Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 845

At this exact moment, Zhou Weiqing had the illusion that he had already broken through the Heavenly God Tier and entered the state of Heavenly Change. The Heavenly Energy from the twelve Divine Beasts that converged toward him from all directions did not attack at him. On the contrary, due to the effect of the Netherworld seal’s magic formation, the tremendous Heavenly Energy became exceedingly pliable and was completely under his control.

The Saint God Nucleus Core on Zhou Weiqing’s chest burst out in a dazzling array of lights. The originally platinum Saint Energy gradually began to emit an intense white heat. With Zhou Weiqing’s precise control, the tremendous Heavenly Energy that was coming from outside was converted into his Heavenly Energy at a shocking speed.

An invisible huge vortex had already taken form around Zhou Weiqing’s body. Zhou Weiqing was the center of this vortex while the tremendous energy in the vortex was formed from the immense Heavenly Energy sent out by the twelve great Divine Beasts. The immense Heavenly Energy continuously spun and with every round, it was going through a purification process that was affected by Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy. Due to this purification, it was converted into an even purer Saint Energy for Zhou Weiqing to control.

Although Zhou Weiqing had a cultivation base at the Maximum-Level of the Heavenly God Tier, he would not be able to endure the tremendous Heavenly Energy being infused into his body all at once. He would be filled to the point of bursting since this was the cultivation base that belonged to the twelve Heavenly God-tier Divine Beasts. However, this was absolutely not a problem for Zhou Weiqing due to the effect of the Netherworld seal’s magic formation. After the purification process, the tremendous Saint Energy spun around Zhou Weiqing’s body, ready for him to use. There was no need for it to enter his body. This was also the reason why Zhou Weiqing felt like the entire magic formation was his body.

Under such circumstances, the pressure that Zhou Weiqing endured was almost non-existent, and he managed to seamlessly merge the cultivation bases of the twelve Divine Beasts to his cultivation base. This was such a powerful entity!

He no longer cared about the sorrow brought on by the death of the Dragon Emperor. Zhou Weiqing’s only thought at this exact moment was to fulfill the Dragon Emperor’s last wish to seal off the Nether Lord for good.

The Elven Empress’ attack from earlier was too timely. Although she paid an agonizingly great price, she still managed to stall for time on behalf of Zhou Weiqing. Otherwise, if Zhou Weiqing was struck by the Destruction Energy at that time, it would certainly mess up his control of the entire magic formation even though he might not be severely injured. He was not the Dragon Emperor, and he was not too familiar with the Netherworld seal’s magic formation yet. In the event of a problem arising, it could possibly turn into an opportunity that the Nether Lord could exploit. More often than not, success or failure depended on a single moment.

The Nether Lord’s gloominess was already in an incomparable state. Although the Elven Empress and the Ancient Tree of Life paid a great price for resisting the Nether Lord’s attack, they managed to neutralize his attack and substantially pushed back his claws that had already partially broken through. If the Nether Lord exerted his full force in the attack earlier, he was definitely capable of completely destroying the Elven Empress and the Ancient Tree of Life. However, the Nether Lord was distraught by the fact that the Netherworld seal’s magic formation was not successfully broken apart because most of his energy was still constricted within the limitation of the magic formation. There was absolutely no way he was capable of displaying his full energy. Otherwise, how could the Dragon Emperor or the Elven Empress possibly seal him?

The most important moment that determined if the Nether Lord could break through the seal or not had already arrived. He no longer cared about exhaustion as he launched an attack again.

The pitch black destruction light transformed into a ring of light that rose upwards while a pitch black mass of light appeared simultaneously in between the two claws again.

A ring of light rose as it forcibly resisted the Saint Energy vortex conjured up by the combined efforts of Zhou Weiqing and the twelve Divine Beasts, in an attempt to stop the tremendous Saint Energy from sinking into the magic formation.

At this moment, the Nether Lord was already risking his life. He was well aware that without displaying his entire body’s strength, he could only use the Ultimate Destruction Energy to possibly eliminate Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing scoffed coldly. The Saint God Nucleus Core on his chest erupted into a ball of hot white light that was as thick as an arm. It descended from the sky and slammed ferociously on the Nether Lord’s black orb of light that had just begun to condense.

The time for a counterattack had arrived!


