Grasping Evil

Chapter 525 - The Dao Line of Life

Chapter 525: Chapter 525: The Dao Line of Life


Ning Fan gave Xue Qing a Sixth Revolution Pill and ten Fifth Revolution Pills. These pills were rare and precious treasures to Xue Qing. To Ning Fan, however, there were just some dispensable items.

Xue Qing kept those pills excitedly. After kowtowing three times and bowing nine times to Ning Fan, he immediately excused himself and rushed to dissect these pills to study them carefully.

He had never witnessed a Sixth Revolution Pill before in his entire life. Upon receiving it, he was as happy as an old urchin.

Looking at Xue Qing who was hurriedly leaving, Ning Fan could not help but burst into laughter. He had accepted two disciples in his life and they were both mad pill refinement masters that were obsessed with the Dao of Pills.

Yang Gu was his second disciple whereas Xue Qing was his first.

Yang Gu’s innate potential in pill refinement was higher than Xue Qing’s. However, Xue Qing’s obsession toward the Dao of Pills was much more intense than that of Yang Gu. Moreover, Xue Qing’s dog-like nose was becoming sharper than before. He could detect the smell of a medicine soul and even determined Ning Fan’s whereabouts based on his smell. His sense of smell really was a rare ability, wasn’t it?

In Dao cultivation, innate talent was not the most important factor. Perhaps Xue Qing’s pill refinement realm would surpass Yang Gu’s one day because he had a persistent and stubborn determination.

After Xue Qing left, only Ning Fan, Lan Mei and Bai Lu were left on the edge of the Bright Moon Pond again.

Just as Zhi He, both of the ladies suppressed their cultivation realm at the Peak Harmonious Spirit Realm.

Ning Fan performed dual-cultivation with Zhi He yesterday in order to clear the blockage of her immortal veins, helping her to break through some minor bottlenecks. Through that session, he had helped Zhi He get rid of the barriers of breaking through to the Gold Core Realm.

Today, he could not be unfair to the two ladies. Without a doubt, he also had to help Lan Mei and Bai Lu smoothen the flow of their immortal veins.

“Ning Fan! Since you’re back, let’s settle the old score! Forty years ago, you plucked me. I wasn’t your opponent. Today, however, I am not the same as before. Humph! Today, I must pluck you as hard as possible to get revenge for what you did to me in the past. I must pluck your entire cultivation realm!”

Bai Lu’s willowy eyebrows were drawn together. Even though her tone sounded harsh and evil, her face remained exquisitely charming. She directly went into Ning Fan’s embrace and began groping his chest. She looked like she wanted to inflict punishment on him right there.

Ning Fan slightly narrowed his eyes. Could he interpret Bai Lu’s actions as throwing herself at him?

“Erm… I still have some matters to handle. Please excuse me.” When Lan Mei saw what Bai Lu was doing, her cheeks turned red and she turned around, planning to leave. She was not as bold as Bai Lu to directly throw herself at Ning Fan.

However, just as Lan Mei wanted to turn around, Ning Fan grabbed her wrist, preventing her from leaving.

“You don’t have to leave so hurriedly. Since we’ve reunited after so long, let me help you both smooth the flow of your immortal veins.”

Ning Fan shook himself out of Bai Lu’s embrace and grabbed her inside his embrace in return. Meanwhile, he held Lan Mei’s waist with his other hand without caring about her faint struggle. In a single step, he turned into a ray of light and flew toward Lan Mei’s boudoir. His actions were swift and easy, as if driving a lightweight chariot on a familiar road.

Before Lan Mei and Bai Lu could react, they were already brought to the room and pushed to the bed. When they saw Ning Fan’s ambiguous smile, they instantly understood what was going to happen.

It had already been forty years since the last time Bai Lu had sexual intercourse. She cast a lecherous look at Ning Fan and began to moan lightly while taking off her clothes, readying herself for the erotic session.

Lan Mei, on the other hand, was still a virgin. She only experienced penetration through her backside… Facing this situation, she could not help but feel somewhat nervous and her body started to feel slightly stiff.

The moment Ning Fan let down the red curtain around the bed, Lan Mei lowered her head. She looked embarrassed but also excited at the same time… Today surely was going to be a lovely day filled with eroticism…

When dusk arrived, Ning Fan left the Sinister Sparrow Sect.

