Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 468 - So Fast... (3)    

Chapter 468: So Fast… (3)

“Hahaha, looks like Master is really going to create history and become the first person to reach the top of Heroic Spirit Peak!” Changjiang No. 7 laughed.

“Sect Master is too awesome!” Tai Ri could not help but sigh.

However, before everyone could sigh, another earth-shattering bang erupted from the altar.

At the same time, everyone felt the ground under their feet tremble. Immediately, the altar sank a section, and the ground around it collapsed into cracks.


Everyone was shocked into silence and froze on the spot.

What kind of terrifying power was this? It could actually sink the altar. He felt that he only needed to use a little more strength to crush this Heroic Spirit Altar!

Space shook, the ground shook, and everyone’s souls seemed to be trembling.

Everyone looked at the altar in a daze as a halo lit up on the last tenth step.

On the altar, Li Yu had already arrived on the tenth step, and he looked at the familiar figure in front of him with a complicated expression.

The light blue dress outlined her graceful back. Her black hair was like a waterfall that danced gently along with the zither music. Her slender arms caressed the zither strings and played a mesmerizing song.

At that moment, her back was facing Li Yu as she focused on playing her zither. Even the earth-shattering sound did not affect her at all.

However, right at this moment, her zither music suddenly stopped. As if sensing something, her jade-like hand stopped in midair, and her fingers trembled slightly due to some emotion.

She seemed to be about to turn her head, but she stopped. She placed her hand on the strings and lowered her head slightly. She sighed to herself, and her actions revealed the fear of disappointment in her heart.

She was worried that she was hallucinating again. She was worried that everything would disappear if she turned around, leaving her with only disappointment.

Until Li Yu spat out that name. “Miaoyin!”

The moment this voice sounded, her delicate body trembled slightly, and her long hair rustled.

She picked up the zither and turned around, her exquisite and beautiful face filled with complicated emotions.

There was surprise, joy, excitement, nervousness, and even a trace of sorrow.

However, the moment she saw Li Yu, all her emotions transformed into the joy and gratitude of a reunion after a long time. Her beautiful eyes instantly melted.

At the same time, countless memories that had been slowly sealed by time surged like a tide.

“Your Majesty!” The woman’s red lips parted slightly. Her voice was filled with excitement, but it was low, afraid of shattering the beauty in front of her.

However, more memories of Yu Miaoyin surfaced in Li Yu’s mind, and longing and heartache drowned him.

He continued to walk up the stairs and slowly arrived in front of Yu Miaoyin.

At this moment, they could feel the warmth of each other’s bodies, their breathing, and their heartbeats. It was so real, so hot, and so intimate and familiar.

Yu Miaoyin raised her hand slightly and reached out to Li Yu’s cheek nervously and excitedly. She touched it carefully, afraid that the familiar cheek would be destroyed with a single touch!

Sensing the real touch, an excited smile finally appeared on her face.

Her eyes suddenly turned red. She had crossed countless years of waiting in one step, crossed the eternal world, and pounced into Li Yu’s arms to hug the person she had missed for countless years!

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