Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy

Chapter 635 - Undercurrents Surging, Sixth Master Goes Against Young Master Xu (2)  

Chapter 635: Undercurrents Surging, Sixth Master Goes Against Young Master Xu (2)

[Let me tell you. After the reception ends today, I must fight him one-on-one.]

[I’m so mad. They actually brought up the past and said that I had a runny nose when I was a kid. Has he never cried when he was a child? Who hasn’t run around naked?]

Xu Yuanfei was counting the desserts for the wedding reception at the back. When she saw the message, she couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Jing Hanchuan running around naked?

This scene was too beautiful to imagine.

“You’re sitting here?” Jing Hanchuan rubbed the porcelain cup.

“Yeah.” Xu Yao snorted coldly, not giving him a good attitude at all.

Jing Hanchuan looked around and met Fu Chen’s gaze. Fu Chen smiled gently at him.

He bit the inside of his cheek.

Fu Chen!

Actually, it was normal for boys to fight, but Jing Hanchuan had smashed a girl’s head. If her face was disfigured, it would have been a lifetime matter. At the time, the Jing family had tried to visit her to apologize. But when they came, they didn’t see the Xu family.

Sheng Aiyi cleared her throat. “Are you here alone today?”

“Yes.” Xu Yao didn’t like Jing Hanchuan, but Mrs. Jing was polite to him and even invited him to drink. He was also very polite to her.

“How is your sister now? Is she alright?”

The Jing family had once sent someone to ask if the young lady of the Xu family had a scar on her face.

If there was a scar, Sheng Aiyi really thought that if it affected her marriage, she would get Jing Hanchuan to marry her.

The two families were evenly matched. It was naturally as difficult as ascending to the heavens to inquire about their private matters.

“My sister is fine.”

“Your sister should be twenty-four or twenty-five this year. Does she have a boyfriend?” Sheng Aiyi asked casually.

“Many people are pursuing her!” Xu Yao snorted coldly.

Jing Hanchuan frowned. People are wooing his sister. What does it have to do with us? Why did he snort at us?

Even if she gets married and has children, it has nothing to do with us.

But immediately afterward, Xu Yao said something heartbreaking. “I accidentally heard Aunt mention it just now. Big Brother Jing, you’ve had trouble all these years? You’ve never been in a relationship?

“You’ve never even held a girl’s hand?

“It feels very abnormal!”

Jing Hanchuan narrowed his eyes. Is this brat insinuating that I have a hidden illness?

“Who told you that I’ve never held a girl’s hand?” he retorted.

This time, the Jing parents were dumbfounded. This kid has held someone’s hand before, but he’s never been in a relationship?

A certain big shot pulled Jing Hanchuan over and lowered his voice. “Hanchuan, you didn’t take responsibility after touching her?”

Jing Hanchuan didn’t say anything, but Xu Yao lowered his head and drank tea. He couldn’t help snorting lightly. So be it. What’s there to show off?

Which unlucky girl was taken advantage of by him for nothing?

He had been thinking about when Jing Hanchuan would be alone so that he could follow him, drag him into the restroom, and beat him up.

Jing Hanchuan wasn’t a fool. This kid was staring at him with ill intentions. He was most likely up to no good. He had to be careful.

At this moment, Xu Yuanfei, who was far away in the kitchen, couldn’t help sneezing.

When the wedding reception started, Old Master Fu and Fu Shinan took turns going on stage and giving a speech. They were just like ordinary elders. Old Master Fu was afraid that he would forget his speech, so he had specially written it down. The two of them spoke passionately.

In the end, when it was Fu Sinian’s turn to go on stage, he only said three sentences.

“Thank you for attending Little Fish and my wedding.

“I’m too busy today. I’m afraid I won’t be able to take good care of everyone. Please forgive me.

“Everyone, eat well and drink well. Thank you.”

Old Master Fu stood at the side, dumbfounded. He looked at his nearly 1,000-word speech and compared it to his. He wished he could rush over and beat this fool to death.

Afterward, Fu Sinian and Yu Manxi went around the tables to toast everyone. Yu Manxi was pregnant, so she used tea instead of wine. A few people followed Fu Sinian to help drink in his place. Even so, he still drank a lot.

