Grasping Evil

Chapter 524 - Reunion With Old Friends, No Regrets For The Past

Chapter 524: Chapter 524: Reunion With Old Friends, No Regrets For The Past

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While holding an umbrella, Ning Fan held Zhi He’s hands and walked past the snowy areas of the Seven Apricot and returned to Si Fan Palace which he had never been to for a very long time.

The pill chamber, the apricot farm, Du Gu’s sword grave… The scenery of every place was still the same as before. Nothing seemed to have changed.

Ning Fan closed his eyes, recalling the details of this place in the past. His heart that remained icy cold for a long time gradually turned warm.

Zhi He was on the verge of breaking through to the Gold Core Realm. She was about to sever her emotions… However, she was reluctant to sever her heart’s devil because it was Ning Fan.

With Ning Fan’s current cultivation base, he completely had the capabilities to help Zhi He form her gold core without severing her heart’s devil. It was as easy as blowing off dust and was not a difficult problem.

He did not deliberately keep the news of his return a secret. The four greatest families protecting the Seven Apricot City had already received the news.

The leaders of three of the families had personally arrived outside Si Fan Palace to meet Ning Fan. Only the head of one family came late. Besides, Ning Fan found that person’s qi rather unfamiliar…

The four families of the Seven Apricot were the Wu, the Ye, the Mo and the Fang. The head of the Fang Family did not come in person… Instead, the person who came was the new head of the family.

Ning Fan stroked Zhi He’s hair with an emotional sigh and asked, “Did the former lord of the Ye Family… pass away…?”

“Yes… During the past forty years, the heads of the four greatest families had reached the bottleneck of the Gold Core Realm successively. The Mo Family, the Wu Family and the Fang Family had successfully formed their gold core. Only the head of the Ye Family, however, failed to form his gold core and died ten years ago…” Zhi He lowered her head as if she could not bear to speak about the sad tragedy. She was still as soft-hearted as before.

“Failed to form the gold core… The world is unpredictable and everyone has their own fate that can never be defied or forced… Let’s go and meet the heads of the other three families.”

Ning Fan let out a gentle sigh. The world’s affairs are changeable and life and death is unpredictable. Who could foresee that they are going to die or live tomorrow?

After leaving Yue Country for forty years, there was already an old friend of his who passed away. It affected him deeply but there was nothing he could do about it.

Together with Zhi He, they walked out of Si Fan Palace. Four cultivators were already waiting for them patiently outside.

Three out of the four of them were Early Gold Core Realm cultivators. They were Wu Lan, the head of the Wu Family, Mo Rushui, the head of the Mo Family and Fang Nuo, the head of the Fang Family respectively…

The fourth person was the new head of the Ye Family. He was just an Early Harmonious Spirit Realm young man. His innate potential was considered quite good.

“Greetings to the Young Lord!” The four cultivators uttered in unison and were going to salute Ning Fan with a bow.

“You may dispense with the formalities. It has been many years since we last met. I believe everyone has been doing well during this period of time.” Ning Fan smiled gently and casually flicked his sleeve. Then, a gust of cool breeze brushed against their faces. The four of them felt that their bodies seemed to have been paralyzed. None of them could actually kneel or bend their bodies.

The Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator of the Ye Family looked stunned. He was surprised at Ning Fan’s great ability. By just casually flicking his sleeve, he could actually stop him from kneeling down.

In the meantime, an immense feeling of shock washed over the three Gold Core Realm cultivators like raging waves.

In any case, they were Gold Core Realm cultivators. However, they actually could not withstand the magic power which Ning Fan summoned with a casual flick of his sleeve… All of them could not help but wonder what exactly his current cultivation realm was as he could immobilize them with just a simple movement!

The three of them had also heard of the name of Marquis White Robe. However, none of them could think that the young lord of the Seven Apricot City and Marquis White Robe were the same person.

They spread out their spirit sense, trying to inspect Ning Fan’s current cultivation realm.

When they scanned Ning Fan with their spirit sense, their expressions turned pale. They could only feel that the person standing in front of them was not the young lord of the Seven Apricot City but an insurmountable mountain. His heavy aura force pressed against them to the point of suffocating!

“Young Lord’s cultivation base is actually so powerful. Could it be that… you have already broken through to the Nascent Soul Realm?!” The head of the Mo Family, Mo Rushui, spoke with eyes sparkling in wonder.