After a session of sexual activities, Ning Fan carefully helped the two ladies smoothen the flow of their immortal veins one time with the use of dual-cultivation method.

Before leaving the Sinister Sparrow Sect, Ning Fan reassured Lan Mei and Bai Lu that he would certainly solve the issue regarding the Great Jin’s Merger.

The two ladies had no idea of how powerful Ning Fan’s cultivation base was. However, after the dual-cultivation, their cultivation bases were sharply increased.

Some of the bottlenecks of their cultivation bases were directly broken. They even touched the bottleneck of the Gold Core Realm. They could enter into secluded cultivation anytime from now to form their gold core.

Ning Fan had just had a single session of dual cultivation with them and the improvement in their cultivation bases equaled the result of their one year’s worth of bitter cultivation!

It was not difficult for them to guess that Ning Fan’s current cultivation base had certainly reached a terrifying level that far exceeded theirs. Otherwise, they would definitely not gain such an obvious effect from the dual cultivation!

“What exactly is his cultivation base now…?!” Could it be that he really was Marquis White Robe that Younger Sister Zhi He mentioned…?” Lan Mei and Bai Lu covered their mouths with their hands. They both felt rather surprised but more of it was excitement.

Ning Fan was no longer the same as before. They naturally were happy for him.

“It seems like I don’t have to think about plucking him anymore for the rest of my life…” Bai Lu deliberately made a dejected sigh even though her eyes contained joy. She really was a two-faced lady.

After Ning Fan left the Sinister Sparrow Sect, he hid his tracks and secretly headed to some sects in Yue Country.

Absolute Void Sect, Purple Light Sect… He walked past each and every sect. He visited the former site of the All Pleasure Sect. He walked past the ruins of the Heaven Separation Sect…

Memories of the past surged within his mind. When he was still young in the past, he had no choice but to embark on the bloody journey of cultivation for revenge.

He had suffered pain. He had lost his sanity. He had been torn apart by sorrow… After forty years, the past seemed like a foggy dream. It could no longer cause any wavelets on the pond of his mind.

He went to the Hu Family. He still remembered that he promised Hu Fengzi, the old ancestor of the Hu Family, that he would help his family three times for a Cultivation Pill in return.

He stood at the summit of the Cold Mon Mountain, before the grave of Hu Fengzi.

Under the protection of his reputation, the Hu Family did not collapse. They were still existing. However, Hu Fengzi’s grave was already overgrown with weeds…

Ning Fan squatted down before the grave and got rid of the weeds covering the grave. After that, he let out a gentle sigh.

“You’ve sacrificed your life for protecting the Hu Family. They, however, have forgotten you. They even neglected to care for your grave…”

“Today, it seems like what you’ve done for them was not worth it.”

Ning Fan rose to his feet, staring at the sun that was slowly setting in silence. Then, he turned around and left.

He did not give any benefit to the Hu Family. Perhaps it was because he disliked the indifference of the family toward their old ancestor.

After making a few light steps, Ning Fan had already travelled from the western domain of Yue Country to the Flat Cloud Mountain in the eastern domain of the country.

The spiritual qi in the mountain was thin. There were no cultivators cultivating in this area. On the mountain, there was only a village that was called Peaceful Village. It was a village of mortals.

This village was none other than the village in which Ning Gu stayed.

After parting ways with Ning Gu for forty years, Ning Fan really wanted to meet his younger brother.

Following the mountain’s path while basking in the sunset glow, Ning Fan slowly reached the Peaceful Village. He looked at the unfamiliar scenery before him and let out a sigh.

Sparse camellia flowers had grown along the mountain’s path outside the village. There were not so many flowers in the past.

On the entrance of the village, a few children were playing around and chasing butterflies, immersing in their childhood fun.

As soon as they saw Ning Fan, they immediately asked with a warm smile.

“Is this uncle a merchant that is passing by our place? Do you want to stay overnight in our village?”

“I am not a merchant. I am also not coming here to stay overnight. I’ve visited your village before. The reason I came here today is just to look for an old friend.”

