Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy

Chapter 224 - Under the Eaves

Chapter 224: Under the Eaves

In the old Fu residence, it was a cold night. The wind blew, and the rain flowed through the eaves and down to the ground, scattering dead branches and leaves all over…

After drinking the glass of milk, Song Fengwan was sitting cross-legged on the bed and studying. Fu Chen knocked on the door and entered.

“Resolved?” Song Fengwan looked up at him.

Fu Chen didn’t say anything and directly sat beside her.

“He’s actually a good person.”

Fu Chen casually picked up the English vocabulary book she had placed aside. “What did you say?”

Good person?

Does this girl know who she’s describing?

“He didn’t know about our relationship and still wanted to let me go. Although he reprimanded me, he did so out of goodwill. He probably thought I was the kind of person who wanted to climb into your bed.”

Fu Chen casually flipped through the vocabulary book. “That’s because you don’t know him well. Before he picked you up, he was on a blind date, and he let the girl go back in the rain. He even said that because it was raining, the blind date was unsuccessful, and the heavens didn’t agree to it.”

Moreover, although what Fu Sinian had just said was for Song Fengwan to hear, every word seemed to poke at Fu Chen’s heart.

It made him very uncomfortable.

Song Fengwan laughed out loud. “He still needs to go on blind dates?”

“He’s an IT guy with no females around him. He always hangs around with a group of men and doesn’t date or get married. My eldest brother and sister-in-law don’t really care, but my mother is pretty anxious.” Fu Chen rubbed a page of the vocabulary book with his fingers and turned his head to look at Song Fengwan. “What book were you reading in my room just now?”

Song Fengwan’s smile froze, and she coughed twice. “Haha, I didn’t read anything.”

“There’s a book in the wrong position.”

“Sinian only reads programming books, so even if he goes to my room, he won’t go through my books randomly.


Fu Chen turned his head to look at her with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

He even knows that the book is in the wrong place. Is he a devil? Song Fengwan smiled awkwardly. “I just flipped through it casually because I was a little curious…”

“What were you curious about?” Fu Chen continued to ask.

“Just…” Song Fengwan lowered her head and rubbed her nose. She was embarrassed to say it, but many things appeared in her mind, and her face flushed red. Isn’t he asking the obvious?

“Do you want to see it?” Fu Chen moved a few inches closer to her.

Song Fengwan suddenly jumped up from the bed. “Do you want some water? I’ll go get you some.”

Just as she took two steps forward, Fu Chen walked over from behind. She turned around, and his enlarged handsome face closed in on her. She took two steps back and suddenly tripped over the carpet at the door. She was so scared that she cried out loud…

“Ah! Mm…”

She felt a hand grab her, and then her voice drowned out.

She was pressed against the hard wall and just happened to touch the power switch on the wall. The entire room instantly fell into darkness. For a moment, Song Fengwan’s mind went blank…

Her heart palpitated as their lips intertwined.

The houses in the compound were all old-styled, so they weren’t very soundproof. Fu Sinian’s room was right next door. When he heard the exclamation, his fingers tapping on his keyboard paused slightly.

A word instantly appeared on the monitor. [Beast]

Fu Chen was very strong. He leaned forward, and his breath blew on her face. A fierce and violent fire started in her heart. His lips and tongue drove straight into…

“Mm…” The tip of Song Fengwan’s tongue was numb from Fu Chen’s sucking, and she reached out to push his shoulder.

Fu Chen seemed ruthless as he sucked and licked her lips, making her tongue numb.

He seemed to be taking her breath away.

The faint sound of rain echoed. The ambiguous sound of their lips intertwining, accompanied by the hot and rapid breathing, made her heart tremble…

After some time, Fu Chen stopped moving. He pressed his forehead against hers and pecked her lips bit by bit.

His gaze landed on her lips, which were very close to his. Under the light of the street lights outside the window, her lips were gorgeous like winter plums and had an enticing beauty.

“Wanwan, did you miss me?”

Song Fengwan was panting rapidly as she nodded imperceptibly.

Fu Chen was satisfied and kissed the corner of her lips. “If you like that book, I’ll study it with you properly when we go home.”

Song Fengwan’s face instantly turned even redder, and she didn’t dare to look up at him. He’s such a hooligan.

Fu Chen stayed in her room for a while before leaving at around half past ten. He naturally flirted with her for a while…

After he left, Song Fengwan tidied up the books on the bed. When she saw the empty glass, she hesitated for a moment. She took the glass, brought it downstairs to wash it, and placed it far away.

After returning to her room, she happened to see Fu Sinian coming downstairs, holding his phone. He seemed to be in a video call with someone, but his expression was still indifferent.

