Grasping Evil

Chapter 472 - : Blue Moon Grass

Chapter 472: Chapter 472: Blue Moon Grass

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Su Yan was only astonished for a short moment and dismissed her surprised look right after, maintaining her usual calm.

She was different from Fen Chi, Feng Xueyan and Gu Shiniang. Her cultivation base was profound and she had a keener sense towards the soul connection. She actually managed to find out that Ning Fan was the one who shared a soul connection with her after interacting with him at a close distance.

However, she did not know why this feeling of being connected in soul would appear. She failed to consider the aspect of her identity as a devil concubine of the clan.

Although she was full of doubts, she could only wait for after the auction ends to approach Ning Fan for answers. Now, she still had a mission and that was to host the auction of the Mist Horn Clan.

“Today, I am indebted to all fellow daoists who came to participate in the auction of my clan. It truly is a great honor for me. Before the auction begins, there are some rules that I have to inform all of you fellow daoists.”

“Firstly, this auction will be held for ten consecutive days. Within this period, fellow daoists can leave whenever you wish. However, no cultivator is allowed to fight each other or kill others in order to snatch their treasures within the territory of my Mist Horn Clan. Anyone who tries to cause trouble in our territory will be deemed as individuals who has challenged the dignity of my clan. I will personally restrain these individuals!”


Countless old monsters sucked in a cold breath. Even the four Void Refinement Realm old monsters standing beside Ning Fan were slightly shocked.

The reason why many auction organizers would set a rule to prohibit private fights among cultivators was to prevent anyone from being killed as soon as they step out of the hall after acquiring a precious treasure.

It was not excessive for the Mist Horn Clan to have set this rule. Moreover, it was reasonable for the cultivators who came to join the auction to pay some respect to the Mist Horn Clan.

However, it was everyone’s first time hearing that a Void Inquiry Stage old monster would be sent to deal with troublemakers like how the Mist Horn Clan just did.

With Clan Leader Su Yan personally maintaining the order and safety of the Mist Horn Clan, no one would probably be bold enough to commit killings and robbery there.

Well, it was only a possibility…

The eyes of all cultivators secretly turned towards Ning Fan’s direction who was on the fourth floor as if all of them knew what each of them was thinking.

Even though the fourth floor had a formation light that prevented anyone from spying on the floor, it still could not stop many people from knowing that Ning Fan was on the fourth floor.

In today’s Endless Sea, everyone was aware that Ning Fan was someone who liked killing others and snatching their treasures the most.

Ning Fan was extremely strong. He was even capable of killing powerful experts like Shi Kun and Mo Xiu. If he really wants to go against the rule and commit killings and robbery, perhaps Su Yan would not be able to stop him as well…

Is he going to cause trouble?

Every cultivator there was extremely curious.

Ning Fan rubbed his forehead, feeling speechless at how the people there were acting. Was his reputation that bad? For what reason were they looking at him when Su Yan mentioned the rules?

He lifted his head and noticed that Su Yan’s apricot eyes were indifferently staring at him, like she was waiting for his answer.

“Venerated Ming, please give us your assurance that you won’t kill anyone and snatch their treasures during this auction. Otherwise, I cannot allow this auction to proceed.”

“Clan Leader Su, don’t worry. If no one tries to mess with me, I will certainly not kill anyone in this auction.” Ning Fan awkwardly shook his head and gave Su Yan his word.

“Thank you.” Su Yan gave Ning Fan a faint smile. Her smile was so beautiful that it could charm anyone who saw it.

She had never revealed her smile to any man in her entire life. The smile she gave Ning Fan seemed like a favor to him in return for his promise.

After Ming Que finished chewing on the ten thousand years old Profound Radiance Fruit, she took out another ten thousand years old Purple Duckweed Fruit and began chewing on it with great relish.

She raised her head and looked towards the direction of the fourth floor. Feeling slightly doubtful, she asked.

“Grandpa Qu, who is that Venerated Ming? Why is his reputation so bad that the Mist Horn Clan won’t start the auction if he doesn’t promise to not kill anyone…?”

‘Shh… Mistress, be quiet! Venerated Ming’s identity is esteemed and aloof. He isn’t someone whom we can discuss about!” When Old Man Qu heard Ming Que’s question, his expression greatly changed. As quickly as possible, he stopped her from continuing on that topic.

