Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0041: Bone-Adhering Fire

Chapter 0041: Bone-Adhering Fire

Luckily, he had not acted rashly. With this youth before him, if he had acted the same way he did in Capital Wu, he would’ve been nothing more than a corpse right now.

This person was evidently a genius from the Zhongyuan Dao Sect.

"Senior Brother Jiang, please, sit!" Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian and the others were hurrying forward to offer their respectful greetings, while Yuan Chen was foremost amongst them, his face full of pleasure. He gestured towards Senior Brother Jiang, and the two laughed upon seeing each other. That Senior Brother Jiang swaggered to the centermost seat, while Yuan Chen followed behind in practiced fashion....

"Pour," the youth ordered Yuan Chen in a compelling voice.

"Yes, Senior Brother Jiang," Yuan Chen simpered.

Pour wine, drink wine.

"Sun Wudao, let me introduce you. The one before you is the personal disciple of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect’s leader, and also his own son. Heavenly Immortal Jiang Junlin! You had better pay respects quickly!" Since this youth's arrival, Emperor Yuan Hao had become cocky, calling Wu Yu by name, and his gaze already hinting at belligerence.

No wonder he was so awesome - he was the son of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect’s leader... His status was even more esteemed than Su Yanli and the others’. At least Su Yanli and Feng Xueya were not related by blood.

Yuan Hao's words had caused Jiang Junlin to notice Wu Yu. His bright, starry eyes flicked over with a hint of a malicious smile. "You're the disciple the Heavenly Sword Sect sent to look after Dong Yue Wu? That's funny. The stubborn warts at the Heavenly Sword Sect actually let a non-sword user be initiated."

Such casual words naturally placed him above Wu Yu's status.

But Wu Yu was backed by the Heavenly Sword Sect, so he had no need to fear him or even revere him. He said, "I see that it's Senior Brother Jiang Junlin. My respects. As for what weapon I use, that's a personal matter."

With this Jiang Junlin around, Wu Yu's quest for revenge had become even more difficult!

Clearly, for his mission to have a good chance at success, he needed to finish Hao Tian and Imperial Concubine Xi in one fell swoop.

Seeing Wu Yu still rather hard-headed, Jiang Junlin sniggered. He made Yuan Chen pour more Monkey Wine for him, then he lifted his head to look at the decorations on the ceiling of Tian Wu Hall. He stretched out a finger and laughed deliberately. "I recently cultivated this dao technique called Bone-Adhering Fire. That Bone-Adhering Fire is really something special..."

Saying thus, his finger suddenly pointed at Wu Yu.


In an instant, something unimaginable happened to Wu Yu. Suddenly, a wave of azure blue flame actually sprung to life on Wu Yu's skin, from his chest, his four limbs, his head. Instantly, Wu Yu was drowning in the deep blue fire. Even more frightening was that the fire not only burnt his skin but had countless stings that pierced Wu Yu's body, drilling into his bones.

He had a feeling that once these flames entered the bone marrow, he would never be free of them for the rest of his life.

This was precisely the Bone-Adhering Fire that Jiang Junlin had spoken off!

As soon as they met, he had actually used a dao technique to attack him, clearly to overwhelm him. Fortuitously, Wu Yu cultivated the Invincible Vajra Body and had great resistive powers against fire. That Bone-Adhering Fire could not directly penetrate his skin.

However, the opponent had not displayed the full extent of his abilities. If he had, Wu Yu might not have been able to stand up against it.


Just as Wu Yu was gritting his teeth while trying to resist the Bone-Adhering Fire, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian recited an incantation, summoning a water dragon from the nearby lake to crash on Wu Yu and drench him!

In a flash, he was soaked through.

That ordinary water could not have possibly extinguished the Bone-Adhering Fire, but in that instant, Jiang Junlin's finger retracted, and the Bone-Adhering Fire ceased right as the water dragon crashed down.

The clash of water and fire had thrown the Tian Wu Hall into complete disorder. Of course, the most wretched was Wu Yu. Although he was not injured, he had been thoroughly shamed.

"I'm so embarrassed. It was a newly learnt dao technique, and I could not control it. Luckily, Hao Tian called forth water to extinguish my Bone-Adhering Fire," Jiang Junlin said mildly.

From the side, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian smiled and said, "Old Brother Sun definitely understands. After all, the power of dao techniques is prodigious, and no one can control them perfectly. Accidents are commonplace. Of course, this has nothing to do with one's status at all. If Old Brother Sun only stays on Heavenly Immortal Peak from now on, and quietly keeps out of Dong Yue Wu's business, then our dao techniques would be completely unable to harm you. Isn't that right?"

He had chosen a roundabout way to reveal their intentions. It was clear that they were telling Wu Yu to stay out of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom's affairs. Even if he was the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor, he was not qualified to manage the kingdom.

Jiang Junlin had made the first move, and now Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was hinting that Wu Yu should know what to do in his position.

"Sun Wudao, my brother Yuan Chen has returned home after much hardship. I reckon that he will stay in Capital Wu for quite a long time. Although you are the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor, I think that you won't be so indiscreet as to hurry them away, right? How will things be managed after? Do you understand?" Emperor Yuan Hao guffawed. That was as plain as it got.

All of them were waiting for Wu Yu's reply.