There were no violent sounds of explosion, there were only two of the purest black and white colors that collided together ferociously. The black halo and the white vortex also simultaneously came into contact and energy from both sides caused an intense collision.

Meanwhile, Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy revealed its strong suppressive capability towards Destruction Energy. Even if it was the Dragon Emperor who was upholding the Netherworld seal’s magic formation, he might not necessarily be capable of suppressing the Nether Lord again. However, it was different with Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy.

With the support from the twelve Great Divine Beasts, Zhou Weiqing absolutely did not need to worry about exhausting his Saint Energy. Moreover, he was not only capable of maneuvering the immense Saint Energy, he could also continuously refine the Saint Energy that he shot out from the Saing God Nucleus Core on his chest. This was also the reason why the hot white light was burning so intensely.

The Saint Energy launched by Zhou Weiqing at this moment was already halfway into the powerful existence of the Genesis Tier. Although it was impossible for him to become a true Genesis God, the intensity of his Saint Energy at this moment was completely capable of attacking the Nether Lord.

Genesis and Destruction were engaged in a battle. The black and white colors were colliding intensely in the air. Although the energy of both parties did not explode, they were exhausting each other immensely.

The entire Netherworld seal’s magic formation had brightened completely. Only the misty red light was still gradually turning white.

Zhou Weiqing felt calm in his heart. The Dragon-Tiger Transformation evolved again after he had received the Dragon Emperor’s ultimate source of energy. It also resulted in the enhancement of his Cold Perception to an unprecedented level. He could clearly sense every single secret of the Netherworld seal’s magic formation, and he also gained an understanding of its secrets. He relied on the powerful Divine Thought that was already at the Heavenly Change Tier under the amplification of the magic formation, to exercise control over the magic formation as he extruded the Nether Lord in a frenzy.

The Nether Lord let out a sharp cry that was clearly filled with fear. His Ultimate Destruction Energy was no longer of any use under the suppression of the Saint Energy. The two parties were completely locked in a stalemate at the moment. The Ultimate Destruction Energy in the center was capable of resisting Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy, but the rings of black light it emitted had no way of resisting the victory of Zhou Weiqing’s enormous vortex that was gradually descending.

Strands upon strands, wisps upon wisps of platinum light began to gradually sink into the Destruction halo and approached the magic formation on the ground. There were even some areas that had already come in contact with the red light emitted by the magic formation.

As the old Chinese proverb said, ‘A single spark can start a prairie fire’. When the magic formation’s red light came in contact with the platinum Galaxia Saint Energy, the magic formation’s original color immediately began to change.

The Saint Energy’s assimilation capabilities were rather remarkable. It guided the change of the magic formation’s attribute to continuously increase the pressure on the Nether Lord.

The twelve Great Divine Beasts’ expressions and gazes gradually became excited, they were feeling even more confident now.

If one was to say that most of the Divine Beasts could not accept the Dragon Emperor’s decision to have Zhou Weiqing replace him, it was at this moment that they believed in the Dragon Emperor’s foresight. It felt like the young man before their eyes was even more powerful than the Dragon Emperor, and he did not even look a day over twenty!

The Dragon Emperor was dead. He left the world forever without even leaving behind a corpse or bones. However, his will did not vanish. Every single one of the Divine Beasts were filled with determination in their hearts, they would not allow the Nether Lord to come out no matter what.

The Saint Energy, and the magic formation had begun to make contact while the Nether Lord still did not manage to charge out of the light condensed from Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy. The Divine Beasts witnessed hope, a hope to seal the Nether Lord once again!

A common goal could accomplish wonders! At this moment, not a single one of the Divine Beasts selfishly guarded their own cultivation bases, they could not care less about the possibility of injuring themselves as they circulated the Heavenly Energy in their bodies at full force to support Zhou Weiqing. The Saint Energy was also continuously nourishing their bodies so that they would not be injured at all.

The Elven Empress brought along the Ancient Tree of Life as they landed far away. Her beautiful eyes were gradually overflowing with excitement as she witnessed the scene that was taking place before her eyes. Her eyes would reveal a slight dullness when her gaze fell upon Zhou Weiqing’s solemn face occasionally. She could not claim that Zhou Weiqing’s current accomplishment would never be accomplished again, but it was definitely a record that had never been accomplished before. At the very least, there had never been such a powerful existence like Zhou Weiqing among the humans in her mind.

