Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0350: Death

Chapter 0350: Death

Mu Lingche unfortunately did not realize that Wu Yu had not actually used his core-tail talisman to contact the others at all.

Yin Yang Mountain was extremely large. It was rather difficult for others to find out that one had come across a demon just from the commotion alone.

Mu Lingche had only hurried over because she was quite close to the battle.

In particular, Li Chuxue was actually really close to Nangong Wei and Beishan. Even the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage was there as well. Wu Yu was at the position that was the furthest from all of them.

This was a coincidence that the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had not planned for.

Of course, Mu Lingche leaving her back vulnerable to Wu Yu as she attacked Jiu Ying was not part of the plan either.

In this lightning-fast moment, Wu Yu and his 10 doppelgangers suddenly changed their course of attack. With unparalleled anger in his fit of rage, they brandished their swords and changed their target. They drove towards Mu Lingche.

Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique!

They used the technique together once again. 10 swords rushed through the air and closed in on Mu Lingche. She was in the midst of battling with Jiu Ying and thus was not prepared for this at all. As she took the full brunt of this sword cultivation dao technique, Mu Lingche's face went pale and her gaze scattered. She did not even manage to let out a scream.

"Wu Yu!" Jiu Ying was shocked senseless.

However, he could not stop this in time at all.

At a blazing speed, Wu Yu suddenly rushed forward and stabbed his Cloudless Day's Sunwheel Sword through Mu Lingche's entire body. This slash was part of the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique as well.

This lethal strike directly scattered Mu Lingche's spirit to the winds. In her final moments, she managed to turn her head back after much struggle. Her blurry vision was filled with the image of Wu Yu and his blood-red eyes. This was the last scene that she would ever see.


Wu Yu's heart started to shudder. He clearly saw himself kill Mu Lingche.

However, he still could not control himself. Under the provocation of the curse insignia, he was like a savage beast that massacred everything in its path.

He had killed Mu Lingche!

The daughter of two Sword Sages….

Wu Yu did not even think about what such an action would result in. All he wanted to do for now was regain control of himself.

In fact, the provocation did not last that long. Mu Lingche was simply completely unprepared, so she had perished very quickly.

"Blood Dragon of Mount Wu!" Wu Yu naturally knew the main culprit behind this disaster. It was none other than the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu!

His heart was filled with anger and hatred.

The rage he had accumulated exploded at this very moment. His mental self had been suppressed for quite some time now. In fact, he had been fighting against the effects of the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's mystique all this time.


All of a sudden, the Ruyi Jingu Bang was invaded by this Natural Mystique somewhere within his body. Just like the time when he was violated by the Crimson Blood Demon, the Ruyi Jingu Bang shuddered and immediately assimilated itself into the bloodlust flowing within Wu Yu's body. The bloodlust dispersed as quickly as it came and was obliterated completely. Wu Yu finally came to his senses. He was especially drained, and was drenched in sweat as well…

However, he seemed to have already made a crucial and irreversible mistake.

With his own eyes, he saw that Mu Lingche's body had already lost all sense of life. From high in the sky, it had plummeted to the ground. The numerous flower petals beside her had fallen as well. They spread over and buried her body.

It was probably the power of the Ruyi Jingu Bang that had completely cleansed Wu Yu of the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's tricks. Right now, Wu Yu was undoubtedly awake.

"Wu Yu, this..." Jiu Ying was quite panicked. He had yet to come across a situation like this. He naturally knew deep down that Wu Yu was in deep trouble. In fact, he should have left much earlier.

"You better leave." Wu Yu quickly came to his senses. Now that such a crucial and irreversible mistake had been made and an individual as prominent as Mu Lingche had passed away, it would be dangerous for Jiu Ying to stay here. If Li Chuxue and the rest came over - everything pointed to a disaster waiting to occur. Furthermore, Jiu Ying's father was Nangong Wei's mother-killing enemy.