“An old friend? Who are you looking for? We can help to show you the way. However, if you said you’ve come to our village before, why haven’t we seen you before?”

“You, of course, have never seen me before… Continue play among yourselves. There is no need to show me the way. I recognize it.”

Ning Fan laughed. He had left Yue Country for forty plus years. How would these children who were just at the age of seven or eight see him before?

He spread his spirit sense across the village. Suddenly, he let out a sigh. Many of the mortal villagers on this mountain that he had met in the past had already passed away.

The lifespan of a mortal really is short. It has only been forty years but so many old familiar faces are gone…

Most of the old men in the past had been buried into the yellow soil whereas the young men in the past had already grown elderly.

A few old men were smoking dry tobacco near the entrance of the village. When they saw Ning Fan, they felt that he looked rather familiar. However, no matter how hard they tried to remember, they could not recall where they had seen him before. Thus, they only gave him a faint polite smile.

Forty years had passed. It was impossible for old people to clearly remember a guest whom they had only met once countless years ago.

Forty years had passed. It was impossible for the children to see Ning Fan before.

When the children met him, they did not know him and thus they asked where he came from… However, they were unaware that he had already been here once a long time ago.

Ning Fan walked past the group of children and returned a faint smile to the old people in the village. Afterward, he continued walking into the mountain village all alone. As if he had a map of the place, he leisurely walked past each of the cottages and directly walked toward one of them in front of him.

The wall in the house was hanging two long old bows. No one knew how many years it was left untouched on the wall as the paint of the bows had already turned slightly dull.

The two sides of the wooden door that was enclosed with a fence were planted with various kinds of camellia flowers. However, due to the lack of care, many weeds grew around the area as well.

Ning Fan gently knocked on the wooden door. He could sense the qi of a man inside the house. He knew that was his younger brother, Ning Gu.

After hearing the sound of door knocking, an elderly man who was close to the age of sixty slowly walked out from the house. His old appearance was ravaged with inerasable grief.

His turbid eyes looked tired and melancholic. When he saw Ning Fan, he was instantly stunned and revealed a complicated expression.

“It’s you… You’ve finally come…”

He let out a few coughs and continued speaking with a sad and bitter smile.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a very long time. If I can’t see you, I will be unwilling to leave with her in peace.”

Ning Fan looked at the old man and sighed deeply.

“Ning Gu, why would you become like this?”

This old man was Ning Gu. His face was now full of wrinkles. His skin was dry and loose. He was no longer as handsome and dashing as before.

Ning Fan could not understand. In any case, Ning Gu was still a cultivator in the past. Even if his cultivation base was sealed and wielded the Life Sealing Ruler, it was impossible for him to age so quickly…

“Do I look very bad? *Cough* *Cough* *Cough*…” After coughing a few times, the old man forced a bitter smile and continued.

“An Ran is dead…”

“Since she’s dead, I’m not willing to live alone. I want to die together with her… However, I still have a wish that has yet to be fulfilled. Thus, I can’t die just like that… I’m sorry. I finally remembered you. But it took me forty years… I’m so sorry, Big Brother!”

Tears welled up in the elderly man’s eyes. His expression contained sorrow that could never be neutralized. Suddenly, he fell down to his knees inaudibly in front of Ning Fan.

He remembered Ning Fan. He remembered all the sad and happy memories of the past. He wanted to meet Ning Fan once more before he could leave this world peacefully.

Since he had now met Ning Fan and apologized to him, he was already prepared to die. However, he could not get rid of the guilt within him no matter how hard he tried.

He felt guilty and ashamed of himself for only remembering that he once had an elder brother called Ning Fan after forty years.

He felt even more ashamed for having a heart that was like dead ashes as he only wished to die together with An Ran and not accompany Ning Fan to finish the lonely cultivation path.

“An Ran actually is also dead…”

Ning Fan sighed with emotions. He closed his eyes, recalling the young lady of the village he met forty years ago.

Those eyes that shone with brilliance still appeared in front of his eyes but the person was no longer around.

An Ran was a mortal lady who loved Ning Gu blindly.

Ning Fan could faintly understand how heart-breaking Ning Gu felt after her death…

“I remembered leaving pills that could prolong one’s lifespan… Didn’t she take them? If she did, she would not be dead.”

