Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Purple Dawn Bow (3)

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Before Zhou Weiqing could even begin to try drawing the bowstring, the squad leaders under Xiao Se had already started to make a scene, shouting: “Don’t waste your energy boy, quickly called your Grandfather. Being able to recognize our Company Leader to be your grandfather, it’s your, this brat’s, good fortune.”

Zhou Weiqing turned his head to look to at the squad leader that had called out, pretending that he had not heard clearly, asking: “What did you ask me to call out?”

The squad leader subconscious replied: “Grandfather.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled, and said happily: “Ohh, such a good boy. However, having such a grandson like you, your ancestor must have been lacking virtue.”

“What did you say?” That squad leader realized that he had been fooled by this seemingly simple and honest recruit. He stood up fiercely, but at the same time, Zhou Weiqing sneered, and exerted his strength with both arms, and the ‘Ox Hair Venus’ Purple Dawn Bow was instantly drawn to a full crescent.

The squad leader who had just stood up had wanted to curse angrily, until he suddenly saw that Zhou Weiqing had fully drawn the Purple Dawn Bow to its max. His jaw dropped, an expression of sheer disbelief written on his face. He was not the only one, all the squad leaders under Xiao Se had similar expressions. Even Xiao Se looked as if he had seen a ghost, shock written all over his face. One must know that for normal humans who did not have any Heavenly Energy cultivated, it is almost impossible to draw the Purple Dawn Bow.

Zhou Weiqing did not let lose the bowstring after drawing it, instead maintaining the posture without moving. The simple, honest look, the indignation, all the various expressions he had earlier all disappeared, and only scorn remained in his eyes, and he looked toward Xiao Se and gave a loud cry, “Kneel down, call me Grandfather.”

After Zhou Weiqing said that, with a crashing sound, all of Xiao Se’s squad leaders immediately charged forward, encircling him. Looked at their appearances, they were about to attack Zhou Weiqing.

However, at this moment, an evil light flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, under and cover of his sleeves, the Icy Jade Physical Jewel swirled out quietly like fog in the night, appearing out onto his right wrist right, and instantaneously melded with him.

Heavenly Energy and Physical Jewel melded in an instant, and Zhou Weiqing suddenly felt as if the Purple Dawn Bow in his hands was as of negligible weight, his whole body feeling full of indescribable great power. Subconscious, both his hands exerted strength once again, and a cracking sound issued out, as the Purple Dawn Bow in his hand was pulled until it snapped apart unexpectedly.

With an idle toss, Zhou Weiqing threw the Purple Dawn Bow to the ground like it was a piece of trash, then lifted his gripped right fist in front of his eyes, blowing on it before saying with disdain: “I thought it was such a good thing, I didn’t expect it to break so easily upon pulling. Do you call this a bow?”

The “No Feather Squad Leaders” who were preparing to attack Zhou Weiqing were completely startled by his actions. That was a Purple Dawn Bow made from hundred year old Stars Wood!! As Company Leader Mao Li had said earlier, few amongst them could even draw the bow, let alone draw it until it snapped. What sort of terrifying strength was required to be able to achieve such a feat? Complete silence filled the room, as none of them dared to make a move.

“Enough. What are you all trying to do? Do you want to be charged under military law?” Shangguan Bing’er voice resounded in the air in icy cold tones, and the “No Feather Squad Leaders” took advantage of the opportunity to quickly back down.

Shangguan Bing’er took a glance at the broken Purple Dawn Bow lying on the ground, and a flash of surprise appeared in her green eyes. She then turned towards Xiao Se, saying: “Company Leader Xiao, I thinks there isn’t any further need to prove anything else right?”

Xiao Se’s face was ashen, turning absolutely green and white. He had never expected to get fooled by Little Fatty Zhou, a mere recruit, furthermore it was done so in front of Shangguan Bing’er, and his own Purple Dawn Bow had even been destroyed.