Outside the abyss .

“Weiqing, where’s Weiqing?” Shangguan Bing’er was the first one to wake up from a state of confusion. She shouted as soon as she regained her consciousness.

The sky had already turned into a clear blue, and sunlight was scattered on the ground. It carried a faint sense of warmth in the originally cold Northern Border. It felt very comfortable when the sun shone on the human body.

However, Shangguan Bing’er could not indulge in the warmth right now. This was because that familiar figure before her eyes was already lost.

Shangguan Fei’er, Shangguan Xue’er, and Little Witch woke up in succession. After their momentary confusion, they regained their consciousness too.

Shangguan Bing’er saw Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya who was standing nearby at first glance, and she hastily ran towards him. “Teacher, where’s Weiqing? Where did Weiqing go?” Although she had already figured out the answer, she still refused to acknowledge the fact at this moment.

“Little Fatty Zhou, you bastard. How dare you knock us out and run away by yourself. Just wait, just wait and…” Shangguan Fei’er shouted out in rage. However, her eyes had reddened unwillingly during the process of shouting.

Little Witch stood there absentmindedly. Zhou Weiqing’s words spoken to her before she lost her consciousness were still echoing in her mind. She felt like her heart was empty at this moment.

Although she had no way of resisting when she became Zhou Weiqing’s sacrificial offering, and when she sacrificed herself for him, she did not want to resist him either. Although she was uncertain if she liked Zhou Weiqing, she could confirm that only this fellow deserved to be her match in this world. That was the reason why she did not resist him.

Afterward, she left and did not see Zhou Weiqing again for a very long time. It was then she gradually learned how it felt to miss him.

When she met Zhou Weiqing again, they were intimate when Zhou Weiqing promised to be responsible for her. However, she watched helplessly as there were so many soulmates by his side. The Little Witch had been harboring a sense of grudge in her heart all along because she was not confident and could not understand how much love she would receive from Zhou Weiqing.

Perhaps, Zhou Weiqing was truly a flirt. He was so flirtatious she wished that she could beat him up violently. However, there was still room in his heart that was meant for her all along. He was gone now. No one knew if he would return alive. It was at this moment that Little Witch suddenly felt as if her heart was carried away by him too.

‘So I really do love him. I don’t know when it was when I genuinely fell in love with him, but it was not my choice to become his wife for the Heavenly Demon Sect’s future.’

Unbeknownst to her, her tears had already glided down from her eyes although her face was completely cold and expressionless at this moment. Her tears were akin to a broken string of pearls that dropped down from her face continuously.

“Sister…” Shangguan Bing’er pounced into Shangguan Fei’er arms as she wailed bitterly, “The Little Fatty left us behind. He went by himself. Sister, I… I wish to look for him, shall we go and look for him together?”

Shangguan Bing’er’s eyes were filled with imploration as if Shangguan Fei’er was the straw that saved her life.

Shangguan Fei’er spoke fiercely, “Why do you want to look for him? It was him who left us behind as he ran away. Why do we still need to look for him? It’s better for that scoundrel to die. It’s even better if he doesn’t return anymore so we’ll not feel sad for him. Bing’er, you’re not allowed to go look for him.”

Although she was speaking like that, Shangguan Bing’er could clearly feel that Shangguan Fei’er’s body was trembling at this exact moment, and she was trembling uncontrollably.

Shangguan Xue’er’s reaction was different from her two sisters. She was slightly stunned for a moment after she had awakened. She gently touched her red lips that were kissed by him before as she walked step by step towards the edge of the abyss. Her entire person was just like a puppet.

“Xue’er.” Shangguan Tianyang stood before her in an attempt to stop her from walking forward. “Children, all of you ought to calm yourselves down first. Zhou Weiqing’s did this because he doesn’t want all of you to risk your lives for him. He possesses the true Saint Energy in his body, that’s why he’s capable of dealing with the Nether Lord. All of you are different. Your Saint Energy is not as pure as his. He’s just worried that all of you will be harmed! If all of you were to look for him, it’ll only be counteractive. You’ll only distract his state of mind. Although I don’t like this fellow for being a flirt, I can’t help but say this. If anyone of you were to meet with a mishap, it’ll be the death of him. We’re not going to do anything now. We can only wait here, we can only wait for his return.”