“How would she be willing to eat those precious pills? She had already fed it to me without telling me… She really was a good woman…” The old man felt like his heart was being torn apart.

The day when An Ran died, Ning Gu decided to dismiss the foundation of his cultivation, dissipating all his cultivation base.

Originally, he would not age so quickly as he possessed magic power. However, after losing his magic power, his aging process happened almost instantaneously. Not much lifespan was left in him.

All he was waiting for was to see Ning Fan once more and accompany An Ran in the afterlife.

“Big Brother, I’m sorry… I can’t keep you company for the rest of your cultivation path…”

“What’re you talking about? Why would I force you if you are unwilling to walk this journey? Let me help you get up. Bring me to visit An Ran’s grave.”

Ning Fan pushed open the wooden door and held Ning Gu up and sighed gently.

He understood Ning Gu and he knew what he was thinking currently.

He knew that his silly younger brother had fulfilled his final wish after seeing him now and he only wanted to die.

Ning Fan did not try to stop him as he knew that it was pointless to stop him.

However, he could help Ning Gu do one more thing which probably could wish him a blissful and ordinary life.

“Alright, Big Brother. I’ll bring you to see An Ran!”

A small grave was made behind the house with a wooden stele standing erect in front of it.

The Tomb of My Beloved Wife – An Ran…

Ning Gu took out some joss sticks and incense papers and burned them in front of An Ran’s grave.

Then, he took out two jugs of wine to have a drink with Nign Fan.

It was the camellia wine of the Peaceful Village. It had a delicate flower fragrance and its alcohol concentration was quite small. Instead of tasting spicy, it gave one a warm and nourishing sensation when it entered one’s mouth.

Ning Fan stood in front of An Ran’s grave holding the wine jug with one of his hands and took a huge gulp.

Ning Gu, however, did not take a single sip. He was just staring at An Ran’s grave blankly while wearing a sad and bitter smile.

“Big Brother, were you living well in these years? Was Dao cultivation enjoyable…?”

“Regardless of whether it is enjoyable or not, I can never avoid this path. All I can do is to keep moving forward.” Ning Fan said calmly.

“I was happy living my life together with An Ran. I was so happy that I could not bear to be separated from her. I hate Dao cultivation in the first place. I hate fights. I hate killings. I hate conflicts and that endless sea of blood in the path of cultivation… I stubbornly refused to teach An Ran any cultivation technique just to let her live a peaceful life because she also disliked conflicts and killings…”

“I thought like that in the start and insisted on my choice. However, after An Ran died, I felt lost. The life of a mortal is really short. I began to wonder if we would be together for a long period if An Ran and I chose the path of Dao cultivation… However, before she died, she told me that she already had no regrets for meeting me in her life…”

“The life of a mortal is transient. It’s as short as the morning dew which is formed in the morning and dissipates at night. It’s as hurried as the white steed which flits past a crack.”

“The life of a cultivator might be long but it’s tiring. It’s like the life of autumn cicadas, flies, dogs and insects which have to keep shamelessly seeking for personal gain. It isn’t a life of true happiness…”

“I’ve felt regretful. I’ve felt lost as well. My heart hurt like it was stabbed by swords. I longed for the past where An Ran was still by my side, keeping my company. If we chose the cultivation path, we might be able to stay together longer… But I am even more sure that if we restart our lives, we will still make the same choice and be a mortal couple once more.”

“I’ll accompany when she’s sick. I’ll grow old together with her. I’ll keep her company to live a peaceful life and stay by her side when she dies… This is my wish… Big Brother, I want to make a move first and keep her company. I’m sorry that I can’t make it to the end with you on the lonely cultivation path. My heart cannot contain the cultivation path as it can only contain her shadow…”

As soon as Ning Gu finished speaking, he suddenly raised the wine jug and finished it completely. His life force, however, was rapidly draining.

When he finished the last drop of wine, he looked at Ning Fan with guilt in his eyes. Then, he turned around and looked at An Ran’s grave tenderly.

“Ran Er, I’ve already met my Big Brother. My final wish is fulfilled. I’ll now come and look for you… You must have waited for me for a long time… In our next life, I wish to meet you again during the season when the camellia flowers blossom. However, I am not confident that I could find you again among the sea of people…”

Ning Gu quietly leaned against the stele of the tomb and gently collapsed to the ground with a faint smile on his face. He died.