“Old Ancestor Jing Zhuo of the Fire Cloud Sect is an Early Nascent Soul Realm expert. However, he certainly doesn’t have a heavy aura force like Young Lord’s… From my perspective, Young Lord should already reach at least the Mid Nascent Soul Realm!” The head of the Wu Family, Wu Lan, covered her mouth with her hand and said in surprise.

“No! Young Lord’s cultivation base is definitely not just at the Mid Nascent Soul Realm! I met a Mid Nascent Soul Realm senior ten years ago. Even that senior did not have such a frightening aura force! I think Young Lord’s cultivation base is at the Late Nascent Soul Realm at the very least!” The head of the Fang Family, Fang Nuo, said firmly.

“O-Oh my god! The young lord of our Seven Apricot City is actually a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert?! The Harmonious Spirit Realm from the Ye Family was dumbfounded. He was still young. He was not even born forty years ago. Thus, he had never met Ning Fan before.


Zhi He could no longer hold back and smiled mischievously.

Late Nascent Soul Realm? How could her Big Brother Fan just be at the Late Nascent Soul Realm?

Today, Marquis White Robe’s name was widely known around the world. Why was there no one who would think that Marquis White Rob was her Big Brother Fan?

Why was there no one who would guess that her Big Brother Fan’s cultivation base had already broken through to the Void Refinement Realm?

“Actually, Big Brother Fan’s cultivation base is much higher than the Late Nascent Soul Realm. He has already reached…” Zhi He who had been containing herself wished that she could just tell the heads of the four families Ning Fan’s true cultivation base.

However, Ning Fan stroked her hair and gently placed his hand on her lips, stopping her from telling them the truth.

It was neither because he did not want her to tell them his true cultivation base nor he wanted to deliberately keep it a secret.

He was just afraid that they would be scared half to death after telling them his cultivation base at the Void Refinement Realm which would then ruin the ambience of their reunion.

“City Lord Zhi He said the young lord’s cultivation base is actually higher than the Late Nascent Soul Realm?! Is it possible that Young Lord is now at the legendary Peak Nascent Soul Realm?!” Fang Nuo said in disbelief.

“If Young Lord is a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert, your identity probably can make King Jin fear us and solve the crisis of our Yue Country!” Wu Lan said optimistically.

“Right. The reason why we came here today is to discuss with Young Lord about the ‘Great Jin’s Merger’.” Mo Rushui recalled their main business and immediately reported to Ning Fan while holding her forehead.

“Great Jin’s Merger?” Ning Fan’s eyes turned slightly cold. Even though he had heard about the Great Jin harboring malice against Yue Country, he did not know about the whole incident.

Mo Rushui and others quickly told him the ins and outs of the matter.

When Ning Fan passed by the Great Jin in the past, King Jun was just a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

After a short while when Ning Fan left the country, King Jun broke through to the Peak Nascent Soul Realm in one go.

Then, King Jun sought refuge in the Serene Heaven Palace which was a division of the Rain Palace and gained the support from the Serene Heaven Palace Lord who provided him a secret method to break through the Early Divine Transformation Realm within forty years.

When King Jun had attained the Divine Transformation Realm, the level of the Great Jin also improved. From being a mid-grade cultivation country, it was promoted to a high-grade cultivation country.

Under the instruction of the Serene Heaven Palace, King Jun ordered the neighboring eleven countries to submit and join his country. Besides, he even sent out Nascent Soul Realm experts to threaten all the sects in those eleven countries to yield.

King Jin intended to merge the eleven low-grade and mid-grade cultivation countries into the Great Jin’s domain. This was the Great Jin’s merger that gave rise to a babel of discussions.

Ten days later, King Jun would hold an assembly regarding the mergers of countries on Song Country located at the north of Yue Country. It would be the final chance that King Jin gave to all eleven countries. If any of those countries still refuses to join the Great Jin during that time, King Jin would annihilate the country and every sect involved…

“Serene Heaven Palace… It seems like it’s the division ruled by the Sixth Prince of the Rain Palace, Yun Youmu…” Ning Fan muttered to himself. He, of course, did not place King Jin in his eye.

“Young Lord, if you really are a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert,you must head to the Song Country and participate in the assembly to back our Yue Country up!” Mo Rushui and others pleaded to Ning Fan.