“There’s no need to be overly pessimistic. The purpose of his trip is only to help the Dragon Emperor in reinforcing the seal. He’s not going to challenge the Nether Lord. That young fellow has been lucky all along, he’ll certainly come back alive this time.”

Shangguan Xue’er did not stop walking even with Shangguan Tianyang’s blockade. On the contrary, she circled around him. When Shangguan Tianyang was attempting to stop her again, he realized that she had stopped walking on her own accord. She stopped by the side of the abyss as she stared straight into the abyss.

Shangguan Xue’er did not cry but her entire person seemed very stiff. She was the only one who knew what she was thinking in her heart.

She regretted. She regretted that she did not outwit his trick with her own, and she did not reveal that scoundrel’s evil idea but obeyed him instead.

Among all of Zhou Weiqing’s soulmates, she was the only one who did not have a genuine sexual relationship with Zhou Weiqing. She was genuinely regretting that right now. She had lived for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace since young. She had been working hard continuously in order to become the successor of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Ever since she was old enough to reason with, she did not think that there would be a man in this world that would be worthy of her admiration. The only thing that she was meant to do was to foster and enhance the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and protect the pride of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

However, everything seemed to change after she was acquainted with him. Everything became different after knowing him. He had been continuously toying with her feelings. She could still remember clearly everything that had happened that one time between her and him. She lost the bet that time. Not only did she lose her own people, but she lost her heart too. Back in those days, she would never willingly acknowledge that fact no matter what. However, she was very certain now that it was that instance that he truly walked into her heart.

Since she had taken a liking to him, why did she remain so reserved? Why did she not completely surrender herself to him? ‘Weiqing, you must return alive’.

Shangguan Xue’er tightened her fists. However, the color of her face was as ghastly pale as the snow.

Dongfang Hanyue’s behavior was completely different from the four women. Her agitation had since calmed down. She was similarly gazing quietly in the direction of the abyss, and she would occasionally peer in the direction of the Mysterious Heavenly Mainland. She suddenly felt a sense of joy when she saw the three Shangguan siblings and the Little Witch’s reactions. Perhaps she did not receive as much love from him as they did, but she was fortunate compared to them. At least she gave him a child.

The people from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, Peerless Sect, and Heavenly Snow Mountain were just standing around. If the people from Heavenly Snow Mountain and Heaven’s Expanse Palace originally despised Zhou Weiqing for being the Sect Master of the Peerless Sect, they had long approved of him and accepted him as a Saint Land Lord in their hearts when they witnessed him attacking and killing Fen Tian before jumping in to the Netherworld’s abyss without any hesitation.

Xue Ao’tian’s expression at the moment was the most complicated. That was because his son-in-law was not the only one that was headed to the abyss, there was his daughter too.

The moment Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er left, he instantly shut his eyes, but he did not attempt to stop them. Aside from his daughter and son-in-law, his beloved wife was also in that abyss.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain was destroyed, and if his wife and daughter were to leave this world for eternity, Xue Ao’tian would still be devastated even if the seal was completed. He was once the number one powerhouse in the world yet he appeared a little old and frail at this moment. He stood quietly by himself, and it seemed like he was filled with an aura of desolation.

However, in the depth of everyone’s hearts, including Xue Ao’tian, Shangguan Tianyang, Zhou Weiqing’s soulmates and also all the powerhouses on the scene was doing the same thing at this moment. They were all praying.

It was unknown if this was the effect of the prayers from the powerhouses of the Three Great Saints Lands, but the Netherworld’s seal progress was headed in a good direction.

The hot white light and the pitch black light continued to surge against one another, but that white heat managed to gradually suppress the area above the black Destruction Energy.

This was not because Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was stronger than the Ultimate Destruction Energy, but more importantly, it was due to the Netherworld seal’s magic formation.

Rings of black light released by the Ultimate Destruction Energy was gradually disappearing at the moment, while the Saint Energy vortex produced by the joined efforts of Zhou Weiqing and the twelve Great Divine Beasts had already completely connected to the magic formation below. The red color in the magic formation had since disappeared, and the surroundings were already covered in a stretch of platinum light.

