Guild Wars

Chapter 990 The Three Doors 2

Chapter 990 The Three Doors 2

Krona only had a little time to analyze the arena he was thrust in before a prompt from the AI came up.

Beginning the Power Test of the Vault of the Deep. Standby.?

Description: You have been teleported to a fragment of time replicated by Poseidon from when he was forced into a gladiator arena for the entertainment of the sea monsters. At the time, he was young and untrained, not even knowing how to fight properly, but the great power hidden in his bloodline allowed him to carve out a path of success and oppress his foes!

?System to Player Announcement

"Easy enough." Krona muttered to himself as he casually snapped the chains holding him, which shocked the crowd for a second. However, the next moment their cheer rose louder when they saw the fellow tossed in from the other side.

Level: 140

Krona raised an eyebrow when he looked at the giant eel the size of a bus swim over, its sharp and plentiful teeth chomping repeatedly with mockery as it stared at him.

The Evil Eel made some noise and roused up the crowd who was screaming for the monster to tear Krona into shreds for their amusement. The sea monster basked in this glory, and Krona watched it silently with a cold look.

"Umibozu, destroy this clown."

Effect: As the Sub-Mariner, call forth the Divine Being, Umibozu, to assist you temporarily as is your right.

Duration: 10 minutes.

?Name: Umibozu (Kronalord) – Colonel Rank monster

HP: 988,000,000/988,000,000?

It caused the screaming crowd to shut the fuck up immediately as their hearts rose to their throats in fear and horror. The Evil Eel who had been posturing arrogantly looked like a little snake before the summon.

Everything within the nearest 100 kilometers was definitely dead, blown into bloodmist from the water pressure resulting from that huge palm slap. Umibozu laughed gaily and continued smashing down, destroying the entire area, while Krona was focused on something else.

When he fell in, he barely had the strength to get up and definitely could not remove his chains. The Evil Eel came in and postured to great effect, and Poseidon's eyes became bloodshot from fear and humiliation.

Poseidon slowly lost his fear and became crazy from the humiliation, and his bloodline power exploded. He gained strength from somewhere and snapped his chains, using the water to form a high pressure lance that he battled the Evil Eel with.fğ˜³ğžğ’†we𝚋𝗻𝚘𝚟e𝑙. c𝘰𝓂

Immediately, some fellows noticed his weakness and rushed over to have a good meal, but were slapped back by the arena guards.

Krona appeared on the ship's deck with a red badge shaped like a starfish which glowed magically and on it was written the runes for 'power' just like on the red door he entered.


?System to Player Announcement

?Power Test – Unique Quest Sub-Event

Rewards: Mentality Test Certificate Seal.?

The objective of the Mentality Test has been set. Player Draco must stand firm and resist the urge to interfere to clear this task.?

Draco even saw that not too far away from his hiding place, a baby was snatched from his killed mother and had its head torn off and eaten by a bass-like sea monster with human arms and a cruel smile.

Immediately, they were all frozen in place and their callous expressions changed to fear. Draco then pointed a finger at them and spatial portals opened beside them.

Immediately, the mangled corpses of the mermen were returned to their whole state and they rose up from the ground. Their eyes flashed with malice, hatred and revenge as they pounced on the friend and loved ones of the soldiers who slaughtered them.

The sea monster warriors went mad from pain and anguish, struggling against the spatial bond Draco had locked them in as their eyes became bloodshot.

Draco then collected their souls into his Nine Hells and looked away.

Even his own sister and parents were not spared, causing Poseidon to howl like a wounded beast. This caused him to explode with power, but he still didn't rush down, knowing that doing so would only end in his own death.

As for Draco, he simply watched this with a slight smile. He then returned to the ship where he was presented with a purple medal shaped like a star fish that glowed brightly.

The moment Draco reconnected to Eva's neural network, she dug out the events that occurred in Draco's test. Next she dug out what happened in the power and bloodline tests from Omega and Krona, before she shared the details with everyone.

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