Heart Stealer Young Master Bo

Chapter 646 - Chapter 646: A Grandmaster-level performer, me

Chapter 646: A Grandmaster-level performer, me

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The people outside the courtyard were waiting anxiously.

When the gate of the courtyard finally opened, Shi qinglan changed into a fresh set of clothes and walked out of the courtyard.

“What happened?” Her red lips parted slightly.

In order to avoid giving herself away in front of Shen qingyin’s people, she didn’t show any displeasure or coldness,” speak slowly.

“Shi… Miss Shi.” It was the young lady at the front desk who had received her in the lobby of the homestay, did I disturb you and master Bo’s rest? But I really have no other choice.”

“I’ll try my best to help.” Shi qinglan said.

Upon hearing this, the lady at the front desk cried,” it’s Qin xubin … This morning, he suddenly came to the Shen family’s guqin studio to make trouble and even brought a group of people who can’t be provoked. He said that he wanted to tear down the guqin studio on the spot and miss Shen has already rushed over.”

“But… 1 heard from the people in the alley that Qin xubin and his men injured miss Shen. Her parents and family are no longer around, and she has no one to rely on in qingyin Old Town. 1 don’t know who else can help her!”

“So … That’s why I thought of you, miss Shi!”

“Miss Shen didn’t want me to disturb you, but 1 really feel bad for our miss, so I came to find you behind her back!”

with your and master Bo’s status, Qin xubin definitely wouldn’t dare to act rashly in front of you. Please, please …

The young lady’s eyes were full of sincerity as she looked at Shi qinglan pleadingly.

Bo Li Cheng stood beside her, his whole body exuding a noble aura, exuding a faint coldness that kept strangers away…

“Qin xubin?” The corners of Shi qinglan’s eyes lifted slightly.

She immediately recalled what had happened yesterday and guessed that Shen qingyin was going to do something next…

“Don’t worry, I’ll go take a look.” Shi qinglan said gently.

Since she wanted to see what Shen qingyin was planning to do, she had to go to the scene of the performance. At this moment, she had to coax the girl in front of her in a good voice, so as not to alert the snake.

The young lady immediately bowed and said,” thank you, miss Shi!

Hence, Shi qinglan and Bo Li Cheng followed her to the rumored guqin Hall, which was facing a crisis in the midst of a storm …

“Pi Li pa la-”

Shi qinglan had just walked out of the guqin Hall when the sound of things being smashed came from inside, followed by a curse. Shen qingyin, get lost, you b * tch! No matter what, I’m going to tear down this guqin studio today!” “Don’t… Young master Qin, please don’t!” Shen qingyin’s sobbing voice could be heard from inside. She choked,” this is the most important thing left behind by my parents … Please don’t do this.”

f-ck… Qin xubin couldn’t help but sneer, it’s none of my business whether it’s important or not. You’re the one who’s dead, not me. But I’m tearing down this guqin studio! The zither has no profit value, are we going to keep it for growing grass?”

“No… Don’t!” Shen qingyin’s cries sounded a little sad, “young master Qin, it’s just that you don’t understand the guqin. Actually, the guqin is very attractive. As long as I operate it well, I will definitely revitalize our Shen family’s guqin Hall… 1 will.”

“Reinvigorated?” Qin xubin felt like he had heard a joke.

He raised his hand and pushed away a zither in the hall. Immediately after, there was a “Pi Li pa la” sound of breaking.

Qin xubin sneered, the guqin is an old-school instrument that’s already out of date. Do you think you can revive it just because you want to? Can you ask anyone here who’s willing to learn?”

There were indeed a lot of neighbors and tourists outside the guqin studio.

They were just watching the show, but when they heard Qin xubin’s question, they shook their heads after some thought…

I don’t want to. The zither sounds bad too. It’s much worse than the guzheng and pipa. Why do I want to learn it? ”

I do like the zither’s tone, but it’s too expensive to learn it. It’s also very difficult to find a teacher who can play the zither. It’s also very difficult to learn it, so the price-performance ratio isn’t high.

that’s right. I think it’s enough to listen to pure music occasionally. At most,. ’11 come to the experience Hall to play, few times., ‘m afraid I won’t spend money to learn the guqin …

Hearing these comments, Shen qingyin’s eyes became desolate.

Qin xubin, on the other hand, was getting more and more arrogant, did you hear that, Shen qingyin? No one was willing to learn the zither! Your zither club can’t be revived at all!”

“No… I won’t.” Shen qingyin shook her head in disbelief.

She bit her lip tightly, and her eyes were filled with determination, there must be another way!

If not for the fact that he had long suspected Shen qingyin.

Seeing this scene, Shi qinglan’s heart ached for Shen qingyin. But aside from the acting part, after hearing Qin xubin’s slander of the guqin, she realized that this traditional Chinese instrument was so worthless in the eyes of the world …

She was also a little angry and felt indignant for Gu Qin.

“Is there any way?” Qin xubin looked at her with disdain. Shen qingyin, unless you can get ten customers right now! As long as I can get ten people to buy guqin from you or sign up for guqin lessons, I won’t tear down your guqin Hall, otherwise … You marry me.”

“Really?” Shen qingyin’s eyes suddenly lit up.

It was as if she had caught a glimpse of Starlight in the dark, as long as you don’t tear down my guqin studio, I can definitely do it!

“Miss!” Just then, the lady at the front desk who had brought Shi qinglan here ran to Shen qingyin’s side, how could you agree to such a thing?! If I really marry him…”

“Tongtong, I don’t have any other way.” Shen qingyin bit her lip,” if it wasn’t for this guqin Hall… I might as well just die, what’s wrong with betting on a lifetime event?”

but how are you going to find a way to get ten customers …

It wasn’t difficult for the guqin studio to get ten customers a day, but most people would only pay a few dozen Yuan to experience it. They would never spend money to buy a guqin or even sign up for a proper class. This was really too difficult.

Shen qingyin lowered her eyes,” unless … Is there any way to make the tourists fall in love with the zither instantly?”

Only when a person truly loved something would they be willing to spend money or even invest in it.

Qin xubin couldn’t help but sneer, fell in love with the zither instantly? Do you think that guqin is like cabbages on the street? Shen qingyin, you can stop dreaming!”

with all due respect, such an old-fashioned instrument, unless a Grandmaster guqin player appears and plays a song that everyone likes, letting them feel the charm of the guqin, it’s absolutely impossible!

“But in our town, there are no guqin players at the Grandmaster level!”

Hearing this, Shi qinglan, who was standing outside the library, raised her eyes slightly.

a Grandmaster level guqin player … She pouted her red lips and walked into the guqin Hall, it’s me.

She would like to see what Shen qingyin’s plan was..

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