Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine

Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – He Might As Well Die! (1)

The man was wearing a dark blue embroidered black brocade robe, which weighed on his stern figure, the air around him was made cold by his presence. He had a look on his eyes that made people uneasy each time they looked upon them.

“Your Majesty!” A man with a pale face, apparently a eunuch, behind him let out a cry in a deep voice.

The man’s gaze fell to the ground in an instant. The cold and fierce movement of his body was like a sword drawn out of its sheath. The tension from him was apparent.

He bent down and picked up a small piece of cloth laying on the ground.

“Ford, go and check if the Wang Fei has visited this forest.” The man’s voice was low, but it seemed to be mixed with a hint of coldness, too cold for a person to not dare look at him.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Ford replied, bowing his head as he left the emperor to do his bidding.

The man standing next to dry well was none other than Mo Rongzhan, who came to enjoy the flowers in the Baihua Garden. He had remembered what happened at the flower appreciation meeting and revisited the old place out of nostalgia.

He did not know why, but his heart always felt a little regretful. Though he believed that he found the girl who had saved him, in the person of Lu Wushuang.

He had already confirmed that the little girl he had met back then was Lu Wushuang, and it was true he dotes on her, but he always felt something was missing. Lu Wushuang also seems not to like talking about the past they shared, she even forgot the secret code between the two them.

She said she was too young to remember it — isn’t she?

She was nine years old at that time. Girls that age could clearly remember the remarkable!

Mo Rongzhan eyebrow shot up, although he couldn’t see the little girl at that time due to his temporary blindness, he thought she was at most six or seven years old.

Not knowing what to make of the piece of cloth he found, Mo Rongzhan jumped into the dry well. The dry well was a prison to him back then for he was little and blind at that time, but now it was no longer a problem for him.

Inside the dry well, there was a wooden box that had been broken into pieces. There are still pieces of it scattered inside the well. The Mo Rongzhan’s eyes dulled slightly and he gathered all the pieces of cloth.

The cloth was brocade, its color is faded and it didn’t seem new, looking like it was made ages ago.

He pieced together the reparable rags, others are far ruined, in his hands and when he was through, it revealed a broken word, his face broke into a realization.


Looking at the familiar name embroidered, he was suddenly brought back to the time she was saved by the little girl.

“Brother Mo, you are quite handsome. If only your eyes could see, then you will know that you must be the best-looking person in the capital. No, actually, the second best-looking. My dad said that it is I, Yao Yao, who is the prettiest person here!”

All of the sudden, the sweet, honey-like and soft voice of the little girl filled his ear, and he bowed his head and tightly stared at the words on the cloth. Is this what she left behind? Why was it torn to pieces?

There was no stain on the cloth. It should not have been thrown away! It deemed to him that someone has been on the exact place he was standing!

Mo Rongzhan immediately jumped out of the dry well, and went out of the woods, who was it? Who was here just now?

He circled the woods, but did not see a figure. He tightened his fist and doubt slowly floated in his heart. If he didn’t see the word Yao, he almost forgot, the little girl was nicknamed Yao Yao.

Lu Wushuang never said she had a nickname.

“Your Majesty, I have just made my inquiries discreetly. The Wang Fei has been enjoying the flowers back there and has never been here.” Ford reported as he returned. Seeing Mo Rongzhan’s face, he could read the malicious and insidious feelings swelling up in his master’s heart.

Mo Rongzhan said coldly, “Go and find out who had been to this grove.”

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