“Oh… I just find his voice rather familiar… Perhaps he is someone I know…”

“Mistress must have misheard. Do you know who that Venerated Ming is? How could he have any relationship with us? It’s impossible for Mistress to befriend a prestigious person like him. At least… it’s unlikely for now…”

“Alright. Oh yes, Grandpa Qu, why is this ten thousand years old Purple Duckweed Fruit1 not as sweet as an apple at all…?”


The group of Divine Transformation Realm servants standing at her sides could not believe their ears.

Who told you a Purple Duckweed Fruit is a purple apple?! A purple duckweed is a type of floating aquatic plant. What does it have to do with a damn apple? How could it possibly be sweet?!

It’s clearly abuse and misuse of that item! How wasteful! There’s actually someone who treats a Purple Duckweed Fruit like an apple in this world! It’s simply wasting such a precious item!

Ning Fan made a soft smile. The naive words that Ming Que had just said reached his ears.

Sure enough, this little pill devil was still the same as before. She really knew how to make him happy.

Inwardly, Ning Fan made up his mind. Once this auction is over, he will approach her.

Now, he had to focus on acquiring eight tufts of Devil Marjoram during the auction.

Su Yan continued informing them all of a series of rules for the auction. After that, the auction began.

As mentioned earlier, the auction would last for ten days. The closer the auction is to its last day, the more precious the items that would be on display.

For the past seven days, Ning Fan did not bid on anything. Only on the eighth day of the auction did something catch his attention.

Ming Que, on the other hand, was already buying different kinds of spiritual herbs without restraint since the first day of the auction.

As for the spiritual herbs she purchased during the auction, they went to her stomach on the spot.

Each of the old monsters who did not know anything about her background looked at her like they were looking at some sort of monster.

How is it possible for common people, except for wild beasts which had strong physical bodies and body cultivators with Jade Life Body Refining Realm and above, to eat raw ten thousand years old spiritual herbs?

Since Ming Que could literally eat those raw spiritual herbs, the strength of her physical body was probably stronger than common Wild Beasts. This made many Divine Transformation Realm old monsters start to feel fearful of her.

Every time she uttered something silly, Ning Fan would find it amusing and would smile. No one knew exactly how many times he had smiled because of the words she said.

“Grandpa Qu, why isn’t this Tan Xi Melon1 sweet? Hmm, it isn’t a watermelon at all!”

“Grandpa Qu, why isn’t this Musk Pepper1 sweet? Its name is lying. It isn’t a banana at all!”

“Grandpa Qu…”

Ning Fan’s mind revisited old memories.

This little pill devil is still the same as back then. She’s really a little insatiable foodie.

On the eighth day, Ning Fan bid for the first time. He acquired a Sixth Revolution pill recipe using eleven million immortal jade.

The starting price of that pill recipe was ten million immortal jade. After Ning Fan made his bid and increased the price to eleven million, all of the old monsters who wanted to bid for it stopped at once.

On the ninth day, Ning Fan bid for the second time and acquired a type of Heavenly Cold Qi using forty-one million immortal jade. It was the Azure Cold Qi which ranked tenth among the twelve Heavenly Cold Qi.

Just like the first time he made a bid, everyone obediently kept quiet as soon as he made his bid and increased the price. None of them dared to bid against him for the item.

On the tenth day, all of the most precious items were revealed on the stage.

Ning Fan gathered himself and actively bid for the items. His extravagant display of acquiring items had spent every last piece of the one billion immortal jade which the Eight Ancestors of the Giant Devil Clan had given to him. He did not have the slightest intention to help them save any of their money,

Eight tufts of Devil Marjoram cost four hundred million immortal jade in total.

A complete Low Grade Sixth Revolution Pill called Golden Body Pill cost five hundred million immortal jade. This pill’s effect was to increase the success of attaining the Golden Body Refining Realm by 10% when consumed.

Other than these, the Mist Horn Clan had also auctioned many fiendgod cultivation methods and even One-Star Immemorial Divine Weapons. However, Ning Fan was not interested in spending money to acquire these items.