All of a sudden, pain filled Ning Fan’s heart. He closed his eyes and stood in front of the grave for a long time.

He had countless methods to bring Ning Gu back to life but he did nothing.

Ning Gu had experienced too much agony and pain in his life. Since that was the case, Ning Fan wanted to grant him a new life.

Ning Gu wished to live a mortal’s life and reunite with An Ran. Ning Fan could fulfill his wishes.

“Neither of you is going to die… An Ran, I’ve given you a hairpin in the past. It contains a trace of sword sense which not only could protect you but also keep a strand of your soul…”

Ning Fan muttered to himself and casually flicked his sleeve. Ning Gu’s corpse vanished instantly and another grave appeared in front of An Ran’s grave. The stele of the grave was carved with the following words:

The Tomb of My Younger Brother – Ning Gu.

After that, as Ning Fan waved his hand, two spirits flew out from the graves with a dazed expression. They were none other than Ning Gu and An Ran.

“Sleep for a while…”

Ning Fan gently touched the glabella of the two souls, causing them to slumber. Then, he kept their souls into his sleeve and flew away from the Peaceful Village, rushing to the southern domain of Yue Country.

It was unknown how many cultivation countries he had passed by. While he was travelling, he was performing hand seals to perform divination. Eventually, he stopped by the city of a mortal country.

The country was called Tang Country and its city was named Chang An.

In Chang An City, the madams of two aristocratic families would be giving birth today.

The two families had marriage relations for generations. Their mansions were only separated by a single wall. Besides, the madams of the two families were about to give birth on the same day.

The two families had an agreement among themselves that if the two newborn babies are both boys or girls, they would become sworn brothers or sisters.

However, if one of them is a boy while the other one is a girl, a betrothal would be arranged for them.

It was supposed to be a joyful day as the two madams were going to give birth on the same day. Unfortunately, they both had difficulty in giving birth. Moreover, their bodies were weak and frail. Even the best doctor and midwife in the city were at their wit’s ends to help them as they declared that the two madams’ lives were on the line.

Ning Fan had already foreseen that the two unborn children would be a boy and a girl.

At the same time, he also foresaw that the two madams would die because of difficulty in giving birth today if there was no intervention from others…

Thus, he made up his mind. He took out Ning Gu and An Ran’s souls and descended on the two families secretly in an invisible form. Then, he put their souls into the abdomen of the two madams respectively.

Afterward, he acted personally to help the two madams give birth to their children by using his magic power.

The moment the beautiful babies of the two families were born, all the doctors and midwives were completely astonished.

“H-How is this possible?! They gave birth successfully!”

“Could there be an apparition of a deity who saved the two madams?!”

Ning Fan did not reveal himself. However, he was suddenly stunned upon seeing something.

He actually saw a white line which stretched out from the bodies of the babies. The two white lines wanted to connect with each other but they failed to do so.

“What are these lines?!”

Ning Fan never knew that there would be such a white line inside a person’s body. When he studied it carefully, he sensed an extraordinary force of Great Dao from the white lines. It contained a massive amount of life force!

“Connect their white lines together and they will never be separated forever. Luo You’s voice suddenly resounded within the Yin Yang Locket, reminding Ning Fan.

“Do these white lines have this kind of function?”

Ning Fan was startled. However, he still did what Luo You told him and gently tied the white lines from the two bodies at their pinky fingers.

That white line was not visible to naked eyes. Even a Void Refinement Realm or a Void Fragmentation Realm expert might not necessarily be able to see it. Thus, Ning Fan guessed that the white lines should be something extraordinary.

“With this line, no matter how many times you and An Ran reincarnated, both of you will reunite. It’s good in this way. I’ve finally fulfilled your wishes.”

“Ning Gu, no matter what you want, I will give it to you because I am your elder brother. As the saying goes, an elder brother is like a father. Since your wish is to be a mortal couple with An Ran for eternity, I’ll grant you such a life. However, you must remember that you must protect the woman with whom you have made out forever and not let her get hurt. Since this is the path you’ve chosen for yourself, you have to walk to the end of it. Remember!”

