Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0042: Demon Slaying in Capital Wu

Chapter 0042: Demon Slaying in Capital Wu

Wan Qing!

The snake demon who had once threatened Wu Yu's life. Wu Yu would never forget what she looked like.

She was a demon.

Since the beginning of time, demons and humans were like fire and water, always at odds.

It went without saying that she was one of Wu Yu's enemies.

In the long years that she had dwelled within Capital Wu, countless innocent mortals had become her food.

At this moment, Wu Yu had already taken out the cloth from the Demon Subduing Staff. In these days, he had been training himself in The Foundational Staff Techniques, all for this moment.

"Sun Wudao!"

Snake Demon Wan Qing turned back to see Wu Yu in the Demon Ape Mask.

It was normal for her to recognize Wu Yu, but a problem for Wu Yu to recognize her. But Wan Qing could not piece it together. For the moment, her huge, demon snake body coiled and twisted in the darkness, her large eyes staring at Wu Yu.

"How did you recognize me?"

A chilly, raspy voice emerged from Wan Qing's snake maw.

But Wu Yu laughed.

A once-in-a-blue moon opportunity.

"Bold demon, to harm people in Capital Wu!"

At this time, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian could not be touched. Imperial Concubine Xi and Yuan Hao could not be touched. But Wan Qing - that was definitely someone he could handle. He could not only just handle her, but kill her. Reduce her to dust and ashes so she could never regenerate again!


In the darkness, Wu Yu suddenly lunged, the Demon Subduing Staff in his hand gleaming with golden light in the night. Both ends were suddenly blazing with red flames.

Such scorching heat was exactly what demons of the night feared the most.

More than 5,000 warhorses worth of power stomped on the street of Capital Wu, creating an earth-shattering rumble.

Wu Yu not only wanted to banish the demon, but also cause a stir! This huge commotion caused alarm everywhere. Many who had been sleeping were roused and came out of their houses to see what was happening. They obviously saw the huge snake in the darkness. They were so scared that they pissed their pants.

"It's the new Immortal Protector, I think he's called Heavenly Immortal Sun Wudao. He's banishing demons in Capital Wu!"

"Heavens, there are actually demons in our Capital Wu!"

"That snake is huge!"

All the people nearby were shouting and exclaiming, hurriedly diving for cover. Especially the drunkard who had nearly been eaten by Wan Qing, he had come to his senses a little and promptly got the shock of his life, losing control of his bladder.

Such news would probably get back to the palace quickly.

It was about time.

"Who are you!?"

Wan Qing was working up a fury. As Wu Yu came charging, she did not run, but instead raised her triangular snake head, flicking her bright red snake tongue and charging towards Wu Yu.

"Demon, you don't know what you're getting into."

The fire in Wu Yu's heart had completely set the Demon Subduing Staff on fire.

Even if he could only kill Wan Qing now, it was a start! After he acquired the Immortal Ape Transformation, his heart had been extremely restless, with no avenue to vent it. Thankfully, Wan Qing had appeared.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's own personal pet demon.


That impressive staff descended from the sky, straightforward and simple. Wu Yu's footwork was sublime, and he reached the snake demon's head in a flash. Leaping high, the Demon Subduing Staff's coarse width was like a mountain, bearing down on the head of the snake demon.


With a loud thump, the snake demon's skull cracked with a sickening sound. Wu Yu swarmed the snake, the huge snake demon punishingly beaten to the ground. The other mortals who had gathered were yelling.

"What a terrifying demon! My god!" Many mortals had never seen a demon before in their lives. The epic fight unfolding before their eyes was a visual feast like never before.


The demon's violent nature began to assert itself. The snake demon's thick tail was like a whip of iron snaking out towards Wu Yu's waist.

Wu Yu showed no expression. The Demon Subduing Staff in his hand swept out, clashing with the snake tail. While Wu Yu staggered back a few steps, the snake's tail was broken - the bones inside probably shattered.

Snake Demon Wan Qing was no match for Wu Yu at all.

"Sun Wudao, you cannot kill me!" Now, the aggressive snake demon began to panic. She was trying to hint to Wu Yu that she was involved with Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian. But Wu Yu would not give her this chance.

"Human-harming demon, I am a martial cultivator, and I kill the likes of you on sight."

Behind the Demon Ape Mask, Wu Yu laughed coldly. The fight had reached a climax. Turning back, he reckoned that the palace had gotten word, and they must’ve been hurrying over.

It was about time. He clenched the Demon Subduing Staff tightly and began to rain blows down on the 50-foot-long snake demon without a word!

Pa, pa, pa, pa!

Each time the Demon Subduing Staff landed on the snake demon's body, the sounds of bone breaking could be heard over the anguished howls of the snake demon.

The Demon Subduing Staff's fire array was also activated slightly, to give the Demon Subduing Staff a terrifying heat. Each time it came in contact with the snake demon's body, it scorched the flesh black, regardless of whether protective scales were present!

The snake demon rolled desperately, trying to escape. In the process, tens of houses were destroyed. Luckily, those around had already scattered, so there were no casualties.

