Great Demon King

Chapter 38: Another coolie

Chapter 38: Another coolie

“It’s the hooting calls of a Frost Eagle. They’re solitary magical creatures… We’ve already hunted one down before, why not leave after killing this one?” An expression of joy appeared on Gene’s face as he gazed at everyone and asked.

The creature core of a Frost Eagle was at level 4, and was worth a lot more than a Windblade Wolf’s. Although everyone had expended quite a bit of effort to hunt the first one down, that meant they were now more experienced in dealing with Frost Eagles. Everyone blanked after Gene’s words, after which Fanny looked at Han Shuo and asked, “Bryan, what do you think?”

“A large sum of resources is in front of us. I think we should take it!” Han Shuo scratched his head and smiled honestly.

“Then alright, everyone make your preparations. We will return to the Academy after we’ve taken the Frost Eagle core. If our necromancy major can obtain two level four magical creature cores during this outing, then the other majors will not dare to look down on us.” Fanny nodded and instructed everyone to move out.

When the band heard her words, it was like they’d recalled the outrages they’d suffered before. Each person started moving angrily, following in Han Shuo and Fanny’s footsteps towards the direction of the Frost Eagle’s call.

Han Shuo walked in front, just like a leader, and everyone else wore a ‘naturally’ expression. No one had any opinions otherwise, and subconsciously, they themselves had all started to change the way they thought about Han Shuo.

By now, no one dared to treat Han Shuo as an errand slave that they could bully at their leisure. Their gazes towards Han Shuo subtly held a few more hints of respect and fear.

The band of people rushed along their way, following the Frost Eagle’s cries. They arrived at the Frost Eagle’s location after a while, but were shocked by the scene that came into view.

Under the pure and bright moonlight, the band saw a tall, strapping, and handsome youth with tousled silver hair, wielding a longsword to battle the Frost Eagle in the sky.

He wore a simple paladin’s robe and his shoulders, chest, and stomach were covered with armor that sparkled with silver light. His clothes and appearance made him out to be a knight. As he wove the longsword in his hand, beams of milky-white light flashed glaringly, causing the Frost Eagle circling overhead to continuously caw out when it was struck.

“Oh my gosh, a milky-white fighting aura… he’s an earth rider knight! Ooh.. he’s so handsome!” Bella squealed and locked her eyes firmly on the body of this earth rider knight. A boy crazy look rose to her face.

Several other female students next to her also revealed mesmerized expressions, their eyes shining as they gazed at the earth rider, who easily handled the Frost Eagle.

Han Shuo creased his brow, also surprised by the earth rider’s strength. The last time Han Shuo and the band of 12 had confronted a Frost Eagle, they had found it extremely difficult and had expended monumental effort before finally killing the Frost Eagle. This earth rider not only was not having difficulties, but was handling it with ease. The Frost Eagle emitted continuous low keens after the white fighting aura was projected.

A beam of white fighting aura shakily rose upwards until it pointed straight at the heavily injured Frost Eagle. The Frost Eagle seemed to have perceived the danger as it flapped its wings in preparation to leave.

The earth rider’s body had been standing on the floor until this moment, where it abruptly flew through the air in an accelerated jump. The long sword slashed past the Frost Eagle’s belly as a wailing bird call sounded once more. The Frost Eagle wobbled in a listless, downward fall.

“That was amazing!” Bella’s eyes gleamed as she giggled with infatuation.

The earth rider walked up to the body of the Frost Eagle, made a flicking motion with his long sword and removed the Frost Eagle core. He then wore a faint smile as he took large strides towards Han Shuo and co. He swept his eyes across the band and then bowed urbanely, “Knight Clark greets these noble mages.”

“Hello Clark. You’re so strong! You killed a Frost Eagle all by yourself, you’re so amazing!” Bella laughed modestly and spoke gently, as if she was a completely different person.

Except, that Clark’s gaze didn’t rest on Bella, but stared at Fanny instead, as if waiting for Fanny’s response. This caused Bella to feel a bit awkward.

“We’re students and teachers at the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. We ventured out to the Dark Forest for training this time, it’s very nice to meet you Clark.” Fanny’s expression didn’t change as she too slightly inclined her body and smiled in response.

“I see… I’m also here to train in the Dark Forest. The magical creatures here are very strong and very suitable for increasing strength. I didn’t think I’d run into everyone, heh.” Clark smiled faintly as he looked at Fanny. There was a strange smell in the look that made Han Shuo slightly ill at ease.