Wu Yu's body was heated, and the water evaporated readily from his considerable body heat. At this time, he picked up the Demon Subduing Staff nexto to him and turned to Jiang Junlin, saying, "Now that all you gentlemen have spoken thus, I understand. My intention was to cultivate in peace. Since Yuan Chen is a prince, then he may, of course, abide at Dong Yue Wu."

Having said thus, he paused, then continued, "If there's nothing else, I'll take my leave first."

Empress Dowager Yuan Xi smiled. "Heavenly Immortal, it's lonely on the mountain. Shall I send some beautiful women up to wait on you?"

This Yuan Xi's way of speaking was infuriating. She had no intention of ever letting Wu Yu leave Heavenly Immortal Peak again.

"No need. Good day."

Wu Yu turned.

"We won't see you out!" Emperor Yuan Hao was in high spirits after seeing Wu Yu shamed. Although he was an emperor, he was still immature, and he was so excited, he was about to burst into laughter.

A complete and thorough embarrassment.

Wu Yu walked out of Tian Wu Hall, mounted his Heavenly Cloud Roc, and took to the skies.

With the night breeze blowing around him, he could calm down and order his thoughts.

"Jiang Junlin's appearance was completely beyond my expectations. If I want revenge, the level of difficulty has just risen again.

"Today, the reason for their pressure is obvious. They don't want me to become the Immortal Protector. That Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian has no intention of leaving.

"However, I also do not want them to leave.

"Does this mean that I can only act once Jiang Junlin and the others have left?

To Wu Yu, this would take too long.

Today's embarrassment with the Bone-Adhering Fire and the soaking, as well as that petty Yuan Hao's conceited manner, had left a deep impression in Wu Yu's memory. Such an encounter would only cause Wu Yu's hatred to deepen.


The most tricky business was not revenge. If it were just revenge, Wu Yu would be able to wait. A gentleman's revenge could be remembered for a decade. He had rushed back to Dong Yue Wu purely out of concern for Wu You.

At present, the East God Nation's Nine Regicides King and their Immortal Protector were coming to Capital Wu to court Wu You. With Jiang Junlin and Hao Tian around, stopping this matrimony would truly be difficult. And if he did not succeed, Wu You's fate would be terrible!

"Hao Tian, Imperial Concubine Xi, Jiang Junlin!

"And East God Nation!"

On the back of his Heavenly Cloud Roc, Wu Yu clenched his fists. He had never been as angry as this.

"Presently, the most urgent thing is to stop Elder Sister from being married to the East God Nation."

He had taken a look before he left. After he left, Wu You had also turned to leave. He recommended that she would soon return to Carefree Palace. Wu Yu's return to Heavenly Immortal Peak was also in the direction of Carefree Palace. He was prepared to wait at Carefree Palace for Wu You's return. In this period, he would not return to Heavenly Immortal Peak but stay at Carefree Palace.

"The difficulties I’m facing right now are immense. I cannot lose my cool no matter what. One misstep will make this unsalvageable. Sister's life and happiness are completely in my hands. I cannot make a single mistake. That's why I must remain calm.

"Perhaps I should discuss this with her..."

In truth, Wu Yu had only acted after discussing with Wu You on many matters in the past 15 years. She sometimes had better ideas than Wu Yu.


He quashed the anger in his heart and turned towards Carefree Palace.

Just at this moment, he smelled a whiff of something rank.

"This smell is not the smell of piss, and not the smell of an animal's rotting corpse... It's a demon!"

He had smelled it!

In a corner in Capital Wu.

But after confirming it was a demon, Wu Yu smiled.

"Demon! Snake demon! Wan Qing!"

Before, he did not know who Wan Qing really was. He did not know that she was a demon, but now...

Wan Qing was not hiding in the palace, but swaggering around Capital Wu. Evidently, she was out to cause trouble again. All these years, the missing people and the casualties in Capital Wu, how could she be let off easily?

"Wan Qing..."

Wu Yu bade the Heavenly Cloud Roc descend, then he leaped off its back, allowing the Heavenly Cloud Roc to return to Heavenly Immortal Peak by itself. And without a word, he traversed through the streets of Capital Wu, turning into a bolt of golden light that flitted through the houses.

"I'm close... Almost there..."

The closer he got, the stronger Wu Yu's bloodlust rose.

Even through the Demon Ape Mask, his strong bloodthirst could be felt.

This was the darkest night in Capital Wu.

On such a dark night, only those places of entertainment would have lights on. The smell of Wan Qing led exactly to this place.

"It's a demonic aura..."

At the Immortal Transformation tier, Wu Yu could already smell the air and recognize the smell and aura that belonged to demons. This stench and evil made one lose their mind.

Kacha, kacha!

Ahead, at the dark place where the street bent, one could vaguely hear the sound of a huge beast moving.

Demonic aura dense in the air.

"Snake tail!"

Wu Yu saw a huge snake tail, which slithered in the darkness.

Found it.


Snake Demon Wan Qing was still completely oblivious to Wu Yu's presence.

When Wu Yu appeared behind her, her huge, snake body was on the verge of swallowing a drunk and bleary man.

"Wan Qing."

Wu Yu unlimbered the Demon Subduing Staff and stood behind the snake demon. From this position, he could clearly see her scales.


Hearing her name, the snake demon's instincts prickled. She was in her true form now, and in that form, there were not many who knew that she was called Wan Qing! When she turned back, she saw Wu Yu.


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