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Chapter 989 The Three Doors 1

Chapter 989 The Three Doors 1

After having a relatively lengthy scuffle with the other fellows on the ship for who got to be the coolest for a while, the ship soon began to slow down as they had arrived at their destination.

The area before them was a giant underwater-like mountain with two humongous doors carved into it. The doors were made of a mixture of gold and some sea-blue color metal that formed its luster.

Carved onto the doors on either side were Poseidon and Leviathan clashing in the middle where the door was split. Where Poseidon's trident met Leviathan's soundwave, there was a square shaped slot.

The Deep Vault Map began to shiver when the focus came to the slot and it was clear to even the biggest fools as to what was supposed to go in there.

King Neptune looked over to Draco, and the fellow handed over the Deep Vault Map. With a solemn looks, King Neptune swam off the ship and came near the door, placing the glowing Deep Vault Map in the slot for the door.

Immediately, a small earthquake occurred as hundreds of cracks formed on the seafloor below the ship and within a few hundred meters of the area. Some of the other hilly like protrusions collapsed to the ground and the water became turbulent.

The golden-blue door shone with a resplendent light before opening slowly, revealing what was within. As it scraped against the sea floor while opening, the earthquake became more intense, but those on the ship were not too affected.

King Neptune slowly swam back as he watched the gate open. When it fully revealed its wonders, the group found that the inside was pitch black!

Well, that was mostly expected. After all, it was likely that the area within the Vault of the Deep was its own small world, like Norma's Refinement Treasury. After all, while Poseidon might not be as rich as Norma, he was not far off.

Anyone knew that the sea area was always rich in resources. To the ruler of this area, Poseidon, he could easily harvest so many riches and rare resources that those on land craved which were less than trash to them in the sea, hence his senseless wealth.

As such, making a mini small world or small world just for his treasury was not a far fetched thing. King Neptune glanced at Draco, who smiled and nodded.

With a solemn gaze, King Neptune pointed forward and the ship glided into the darkness of the doorway, disappearing slowly into it. Once it was gone, the earthquake occurred again as the doors ground to a close, sealing the vault from the world.

Inside the Vault of the Deep, they came upon a large room with three doors in front of them, spread from left to right. Each of the doors was a different color, with the right most being purple, the center being red and the third being blue.

On each of them, a word was written in the language of runes that was used for Subjective Magic or Enchanting. The purple door was 'mentality', the red door was 'power' and the blue door was 'bloodline'.

Remembering the requirements for the three doors, Draco knew that they had to pass all three to get to the Outer Vault where the millions of Common to Rare rank resources were supposed to be given to the Kingdom of the Undersea.

Seeing this, Draco's eyes flashed. He then turned to Krona and Omega with a smile. "Omega Raider, head into the bloodline door and conquer it. Kronalord, you head into the power door. I will deal with the mentality one."

Omega and Krona nodded before moving out while Draco himself slowly stepped out and appeared before the purple door immediately. He looked it up and down, smirked and then pushed it open.

It was another veil of blackness, and the same was true for Omega and Krona who opened the blue door and the red one respectively. They shared a look before resolutely steeping inside, disappearing at the same time.

For Omega, he immediately appeared within a large circular room that was similar to a hearing room, and he was standing at the trial takers podium. Around him was a round table of high seats that surrounded him in the center.

In each seat was a power entity radiating endless might and power, and they were glaring down at Omega with disdain, ridicule and greed. Omega calmly looked around before focusing on the prompt that appeared before him.

「System to Player Announcement

Beginning the Bloodline Test of the Vault of the Deep. Standby.」

「Bloodline Test – Unique Quest Sub-Event

Description: You have been teleported to a fragment of time replicated by Poseidon from when he was but a trifling young merman with endless potential in his bloodline. At that time, leviathan ruled the seas with an iron fist and the various sea monsters were allowed to wantonly capture and devour mermen using bullshit excuses. Eventually realizing that Poseidon was special, they set up a banana court to accuse him of some random crime then devour him.

Rewards: Bloodline Test Certificate Seal.」

「System to Player Announcement

The objective of the Bloodline Test has been set. Player Omega Raider must suppress all the sea monsters here with bloodline aura alone to clear this task.」

Omega read the details and suddenly smiled. He looked up to see that the various sea monsters were licking their lips while looking at him, simply waiting for the gavel to fall down before they tore him to shreds.

Omega's sudden smile made them feel insulted, and they couldn't care anymore. More than half rushed forward with their jaws side open, hoping to take part of this meal and increase their own bloodline power.

However, Omega simply released the full effect of his bloodline aura which he usually kept suppressed by Draco's orders, in order not to make the mermen fall into madness from confusion and awe.

It was like a bomb had exploded, as the sheer shockwave from the release smashed the entire hearing room apart. The Sea Monsters rushing towards Omega had endless fear and regret on their faces, but it couldn't change their fate which had been fixed.

They exploded into bloodmist and even that was blown away. As for those who had remained calm, they screamed in agony as they were blown back with terrible injuries all over their bodies.

They all stabilized themselves a few meters away and gazed at Omega who was still standing nonchalantly in the center with abject fear and horror. They couldn't understand how a simple 'merman' could have such a powerful bloodline aura, just as tyrannical as their boss, Leviathan.

As for Omega, he had long ignored them and was reading the prompt about his success. Not only that, but he was given a vision of how Poseidon himself cleared this event which actually occurred to him in his past.

At that time, Poseidon was not as calm as Omega, but was filled with righteous anger and hatred. He pointed a finger at the seam monsters and chastised then berated them,m but the sea monsters were not bothered.

Rather, they settled in to listen to the 'music' of their meal on its last throes before death. When Poseidon insulted Leviathan, the fellows lost their patience and struck down, aiming to smash him into silence before roasting him over the fire.

Seeing death come down upon him, the young Poseidon was filled with fear and unwillingness. He roared his unwillingness and exploded with his full potential, his bloodline power suppressing the shocked sea monsters, giving him a chance to break his chains and quickly escape.

After all, Poseidon was still in the budding stage at the time, so his peak bloodline aura could not compare to the current Omega who could literally cause physical phenomenon from releasing his bloodline aura that could kill his assailants and injure the others.

Seeing the conclusion, Omega was thoughtful as his body disappeared from the bloodline test room and appeared on the ship. Meanwhile, he noticed that in his hand was a blue badge shaped like a starfish that was glowing with a magical color.

On the badge was written the runes for 'bloodline' just like on the door. Smiling, Omega raised his head to check the states of the other two who had come out at probably the same time as him.


Krona entered the blackness before him and appeared in a coliseum-like area that was built using coral and some hardened stone that was black in color, giving the place a sinister ambiance.

Immediately, he found that he was in chains, being led through the gateway into the arena itself. There were two guards that were humanoid sea monsters holding him on either side, their grip like steel as they dragged him along.

Soon, the gate opened and Krona was tossed onto the area with his chains still on, forced to listen to the deafening cheer of thousands of sea monsters in the stands that were looking forward to see him ripped apart.

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