Since the Devil Marjoram was already in his hands, the auction no longer had any meaning to him anymore.

With a playful expression, he stole a glance at Ming Que. She had already purchased innumerable spiritual herbs which cost her around 800 million immortal jade. It was unknown if she got such a huge amount of immortal jade from robbing or stealing.

However, despite having so much money, there would eventually be a time where she would run out of it.

Since she had been extremely wasteful at the beginning, she nearly could not afford to buy those rare and precious spiritual herbs at the end.

Thus, she began selling Min Luo Fruits to the old monsters around her. A single Min Luo Fruit could allow one to experience 50 years inside a dream realm which would increase the cultivation of their mental state by 50 years. Each fruit could be sold at 5 million immortal jade or more.

After selling twenty Min Luo Fruits, she managed to accumulate 100 million immortal jade. She finally learned to behave herself this time and did not spend the money extravagantly.

Inwardly, Ning Fan disagreed with her actions. He now understood why there were Min Luo Fruits in the Mist Horn Clan. It was actually this little girl who sold those fruits in exchange for money when she had none left to buy for spiritual herbs…

This little foodie…

The auction was already about to reach its end. The third to the last item to be auctioned was a tuft of sixty thousand years old spiritual herb called Blue Moon Grass.

It was a tuft of spiritual herb which was dark blue in color, just like the moon. It quietly grew on a large silver-colored marble.

Blue Moon Grass was helpful in breaking through the bottleneck of the Divine Transformation Realm. It was commonly used as a main ingredient for Divine Transformation Realm pills.

Under normal circumstances, Blue Moon Grass would at most grow up to twenty thousand years old.

This tuft, however, managed to live up to sixty thousand years. It was even qualified to act as a main ingredient for a Sixth Revolution Pill.

If a sixty thousand years old Blue Moon Grass were to be used in concocting Divine Transformation Realm Pills, they would give cultivators greater chances of success of breaking through the bottleneck of the Divine Transformation Realm compared to the typical pill.

Just as this sixty thousand years old Blue Moon Grass was revealed, it immediately caused a competitive and animated bidding among many Nascent Soul Realm and Divine Transformation Realm cultivators in order to compete for that spiritual herb.

Since the uses of Blue Moon Grass were quite limited, its starting price was just ten million immortal jade. However, the price increased by a lot in just a matter of a few breaths, reaching 95 million immortal jade.

Ning Fan did not have too much interest in this Blue Moon Grass. Even though it was really old, he did not lack the pills for breaking through the bottleneck of the Divine Transformation Realm at all. Just the Divine Transformation Realm Pills that he gave to Xu Qiuling alone, were already seven to eight types in total. They were more than enough for her to achieve her Divine Transformation with 100% chance of success.

However, what surprised Ning Fan was that Ming Que, who had just finally learned to control her spending, suddenly rose to her feet to bid for the Blue Moon Grass as soon as she saw it.

“100 million immortal jade!”

Just as her childlike voice resounded, countless old monsters sighed disappointedly and gave up on that Blue Moon Grass.

No one would spend 100 million immortal jade just to buy a tuft of Blue Moon Grass. That sum of money was enough to buy many completed pills to increase one’s chances of successfully attaining the Divine Transformation Realm.

Ming Que gently heaved a sigh of relief. It was like she was really scared that someone would bid against her for the Blue Moon Grass.

Moreover, the way she looked at the Blue Moon Grass was unlike the way she looked at a fruit at all.

Ning Fan felt slightly strange. Could this Blue Moon Grass still have other mysterious functions that he had overlooked?

Could this spiritual herb be disguised? Could it be that its original form is a much more precious spiritual herb?

Ning Fan secretly activated his Human Eye but he did not find out any disguise on the Blue Moon Grass.

However, after using his Human Eye, he discovered that the silver-colored marble where the grass grew on was somewhat special.

A strong power of moonlight was spiraling within the stone without dissipating.

“This stone is a treasure!”

Just as Ning Fan noticed it, a deep and gloomy voice from the fourth floor participated in the bidding for the Blue Moon Grass.

“200 million immortal jade!”

Everyone was stunned.

Who exactly is willing to spend 200 million immortal jade for just a mere Blue Moon Grass?!

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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