“Don’t worry. I will not just stand by and watch!”

Ning Fan nodded and promised them. After dismissing the heads of the four families, he turned around and returned to Si Fan Palace, directly hugging Zhi He to sleep.

Tonight was the first night they reunited. Without a doubt, they would have some intimate sessions to celebrate their reunion.

On the next day, Ning Fan secretly left Si Fan Palace and headed to other places in Yue Country.

His old friends were not just in the Seven Apricot City but also other places. No matter what, he still had to pay them a visit.

In Ning City, the Three Divine Armies of Black Devil were standing guard as usual.

Forty years had passed. The fame of the armies had been spread across the entire Yue Country because all the devil guards had at least reached the Harmonious Spirit realm.

As for the three commanders of the armies, their cultivation bases were even higher. Even Nan Yangzi and Lu Nanzi had achieved great improvement in their cultivation base.

When Ning Fan appeared in Ning City, no one noticed how he got in.

The three divine armies were greatly shocked by his appearance at first. Countless arrows were fired within the city to alarm everyone about the arrival of an intruder.

However, when the armies got a clearer look at Ning Fan’s appearance, each of them was petrified as if they had just seen a ghost.

In the next instant, an earth-shattering cheer erupted within the city!

“It’s our young lord! Our young lord has returned!”

“The Three Divine Armies of Black Devil greet the Young Lord! Welcome back to Yue Country!”

Countless cultivators knelt down before Ning Fan. Among the crowd, a few people who looked overjoyed rapidly flew toward Ning Fan.

“Nan Gong, Si Tu, Wei Chi, Nan Yangzi, Lu Nanzi greet the Young Lord!”

“You all may dispense with formalities.”

Ning Fan’s eyes scanned across everyone. Looking at each and every one of those familiar faces, his heart gradually turned warm.

The commander of the ice division, Nan Gong, cultivated both the ice and lightning element. He had already reached the bottleneck of the Nascent Soul Realm. Currently, he was a renowned expert of Yue Country.

The commander of the sword division, Si Tu, emanated an imposing aura of evil sword qi. His cultivation base had already reached the Late Gold Core Realm. With his current strength, he could even put up a fight against a Peak Gold Core Realm cultivator!

Wei Chi, the commander of the apricot division, was still as buff as before. He actually had also reached the Peak Gold Core Realm depending on the set of dual cultivation method between human and beast.

Nan Yangzi was already at the Mid Gold Core Realm whereas Lu Nanzi was at the Early Gold Core Realm.

Wei Chi looked at Ning Fan with a fatuous smile on his face. There was a ravishingly beautiful woman following behind him.

“My wife, come and meet our young lord.”

“This maidservant greets the Young Lord.” As soon as Wei Chi’s wife heard what her husband said, she bowed at Ning Fan respectfully.

Ning Fan was slightly surprised. After not meeting them for forty years, We Chi actually had already established his own family?

When Ning Fan shifted his eyes toward that beautiful woman, he nearly could not hold his laughter.

That beauty was not a human but a pig demoness. Her original body was a sky river pig.

If Ning Fan was not mistaken, she was that little piglet which Wei Chi held in his embrace!

After having sexual intercourses and performing dual cultivation with Wei Chi, this piglet had also broken through to the Gold Core Realm and turned into a human form.

Ning Fan who rarely expressed his emotion laughed to his heart’s content. This Wei Chi really was amusing. Marrying a pig demoness as his wife…

When Ning Fan laughed, everyone was stunned for a second and began laughing together.

Their laughter was as carefree as before.

However, when they finished laughing, Nan Gong’s eyes turned serious. He cupped his fists at Ning Fan and said, “I suppose Young Lord should have already heard about the Great Jin’s merger on your way back to Yue Country. I wonder if you have any plan in mind!”

When everyone heard Nan Gong was raising an important issue, their expressions began stern again and stood up straight to await Ning Fan’s orders.

If Ning Fan orders them to join the Great Jin, they would only follow his order despite their reluctance.

If Ning Fan orders them to wage a bloody war with the Great Jin, they would be willing to shed their blood in the Great Jin even if they could not defeat them!

As long as Ning Fan gives them an order, they would certainly obey without any qualms!