There seemed to be countless starlight that was floating about in the dense platinum light. It was as if this place had already turned into the galaxy. Every time the starlight shimmered, the entire magic formation would generate a powerful energy to charge against the Nether Lord, and the originally destroyed mark was gradually disappearing in a speed that could be seen with the naked eyes.

The Ultimate Destruction Energy released by the Nether Lord was becoming weaker and weaker under the pressure of the magic formation. There was a possibility that it might vanish at any moment.

Just like the Elven Empress and Dragon Emperor had predicted, Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was tremendously effective for the Netherworld seal’s magic formation.

The sound of low moans continuously echoed out of the magic formation’s fissure that was torn by the claws. It was the Nether Lord’s voice. It was filled with unwillingness.

Zhou Weiqing’s expression remained as cold as ever. Although he already had the upper hand in this battle, he did not slack at all. He did not want to lose the momentum before the seal was completed.


The hot white Saint Energy finally had a direct confrontation with the ultimate source of Darkness energy. The entire magic formation trembled violently once, and the tremendous energy fluctuation surged abruptly. Zhou Weiqing who was acting as the magic formation’s core and the pair of gigantic claws simultaneously shuddered.

The sound of a sharp and bitter howl echoed once again. The competition to see who could consume the most energy had begun. A light glowed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes made him seem like he was immortal, as his enormous Divine Thought assembled all the Saint Energy to merge with the hot white light that erupted from his Saint God Nucleus Core. It was only in a blink of an eye, the hot white-color light did not only expand but it became even more concentrated. The Saint Energy seemed like it was in the form of a spear as it ferociously pierced the Ultimate Darkness Energy.

The entire Netherworld seal’s magic formation also erupted in a dazzling light at this moment. Within the intense fluctuation, the surrounding space turned into [the space division situation] when Zhou Weiqing and the rest first arrived.

The separate realm of the seal emerged again, but there was not even a hint of black this time. There was only the shimmering boundless platinum light. The sky of this parallel realm was completely covered by the milky way. Streaks upon streaks of starlight scattered down from the sky continuously and reflected onto the hot white Saint Energy long spear as the spear pieced towards the bottom in a slow and steady manner.

The most crucial moment of restoring the seal had finally arrived. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing had absolute confidence that he would succeed. Under the effect of the magic formation, he was like an enormous Saint Energy core. Even he was shocked at the level of purity and density of that Saint Energy. Moreover, the Netherworld seal’s magic formation was continuously changing albeit slightly under the Saint Energy’s effect. The change was beneficial. It was as if the magic formation was continuously perfecting itself after it was infused with his Saint Energy. The magic formation’s power was also continuously boosted during the perfecting process. The magic formation was also applying pressure to the Nether Lord.

The Ultimate Destruction Energy began fluctuating violently. The Nether Lord’s gigantic claws also shuddered in accordance and were gradually pinned down by the magic formation.

The seal that was broken by his claws and also the destroyed mark on the seal were gradually converging towards the pair of claws. Meanwhile, the cracks on the other part of the magic formation had already vanished without a trace under the infusion of the Saint Energy. At this moment, everything was progressing well.

“Bastard! Bastard!” The Nether Lord roared in rage. However, no matter how infuriated he was, he could not change the fact that his pair of claws were being pushed back into the realm within the Netherworld inch by inch.

The intense sense of crisis and fear continuously appeared in the Nether Lord’s mind. He could clearly sense that the little fissures that he originally opened on the other part of the magic formation in secret, had been closed when Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was infused. This signified that the scenario that he was most worried about was going to happen soon.

Due to the seal’s realm being open again, it could be clearly seen through the veil that the Nether Lord’s enormous body on the other side was continuously swaying. It was obvious that he was no longer sparing any effort in releasing his Destruction Energy in hopes that he could find one final opportunity. However, he could only sense the Saint Energy that was filled with an aura of creation within the seal’s realm at this moment.

The Elven Empress and the Ancient Tree of Life’s injuries were healed under the effect of the Saint Energy. The Saint Energy was apparently the best nourishment for them.

“Leave! Go back to your Netherworld. You’ll forever be suppressed in there.” Zhou Weiqing’s icy cold voice echoed back and forth in the space. His hands were clasped in front of his chest as his powerful Divine Thought burst out once again. He dealt a heavy blow to the Nether Lord with the boost from the light of his Saint God Nucleus Core. He forcibly pushed back the pair of claws by a few meters.

