Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 477 - Primordial World (1)  

Chapter 477: Primordial World (1)

In the Night God Realm, Tian Shu, who had returned from the Ancient Road to Heaven half a month ago, stood in front of the Night God Palace and looked at the rankings with a grave expression.

However, when she saw that the last Night God Pearl—First Night—had become Li Yu’s possession, her expression could not help but sink, and she had mixed feelings.

After she returned, she learned that the Evernight Heavenly Venerable had already entered the Ten Realms Rift to find the last Night God Pearl—First Night.

However, she did not expect that three days ago, the Evernight Heavenly Venerable and the others would suddenly return with heavy injuries. Only three of the ten top experts of the Night God Realm had returned, and they were also severely injured.

As for the Evernight Heavenly Venerable, his life was in danger. His soul had been severely injured, and he had been in a coma since then.

According to their entourage, they were attacked by the ghost cultivator named Shen Ji and the ancient ferocious beast he controlled in the Ten Realms Rift, and they suffered heavy casualties.

The other party wanted their Night God Pearl, but the Evernight Heavenly Venerable would rather die than submit. In the end, his soul was severely injured by the divine power. Later on, he used a forbidden technique to burn his blood and soul to lead them to fight their way out.

However, his injuries were worsening. He was almost at the end of his rope.

Tian Shu was well aware that her master’s lifelong wish was to collect the Night God Pearl. Now, he was finally short of the last pearl to fulfill his great ambition and complete his lifelong wish.

Therefore, he would rather die than hand over the Night God Pearl.

It was a pity that although he saved the Night God Pearl, he had almost exhausted himself.

“I must bring First Night back for my master!” Tian Shu said with a firm gaze.

She knew that this was her master’s wish. Although she did not know if her master could still wake up, she must fulfill this wish for her master.

Furthermore, according to her master, the Night God Pearl could unleash divine power and condense the power of the Night God. It might have a chance to help her master recover.

However, it was impossible to snatch it from Li Yu.

During her return, she had heard everything about Li Yu and knew that he was someone that their Night God Realm could not offend.

Fortunately, Li Yu should be a righteous person with both virtue and talent. Therefore, she believed that she could persuade Li Yu to return First Night to the Night God Realm.

At most, they would use the other magic treasures and treasures in the Night God Realm’s treasure vault to exchange for it.

‘But how can I meet Li Yu? It’s probably difficult for me to approach a peerless expert like him!’ Tian Shu pondered.

“Before seeing him again, I still need to understand him in detail. I have to make sufficient preparations first!”

She did not like to fight an unprepared battle. Only by knowing her enemy could she know what conditions she could use to exchange for it.

Or what kind of words and methods could convince him?

In the Qingyun Sect, 20,000 young disciples from the various immortal realms arrived through the teleportation array, causing the entire Qingyun Sect to instantly become lively.

This was only a small portion of the Immortal Realm disciples who had come to answer the summons. The majority of the remaining people were still waiting in Emperor Yu Mountain.

After arriving in the Qingyun Sect, these Immortal Realm disciples were like a group of country bumpkins who had never seen the world.

All of them looked amazed as their eyes widened. They looked around and sighed endlessly.

“As expected of the number one Holy Land. This place is too extraordinary!”

“Oh heavens, this immortal energy and Dao runes are too rich!”

“I’m really envious of these mortal disciples. They actually have the chance to cultivate in such a precious place!”

“Yeah, Emperor Yu is really benefiting this world!”

“I’m so envious! I wonder if I’ll have the chance to cultivate here in the future after becoming a disciple of the Emperor Yu Academy!”


Looking at the expressions of the Immortal Realm disciples, the Qingyun Sect disciples discussed softly, “Why do these people from the Immortal Realm look like they have never seen the world?”

“Yeah, from the looks of it, they’re not much better than when we first arrived!”

“Sigh, looks like the people of the Immortal Realm are only so-so!”

“Mm, our Qingyun Sect is the best. I won’t go even if the Immortal Realm wants me to!”

“Alright, everyone has an idea!” Ji Qinglan’s voice suddenly sounded. “Later, you can enter the Dao Seeking Tower one after another according to the number you received previously. A thousand people can enter at once!”

Ji Qinglan began to announce the details of the assessment.

The assessment method this time was not complicated. It allowed these young people to enter the Dao Seeking Tower to challenge the levels. In the end, the top ten thousand would be selected according to the overall ranking as the first batch of disciples.

Now that the Dao Seeking Tower had been upgraded by the Heavenly Dao, it was easy for the space inside to accommodate more than ten thousand people for the assessment.

Upon hearing Ji Qinglan’s words, the young disciples of the Immortal Realm became nervous.

After all, the next assessment would affect their fate. If they could enter the top ten thousand, they could become a disciple of the Emperor Yu Academy with a promising future.

Otherwise, they would brush past opportunities.

However, the method of the assessment gave many hope, especially those who were not that talented but worked hard.

If this assessment was judged solely on talent, their chances were extremely slim.

Now that the Dao Seeking Tower was a comprehensive test for a person, it gave them a high chance. At the very least, it could allow them to make up for the difference in their cultivation through other advantages.

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