“Plan? Well, this is an unnecessary question. I’m originally not interested in the Great Jin’s plan of merging the countries. However, since they have touched my people, it’s impossible for me to ignore this matter. They need to pay with their lives!”

Ning Fan’s eyes were cold and indifferent. It was the bone-chilling coldness that one would have after trampling upon countless corpses and seas of blood.

When Nan Gong and the others met Ning Fan’s eyes, their expression turned pale. Each of them had strong cultivation base. In Yue Country, they were considered first-class experts. However, they could not withstand the killing qi from a single look in Ning Fan’s eyes at all!

“Young Lord, what exactly is your cultivation base?! You could make us unable to resist at all with just the look of your eyes!” Nan Gong was flabbergasted.

In his life, he had only met the intensely cold look once. It was the expression he read from Old Devil’s eyes when he met him for the first time!

Those eyes carried the devil might that looked down upon the entire world. No one could rival him!

“You all should get some rest for now. Nine days later, I’ll bring all of you to Song Country!”

Ning Fan smiled. In a flash, he had already vanished without a trace.

Every single person in the armies was astonished. That was an exceedingly frightening travelling light. The speed was completely not something they could imagine!

“Is it possible that… our young lord has already broken through to the Divine Transformation Realm?!” Nan Gong guessed inwardly, finding it difficult to believe. From his perspective, only the legendary Divine Transformation Realm experts could possibly have such travelling light.

In the Fire Cloud Sect, Old Ancestor Jing Zhuo was sitting under a fire orchid tree. He was gently feeding medicine to a lady who had a vacant expression.

It had already been thirty plus years since Jing Zhuo left the Endless Sea and returned to Yue Country. He was the first Nascent Soul Realm expert of Yue Country and the strongest expert of the country!

The lady in front of him was none other than the love of his life – Lady Yun Hua.

After Jing Zhuo had broken through to the Nascent Soul Realm, he had been searching everywhere for methods that could allow Lady Yun Hua to break free from the body of a spiritual puppet and be truly revived. Eventually, he found one method.

Not wishing for longevity. Not wishing for power to rule over the world. Just wishing to correct your reflection…

He did not forget that promise he made in the past. His life ambition was not about breaking through to the Mid Nascent Soul Realm but reviving his dead wife when he was still alive.

He had found a method to revive her wife. However, he could not allow Yun Hua’s soul to return to her physical body at the end of the day.

In order to make her soul return to her body, he would need to achieve the Void Inquiry Stage and use the void power to restore the void and return her soul. Only then would there be chances for him to succeed.

Jing Zhuo smiled bitterly. Where could he find a Void Inquiry Stage old monster to return the soul of his wife?

After all, he was just a small Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

In the past, he thought that the Nascent Soul Realm was the supreme cultivation level. However, after he had witnessed the terror in the Endless Sea, he realized that Nascent Soul Realm cultivators were just as insignificant as ants in the eyes of truly powerful experts.

“Yun Hua, I will certainly make you truly come back to life in my lifetime. Trust me!” Jing Zhuo, who had gray hair, spoke with a smile.

“Mm. I believe you.” Yun Hua smiled faintly at him, just like the blossoming fire orchid.

“Nine days later, I will have to head to Song Country to participate in the assembly. I’ve owed Ning Fan too many favors. I’m afraid I won’t be able to fully repay him for my entire life. Since he isn’t in Yue Country now, I have to help him protect the country. No matter what, I can’t let King Jin annex this country!” Jing Zhuo’s eyes flashed with a hint of anger.

“My husband, you must be careful on this trip…” Yun Hua gently stroked Jing Zhuo’s face.

When the two of them had deep feelings, a light cough suddenly reverberated behind Jing Zhuo.

Jing Zhuo’s face was filled with surprise! The Fire Cloud Sect had extremely strict defense. Who could actually sneak inside the Fire Cloud Sect stealthily and even get past his senses?!

Before he could turn around and look, a hand was already patting his shoulder gently.

“Fellow Daoist Jing Zhuo, it’s been many years. I hope you are doing well.”

“You are… Ning Fan!” Jing Zhuo was startled at first. Then, his expression revealed a look of joy.

“You’re back! Yue Country is saved!”

“Yes. I’m back. The Great Jin is finished.” Ning Fan smiled jokingly.

“What is your current cultivation base?! I already can’t see through you at all. Could it be that you have already achieved the Divine Transformation Realm?!” Jing Zhuo made a guess.

