Great Demon King

Chapter 37: Ferocious Han Shuo

Chapter 37: Ferocious Han Shuo

“Bryan, it’s Bryan!”

The students exclaimed in shock, even Fanny was a bit dumbfounded as she stared unfamiliarly at Han Shuo. She never would have thought that, with his 170 cm height, Han Shuo would be able to wave such a thick, studded club and block a savage attack to boot.

While everyone was shellshocked, Han Shuo stared fixedly at the man-eating monster and reached out with his right hand to give Fanny a push. He said with an honest voice, “Hurry and run.”

A shrill, panicked scream rang out from Fanny’s mouth. Han Shuo suddenly felt that his right hand had pressed on two balls of soft, big cotton candy amidst her screams. He understood that he had surely pressed down on the wrong place when he retracted his hand.

The students on the side were giving soft exclamations as Gene cursed loudly, denouncing Han Shuo’s wanton boldness.

His heart lurching, Han Shuo turned to look at Fanny and said awkwardly, “Sorry Master Fanny, I pushed in the wrong place. I really didn’t mean to!”

Fanny was extremely irate and was about to open her mouth to berate Han Shuo, when she suddenly sensed the man-eating monster behind her. Its large, studded club was already coming down on Han Shuo, and she reminded hastily, “Bryan, be careful!”

Traces of dull honesty still on his face, Han Shuo suddenly turned around and raised up the club that was bigger than his body. It whistled as it once more crashed towards the man-eating monster.

Clang. Sparks flew again as Han Shuo didn’t budge an inch, staying firmly put like an erect stone. The picture of his thin frame clutching the large club was imprinted in everyone’s eyes, causing students to look upon him weirdly.

“Master Fanny, hurry and get out of there!”

Gene’s loud yell suddenly rang out at this moment. Gazing at Han Shuo in astonishment, Fanny finally reacted. Her beautiful eyes still locked on Han Shuo, she retreated backwards towards Gene and co.

After going head to head twice with the man-eating monster, Han Shuo felt an overwhelming need to vent his feelings at this moment. He wanted to fully let loose with all the power within his body as a faint desire to kill rose in Han Shuo’s heart, giving him the urge to mash the man-eating monster into a meat pie.

Han Shuo suddenly gave a few chilling laughs as soon as Fanny had vacated the area. The dumb honesty on his face vanished without a trace and his expression grimaced scarily. He raised the thick club with a darkened face and rushed headlong towards the confused man-eating monster.

This fittest and strongest man-eating monster couldn’t seem to understand why Han Shuo could withstand two of his heavy hits with such a frail body, and was standing there dumbly, as if contemplating something.

“Oh my goodness, Bryan must be crazy. He’s rushing towards the man-eating monster!” Bella exclaimed softly, a look of incredulity on her face.

Everyone nodded in agreement as soon as they heard her words, all thinking that Han Shuo had naturally lost his mind. Even Lisa, who knew that Han Shuo was merely playing the village idiot, had a face of incomprehension, utterly shocked by how he was behaving at the moment.

“Bryan’s suddenly become so strong after he went crazy. This is incredible! Lisa is too amazing. An Agony of the Soul spell turned the cowardly, timid Bryan into such a wild person!” Amy called out naively and looked at Lisa with emotion.

“Shut up!” Lisa stared directly at Han Shuo and responded.

At this moment, Han Shuo was wielding the thick studded club and moved as fast as lightning, dashing straight for the man-eating monster. The studded club whistled strangely through the air as Han Shuo grasped it tightly with both hands, swinging it upwards in a curve and aiming violently for the monster’s waist.

The look on the monster’s face changed abruptly from confusion to rage and it repeated its previous movement. It sent its club clashing towards Han Shuo, as if wanting to thoroughly defeat Han Shuo with strength.

Loud clashing sounds rang out continuously between the two studded clubs. The durable club and sharp studs were all flattened after repeated clashes. The fight between the frail Han Shuo and the hulking man-eating monster became heated as the clashing sounds continued.

Fanny and the others had originally wanted to escape as soon as possible, but all remained where they were in shock as they saw how scary Han Shuo’s strength was after he’d gone mad. He was holding his own in a fight against the man-eating monster, and the crew stared gobsmacked at Han Shuo’s strength.

Dancing around with a club completely disproportionate to his body, Han Shuo displayed not even a hint of apprehension as he faced the towering monster. Firm and well defined muscles with popping veins were evident on his neck arms and neck. In this moment, his expression was hideously mad. He had a sort of dauntless valor that completely upended Fanny and the students’ understanding of him.

