Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 478 - Primordial World (2)  

Chapter 478: Primordial World (2)

With Ji Qinglan’s order, the disciples in the top thousand entered the Dao Seeking Tower one after another with nervous and excited hearts. They began the most important test of their lives, a test that determined their fate.

After Li Yu came out of the Black Domain, he immediately led everyone on the return journey.

However, just as they approached Heroic Spirit Peak again, they suddenly saw a large group of people flying past in the distance.

Those people had empty eyes, expressionless faces, and stiff bodies. Behind them was a ferocious-looking giant beast.

There was a coffin on the giant beast’s back with a flag stuck in it.

It looked like a funeral procession from afar, but Li Yu noticed something amiss after a closer look.

Some of these people were familiar faces. They were from the Ancient Families of the Immortal Realm. There was even a familiar face—You Rong.

However, You Rong’s face was no longer as lively as before. Her eyes were empty as if she had become a puppet.

Li Yu frowned slightly when he saw this. An unknown fire rose in his heart. He did not have to think to know what had happened. These people were probably controlled by someone, and they might even have become puppets.

His figure flashed and instantly arrived in front of the crowd, blocking their path.

Li Yu’s appearance blocked the advance of the ‘funeral procession’. However, those puppets still had no expression on their faces. However, he sensed a glimmer of light flash through You Rong and some of the people from the Immortal Realm.

It was as if they still had some consciousness and had not completely become puppets.

“Where did this brat come from? How dare you block my path!” A sinister voice sounded from the coffin.

At the same time, the flag surged violently, and the vast power stirred up raging waves in the surrounding void.

“So it’s my Pangu Banner!” Li Yu recognized the flag stuck in the coffin. This was the information in his newly fused memories.

The Pangu Banner and the Xuanyuan Sword were magic treasures refined by him in his previous life. They were refined from the materials and fragments of the Primordial Treasure he had obtained in his previous life.

It seemed that after he died, these magic treasures wandered here and were obtained by this person.

Furthermore, the Pangu Banner, which was originally fine, was filled with dense yin energy and monstrous ghost energy. Li Yu did not recognize it at first glance.

Sensing the magic power fluctuations emitted by the Pangu Banner, he confirmed that it was the Pangu Banner.

Since this was the Pangu Banner, the fellow in the coffin was likely the mysterious person called Shen Ji.

“You’re Shen Ji?” Li Yu asked coldly.

There was a long silence in the coffin before the sinister voice sounded again. “You actually know me?”

“Stop pretending and get out here!” Li Yu snorted coldly. His words were law, and the coffin lid on the ferocious beast’s back was sent flying by a powerful force.

A figure was pulled out by an invisible force.

This person was enveloped in strange armor and held an ancient sword in his hand. However, there was no physical body in the armor, only a wisp of sinister soul.

“Who are you?” Shen Ji’s voice became low, and even his aura weakened.

They were clearly shocked by Li Yu’s ability to execute laws.

“Let these people go!” Li Yu ordered coldly. His voice was dignified and unquestionable.

He knew that many of these puppets had definitely become puppets. Perhaps only some newly captured people who had not had the time to be refined could be saved.

Upon hearing Li Yu’s words, the soul body under Shen Ji’s armor fluctuated slightly, and the sinister aura around him intensified again.

He was well aware that he had probably gotten into trouble. Those new outsiders he had captured this time probably had friends.

Although he did not know the other party’s background or strength, his instincts told him that this person was definitely not to be trifled with.

“Hehe, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you, and I didn’t know that you had friends here!” Shen Ji smiled apologetically and immediately formed hand seals to remove the spell that controlled those newly captured people.

In an instant, You Rong and many people from the Immortal Realm woke up as if they had a nightmare. They exclaimed and gasped for breath. Beads of sweat instantly broke out on their foreheads, and their faces were pale with lingering fear.

“Emperor Yu, Emperor Yu saved us!” Someone noticed Li Yu and was immediately overjoyed.

The others looked at Li Yu as well, feeling extremely grateful and glad that they had escaped death.

They were well aware that without Li Yu, only death awaited them.

That old ghost cultivator’s strength was terrifying. Even a Heavenly Venerable was not his match.

“Thank you for saving our lives, Emperor Yu!” Everyone knelt.

“Brother Li Yu!” You Rong returned to her senses and rushed over with a pleasantly surprised expression. She jumped onto Li Yu’s body before being removed by Li Yu.

In the end, this girl was like soft silk that immediately wrapped around Li Yu’s arm, and he could not shake her off.

“This is great, Brother Li Yu. You really came to save me. I knew you would appear. You always appear when I’m in danger!” You Rong hugged Li Yu’s arm tightly with tears in her eyes.

The danger she encountered this time really scared her. She thought she was dead meat.

However, at her most desperate moment, she wondered if Li Yu would appear miraculously and save her.

That was only the last hope and illusion she gave him when she was in despair.

However, she did not expect Li Yu to really save her.

“What should I do? You’ve saved my life again. I really have to use my body…”

“Hold on. I just don’t like this guy. Saving you is only a matter of convenience!” Li Yu blocked You Rong’s mouth. He naturally knew what this girl wanted to say.

Furthermore, he hated girls who only knew how to talk without any sincerity.

“Hmph, I don’t believe you!” You Rong pulled Li Yu’s palm away and said with a smile.

Seeing Li Yu shift his attention away from him, Shen Ji was about to escape when he was entangled by a thread.

It was Huang’s fur.

“It’s not over yet, and you want to leave?” Li Yu asked coldly.

“I’ve already released your friend, and everything is a misunderstanding. What else do you want?” Shen Ji said in a low voice. He looked at Tai Ri, Huang, and the others with some fear.

The feeling these people gave him was not simple. Clearly, he had really encountered a tough nut to crack this time.

“Emperor Yu, this person has killed many people from the various immortal realms. My younger brother’s soul was devoured by him. Emperor Yu, please seek justice for us!”

“That’s right, please uphold justice for us, Emperor Yu!” Everyone knelt and begged again.

“Brother Li Yu and the others are right. This person is evil. He killed many people. If you hadn’t saved us this time, we would have definitely been killed by him and refined into puppets!” You Rong said indignantly.

Li Yu did not speak. In fact, he did not intend to keep this person without their petition.

After all, the Xuanyuan Sword and the Pangu Banner were his magic treasures, and he had to take them back. Furthermore, this person was clearly a dissident.

The best way to deal with dissidents was naturally to eliminate them forever to prevent future trouble.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Shen Ji immediately controlled the Pangu Banner to create a powerful magic power domain. At the same time, he activated the armor outside his body to resist the restraining power of Desolate’s hair before transforming into a wisp of a ghost that instantly escaped.

Then, he attached himself to the Xuanyuan Sword and prepared to escape.

The entire process was done in one go. It was so quick that many people could not react in time before the Xuanyuan Sword flew away without a trace.

Li Yu snorted and formed hand seals. The Xuanyuan Sword instantly flew back. At the same time, the aura of the Pangu Banner suddenly changed. Then, it was like a large hand that instantly enveloped the Xuanyuan Sword.

“How can you control my magic treasure!” The trapped Shen Ji was shocked and exclaimed.

“Your magic treasure? This is a magic treasure refined by me in my previous life!” Li Yu said coldly.

Hearing Li Yu’s words, Shen Ji was shocked and immediately understood what kind of existence he had encountered this time. The fear from his soul instantly drowned him, and he panicked.

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