Meanwhile, the twelve Great Divine Beasts that formed the magic formation with Zhou Weiqing were feeling very excited as they saw the seal that was about to be completed again. How could they not feel happy about that? They had an even more profound familiarity to the magic formation than Zhou Weiqing. Naturally, they would be able to sense its perfect state after the magic formation was completed this time. Moreover, they were also affected in a good way due to Zhou Weiqing’s effort in constantly transforming their Heavenly Energy into the Saint Energy. The Saint Energy was healing their bodies, allowing their Heavenly Energy to become even smoother with an infinite supply.

A third of the Nether Lord’s gigantic claws were already pushed back. The speed of pushing in the remainder of the claws was also continuously increasing. With all the waning and waxing, he had no way to resist the Saint Energy controlled by Zhou Weiqing anymore.

“Zhou Weiqing, my biggest mistake is I did not realize that you possessed the Saint Energy earlier. However, do you really think that I can no longer deal with you just like that? Do you really think that you’ll be able to seal me for eternity just like that? You’re not the Dragon Emperor after all.”

The Nether Lord’s body on the other side of the veil suddenly stopped swaying. The icy cold voice that seemed to come from an endless abyss made one shudder from the depth of one’s soul. Its pair of gigantic claws seemed to have stopped resisting the Saint Energy’s attack, even the Ultimate Destruction Energy in between his claws had also quietly withdrawn. The pair of gigantic claws allowed the tremendous Saint Energy to enshroud it and pushed it back in a speed that was even faster.

“Nether Lord, are you still going to put up a struggle before death? You don’t have much opportunity.” Zhou Weiqing did not slack just because the Nether Lord suddenly stopped resisting. On the contrary, he increased the Saint Energy’s output. Moreover, he felt uneasy in his heart for no reason. The Nether Lord’s words did not feel like aimless utter.

It was also at this exact moment that pair of gigantic claws that was emitting a dark green light suddenly stopped moving. It stopped moving while it was in the process of being pushed back. No matter how Zhou Weiqing urged the Saint Energy, there was no way it could be pushed back any further.

‘How did this happen? This is impossible!’ Zhou Weiqing and the Divine Beasts were greatly startled. Could it be that the Nether Lord received some Destruction Energy from some other place? However, he was already so strong and powerful. Moreover, the opportunity earlier was obviously better than now, why did he chose to forgo the powerful energy earlier but waited until this moment?

It was also at this exact moment that streaks upon streaks of dark green lightning suddenly began to appear above the gigantic claws. Even the pure Saint Energy that was sent out from Zhou Weiqing’s Saint God Nucleus Core was continuously disintegrated by the dark green lightning. A terrifying wave of aura was violently unleashed from the pair of claws. The terrifying pressure directly forced out the Saint Energy, released from the magic formation to a dozen meters away.

The dark green claws gradually changed color and turned crystal clear like a black crystal. Following that, the surrounding light from the pitch black lightning became even more intense along with the changing of its color.

Fortunately, that terrifying black lightning seemed to only circle the Nether Lord’s claws. It was continuously crushing the Saint Energy that was pushing the claws from the surroundings.

‘What kind of energy was that?’ Zhou Weiqing felt confused in his heart. As he looked at the gigantic claws, his eyes could not help but revealed a suspicious gleam.

“Zhou Weiqing, you should feel proud of yourself for having the capability to force me into such a predicament. So, now’s the time for you to die.” The icy cold voice echoed back and forth in the magic formation. The black lightning that surrounded the claws also suddenly boomed. Zhou Weiqing seemed to see indistinct streaks of cracks appearing on the Nether Lord’s gigantic claws.

“This isn’t good. It’s going to detonate its claws. Be careful, Weiqing.” The Elven Empress’ cry echoed from outside the magic formation. However, this time was different from when she resisted the Nether Lord’s attack on behalf of Zhou Weiqing earlier. Now that the magic formation had been completed, she would not be able to charge into the magic formation even with the level of her cultivation base without the approval of Zhou Weiqing who was acting as the magic formation’s core.

