Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 844

The Dragon Emperor’s Ultimate Energy deepened into Zhou Weiqing’s Saint God Nucleus Core drop by drop. It could be clearly seen that a faint layer of red glow appeared on the surface of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint God Nucleus Core. That little Zhou Weiqing who was sitting upright slowly opened its eyes at this moment as its eyes completely turned fiery red. A little bright red dragon coiled slowly and comfortably around its body while that red ball of light gradually disappeared.

Little by little, a layer of misty red light emerged on Zhou Weiqing’s Ringless Ground Purging Set. The layer of light did not conceal the armor’s original white tint. However, the layer of red light was shimmering quietly like the glow of gemstones.

The Netherworld seal’s magic formation below had completely brightened alongside the appearance of this layer of red light. The misty red light slowly drifted and enshrouded the entire magic formation.

The sensation Zhou Weiqing felt at this moment was different again. He realized that his body had already become a part of the magic formation or more accurately, the entire magic formation was like his body, and he was like this body’s heart.

Zhou Weiqing immediately released his Divine Thought outwards without the slightest bit of hesitation. He remained calm and composed and did not attempt to form connections with the rest of the ten Divine Beasts. He released three strands of Divine Thoughts and formed connections with three Divine Beasts.

Zhou Weiqing’s actions made absolute sense. Although everything that happened here was temporary, he discovered that he could merge the Divine Thoughts of the Divine Beasts into his own for his own use during the process of forming the Divine Though connection with Hui Yao and his wife. In this situation, his own Divine Thought would rapidly amplify. Even more importantly, he could experience the effects of understanding the Netherworld seal’s magic formation by following the Divine Thought connection.

Usually, two types of problems would occur if he merged with too many Divine Beasts’ Divine Thoughts at once in situations like these. Firstly, these Divine Beasts absolutely did not trust him the way they had trusted the Dragon Emperor. It was difficult to tell if the connection could be completed at once or if he could achieve the perfect connection. On the other hand, what was even more important was his understanding would be affected. Combining so many Divine Thoughts at once would result in his own rapidly amplifying to a terrifying level. It would be tough for Zhou Weiqing to get accustomed to it. How could he have the intention to understand the secrets of the Netherworld seal’s magic formation at this crucial moment?

That was why he had only made connections with the three Divine Beasts’ Divine Thoughts this time.

Just as he had expected, a problem instantly arose when the Divine Thoughts of the three Divine Beasts’ Divine Thoughts were connected to his. The three Great Divine Beasts’ Divine Thoughts were probing around and attempting to accept Zhou Weiqing. They were completely unlike Hui Yao and Duo Si who directly connected to Zhou Weiqing’s Divine Thought. They were unfamiliar with Zhou Weiqing after all. Moreover, the Dragon Emperor Bloodlines did not exist in their bodies.

Zhou Weiqing unleashed his own Divine Thought. There was not an ounce of reservation in him this time. This was akin to him completely opening up his heart to the Divine Beasts. If the other party were to attack him in this situation, his Divine Thought would certainly be severely damaged. However, it was only by doing so that he could ensure that the Divine Beasts would put their trust in him in the shortest period of time.

The Dragon Emperor’s Ultimate Energy had already completely fused with Zhou Weiqing’s body by now. The Dragon Clan’s aura emitting from his body was even stronger than Hui Yao and Duo Si under the Saint Energy that complemented the aura. After the three Divine Beasts sensed the Dragon Clan’s aura from his body in addition to his open Divine Thought, the three Divine Beasts only hesitated slightly before they opened up their Divine Thoughts and connected to Zhou Weiqing.


In just a split second, Zhou Weiqing felt as if everything in his surroundings had exploded. Every realm became crystal clear to him, and everything in the surroundings seemed to have entered a brand new realm. All the energy elements were present in his Divine Thought in a crystal clear manner.

The magic formation below also began to surge violently. The unparalleled tremendous energy started converging in the middle. Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense the Dragon Emperor’s blood that tainted the entire magic formation red, flowing into every single complicated crevasse in the magic formation. As a gentle energy fluctuation was unleashed on the outside, a powerful coercive force began to appear. Beyond the magic formation, it felt like the realm had been completely shattered, making this place feel like it was isolated in an entirely different realm.

When his Divine Thought was suddenly enhanced, he found the feeling of being able to sense such minute energy changes in this place filled with complicated energy very addictive.

Zhou Weiqing could similarly sense every energy change in the realm outside as well. However, there were only a dozen Heavenly God-tier powerhouses and one Heavenly Change-tier Nether Lord in this cavern.

