Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 469 - No Entry (1)  

Chapter 469: No Entry (1)

Li Yu’s heart seemed to melt as he hugged Yu Miaoyin’s soft body tightly. He even felt that it was not only their bodies but also their souls that were hugging each other. It was a spiritual contact that surpassed the physical body.

This made Li Yu feel the happiness and gratitude he had not felt in a long time, the fulfillment and peace in his heart.

It was as if the boat drifting with the tide had finally arrived on shore; like a traveler who had finally returned home.

He had once envied Tai Ri’s undying loyalty and protection for his lover.

He was envious of the devotion and loyalty of Great Immortal Mi Lu and Immortal Lu Chi.

However, he did not expect that in a certain corner of this world, there was a similarly infatuated and loyal woman waiting for him silently. She had endured countless years and silently guarded the love in her heart.

Until the end of time, it would never change.

At this moment, Li Yu seemed to believe in love again!

It was as if he had found the feeling of being loved and the satisfaction and gratitude.

That feeling was not due to those women’s infatuation and admiration for him.

It was a bond between the soul and the satisfaction of the spirit.

They were two hearts that had been together for countless years and were perfectly compatible.

The two of them hugged silently, but it was better than a thousand words. They even knew all the emotions in each other’s hearts and what the other party wanted to say.

“Your Majesty, you’ve finally come for your concubine!” Yu Miaoyin buried her beautiful face in Li Yu’s chest and said softly.

Emperor Yu had once given her the title of Concubine. It was a form of address that she had never forgotten even after countless years.

Upon hearing Concubine Yu’s name, Li Yu’s two souls seemed to collide, and some broken memories surfaced again.

Li Yu could no longer tell if he was Emperor Yu, Li Yu, or the person who once lived on Earth.

He still did not have many memories of Emperor Yu in his mind. In fact, apart from Yu Miaoyin, he did not have many memories.

However, he vaguely remembered that calling her Concubine Yu back then seemed to be influenced by the story of ‘Farewell My Concubine’.

He felt that his predecessor was also a transmigrator. No, to be precise, the previous Emperor Yu was himself.

However, for some reason, he was reborn into the era billions of years later. He forgot his former identity as Emperor Yu, but he remembered what happened when he was on Earth.

However, due to the lack of many blank memories in his two lifetimes, there was a sense of separation, making Li Yu feel that Emperor Yu was not the same person as him.

However, his feelings for Concubine Yu were so real and natural.

The contradiction was intense, and it made Li Yu uncomfortable.

‘Forget it, I won’t think too much about it!’

Li Yu shook off his chaotic thoughts and decided not to think about what was going on.

He only followed his true feelings. After all, life was a process of self-deception.

If they were really that clear-headed, perhaps everyone would doubt their life, doubt themselves, or even lose their minds.

“I’m sorry. I’ve forgotten many things. Fortunately, I haven’t forgotten you!” Li Yu hugged his arms tighter.

A crystalline tear flowed down the corner of Concubine Yu’s eye, but it was a tear of happiness, the crystallization of all her thoughts.

The endless years of waiting were worth it!

Li Yu and Concubine Yu hugged each other tightly as if time had already become eternal.

However, outside the altar, everyone’s burning gazes were fixed on the seventh last step. There was a halo there as if the fire in the night had ignited the hope in everyone’s hearts.

Their state of mind had already changed from watching a joke to being shocked and to being excited and expectant.

They hoped to witness a miracle with their own eyes and see the first person to step onto the top of the altar.

Even the Grand Star Lord, who had fallen from the altar earlier, looked at the halo on it excitedly.

Everyone was waiting for Li Yu to continue forward.

However, after waiting for a long time, Li Yu still remained on the spot. Everyone could not help but feel complicated.

“Why isn’t he moving this time?”

“Yeah, there are only seven more steps left. Work harder!” Some people were anxious for Li Yu.

They had thought that they would be able to witness history and miracles soon. They would see the first person to enter the temple and witness a miracle.

However, they did not expect Li Yu to suddenly stop there.

Li Yu’s previous strength made their faith firm.

“Perhaps he just encountered a more troublesome inner demon. After all, no matter how strong an expert is, they will have their own inner demon to overcome!”

“Hmm, it’s possible. He’s already reached the last seven steps. He’s about to succeed!”

“Hold on, isn’t that the legendary place where the mysterious zither lady is?”

“That’s right. Could it be that heroes can’t resist beauties?” Some people curled their lips into intriguing smiles.

They thought to themselves that this expert might have taken a fancy to that zither-playing woman and forced himself on her.

“Perhaps he was just delayed talking to that woman!”

“Is the sect master the person that woman is waiting for?” Tai Ri’s eyes suddenly brightened as he thought of a bold but likely truth.

After all, in Tai Ri’s opinion, be it in terms of appearance or strength, only an extraordinary person like Li Yu could match that woman. Only a legendary figure like Emperor Yu was worthy of such a legendary experience.

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