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Chapter 647 - Chapter 647: Please help me prepare a zither

Chapter 647: Please help me prepare a zither

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Shi qinglan walked into the guqin Hall.

The corners of her eyes lifted slightly, and her bright eyes looked even more charming. The girl’s Red lips curled up slightly, and there was a smile on her lips. 1 am a guqin musician.

Everyone instantly turned to look at her.

Shen qingyin also turned around. When she saw Shi qinglan, her eyes flashed with surprise, goddess?”

It was as if he did not know that Shi qinglan would come.

“You?” Qin xubin narrowed his eyes. He didn’t dare to act rashly when he thought about the woman’s identity, miss Shi, it’s not that I’m looking down on you, but you’re so young … For an old instrument like the guqin, anyone who can play it to the level of a Grandmaster is basically a bald old man. How can you…”

However, just as Qin xubin raised his doubts, the surrounding onlookers began to whisper and look at Shi qinglan with excitement.

“Miss Shi! The young lady of the Shi financial magnate!”

“It really seems to be her! I’ve seen her picture on Weibo before, if 1 remember correctly… 1 think there’s this melon, she’s indeed a master level guqin player!”

“That’s right, that’s right. When miss Shi was in high school, she played a song during her coming-of-age ceremony. She even had the Qing Luo guqin in her hands! I’m afraid that these words are not just empty words …”

Qin xubin was shocked when he heard the discussion around him.

He couldn’t help but furrow his brows, miss Shi, are you really a Grandmaster guqin player?”

Shen qingyin looked sideways at Shi qinglan. She tugged at the corner of her clothes gently, goddess, you don’t have to …

“That’s right.” Shi qinglan replied nonchalantly.

She looked at Qin xubin with, faint smile, my zither skills … If I’m not wrong, he should be at the Grandmaster level.”

“Goddess …” Shen qingyin tugged at her clothes again.

However, Shi qinglan only looked at her with a sweet smile, her eyes extremely gentle, it’s okay, I’ll help you.

After all, Shen qingyin hadn’t given herself away yet.

“But…” Shen qingyin bit her lip in embarrassment.

She raised her eyes to look at Bo Li Cheng beside her, only to see that the man’s eyes were deep and dark. That pair of black eyes were so deep that it was hard to fathom, and she had no idea what he was thinking.

Shi qinglan’s Red lips curved into a smile, it’s just playing the zither. Don’t worry, leave it to me.

If he didn’t agree first, how could he find any clues?

Then, she looked up at Qin xubin. Her clear eyes were filled with confidence, as long as we can attract ten customers today, you’ll let this guqin studio go?”

Qin xubin’s eyes flashed with panic.

According to the deal between him and Shen qingyin, if he could cooperate with her and act well to achieve her ultimate goal, she would transfer the ownership of this guqin studio to him …

It was because of such a huge temptation that Qin xubin dared to put on such a show in front of two people of noble status!

However, there were so many people watching. If he agreed to Shi qinglan’s request, how could he occupy the guqin studio in the future?

“You don’t dare to?” Shi qinglan’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly.

Qin xubin looked at Shen qingyin hesitantly, but the woman didn’t even look at him in order to clear her name. He had to make his own decision, why wouldn’t I?”

In any case, the guqin studio was still in Shen qingyin’s hands.

He had promised Shi qinglan that he would take some risks. If he did not agree, he would be tampering with the script and not cooperating with the act. If Shen qingyin’s goal could not be achieved, she would not give him the zither studio…

“That’s good.” Shi qinglan’s Red lips curled up slightly.

She tilted her head slightly and glanced at Shen qingyin from the corner of her eyes, miss Shen, please help me prepare a zither.

“Then … Alright then.” Shen qingyin lightly pursed her lips.

She looked at Shi qinglan hesitantly, as if she was in a difficult position, but she still agreed in the end.

“Heavens … I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to see miss Shi play the zither!”

it’s a Grandmaster-level guqin performance. If you want to listen to it at a concert, I’m afraid the ticket price will be super expensive, right? ”

“Don’t talk about the price of the ticket… Miss Shi has such a distinguished status, and your zither skills are so superb. I’m afraid you won’t hold a concert at all, so it’s definitely a profit to listen to it!”

“Then 1’11 have to call my family to come and watch.”

“I’ll start a live broadcast. Maybe 1 can gain some fans.”

When they heard that Shi qinglan was going to play the guqin, the people around them were instantly excited. They rushed to tell each other, and some even turned on the internet live broadcast to broadcast it in real time …

Shen qingyin picked out a zither from the museum and sent it over.

The pearwood guqin table was carved with exquisite patterns, and a delicate guqin was placed on it. Shi qinglan took off her woolen coat and sat cross-legged in front of the guqin.

She lifted her slender hand and was about to test the zither when her hand froze in the air…

Shi qinglan’s beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of coldness.

She squinted her eyes slightly and looked down at the zither in front of her, only to find that the strings of the zither had been tampered with. Although the strings did not seem to be loosened, they seemed to be intact.

However, Shi qinglan was a Grandmaster after all. Having been in contact with the zither for several years, she could not help but feel that something was not quite right.

“Play.” Qin xubin suddenly urged.

Seeing Shi qinglan’s sudden stop, the onlookers could not help but whisper anxiously.

Shen qingyin stared at Shi qinglan’s hand.

Her palms were covered in cold sweat, and her heart clenched even more when she saw her stop.

The infertility drug could no longer be added to the food.

So she thought of this method … He applied the medicine on the strings and then tampered with them.

As long as she played the zither, the strings would snap instantly and cut her skin. The medicine on the strings would seep into her blood through the wound, perfectly achieving her goal of drugging her!

After all, she was also a person who studied the zither. She had done her best to be as secretive as possible, but she was still afraid of being discovered by Shi qinglan.

“What’s the hurry?” Shi qinglan said nonchalantly.

She could tell that the string would break, but in order to avoid alerting the enemy, she still gently placed her hand on the string.

She could control it. As long as she didn’t play it, the strings wouldn’t break.

Seeing Shi qinglan’s hand on the zither, Shen qingyin’s heart beat even more violently. She was both nervous and excited. The purpose of her drug… Finally, it was about to be realized!

“What song do you want to hear?” Shi qinglan raised her eyes and her red lips curved slightly, how about ‘ambush from all sides’? ”

Her journey in qingyin ancient town could be said to have been ambushed from all sides-there was a deeper meaning in her words..

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