“… Continue debugging the system. Collect and arrange all the problems, and I’ll solve them tomorrow.” His voice was low and seemed to echo in the empty living room.

“Boss, how was your blind date today?”

“Hehe, I heard that she returned from overseas. She’s rich, fair-skinned, and beautiful.”

Many people were talking.

Fu Sinian only noticed Song Fengwan when he reached downstairs.

Their eyes met…

It was extremely awkward.

Fu Sinian gripped his phone tightly and gritted his teeth, seemingly trying to suppress something with all his might. This girl is just eighteen and still childish, yet I have to call her Third Aunt?

Someone might as well kill me.

His gaze was indifferent and cold. Since he was tall, he looked like a towering mountain, giving her a great sense of oppression. He stared at her tightly. She’s indeed beautiful, but what kind of beauty hasn’t Third Uncle seen before? Why did he fall for a student…

Song Fengwan tugged at her clothes uneasily. I used to call him Big Brother Fu, but what should I call him now?

Call him Big Brother again? That’d be so awkward.

“Um… I’ll go upstairs first.” I’d better run first.

“Song Fengwan.” Just as she stepped onto the stairs, Fu Sinian called out to her. The people on the other end of the video call were instantly dumbfounded.

What the f*ck?

Where did this woman come from?

Isn’t Boss staying in the old Fu residence? Other than his grandmother, how is there another woman there? The few of them held their breaths and listened quietly.

“What’s the matter?” Fu Sinian had a very strong aura. Although he was already suppressing it, his aura still made her feel at a loss.

“There are still other people at home, so even if you two want to be intimate, you have to control yourselves a bit.”

Song Fengwan rushed upstairs with a red face. After returning to the bedroom and looking in the mirror, she noticed that her mouth was red from Fu Chen’s kissing. With just one look, people would know what they had done just now…

This is going to take my life.

Fu Sinian stood still.

Fu Chen was a Buddhist who normally practiced asceticism. I didn’t expect him to be such a beast in private. She’s still so young. How was he able to do such a thing?

At this moment, a certain someone totally didn’t know that when he fell in love in the future, there was only one word that could describe a certain aspect of his relationship:


“Boss, who’s that woman? Her voice is so delicate and tender. Is she your relative? Does she have a boyfriend?”

“She’s a high school student.” Fu Sinian walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of water.

“Student? That’s nice. Gotta start them young…”

Fu Sinian took a sip of water. What?

Third Uncle likes this kind of thing?

The older people get, the more perverted they become.

However, a certain someone had forgotten that Fu Chen was only higher in seniority than him and that he was actually older…


After Fu Chen returned to his room, he suddenly thought of an MP4 player he had cheated from Duan Linbai in the past. At that time, electronic products had just started becoming popular. Duan Linbai had downloaded many e-books onto it and hid it under the desk to read secretly in class.

There was once when Duan Linbai was almost caught by the teacher, so Fu Chen hid it and didn’t return it to him.

Fu Chen searched for a long time before finding a usable charging cable. He turned on the MP4 and looked through the ebooks in it. There were nearly a hundred books…

Other than some fantasy books that boys liked and were popular at the time, there was also a small folder.

‘Toy’, ‘Crazy Possession’, ‘Role Play’…

Fu Chen briefly browsed through the names of the ebooks.

His tastes are quite complete.

What did this fellow do all day? No wonder his grades were so bad.


The next day…

Old Master Fu and Qiao Wangbei had chatted all night long, and Old Madam Fu had joined in afterward. They had only gone back to their rooms to sleep at dawn, so they didn’t even get up for breakfast.

The only people at the dining table were Fu Sinian and Song Fengwan.

He was dressed very casually, wearing glasses, a white sweater, a black jacket, and black pants, complementing his legs to look slender and straight. There was a hint of wildness in his refined appearance.

Song Fengwan unintentionally looked at him a few times. His glasses are clearly clear lens glasses. Since he’s not short-sighted, why is he always wearing glasses?

Acting cool?

Fu Chen only came downstairs when Fu Sinian was almost done eating.

“You woke up late today. You usually wake up early to copy scriptures.” Uncle Zhong smiled.

“I was doing some research, so I slept late.” Fu Chen pulled out the chair beside Song Fengwan and sat down. Perhaps because he had stayed up late last night, his voice was so low and a little hoarse.

“Research?” Fu Sinian obviously didn’t believe him. When he took the IELTS to go overseas to study, he didn’t even stay up. And even though he was so busy at the beginning of his startup, I didn’t see him be busy until late at night. I wonder what made him stay up late.

“Is there a problem?” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows.

“No.” Fu Sinian lowered his head and ate. Why is he so grumpy after waking up today?

“You still have two blind dates today. Don’t forget.”

Fu Sinian’s eyes turned cold.

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