Ning Fan was in an invisible form. Only Ning Gu could hear his voice.

Even though Ning Gu was just a baby, he did not cry or make any noise. He opened his black bright eyes and stared at Ning Fan’s direction, babbling. No one knew what he was saying.

Perhaps Ning Gu was trying to thank Ning Fan and promise him.

“It’s unknown when we will meet again next time…”

Ning Fan looked slightly downcast. With a single step, he left, disappearing from Tang Country.

On this day, he had personally buried Ning Gu and granted him a new life. Inwardly, he gained some new insights about samsara.

These insights were the understanding of life and death which were the elements which the samsara contained.

Because of these insights, he saw the strange white line…

“I’ve seen them die and created a grave for my younger elder. Then, I’ve granted them a new life and personally helped him reincarnate… It feels quite weird but profound…”

“However, what exactly is the white line…?”

Ning Fan’s mind could not settle down. He patted his pouch and took out an ancient characterless book that had already turned yellowish. It was the book that he chanced upon in the Sinister Sparrow Sect in the past. It was an item that Immortal Sovereign Zi Dou left behind.

This book was not about cultivation methods or magic techniques. It also did not contain any insights about cultivations. However, it contained what Zi Dou felt when he was burying his friend.

Because Ning Fan had touched the edge of the samsara power, the characterless book already revealed a short poem.

“People die like lights, extinguished, samsara blows and all things rekindle. Immortals die like shattered thoughts and none shall return in their afterlife…”

Ning Fan recited this poem as he was walking past each of the low-grade cultivation countries. Eventually, he stood on the summit of a nameless desolate mountain. Thoughts and emotions began to surge within him like a wave.

He faintly felt that the white line seemed to contain the power that could control life and death.

“What line is that…?” He asked himself.

“That is the Dao Line of Life. *clicks tongue* I didn’t expect that you actually could obtain the insights about life and death by sending your younger brother for reincarnation which allowed you to see the Dao Line of Life. It really surprised me. If the news about your encounter is spread out, it’s unknown how many Void Fragmentation Realm old monsters in the Nine Worlds would envy you.” Luo You clicked her tongue while praising Ning Fan.

“The Dao Line of Life? What is that?” Ning Fan asked with curiosity.

“That is the Dao Line that only life immortals who are at the Human Immortal Realm could see. It’s a crucial step in becoming an immortal! The reason why the rogue immortals, rogue demons and rogue devils failed to become immortals is usually because they could not learn the Dao Line of Life. The most difficult part on the path to becoming an immortal is comprehending life and death. Since you could see the Dao Line of Life, it’ll be extremely helpful to you when you are going to become an immortal in the future. For now, it’s rather useless.” Luo You explained.

“I see… So the line is the Dao Line of Life…”

Then, Ning Fan stood at the summit of the mountain for eight consecutive days.

During these eight days, his mind was repeatedly thinking about life and death. When he raised his hand, he could see a strand of white clear line from the soles on his palm.

On the ninth day, Ning Fan stopped thinking and returned to Yue Country.

It was almost time for him to head over Song Country and join the assembly held by the Great Jin.

“King Jun, it’s time to settle our old grudges…” While walking above the clouds, Ning Fan said indifferently.

The great assembly was held in the Lin Shui City of Song County.

In the sky above the city, countless rays of travelling light and flying ships were arriving one after another. Hundreds of thousands of cultivators gathered in the city to join the assembly.

Most of the cultivators coming to the city were from the eleven countries which were threatened by the Great Jin.

In this assembly, all the sects and forces of the eleven cultivation countries must give the Great Jin an answer whether they choose submission or death.

In the great palace situated at the center of the city, a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator wearing a set of black dragon robes sat on the highest throne. He was King Jin.

Below him sat two other Divine Transformation Realm cultivators who were both the Divine Transformation Realm revered elders from the Serene Heaven Palace of the Rain Palace.

One of them was an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator whose qi was heavy and deep. He seemed to have touched the bottleneck of the Mid Divine Transformation Realm. His hair was fully gray. He was Revered Snow.

