Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine

Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – He Might As Well Die! (2)

Ford, the palace eunuch. quickly set out to do the emperor’s bidding, still he felt a slight doubt in his heart. Why did the emperor have such a special liking for this small forest?

Since the emperor has been crowned and sat on the dragon throne, he came here from time to time as if he was waiting for someone.

What surprised Ford most was back when the emperor was newly wed, he had left his young wife in the room and sat alone inside the woods, all night.

Mo Rongzhan went back to pick up the wooden box from inside the dried up well, he carefully searched for it again. He found no other pieces of cloth that would be of help.

Only then did he calmly left the well. On his way, he saw Ford walking aimlessly, a deep crease on his forehead as he diligently asked people on whoever happen to have entered the forest.

He put the pieces of cloth inside the box which he carried in his hand. Noticing his master’s foreboding presence, Ford ran up to him and Mo Rongzhan ordered him covertly to find out where the pieces of cloth came from.

“You are dismissed, you can now enjoy the flowers.” Mo Rongzhan’s face no longer had fury and was once again calm, but his eyes seemed to have grown colder.

Having stayed with him for many years now, Ford sighed, knowing that the emperor had never truly laughed since he was a child. When he met the Wang fei Lu Wushuang, he saw tenderness on his face, but these past days he seemed to have returned to the past.

Although, at the very least, the Wang fei was already special to the emperor. Unlike the former Wang Fei Ye whom he didn’t visit at all. When he thought of the late Wang Fei, Ford sighed again.

He remembered the emperor’s Blood Feud with the Ye family which lead to the death of the whole clan. Tying the knot didn’t stop the bitter end that fell on the Ye family.

Just as Ford was immersed in the thoughts of this memories, Mo Rongzhan had already arrived at the chrysanthemum forest. Amongst the crowd, Wang fei Lu saw the familiar tall figure, and her face burst into a brilliant and matchless smile.

“Emperor, why are you here?” She greeted him with a deep curtsy.

In her mind, she must have been so special for the emperor to come and join her in the festival!

Mo Rongzhan glanced at the ladies before looking down at Lu Wushuang. “I haven’t been to Baihua Garden for a long time, and I wanted to come here to admire the flowers.”

Lu Wushuang smiled smugly, knowing that the ladies around her was burning with envy, “I thought the emperor was somewhere with the elders and men.”

Today, aside from the gathering of her kinsmen and women from the capital and, there was also a gathering of men on the other side. In addition to enjoying the flowers, they were scheduled to go on hunting along the nearby hills.

“I will walk with you.” Mo Rongzhan said in a whisper, showing his special favor to Lu Wushuang.

All the young women present were envious at the display of the couple’s obvious affection towards each other. This scene was witnessed by the people who gathered under the bamboo shed.

As expected, the Princess Liu Hua was fuming red with jealousy. She could not sit still any longer. She could no longer take it. She immediately got up and went over to do steal the attention of Mo Rongzhan.

It was no surprise that Ye Zhen also saw Mo Rongzhan. Although the distance between them was a little far, she could still see his appearance quite clearly. Her soul had stayed beside him for two years. His appearance is already engraved deeply in her mind.

He did not look that much different from when he was in his youth, but now he appears to have a more calm and restrained countenance. He had narrow, sharp eyes, thin and light lips that still had no trace of a smile, his features were handsome and could manage to steal people’s breath away, he was tall but did not have a bulky figure.

Just like a sword in the scabbard showing pride to the outside world with an aura of independence.

“Do you envy the Wang Fei because she is treasured by no other than the Emperor himself?” Suddenly someone spoke to her.

Ye Zhen was startled and looked back to see that it was only Mister Shan. Ye Zhen’s mouth smiled slightly and looked at the tall figure walking farther away. “What is there to envy?”

Mister Shan raised his eyebrows and looked at Ye Zhen. “There is no young woman in the world who does not want such honor. Don’t you want it too?”

Yes, she imagined that all women desired such honor and the luxury that comes with it. But if she wanted it, she would not have married Mo Rongzhan before.

The Emperor of Qin Dynasty was the late emperor’s least favored son. She even heard that he was a bastard and his father loathed his existence. That’s why, even he was the first born son, thus the crown prince, his father wasn’t willing to pass to him the throne.

Generally, Ye Zhen didn’t expect Mo Rongzhan to actually usurp the throne yet, she still had her eyes on him alone.

Back then, many people in the Ye family was displeased of her marrying Mo Rongzhan. She turned a deaf ear towards her family’s objections and followed her heart.

As a result, she had pitifully died, killed in cold blood by the people she trusted. And most of all, she left this world without her love being reciprocated.

She has only one purpose in her life now.

As for Mo Rongzhan, he might as well die!

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