In this moment, the magical yuan within Han Shuo’s body churned quickly, and he felt a joyous glee in fully deploying his strength. His movements with the studded club became more practiced, and not only did he not become tired by the repeated clashes, but his vigor actually grew in strength.


A few weird laughs emitted from the grimacing Han Shuo. The man-eating monster staggered backwards after another violent clash. Its originally wild attacks and enormous strength had started faltering after a few rounds of clashes.

“Oh.. my gosh. Is this that weak and cowardly Bryan?” Bella exclaimed and repeatedly shook her head in disbelief.

“I swear I’ll never test magic on Bryan again. He’s too scary when he goes crazy!” Athena displayed a frightened expression and muttered to herself.

Lisa’s expression was excited and her small fists clenched tightly. She would randomly scream, “Beat him!”

Bach and others with a grudge against Han Shuo all displayed fearful expressions after exchanging looks. They looked upon Han Shuo with a bit of fear.

“Hehe… you won’t get away!” After another weird laugh, Han Shuo followed closely behind the escaping monster. The thick, studded club suddenly swept forward, and the monster’s two legs were broken with a resounding crack. Han Shuo’s weird laughter followed closely thereafter and the studded club repeatedly crashed down onto the monster. Ghastly wails sounded out from the previously cruel man-eating monster.

The monster’s hulking body had long since fallen down as fresh blood continued spurting out of his body. The grey, strong body was a bloody mess after Han Shuo’s continued beating. It was a bit difficult to make out what it had originally looked like.

These violent and savage blows rained down like a furious storm for a minute, with Han Shuo suddenly waking up after the man-eating monster had been mashed into a mess of blood and gore. He was also startled when he stopped as he’d never thought that he would have such a savage side to him.

This was the first time he’d killed someone, but there was no corresponding wave of fear in Han Shuo’s heart. After the expression on his face had calmed down, Han Shuo turned to look at Fanny and the students, smiling an honest smile, “He seems to be dead?”

Against his expectations, the students, as well as Fanny and Gene, all screamed and took two steps backwards when Han Shuo turned his head. Lisa exclaimed in fright and then asked, “Bry… Bryan, are you… are you alright?”

Han Shuo started and quickly recollected himself. He scratched his head and smiled dumbly, “What happened to me just now? Even I don’t know what I did. Why did this monster suddenly die?”

“You.. you’ve forgotten everything you’ve just done?” Fanny was also dumbfounded and then frowned as she stared at Han Shuo in interrogation.

Han Shuo nodded truthfully and explained sincerely, “Yes, I felt that my brain started to hurt a lot just now and then forgot everything that happened afterwards. The man-eating monster had already died in front of me when I came to. What’s going on? Eh? Weren’t there two more monsters? Where did they go?”

“You scared them off!” Bella stared at Han Shuo oddly and replied.

“Ah, no way. How can this be? Why would they be afraid of me?” Han Shuo asked, perplexed and with a face full of innocence.

“Bryan, you become so scary after you lose your mind, like you’re someone else. Even we were a bit afraid, not to mention the man-eating monsters. Good thing you’re alright now.” Gene spoke heartfeltly and voiced everyone’s thoughts.

“Don’t just stand there. Hurry and pack everything. We can no longer stay here. Two of the monsters got away, they may come back and create more trouble for us.” Fanny kept her cool and hurriedly directed everyone to clean up the aftermath upon seeing that the crisis had been temporarily averted.

Everyone returned to their original places after Fanny’s orders and picked up the resources strewn all over the ground. The students had become more mature after this life and death experience. No one wasted time in idle chatter, picked up and packed all the items with great speed.

“I think it’s time to leave and end this time’s outing!” Gene proposed gravely after seeing that everyone had appropriately repacked their belongings.

Everyone had recognized that their strength wasn’t as strong as they thought after meeting the man-eating monsters. There would be more dangers as they travelled south, and thus everyone nodded in embarrassed agreement after Gene made his suggestion.

Momentarily speechless, the crew started organizing their things. They planned to bring back this time’s pickings back to the Academy and not continue adventuring south.

But just as everyone was prepared to leave, a desolate cry suddenly came from the south. The crew had packed and were about to leave, but were all gobsmacked after hearing this sound. Expressions of greed surfaced shortly afterwards.

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