"You're not leaving?" Jiu Ying took a quick glance at Mu Lingche. He had a feeling that a disastrous situation awaited Wu Yu.

It was a pity that it seemed like it was too late to do anything about it.

After all, he had caused quite a commotion while he was in his state of frenzy.

All of a sudden, a beam of snow shot over. In an instant, a figure appeared before Wu Yu and Jiu Ying. Even though Jiu Ying had returned to his human form, one could instantly tell that he was a demon with just a single glance.

The moment Li Chuxue arrived, she looked around to gain a clear understanding of the situation.

Wu Yu seemed to be confronting Jiu Ying.

Mu Lingche was lying breathless on the ground.

In that moment, the color on Li Chuxue's face changed immensely.

The ones who had come along on this mission were all key figures of Shushan's future. They were all descendants of the Shushan Sword Sages and were exceptional talents at that. Even though Mu Lingche was the weakest among them, she was still the daughter of the Lunar Flower Sword Sage and the Distant Fire Sword Sage and had a powerful background. Li Chuxue was truly nothing in the face of these two Sword Sages.

Li Chuxue had heard a small commotion coming from here just now, but Wu Yu had not sent over a core-tail talisman. She was keeping a look out for the Black Smoke King's presence further in front and was protecting Nangong Wei and Beishan Mo at the same time, so she had not bothered to check things out at that time.

They operated based on their core-tail talismans after all.

She had only come over to investigate the situation after the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage instructed her to do so. The Crimson Shadow Sword Sage's instructions meant that he would watch over Nangong Wei and Beishan Mo in the meantime.

Those two were an important couple that had to be protected, so the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage did not dare to leave as well.

Actually, if not for the fact that there was a mine near Wu Yu's location that was in the middle of extracting the blue jade ores, Li Chuxue would not have positioned him in a spot that was so far from danger. Beishan Mo even hoped that some trivial demon would appear and kill Wu Yu off as well.

She never expected that her carelessness would end up harming Mu Lingche instead.

As for the killer, she quickly identified it to be Jiu Ying.

That went without saying. The only one who dared to kill Mu Lingche was naturally this unremarkable demon.

However, Li Chuxue did not dare to kill him. She bore some responsibility for Mu Lingche's death as well, so she was in a severe state of panic as she imagined how angry the Lunar Flower Sword Sage and her husband would be. The consequences were too horrible to contemplate, and the only solution for now would be to capture Jiu Ying and bring him back to let the Lunar Flower Sword Sage and her husband deal with and vent their resentment on him. If they were able to kill Jiu Ying with their own hands, it may not be enough to make amends for Li Chuxue's earlier mistakes. She had to keep Jiu Ying alive no matter what, for this was the only way to divert the Lunar Flower Sword Sage and her husband's attention away from herself.

Li Chuxue was not stupid. She knew that she had to present Jiu Ying to Mu Lingche's parents.

As such, she immediately made her move. She stabbed forward with the supreme immortal treasure in her hands. One split into two, which then split into four. The number of swords continued to double, and in a short time, over 100 of them had appeared. They stacked together in multiple layers and formed a cage of icy swords that swiftly trapped Jiu Ying within.

This was the Heaven sword rank Li Chuxue's strength. This was a top-level Heaven Earth Void technique!

Jiu Ying's facial expression changed as he hurriedly changed back to his true form. He wanted to explode out of this prison, but there was still quite a large disparity between his strength and Li Chuxue's. Despite trying his best a few times, it was to no avail.

"Sword Sage, bring everyone over here," Li Chuxue bellowed out immediately to the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage after she had locked Jiu Ying up. She was scared witless at having to bear this burden alone, but she realized that the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage had to bear some responsibility for this incident as well.

As soon as Li Chuxue finished her words, a black shadow surged swept over from across the sky. The shadows dispersed, and the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage had brought Nangong Wei, Beishan Mo, and the rest over here. They first noticed Jiu Ying, who had been trapped in a cage of icy swords. Following that, they saw Wu Yu, and finally they saw that in the middle of the sea of flowers below, there was Mu Lingche, who had lost all signs of life.

