Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Purple Dawn Bow (2)

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Zhou Weiqing looked at the Purple Dawn Bow in Xiao Se’s hands with a face full of curiosity, then took a look at Shangguan Bing’er again with a face full of confusion: “Battalion Commander, what kind of bow is this? How different is it from our bows? Are we allowed to varnish our own bows so casually in the army?”

Shangguan Bing’er looked at Zhou Weiqing with exasperation: “If Company Leader Xiao wants you to try then you should just go ahead and try, stop with all the useless idle talk.”

Zhou Weiqing received the Purple Dawn Bow from Xiao Se, sneering secretly in his heart. In truth, he was much more familiar with the Purple Dawn Bow than an ordinary Stars Bow. Initially, in order to draw a Purple Dawn Bow, he had practiced hard for two years; in the Admiral’s Mansion whenever he practiced, it was usually with the Purple Dawn Bow. This was also why the other day when Shangguan Bing’er had tested him on his shooting accuracy that day. he had been slightly off target. The reason was that he was not used to the ordinary Stars Bow. After all, for the whole of those two years, he practiced drawing with it every day, his arm had been swollen countless times, despite wind and rain, Admiral Zhou would not let him rest. In Admiral Zhou’s words: “Even if you are a waste, you are also I, Zhou Shuiniu’s, trash son. If you can’t even use a bow, this father of yours will punch you til you arch into a bow shape.”

The weight of the Purple Dawn Bow was almost two times that of an ordinary Stars Bow, fully 20 kilograms, and was quite heavy. Zhou Weiqing seemed lift it with much difficulty, and asked Xiao Se questioningly: “Company Leader Xiao, your purple bow is quite heavy! How do you even use it?”

Xiao Se gave a humph of disdain, “Just depending on your own strength, you still dream to draw my Purple Dawn Bow? Even if you were to reborn and drink milk all over again, you still won’t have that strength. You better hold it carefully, if you drop it, do not blame me for being impolite.”

“Oh.” Zhou Weiqing’s simple and honest expression on his face made him seem like a simple youth from the countryside, uncontaminated by city life.

As the same time as he was replying, he grasped the bow and pulled back the bowstring, only to have it remain entirely still. His face turned red, as if he was exerting all his strength with every fibre of his body.

Xiao Se was not even deign to take another look at Zhou Weiqing, turning his head Shangguan Bing’er and said: “Look Battalion Commander, how can this Little Fatty Zhou have the qualification to be your Personal Aide when he can’t even draw my Purple Dawn Bow?”

Before Shangguan Bing’er could say anything, Company Leader Mao Li couldn’t resist and said, “Company Leader Xiao, Little Fatty Zhou only just joined the army, being able to use the ordinary longbow is already quite good. As for the Purple Dawn Bow, let alone him, even for those seated here, not everyone can actually draw it right.”

Xiao Se shot a look at him, a chill in his eyes, but did not bother replying him, instead treating him like air. His gaze remained on Shangguan Bing’er, waiting for her reply.

Shangguan Bing’er only wanted to do one thing now, which was to rush forward to give Little Fatty Zhou a beating. Although she did not know that Zhou Weiqing was already able to activate his Strength Physical Jewel, but knew that he had already gotten a large increase to his physical abilities after Awakening his Heavenly Jewels. Let alone is a Purple Dawn Bow, even if it were two and three he could also draw them all. After all, his Physical Jewel would boost his strength. However, this rascal’s acting was so realistic; looking at his face that was flushed with exertion, with an expression that showed such anxiety, Shangguan Bing’er was so angry that her face turned green.

“Company Leader Xiao, Little Fatty Zhou has not given up yet, why don’t we wait and see.” While speaking, she also stood up, though she did not walk forward, instead looking at Zhou Weiqing with a fierce glare.

Zhou Weiqing felt a slight itch in his ear, a voice as soft as a mosquito sounded out in his ear, “Damn Little Fatty Zhou, you better stop acting or I’ll punch you till you won’t be able to take care of yourself.”

Shangguan Bing’er thought that Zhou Weiqing wouldn’t dare to continue acting after her threat, but who knew that right after she had said those words, Zhou Weiqing actually let go of the bow. Furthermore, that rascal was panting heavily, taking in big gulps of air, giving the appearance of being incomparably exhausted.

Xiao Se said with scorn: “Battalion Commander, look and see for yourself, it is impossible for him to draw the Purple Dawn Bow, I think that you should also withdraw your order.”

Shangguan Bing’er gripped her fist tightly, if she did not have to keep up her image as befits her rank and status, she would probably have rushed over and hit him by now.

“Who said that I am unable to draw this Purple Dawn Bow, it’s just that just now my body was not warmed up yet. I can definitely do it if I try again.” Zhou Weiqing was saying in an unconvinced manner while still panting heavily. There was even a thin sheen of perspiration on his forehead.

Xiao Sa laughed, putting both hands behind his back, showing a natural and elegant state, saying: “Even if I let you try a hundred times you still will not be able to draw this bow. Did you think that the Purple Dawn Bow is meant for you, this kind of third-rater, to use?”

Zhou Weiqing said with a face filled with grief and indignation: “Third-rater? Aren’t third-raters also human? Who said I can’t draw it, I will definitely be able to! Let me bet with you, if I cannot draw it, I will commit suicide right here.”

This time, Mao Li did not speak up, because, even he had noticed something awry. Although he did not have as much contact with Zhou Weiqing as Shangguan Bing’er, but he did also know that this young rascal was not as good or naive as he seemed. Furthermore, earlier that morning he had already witnessed Zhou Weiqing’s strength for himself. Even if he could not fully draw the Purple Dawn Bow, he should still be at least able to pull back the string a little.

Xiao Se said with a cold humph: “Then you can try pulling again, I definitely want to see if you really dare to commit suicide here.” In his eyes, the death of an ordinary soldier is nothing.

Zhou Weiqing took up the Purple Dawn bow again and was just about to start pulling, but just as he was about to exert strength, this fellow seemed to suddenly remember something, and he turned his head to look at Xiao Se, saying: “Since we made a bet, we need to have the stakes on both sides. If I draw the bow, will you also commit suicide here?” With his honest and simple looks, coupled with him asking such a question now, gave the people around the feeling that he was very naive and childish.

Xiao Se said proudly: “What do you think you are, can your life be compared with mine? I have the title of Viscount. Hmph, this Purple Dawn Bow will be my gambling stake. If you cannot draw it, I also do not want your life, you’ll have to kneel here and call me three times “Grandfather”, then I’ll let you off.”

Zhou Weiqing listened to Xiao Se’s words and shook his head vigorously, “No, that will not do, I will lose out that way. My father told me that for men, we have gold under our knees. Your bow is so heavy, but it is still inferior to the gold. If you lose, you must kneel down and call me Grandfather in order for things to be even.”

Xiao Se did not believe that he would lose, and looking at Zhou Weiqing’s obstinate face, he said with disdain: “As long as you can draw the bow, why won’t I call you? Quickly, stop wasting our precious time.”

“Good.” Zhou Weiqing smiled. Perhaps in the eyes of others, his smile would seem simple and honest, but in the eyes of Shangguan Bing’er, it was an incomparably sly and deceitful one. However, she did not prevent Zhou Weiqing from continuing, as in heart even she felt it was truly funny.

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