you would say such things." Nangong Wei bit her cherry lips as memories of their precious time together flashed before her eyes. She shut her eyes and walked toward Jiu Ying without turning back.

Jiu Ying was not afraid at all. He squinted at Nangong Wei and said, "From what I've heard from you, it seems like my father harmed your mother. To be honest, you're definitely entitled to take revenge. If you eventually manage to kill him, that's perfectly in line with heaven's law and earth's principle. However, let me give you some advice. In this world, there's always retribution for sin. If you implicate me in your quest for revenge and kill me just to make him suffer, you're actually just being blinded by hatred. Your heart of dao isn't pure enough then. Wu Yu is genuinely concerned about you, so why aren't you able to calm down? The ones who are encouraging you to kill others are really the ones who mean you harm."

"You're a demon, not a human. As long as you're a demon, you don't have any right to live in this world." Nangong Wei emphasized each and every word.

Jiu Ying laughed in exasperation. He replied, "Everything in this world becomes good and evil only after some time. Both evil humans and virtuous demons exist. Your heart is filled to the brim with such prejudice probably only because you've had it imparted to you by your father since young. In this way, you're truly a pitiful human."

Jiu Ying was anxious about Wu Yu as well.

Thankfully, after he had told everyone the truth about Mu Lingche's murder, Wu Yu should theoretically be absolved of any guilt. After some thought, he felt that Wu Yu would only face some lenient punishment back at Shushan. If he were to continue to emphasize that they should not implicate Wu Yu in this matter, they would probably just hate Wu Yu even more. With this in mind, Jiu Ying suddenly gave a loud whistle as he watched Nangong Wei charge at him aggressively.

The sky suddenly darkened.

"My friend, I defeated the Enforcers and managed to escape from the Supreme Hunting Ground. I originally wanted to fulfill the promise I made last time, and exchange lessons with you, but things unfortunately turned out this way. I'll go back and seek out the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu to make him pay his debts. I am helpless to offer you any aid now. You can only count on yourself." Jiu Ying used some sort of secret telepathic technique to convey his message to Wu Yu.

"If you can escape, don't bother with me. I have my own way out."

The two of them were helpless after all. The one truly responsible for things was the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, so Wu Yu would eventually find him and make him pay for all this. All he believed for now was that Jiu Ying should not die. As Jiu Ying whistled, he had an inkling of what was about to happen.

"My father truly has incredible foresight. He managed to predict that someone had it out for me, so he told Uncle Ba to protect me. I never imagined that I would really need his help."

As soon as Jiu Ying finished speaking, even the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage was taken aback. From the sky, a huge black shadow suddenly appeared. Beyond the shadow were two enormous, smooth-green eyes. It was though two jade suns had surfaced in the sky. In no time at all, the sky was shrouded in darkness.

"Ba She!" Once the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage recognized him, his face turned pale and he dared not move.

However, Ba She's level of sentience was rather weak. The only method he could think of was to open his mouth wide and swallow Jiu Ying without another word. At the same time, he also swallowed Li Chuxue's supreme immortal treasure.

Just then, the sky started to brighten.

Ba She had vanished extremely quickly.

All that was left was the stunned crowd.

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