“Master Fanny, the Frost Eagle has been killed by him, I think we should go back now.” Han Shuo looked at Clark for a few moments and understood why he would feel uncomfortable about Clark’s gaze. It turns out that Clark’s gaze was a bit similar to Gene’s. Although he didn’t take it to the level that Gene took it to, but this already subtly explained a question — this Clark seemed to be interested in Fanny’s good looks.

“Yes Yes, Master Fanny, it’s getting more dangerous. For the sake of student’s safety, we should head back to the Academy.” Gene seemed to have also noticed the threat as his gaze towards Clark wasn’t too friendly. He immediately seconded Han Shuo’s suggestion.

Fanny nodded upon hearing Han Shuo and Gene’s words and was about to agree when Clark suddenly said with a smile, “If the noble mages wouldn’t mind, I can join your group and accompany you. I think there’s a mutual benefit if we walk together, and a corresponding decrease in danger. I wonder if everyone is amenable to this suggestion?”

“Yes, if a earth rider knight is with us, then our haul this time will surely eclipse the light major’s.” Bella’s face lit up in joy and she abruptly cut in without waiting for Fanny’s approval.

Some of the other female students hastened to agree after Bella had spoken, only Lisa was unmoved as she stared at Han Shuo in odd consideration. A few of the male students hadn’t spoken. They didn’t seem to care.

After Clark’s words and Bella’s unison, Fanny started to waver in her original intention to leave. She had felt particularly tempted when Bella had said their haul would eclipse the light major’s haul.

Don’t agree, don’t agree. He’s smiling, but he’s not a good thing. This kid obviously has bad intentions, don’t agree to travel with him. Han Shuo looked at Fanny and repeated in his mind.

“Alright, then we’ll have to impose on you. We’re a band of mages, so it will surely be of great help if such a strong earth rider like you were to join us.” Fanny hesitated for a while and finally agreed.

Han Shuo was exceedingly disappointed, but didn’t display it on his face. He exclaimed in astonishment instead and say, “Aiya, we came in pursuit of the Frost Eagle, but you had already killed it. Ai, the level 4 core from a magical creature, gone just like that.”

Clark’s face wore a bewildered expression after hearing Han Shuo’s words and he looked at Han Shuo with some confusion. He asked, “You were the ones originally pursuing this Frost Eagle?”

Nodding his head firmly, Han Shuo said with a wistful expression, “Ah yes, but we hadn’t thought that you’d kill it.”

Fanny was a bit dumbfounded upon hearing Han Shuo’s words and glared ferociously at him. Just as she was about to explain that this wasn’t the case, Clark hesitated, and then took out the Frost Eagle core with some heartache. He forced out a smile and offered it to Fanny, saying, “I see. Since this is the case, then I return it to you. Master Fanny, you must accept it.”

“Accept, we’ll absolutely accept!” Han Shuo smiled as he approached and had already taken the core from Clark’s hands before Fanny had responded. He handed it over to Lisa, who was standing beside him, and said merrily, “Heh heh. Clark the knight is such a good person. He’s given us a level 4 core so readily. I think he’ll be even more straightforward in the trials to come.”

Lisa’s two eyes shot out light as she also merrily, unapologetically put the core away. She nodded at Han Shuo with praise and surreptitiously stuck up her thumb up in a compliment.

Fanny was going to explain, but found that the core had disappeared into Lisa’s pocket in the blink of an eye. She involuntarily revealed an expression that was neither able to laugh or cry, rolled her eyes at Han Shuo and Lisa after she shook her head, but didn’t say anything else.

A level 4 core was equivalent to one hundred gold coins. One hundred gold coins wasn’t a small sum to even an ordinary small noble. No wonder Clark was feeling the pain a bit after Han Shuo had so easily taken it from his hands.

“Master Fanny, now that we’ve been joined by the noble and generous earth rider, I think we can continue south. There are certainly even stronger magical creatures there. If we have obtain a level 3 magical creature core, then we can surely strut with pride in the Academy after this outing.” Han Shuo slightly spurred Fanny on, thinking if Clark dares look twice at my woman, then he has to provide some free labor at the very least. It would be a pity to not use the earth rider.

Fanny’s spirits were recollected upon hearing the ability to strut with pride within the Academy. She nodded and smiled charmingly, “Alright, then we continue further on south. Noble knight Clark, we’ll have to trouble you to take care of us later on.”

Clark bowed humbly and smiled politely, “Not a problem at all, I’m happy to be of service.”

Since you insist on staying, see if I don’t play you to death. Han Shuo was exceedingly unhappy with Clark’s actions and his thoughts raced furiously in consideration of several evil schemes.

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