‘A spontaneous detonation?’ When Zhou Weiqing finally heard those words, he heard an unparalleled roar coming from below his body. It was at the position in the center of the Netherworld seal’s magic formation that exploded.

It was more than just an energy fluctuation, it was also a soul-shuddering feeling. The violent roaring sound exploded in the company of a clear, black halo.

Zhou Weiqing could only feel as his state of mind was being shaken violently at that moment. It felt as if the entire magic formation was disassembling itself at that moment.

However, it was also at this exact moment that each of the complicated symbols that had already turned platinum in color within the magic formation brightened. The symbols emitted a dense and divine light, each of them exploding with powerful Saint Energy. Although a large amount of Saint Energy in the middle of the magic formation was destroyed by the spreading black halo, the black halo was being forcibly suppressed within an area that was three hundred meters in diameter without a way to charge out.

The original Nether Lord’s claws had already disappeared, in place was a humongous black vortex. It was apparent that even after the Nether Lord spontaneously detonated his claws, his current Destruction Energy was still not strong enough for him to charge out of the Netherworld seal’s magic formation that was almost completed. On the contrary, the place where the claws broke through on the seal was closing up at a shocking speed after the claws spontaneously detonated.

Although the Destruction Energy from the explosion was powerful, it was still gradually being melted away by the Saint Energy. As long as the seal was completed, it would be over for the Nether Lord. His actions right now felt like he was quenching his thirst with poison. It was like his supposed effort had the opposite effect.

However, how could the Nether Lord possibly engage in such meaningless actions? Especially when he was on the verge of surviving or dying?

Although the Netherworld seal’s magic formation was not destroyed by his violent spontaneous detonation, the terrifying explosion did forcibly push away the surrounding Saint Energy. The spontaneous detonation was caused by a part of the Nether Lord’s body after all. One could only imagine the amount of Destruction Energy it generated.

A vacuumed space emerged in the middle of the magic formation while the black Destruction Energy vortex formed from the explosion still remained condensed. The vortex rolled forward and charged directly towards Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s position in a blink of an eye.

The black vortex was not too large in size, but the Destruction Energy that was contained in the vortex was truly terrifying. It seemed to be completely condensed from the Ultimate Destruction Energy.

Zhou Weiqing had two choices now. The first one was for him to bring Tian’er along as they immediately flee from the core’s position and dodge the Destruction Energy’s vortex. He was the center of the magic formation so he could leave at any time he wished.

However, he could very possibly cause the destruction of the almost completed and perfected Netherworld seal’s magic formation that was about to close up if he did that. No one could tell if the Nether Lord would seize the opportunity and charge out of the seal if he was to do so. The final breach in the magic formation below had yet to be completely sealed by the Saint Energy at the moment. Once the magic formation’s effect had vanished, it was highly likely for the Nether Lord to come charging out of the seal. In that case, everything that they did before would be in vain.

Zhou Weiqing’s second choice was to ignore the Nether Lord’s attack and spare no effort in closing up the magic formation so he could completely seal the Nether Lord. However, he would need to withstand the Nether Lord’s terrifying attacks if he did that. He would be severely injured even if he survived the attacks.

It was at this exact moment that the image of how unyielding the Dragon Emperor was when he passed Zhou Weiqing his Dragon Emperor’s ultimate source of energy flashed past Zhou Weiqing’s mind. It was at this moment that Zhou Weiqing, who feared death ever since he was young, made the most determined decision in his lifetime.

Zhou Weiqing’s first action was to unleash the Saint Energy from his body. A wave of gentle yet indomitable energy erupted from his body. He lifted Tian’er’s body who was hugging him and sent her directly to the side through his control over the surrounding Saint Energy.

Meanwhile, his body did not move at all. He did not even glance at the powerful Destruction vortex. However, he spared no effort in urging the Saint Energy and infused it into the Netherworld seal’s magic formation so that the greatest effect of the magic formation could be triggered.

“Weiqing…” The Elven Empress cried out involuntarily outside of the magic formation.

All the Divine Beasts widened their eyes in surprise at this moment. However, they were not the magic formation’s core. Moreover, they had opened up all their Divine Thoughts to Zhou Weiqing, and they allowed Zhou Weiqing to exercise control over their actions and they could do nothing to influence Zhou Weiqing’s decision.

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