The other cultivators seemed to have just attained the Divine Transformation Realm not long ago. His cultivation base was yet to be stabilized. He had a hideous appearance but his body was heavily built. This ugly man was called Yun Lie. He was once a divine messenger of the Rain Palace. However, after he had broken through to the Divine Transformation Realm, he was assigned to the Serene Heaven Palace, promoted as a revered elder and given the title of Revered Lie.

There were a dozen divine messengers from the Rain Palace’s division behind the two revered elders. All of them were at the Nascent Soul Realm.

Among the divine messengers, there was a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator whose eyes were blind. He was no longer as wild and arrogant as before. His presence emanated a thick qi of death.

He was Yun Kuang, the person who wanted to buy Yin Suqiu’s smile with his wealth.

“Hehe. The assembly this time is just a common procedure. With King Jin’s cultivation base, it’s as easy as raising your hand for you to suppress the eleven countries. If the eleven countries are unwilling to yield, they won’t be daring enough to disobey you. Thus, there should not be anyone foolish to defy your orders, right?” Revered Snow said with a faint smile.

“What Fellow Daoist Snow said is correct. Even though there are some minor forces who are still reluctant to submit, as long as I eliminate some forces in this assembly to set an example, I believe the other forces will obediently join my Great Jin. Oh yes, Fellow Daoist Yun Lie, may I ask if the vice palace lord is coming personally?” King Jin wore a hopeful look and cupped his fists courteously at Yun Lie. The vice palace lord he referred to was naturally the vice palace lord of the Serene Heaven Palace.

“Not only the vice palace lord of my Serene Heaven Palace is coming for this assembly but also another significant being.” Yun Lie answered with a flat tone.

“Oh? Which significant being is going to join us?” King Jin sounded surprised.

“The sect master of the Martial Sect – Marquis Wu Mu!” Yun Lie’s tone was indifferent but King Jin looked extremely shocked.

“What?! Marquis Wu Mu is actually going to join the insignificant assembly of my Great Jin! This really flattered me! My status is lowly and inferior and I’ve never met Marquis Wu Mu before. When Marquis Wu Mu arrives, please introduce me to him, Fellow Daoist Yun Lie.”

“I heard that there are still some sects in Yue Country which publicly refused to join the Great Jin. Is that true?” Yue Lie did not like King Jin’s intention to fawn upon the people of power. Thus, he deliberately changed the topic of conversation.

“Yue Country? It’s just a low-grade cultivation country. There’s nothing worrying about them. In this case, I’ll first strike the confidence of Yue Country in this assembly and see which country will still be audacious enough to defy my Great Jin!” King Jin sneered.

“I’d like to advise you not to underestimate Yue Country. This is just a kind reminder…” Yun Lie recalled the figure of a young man in his mind which made him dispirited all of a sudden.

If it wasn’t because he received the mission of participating in the assembly after joining the Serene Heaven Palace, he would not be willing to be a part of King Jin’s group.

In fact, he preferred to sit down with that young man from Yue Country and discuss Dao.

During the incident of eliminating the demon tide in Great Jin in the past, he met that young man again and he was surprised by his rapid improvement.

It had been forty years. He wondered if that young man had returned to Yue Country and what cultivation base he currently possessed…

If he is here, it probably will be very difficult for King Jin to unify the eleven countries…

“Humph! Yue Country is just a low-grade cultivation country that is nothing to be worried about at all. Even though there is an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator in the Fire Cloud Sect of the Country and a Fourth Revolution Pill Refinement Master in the Sinister Sparrow Sect, these forces aren’t qualified enough to go against me! Even though Fellow Daoist Yue Lie’s advice is out of kindness, your worries seem to be a little unreasonable. Yue Country can never cause a stir. It is just an insignificant country that can be flattened anytime!”

King Jin rose to his feet and walked toward the exit of the palace with confidence.

“I am a dignified Divine Transformation Realm expert. All the cultivators below the Divine Transformation Realm are just ants! No one in the eleven countries can be my enemy. Everyone only has one choice – to yield!”

King Jin released strands of black intent realm power. In an instant, be it Yun Lie or Revered Now, both of them were astonished.

“Is this the power of the Dominating Intent Realm?! What a mighty power! Among Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivators, there are certainly not many people who can be King Jin’s opponent!”

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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