After drinking and eating to their heart’s content, everyone couldn’t sit still anymore and started looking for people to chat and drink with.

Among them was Jiang Ershao!

He was originally sitting with the Sun family, and his seat was relatively remote. Sun Gongda and Sun Rui were sitting quietly. They weren’t fools. On this day, Old Master Fu would be the first not to forgive anyone who caused trouble.

Sun Rui originally thought that Jiang Ershao was going to find his scoundrel friends to drink with, but she didn’t expect him to go straight to Song Fengwan’s table.

“Mrs. Yan, Miss Song…” Jiang Ershao specially came to make his presence known. “Do you still remember me?”

Fu Chen had noticed him long ago, but he didn’t say anything.

… Because Yan Wangchuan had already gotten up.

“Who are you?” Yan Wangchuan was tall and had few expressions. When he suddenly stood up, his aura was oppressive.

“I… I’ve met Mrs. Yan and Miss Song a few times, right, Miss Song?” Jiang Ershao subconsciously sized up Yan Wangchuan. He wasn’t someone to be trifled with.

“Yes, I met a robber before. He acted bravely.” Song Fengwan smiled.

“Yes, at the time, Miss Song…”

“Although he didn’t help much, he was still kind.” Song Fengwan actually stabbed him directly.

Jiang Ershao almost vomited blood. How could you say that about me?

“Aiyun, have you met him too?” Yan Wangchuan raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, he brought a bouquet of roses and wanted to woo Wanwan.”

“You want to woo my daughter?” Yan Wangchuan glanced at Fu Chen. A certain someone was sitting there calmly. Does he want me to clean up this mess?

This brat!

He’s dug another hole for me!

“No, I just…” Jiang Ershao deliberated over his words.

“If you don’t want to woo her, why are you here?” Yan Wangchuan was a man of few words, but he had a vicious tongue.

Sitting at the side, Qiao Xiyan couldn’t resist laughing out loud.

In other words: If there’s nothing else, you can get lost.

Jiang Ershao knew that he couldn’t please them, and he didn’t even toast her before crawling back to his seat dejectedly.

Only then did Song Fengwan notice that he was sitting beside Sun Rui.

She and Sun Rui hadn’t seen each other for a long time. When enemies met, their eyes would burn with hatred.

She lowered her head and sent Fu Chen a message: [Who is the red-haired man? A relative of the Sun family?]

Soon, she received a reply: [Sun Rui’s boyfriend.]

Song Fengwan nodded. It’s better to stay away from this kind of person.

But she wasn’t in the Beijing circle, so she had no idea that on the night of the wedding, there were rumors in the circle that Song Fengwan wanted to snatch Sun Rui’s man.

Their old grudges had also been dug up. Although the various reasons were unclear, the two of them had definitely had conflicts before.

It wasn’t impossible for Song Fengwan to deliberately snatch her man.

Everyone was discussing in private and didn’t dare to talk about it openly.

It was a good wedding, but there were always some unknown undercurrents surging behind the scenes.


At this moment, at Jing Hanchuan’s table, after Fu Sinian and his wife came over to toast them, the Jing family members planned to leave first.

“Wait for me. I’m going to the restroom.” At this moment, many people were clamoring to go to the bridal chamber. The atmosphere was very lively. Jing Hanchuan didn’t like to join in the fun and prepared to leave early.

Xu Yao was eating with his head lowered. When he saw that Jing Hanchuan was going to the restroom alone, he immediately got up and followed him.

“Master…” The Jing family members frowned.

Xu Yao was clearly targeting Sixth Master.

“What’s wrong?” A certain big shot leaned back in his chair leisurely.

“Young Master Xu wants to take action against Sixth Master. Do you want us to go and take a look?”

A certain big shot shook his head. “What’s there to look at? He owes the Xu family to begin with. This brat from the Xu family has been holding back his anger for so many years. He definitely can’t hold it in anymore.

“The problems between men…

“It’s good to resolve them with your fists. It’s simple and straightforward!”

The Jing family members looked at each other, and someone finally said hesitantly, “I’m just worried about the difference in strength. Previously, Sixth Master smashed his daughter’s head. This time… What if he beats up Master Xu’s son?”

A certain big shot was stunned. This question…

It was a little tricky!

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