However, he finally managed to suppress the rage in his heart, giving a forced smile and said: “So Brother Zhou is such a hidden talent, I have misjudged you. Congratulations Battalion Commander for finding such a qualified Personal Aide. Being able to draw a Purple Dawn Bow to breaking point, naturally he does not need to prove anything further. Battalion Commander, the new barracks for recruits will be open a few days later. I will go and handle the recruits first.” After saying that, he lead his ten “No Feather Squad Leaders” away.

“Company Leader Xiao, I seem to remember that you have not kept your promise yet, you have neither knelt down nor called me ‘Grandfather’ yet, yet you are walking away already?” Zhou Weiqing said mockingly.

Xiao Se looked at him, then suddenly this fellow also has smiled rather unexpectedly, with a rather deceitful sly looking smile. “Brother Zhou, earlier I said that the Purple Dawn Bow can be my gambling stake. Afterwards, what I said was why won’t I call you?’ I never agreed to kneeling down. Since you really want to hear me call you, then I’ll just call you 3 times of ‘Little Fatty Zhou’. As for the gambling stake, the Purple Dawn Bow, it was destroyed by you, so I have no relation with it any further. Let’s go.” As he was speaking, he waved his hands fiercely, and lead his men to turn around and leave.

“Bah! What thing is that?!” Zhou Weiqing looks at Xiao Se’s retreating back, saying somewhat exasperatedly, and with some anger. He was still young after all, and had not previously noted noted the word game that Xiao Se had been playing, it looks like this fellow was more sly and deceitful than he had imagined.

At the other side, Xiao Se who had left the Command Tent no longer had a smile on his face. With an ashen face and gritted teeth, he said. “Go check out this Little Fatty Zhou. I must have a look and see where Shangguan Bing’er this girl managed to find such a fellow. Could he be from the royal family?”

The Squad Leader who had been tricked in calling Zhou Weiqing ‘Grandfather’ said in a low voice: “Boss, looking at that rascal, he just has a greater natural strength, there is no need to mobilize the forces right Tonight, I will go to his tent and help you to get revenge and vent your anger.”

“Humph.” Xiao Se said coldly, “Do you think that any mere individual can break the Purple Dawn Bow? If I have not guessed wrongly, that boy should be a Physical Jewel Master, with his Physical Jewel gives a majority boost to strength. I know almost all of Heavenly Bow Empire’s Jewel Masters, yet this boy isn’t one of them. You better go and search carefully, do not miss any clues, however minute they are.”


After Xiao Se had left, Shangguan Bing’er also dismissed Mao Li and his squad leaders. Just before leaving, Mao Li gave Zhou Weiqing a big thumbs up from a hidden position, the expression in his eyes showing his approval. It was clear that Xiao Se taking this minor made him extremely happy.

After everyone had left, only Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were left in the command tent.“Little Fatty Zhou, you can meld with your Heavenly Jewels already?” Shangguan Bing’er asked, her surprise on display markedly. With no one else around, she no longer needed to hide her earlier thoughts.

Zhou Weiqing said in a natural, matter-of-fact manner: “Yes, of course! I could do it after yesterday evening, the method you taught me was very simple, I managed to pick it up after some practice, then I just tried to link up with my Elemental and Physical Jewels, and it went quite smoothly as well.”

Shangguan Bing’er was very silent. Was the practice of Jewel Masters really that easy? Certainly not, especially for Heavenly Jewel Master, it was even more difficult to practice and cultivate. There was a reason why she was called the Heavenly Bow Empire’s top genius talent of the younger generation, It was because initially when she practiced Receiving and Releasing her Heavenly Jewels, it had only taken her five days to be skilled in it, but linking up with her Heavenly Jewels had taken ten whole days. Yet, this upright honest looking, yet truly sly fellow unexpectedly only used one night to master all of that. Although she was not willing to acknowledge it, but she also understood that it was now time for her to give up her title of Top Genius.

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