Grasping Evil

Chapter 471 - Su Yan

Chapter 471: Chapter 471: Su Yan

In the Mist Horn Clan, the grand auction was being held.

This clan was neither as strong as the Ghost Eye Clan nor shady like the Giant Devil Clan. However, it was a little stronger than the Six-Winged Clan as there were three Void Refinement Realm experts overseeing the clan.

When Ning Fan was travelling in the deep ocean, he heard the great change that happened to Ghost Eye Clan along his way. Even so, his expression remained unaffected.

In opposite, his mood was rather more relaxed since his dealings with the Four Clans of the Hidden Ocean would come to a complete end as long as he obtains the fourth slate in the Mist Horn Clan.

In his mind, he recalled the words that the Pill Sovereign had said to him. The Pill Sovereign had once acquired two Min Luo Fruits in the Mist Horn Clan.

When he thought of Min Luo Fruits, he could not help but remember the little girl who asked for ‘pill biscuits’ from him.

Ming Que[1]…”

The little pill devil girl in the Dark Sparrow’s Grave gave Ning Fan a quite memorable impression. It made Ning Fan wonder if the Min Luo Fruits in this place had anything to do with her.

He shook his head as soon as he thought of that possibility. He did not think that he would met that little girl in the Mist Horn Clan. The little pill devil should still be playing around with herself in the Dark Sparrow.

The hidden ocean was as silent as the grave. There was only the sound of sea waves in his ears. Occasionally, several traces of travelling light would fly past Ning Fan.

As Ning Fan travelled, he might look like he was sauntering idly in the courtyard but no one at all could distinctively see the motion of his body and catch up with the speed of his movement technique.

The Mist Horn Clan also had a devil country where his primary forces gathered. The main city of the country was Tai Chi City.

Outside Tai Chi City, Ning Fan caught a few shapeshifting sea beasts to search their souls and memories and he then gained an understanding of the situation in the Mist Horn Clan in overall.

There were three Void Refinement Realm experts in total in the Mist Horn Clan. The strongest among them was a Void Inquiry Stage expert who was also the clan leader. Her name was Su Yan and she was an extremely good-looking mature woman.

The other two individuals, on the other hand, were Void Glimpse Stage experts. One of them was called Gui Jiao. Yue Lingkong had once crushed his attacked with a stretch of silk-like moon ray. The other person was called Xi Mo. Throughout the year, he led groups of army to garrison the areas outside the clan. According to rumors, he was said to be on bad terms with the clan leader. However, the specific reason behind their relationship was unknown.

This time, Su Yan and Gui Jiao were keeping watch inside the city. The reputation of the two Void Refinement Realm experts was scary enough to intimidate every bad guy who tried to cause trouble to this auction.

Ning Fan remained silent for quite a while. He had searched many sea beasts and even a few arrogant members of the Mist Horn Clan. From them, he obtained a lot of information about the clan but there was not anything related to the devil concubine or the slate.

Apparently, the information about the devil concubine and the devil statue slate of the Mist Horn Clan was kept as top secrets of the clan. Perhaps only the few Void Refinement Realm experts would know about it.

“The leader of the Mist Horn Clan, Su Yan is a woman. With the current level of my Mind Reading Technique, I should be capable of tricking her into telling me the information directly. Thus, I don’t need to continue gathering information through such painstaking effort…”

With that idea in mind, Ning Fan went into Tai Chi City like a gust of wind.

No one discovered him when he entered the city. Only the clan leader who was in the middle of secluded cultivation opened her apricot eyes with mild surprise, as if she had sensed something unusual.

“This feeling of soul connection… Who is it…?”

No one knew that Su Yan actually had a mysterious soul connection with Ning Fan.

No one knew that Su Yan who was the leader of the Mist Horn Clan actually had another secret identity and that was the devil concubine of the Mist Horn Clan!

Once Ning Fan had sneaked into the city, he secretly searched the entire devil place. However, he could not find out the whereabouts of the clan leader. In his mind, he was guessing that Clan Leader Su Yan should be having her secluded cultivation in some kind of hidden heavenly dwelling.

As for the dispensary of the Mist Horn Clan, there wasn’t any precious spiritual herbs being stored there. Based on the rumors circulating outside the clan, when King Lan Ling intruded the Ghost Eye Clan, he had not only seized the devil statue slate but also countless immortal jade and spiritual herbs of the clan. That rumor had alarmed many other forces and they began taking precautions.

The Mist Horn Clan, for example, deliberately hid their precious items in many different hidden heavenly dwellings in order to prevent these items from being stolen.

As for the most precious spiritual herb that served as a specialty of the Mist Horn Clan – Devil Marjoram, all of them were transferred to a secret realm. Well, it sure gave Ning Fan a headache as he was unable to steal those spiritual herbs.

It seemed like his wish of robbing the storehouse of the Mist Horn Clan was impossible to be realized now and the only option he had to obtain those spiritual herbs was to go by the normal procedure – paying the price to buy the herbs.

With regards with obtaining information from Su Yan’s mouth, he needed not to be in a hurry.

After all, once the auction begins, Su Yan would surely show herself. When that time comes, Ning fan could have lots of chances to interact with her depending on his identity and status.

Even though Ning Fan kept a low profile when he entered the city, the news of him arriving at the Mist Horn Clan still spread like wildfire after he had publicly checked into a guest house.

He was the pill refinement master with the eighth best pill refinement realm in Rain World as well as a half-disciple of the Pill Sovereign. How renowned that reputation was.

Countless cultivators came to pay him a visit. Innumerable old monsters came to ask for a pill from him. However, Ning Fan refused to meet every single one of them.

There was still one month before the auction begins.

In this month, Ning Fan did not interact with anyone. Instead, he went into the Yuan Yao World and used the Dark Golden Pagoda for cultivation for the first time.

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

  1. [1] Ming Que (Chinese: 明雀 Pinyin: míng què) Ming Que is the latest translation for “Bright Sparrow” which is the name of the little Pill Devil that appeared in the earlier arc where Ning Fan visited the Dark Sparrow’s Grave.

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