Ning Fan only smiled at him without telling him the truth. However, when he inspected Lady Yun Hua carefully, he sighed with emotions.

“You are trying to resurrect her, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I’ve found a method that could give her a chance of revival even though she is currently in a puppet’s body. However, my cultivation level is not enough to return her soul to her body… *Sigh*…” Jing Zhuo said dejectedly.

“Returning her soul to her body?”

Ning Fan went silent for a while. Then, he suddenly lifted his finger and pointed at Yun Hua’s glabella.

Jing Zhuo and him had quite a close friendship. Thus, it was fine for him to give him a hand.

Strands of void power covered the tip of his finger. After he applied the power, Yun Hua’s soul became connected with her original body and then fused with it!

“You don’t have to worry about the Great Jin. With me here, Yue Country will not be in any danger. Just Stay at your place and look after your wife.”

Ning Fan gave him a smile and left. His travelling was so fast that Jing Zhuo actually could not see how he departed.

Jing Zhuo had yet to digest everything that had happened. He had no idea of the profound meaning behind Ning Fan’s actions and words.

All of a sudden, the lady in front of him made a sound. She rubbed her forehead and said, “It’s strange. How did my soul return to this body?”


The bowl of medicine in Jing Zhuo fell to the ground, shattering into pieces. However, he did not care about the bowl at all. His eyes were fixed at Lady Yun Hua and they were gradually moistened with tears.

“It’s Ning Fan. It’s him who helped you return your soul to your original body… He… Is it possible that he is already a Void Refinement Realm old monster…? Yun Hua, you’ve finally come back to life. I’ve waited for this day for far too long…You are still as beautiful as before. I, however, am already old…”

Jing Zhuo’s white hair fell down messily. His face was covered with deep wrinkles. He was already old…

Lady Yun Hua raised her hand and gently touched Jing Zhuo’s wrinkles. With a loving expression, she said, “You aren’t old. In my heart, you are still the handsome Jing Zhuo from the past…”

Even though his beauty did not age, he had no regrets for his promise in the past!

There is no word that can express my gratitude for your kind deed, Ning Fan.

Jing Zhuo pulled Yun Hua into his embrace and hugged her tightly. While feeling deeply moved because of his lover’s revival, he was extremely thankful to Ning Fan.

He stared at the direction where Ning Fan left, feeling difficult to get over it for a long time.

Outside the Fire Cloud Sect, Ning Fan kept his spirit sense. After sensing that the pair of lovers, Jing Zhuo and Yun Hua, finally getting together at last, he could not help but smile faintly.

“The next stop should be the Sinister Sparrow Sect…”

Ning Fan gently took a step forward and travelled across countless distances in an instant. In a matter of seconds, he appeared at the Dark Sparrow Valley located at the western domain of Yue Country.

When he took another step, he directly went past layers of formation light and arrived at the edge of the Bright Moon Pond within the valley.

A lady in blue robes was standing quietly beside the pond. She was the current sect master of the Sinister Sparrow Sect – Lan Mei, the ‘Blue Sparrow Sword’.

There was also a lady who wore revealing clothes standing beside her. She was the inner elder of the Sinister Sparrow Sect – Bai Lu, the ‘Pink Skeleton’.

Both of them were staring at the pond. Their beautiful eyes had inexplicable longing for a person.

“The Great Jin is going to annex Yue Country. Aren’t you coming back yet, Big Brother Ning Fan…?” Lan Mei sighed faintly.

“Humph! This stinky man is full of bad intentions. He must be spending his time drinking and indulging in sensual pleasures. How would he still remember us, the wives who help share his hard lot?!” Bai Lu complained with her eyes filled with hidden bitterness and light anger.

Ning Fan nearly burst into laughter.

He never knew that Lan Mei would call him ‘Big Brother Ning Fan’ behind his back… A wave of tingling sensation flowed throughout his body.

He never knew that Miss Bai Lu who had been hostile toward him would actually claim herself to be one of his wives and harbored secret grudges for his disappearance.

*Piak* *Piak*

Ning Fan showed up behind the two of them like a ghost. He then raised his hands and smacked their buttocks. It felt soft and tender.

“Who’s it?! How dare you profane me?!” Lan Mei scolded angrily.

“You’re courting death!” Bai Lu was literally prepared to kill that person.