"Who are you!? Who are you!?"

Wan Qing was unbelievably anguished. She could feel that Wu Yu was torturing her. So many blows, but not a single one had hit her vital spots.

"Who I am is not important."

As Wu Yu said those six words, he had already reduced the snake demon before him to a bloody pulp. Even if she could escape, without over a century of recuperation, she would not recuperate fully.

"You have some grudge against me! I will not stand it! Who are you!?" As the snake demon howled, she desperately writhed. Her mental state and physical body had both completely crumbled. She was in so much pain, she wanted to die.

Wu Yu looked back. Two Pegasuses were flying over from the palace and would soon arrive. In that instant, Wu Yu charged. The Demon Subduing Staff lunged, directly piercing through the snake's heart. And then a reverse pull swept the staff across Wan Qing's head. With a loud crack, the snake's head was completely crushed.

"I am Wu Yu."

In the last moments before the light faded from Wan Qing's eyes, Wu Yu pulled off his mask so she could see him.


Wu Yu could clearly see the change in the look in her eyes as she died. It was filled with disbelief and terror. But she could not stop her life ebbing away. By the time Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian and Yuan Chen had hurried over, Snake Demon Wan Qing was already a smoking corpse.

He had finally finished off one enemy.

Even after the pressure at Tian Wu Hall, Wu Yu still felt much better now, his thoughts clearer as well.

He deeply understood that Capital Wu was his battlefield, and these were all his enemies. The Demon Ape Mask was his strongest disguise. Although he had not found a single solution as of yet, as this fight developed, it was not inconceivable that a chance to finish off Hao Tian would appear.

"You are finally here!" As Hao Tian and Yuan Chen dismounted from their Pegasuses, Wu Yu turned with a casual and relaxed manner. He smiled. "Who would have thought that this demon would be so bold as to invade Capital Wu. Truly one that does not know death when it sees it! How fortunate that I found it; otherwise, she would have taken many innocent lives on this night."

Right now, his identity was the Heavenly Sword Sect’s disciple Sun Wudao. He did not know Wan Qing's identity. He had simply killed a demon righteously. And therefore, Hao Tian and the others could not possibly say anything.

As expected, the looks on Hao Tian and Yuan Chen's faces were ugly.

They looked at the corpse of Snake Demon Wan Qing, their eyelids trembling. Clearly, they were extremely infuriated inside. However, Wu Yu was still a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect, so they could only swallow their anger. They could not act rashly. They would have to bear this slight.

"This Wan Qing. I told her not to roam during these few days, but she did not listen to the warning!" In his heart, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian could only blame Wan Qing. Any righteous disciple would kill a demon on sight. This was very normal, especially for the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples, who were known to live on the straight and narrow.

"Gentlemen?" Wu Yu saw that neither of their faces looked happy. He knew the true reason, but he still asked, "Why do both of you not look pleased? Could it be... That's right. This Capital Wu is your territory. If a demon invades, I should let you deal with it. In that case, this humble creature will take his leave first."

He spoke smoothly.

After all, he had just been intimidated at Tian Wu Hall, and showing a cowering manner towards them was normal. Besides, if he lorded it over them, it would not help what he was about to do next.

"Nothing like that at all. We merely thought that it was a very bold demon to dare to enter Capital Wu like that. A well-deserved death. Old Brother, we will take care of things subsequently. Go ahead and return to your Heavenly Immortal Peak." Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian waved a hand. In his heart, he seethed. Clearly, he did not want to see Wu Yu again.

"No problem."

Wu Yu smirked to himself behind the Demon Ape Mask. He kept the Demon Ape Mask on and vanished into the dark night after bidding his adieus to the two. However, to Wu Yu, this would definitely be a sleepless night.

News that the new Immortal Protector had actually killed a snake demon within Capital Wu spread quickly throughout the city even though it was late at night.

Through the bustle, Wu Yu arrived at Carefree Palace.

"Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian can only rage, but he does not know my true expression. What a joke."

The first step of his vengeance, complete.

Wan Qing's death had given Wu Yu a measure of confidence.

"For now, it is still my sister and the Nine Regicides King that are paramount. I just don't know how strong the Immortal Protector of the East God Nation is. Hao Tian said it's not a ghostly cultivator, but that doesn't mean...."

He even dared to rear demons. To be in cahoots with ghostly cultivators did not seem beyond him.

He had not expected Wu You to still be in her study in spite of the late hour. This time, she was not writing, but brooding at the desk.

Beside her was the servant maid who had grown up with Wu You and been by her side for over a decade. She was currently serving up a bowl of hot soup, looking at Wu You with concern. "Princess, the night is chilly, and you have lost much weight recently. You should drink some soup."

Wu You stared at the desk dispiritedly, as though she had not heard the girl's words.

"Princess, I just heard some news. It seems like the newly arrived Heavenly Immortal has actually killed a snake demon in Capital Wu. There are many eyewitness accounts. Who would have thought that there were actually demons within our Capital Wu?" The servant shuddered.

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