"Junior Sister Mu!"

The crowd was shocked. They quickly rushed down and investigated further. Mu Lingche had indeed passed away.

This was the unalterable truth.

Wu Yu looked over to the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage, who had been hiding all this while. This was Chen Fuyou's father, and an expert assassin too.

Now that Mu Lingche was believed to be dead, the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage knew how angry his two good friends would be. They had entrusted Mu Lingche to him after all.

He could have never predicted that even before a core-tail talisman could be sent, she would be slain in battle just like that. This matter was too sudden for everyone. Even Wu Yu was feeling downcast as well. After all, Mu Lingche had not been guarding against him at all. If she had done so, she would not have died.

"Is this the demon that killed her?" the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage's asked with a booming voice as he looked at Jiu Ying.

Li Chuxue responded quickly, "Sword Sage, it's him all right. However, I feel that we should hand him over to the Lunar Flower Sword Sage and Distant Fire Sword Sage. Mu Lingche has already died. This is extremely regrettable, but all we can do is let her parents personally avenge her death..."

She was afraid that the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage would kill Jiu Ying on the spot out of anger.

Wu Yu's heart started to tremble. The situation right now was too difficult to control. He looked over and saw that Beishan Mo and Nangong Wei were filled with rage. They seemed to want to rush forward and tear Jiu Ying to shreds.

These were dismal circumstances indeed.

The Crimson Shadow Sword Sage suddenly appeared before Jiu Ying and drew out a black needle. With a deep voice, he said, "That's right, I have to hand you over to Lunar Flower. Wait till she demonstrates her might on you. You'll regret even being born then. However, before that happens, I won't let you off easy either!"

This black needle was a terrifying object. If he pierced Jiu Ying with it, Jiu Ying would experience a fate worse than death. At this point in time, Jiu Ying was unable to break free of his cage, but he was not alarmed either. He faced the group of cultivators with a steely gaze. His gaze only became gentler when he looked at Wu Yu.

Despite not being the killer, it seemed like Jiu Ying was going to have to go through all this.

However, Wu Yu actually knew that an examination of Mu Lingche's body would easily reveal that she had been killed by the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique.

Of course, Wu Yu could lie and say that Jiu Ying had taken control of him.

Despite this, this was not the kind of person Wu Yu was. The murder that had taken place here had nothing to do with Jiu Ying. He was not willing to see others suffer on his behalf. Given all this, right as Nangong Wei, who was standing beside him, was about to ask about the details of what had happened, Wu Yu suddenly shouted, "Crimson Shadow Sword Sage, don't torment him any longer. Mu Lingche was killed by me."

"What!?" The moment these words were uttered, an uproar rose through the crowd. Everyone looked at Wu Yu with eyes of disbelief.

All of them had believed that Jiu Ying was the killer all along, and did not think that it could have been Wu Yu instead. Regardless of whether Wu Yu was the killer or not, his confession now was problematic nonetheless. Nangong Wei originally wanted to grab onto his arm, but at this moment, she quickly retracted and looked at Wu Yu with eyes of horror.

Li Chuxue was shocked by this and sternly said, "Wu Yu, don't say such nonsense."

Before she finished her sentence, Beishan Mo and the other young disciples had surrounded Mu Lingche's body. Upon closer inspection, Beishan Mo's eyes grew wide. He was stunned as he looked at Wu Yu and said, "Everyone, Mu Lingche has indeed died to the effects of the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique! This is a Heaven Earth Void technique that only Wu Yu has learned."

Jiu Ying could only helplessly look at him.

However, Wu Yu was behaving according to his own his principles. This matter had nothing to do with Jiu Ying. Wu Yu quickly followed up, "Everyone, please do not trouble this demon any longer. He just happened to pass by."

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