The two ladies turned around with immense killing qi. However, just as they saw the man’s face, they were stunned, rooted to the ground.

“W-When did you return?! Y-You… You… You still remember about coming back home?!” The two ladies hid the joy in their eyes and purposely revealed a look of anger.

“If I still don’t come back, I’m afraid you two won’t be willing to form your gold core for the rest of your lives…”

Ning Fan’s eyes scanned past the two ladies mischievously.

Their magic power was clearly enough for them to form their gold core. Even so, they still had yet to break through to the Gold Core Realm. Thus, the reason was not because they could not achieve the breakthrough but they were just unwilling to do so.

Just like Zhi He, their heart’s devil was Ning Fan. They were reluctant to form their gold core because they were afraid of forgetting Ning Fan.

“A group of silly ladies…” Ning Fan closed his eyes and the warmth in his heart grew warmer.

Because of this group of silly ladies, this Yue Country was his home.

“M-Master! I’ve detected your smell. I followed the trail of your smell and rushed to this valley… I didn’t expect that you’re really back!” A surprised voice of an old man resounded an inappropriate timing, interrupting the lovely atmosphere.

“Do you have a dog’s nose? No one noticed that I’ve returned to Yue Country. Only you, however, detected my return by sniffing the air from afar.”

Ning Fan was speechless. The old man who smelled his return was none other than his first cheap disciple – Xue Qing.

This disciple had already attained the High Grade Fourth Revolution Pill Refinement Realm. Based on his speed of improvement, he would attain the Fifth Revolution one day.

As his pill refinement realm improved, his nose became sharper.

The improvement of Zhi He and his other women’s cultivation bases as well as the improvement of the Three Divine Armies of Black Devil’s cultivation base were all Xue Qing’s contributions.

Since the day Ning Fan left Yue Country, he had been concocting pills day and night. If there was not a Fourth Revolution Pill Refinement Master like him in Yue Country, it was impossible for the three divine armies to achieve the Harmonious Spirit Realm entirely…

Xue Qing had been working diligently day and night in the past forty years. Now, the master he had been waiting for a long time returned. He naturally was extremely happy.

However, the reason why he was happy was not because he missed Ning Fan. Instead, he remembered that Ning Fan promised him to give him a Fifth Revolution Pill.

“Master, what about the Fifth Revolution Pill that you promised to give me?” Xue Qing asked eagerly.

“Oh yes. I’ve promised you to give you a Fifth Revolution Pill…”

Ning Fan, who seemed to have just recalled the past, took out one hundred plus bottles of pills from his pouch and placed them on the ground.

“All of the pills in these bottles are Fifth Revolution Pills. Just take whatever you want.”

“What?! This is impossible! You actually have so many Fifth Revolution Pills?!!”

Xue Qing’s face was full of astonishment. He was literally petrified.

Oh my god! Even a Divine Transformation Realm old monster won’t have so many Fifth Revolution Pills. Why does Master have so many with him…?

This is just unreasonable! Since when do the Fifth Revolution Pills have become as cheap as cabbage that could be found everywhere on the floor?!

“Right. Do you want a Sixth Revolution Pill?” Ning Fan patted his pouch again and took out a delicate jade box. It contained a Sixth Revolution vulnerary pill.

“S-S-Sixth…” Xue Qing was so excited that he lost his ability to speak properly.

He actually was fortunate enough to witness a legendary Sixth Revolution Pill today.

This is truly the best day of my life!

“Master, you are too great! Your virtue equals heaven and earth. Your great reputation shall give you the power to rule the entire world forever!” Xue Qing began flattering Ning Fan incoherently.

All of a sudden, his large red nose wiggled, sniffing the air around Ning Fan. In the next moment, his face looked frightened.

“M-Master… Why would you have a medicine soul! Could it be that you have become a legendary Fifth Revolution Pill Refinement Master?!”


Ning Fan rubbed his forehead.

Is it very rare to possess the Fifth Revolution Pill Refinement Realm? A legend…

Apparently, a Fifth Revolution Pill Refinement Master and cultivators at the Divine Transformation Realm are legendary beings in Yue Country.

Then, Ning Fan quietly thought to himself: Since I am a Sixth Revolution Pill Refinement Realm and my cultivation base is at the Void Refinement Realm, am I going to be considered as the legend of all legends?

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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