Although the Nether Lord did not manage to truly break through the seal, and its cultivation base was constantly suppressed, his Destruction Energy still possessed the purity of the Heavenly Change Tier! When such numerous yet tremendous and powerful energies were all squeezed and condensed together, even the Divine Thought of a Heavenly Emperor-tier powerhouse would be instantly destroyed if he released even a little of it. Zhou Weiqing could sense every single energy change in the magic formation now so one could only imagine how powerful his Divine Thought was at this moment.

Moreover, an understanding had already emerged in Zhou Weiqing’s heart at this exact moment. He finally understood how the Dragon Emperor suppressed the Nether Lord.

Leaving the issue of energy aside, the Dragon Emperor’s Divine Thought had the upper hand in the match of Divine Thoughts just by depending on his cultivation and the help from numerous Divine Beasts for now. It was also because of that the Dragon Emperor managed to maintain the seal for so many years. Every time the Nether Lord launched an assault, he would be suppressed.

Zhou Weiqing could not indulge in such a comfortable sensory experience. The moment he understood the magic formation, another three strands of his Divine Thought was unleashed. Based on his prior experience, he directly opened his Divine Thought this time and formed a connection with another three Divine Beasts.

Due to prior changes, Zhou Weiqing was not in so much shock after the connection was completed this time around. The Divine Thought continued to increase while the magic formation below seemed to be completely ignited. There was only the Dragon Emperor’s enormous body that had sank into desolation.

During the crucial moment when Zhou Weiqing was about to complete the magic formation, an unparalleled loud rumble could be heard all of a sudden.

The entire magic formation shook violently, and the Dragon Emperor’s enormous body suddenly turned entirely black followed closely by the sound of a loud explosion. The Dragon Emperor’s enormous body exploded into ashes and smoke while the Nether Lord’s gigantic front claws stabbed out at the sound of the explosion.

This time, he did not bother to condense his energy because he did not have the time. Two pitch black light turned into two clear pillars of light that were charging at and bombarding Zhou Weiqing’s body.

“Quick, open up all of your Divine Thoughts,” Zhou Weiqing shouted towards the final four Divine Beasts. He simultaneously connected to their Divine Thoughts and unleashed it outside. There was no way he could dodge or block at this moment because before the magic formation was completed, all their efforts from earlier would be in vain if he made any movements. Therefore, he could only forcibly push through now. He was going to depend on the Saint Energy in his body to forcibly push through.

Meanwhile, a gigantic green figure rose from below Zhou Weiqing’s body. It was the Elven Empress that had transformed into the Goddess of Nature.

She used the scepter of the Goddess of Nature to block the two black light without any hesitation.

The Nether Lord was close to madness by now. Although he did not have time to condense his Ultimate Destruction Energy, the two black lights were released using Ultimate Destruction Energy as its foundation.

With a soft pop, the Goddess of Nature vanished into nothingness almost in a blink of an eye. In place was the original body of the Elven Empress. However, it was also at this exact moment the Ancient Tree of Life in the sky dropped with a pop. It transformed into a ball of ginormous green light that not only broke the remaining black radiance energy but also fiercely slammed towards the Nether Lord’s front claws.

Tremendous energy fluctuation suddenly exploded. In the next moment, a mass of green light shot into the sky.

The Elven Empress’ body was spurting out fresh blood in the air while at least half of her crown had already withered away when the Ancient Tree of Life appeared. They paid a great price in order to block the Nether Lord’s attack. However, they managed to ensure the Nether Lord’s attack did not land on Zhou Weiqing’s body.

Zhou Weiqing’s single shout aroused had an important significance toward the situation unfolding before his eyes. He formed the connection with the four Divine Beasts almost simultaneously when his four Divine Thoughts were released.


The entire magic formation brightened in the next instance after the connection between the twelve Divine Beasts’ energy and Zhou Weiqing was completed. The Nether Lord’s gigantic front claws instantly seemed like it was being clamped to the extent that the front claws could no longer move as freely as before.

The blood that came from the Dragon Emperor fully seeped into the magic formation quietly before the entire magic formation turned into a dazzling and piercing golden color.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing felt as if his body was about to explode in midair. The terrifying energy fluctuation rose in a flash. All the twelve Great Divine Beasts’ Heavenly Energy surged towards his body at a shocking speed.

In that split second, Zhou Weiqing thought that his body was about to be destroyed. However, it was also in that split second that he had completely understood the method of controlling this magic formation.

The Netherworld seal’s magic formation required a simple yet pure energy of any attribute to work. However, it must come from only one type of attribute. Moreover, the energy’s purity must be maintained to a certain degree, such that the Dragon Clan or the Elf Tribe’s Emperor Bloodlines could exercise control over it.

The connection of Divine Thoughts earlier did not only allow him to experience the secret behind the magic formation. At the same time, and most importantly, he was capable of exercising control over any form of energy at least ten times stronger than before after his Divine Thought was amplified to a terrifying extent.

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