Grasping Evil

Chapter 310.1 - She is Yuan Yao!

Chapter 310.1 She is Yuan Yao!

In the Li Kun Palace, Ning Fan passed down an order and immediately entered into seclusion.

“From today onwards, Qing Xuan will take command of Dragon Burial City; Gui Chen will lead the Li Kun Palace, Cao Kang will control the Gui Xiong Outpost while Zhong Mu will take command of the Southern Prison Country. In each and every place, heed my command and construct a temple statue of me and worship it day and night… Dismiss!”

His command made each of the generals exchange glances of surprise among each other.

When all of them were planted with demon seals, their lives were no longer theirs. They thought it would be impossible for them to escape death after being used in the battle. Currently, however, it seemed that not only everyone would survive, but they were also being appointed as commanders of each of the massive forces.

“We are truly blessed with good luck that our revered master spared our lives…”

“However, why did our master specifically order us to construct a temple statue of him for us to worship?”

“Besides, if we have to build a temple statue, we should build the statue with our revered master’s appearance. Why should we build it with the appearance of this foreign young man?”

“Why should we even be concerned about this? Our revered master has already dominated the southern part of the sea on his own. He’s already unrivalled here. We should only follow his commands and avoid offending him…”

All of them had no idea that the idea of building a temple statue was actually a suggestion given by Luo You to Ning Fan.

Star spirits were unable to be brought out from the vicinity of the Star Palace. Besides, if Ning Fan were to take away the Star of Celestial Emperor, no one knows what changes will occur to the Star Palace.

All in all, this group of troops were unable to be brought away, let alone be his soldiers in the outside world.

Hence, Luo You recommended to let them, the members of the Star Palace, worship Ning Fan’s statute. As such, even if he could not stay and rule the Star Palace, as long as the palace is not destroyed, there would be sea beasts worshipping Ning Fan’s golden statue.

Thus, Ning Fan could gather the ‘power of incense flame based on his own golden statue.

Immortals were divided into three types: Divine Immortal, Demon Immortal and Devil Immortal.

Each of the three races has their respective cultivation methods. As for the path of divinity, one would need to devour the power of incense flame and refine it into magic power or use it to temper the strength of their physical bodies.

Other than that, the incense flame still had many magical uses. For example, it could be used in concocting pills and medicine or as a trump card in killing enemies.

Outside the secret chamber, Ning Fan fished out a golden statue whose appearance was no different than the real him.

In the future, the belief of the people who enshrined and worship his golden statute would turn into the power of incense flame and converge on the statue.

“I still think that it’s a waste that I can’t bring this group of star spirits out of the Star Palace.”

“Well, there’s nothing you can do about it. Who let these star spirits to be congealed by the Celestial Emperor? If you acquire the Star of the Celestial Emperor, perhaps you will be able to condense a Star Palace that belongs to you. That Star Palace, however, is predestined to have no connections to this place at all. It won’t be able to allow the star spirits from this place to live there…”

Luo You lazily replied. Ever since Ning Fan had saved that beautiful woman, this woman seemed to be filled with great interest which made her no longer sleep anymore.

“The number of sea beasts in this place aren’t insignificant. With the prestige you’ve planted in this place, even if you leave, perhaps no one would be daring to lay a finger on the southern part of the Star Sea. I’m afraid there are at least more than one hundred million sea beasts in this place. Besides, most of them are at the Gold Core Realm. With the worship from one hundred million Gold Core Realm cultivators and above, your speed of gathering the power of incense flame is going to be much faster than an ordinary Life Immortal.”

“Really? Fine. Although this group of beasts are strong, they are still compelled to submit to me because of my devil prestige. I won’t feel at ease if I bring them along with me anyway. It would be fine letting them roam and live freely in this place. The best part of this trip is gathering more than three hundred demon souls of Wild Beasts. Using the Puppet Raising Technique, I can properly raise the levels of my Divine Transformation Realm puppets. On top of that, if I completely refine the worm’s poison and demon blood, my power will go up a level higher too!”

Ning Fan stopped speaking. He kept the golden statue as well as his Yuan Yao Jade.

After that, he also kept the black puppets, Stone Warrior and the refined corpse into his storage pouch.

It’s time to return to the star island. However, before leaving, there are still a few troublesome matters I have to deal with…

Clearing off his thoughts, Ning Fan pushed open the stone door of the secret chamber and made a step forward. Immediately, a cold voice echoed from within the chamber.

Before his eyes, Xi Ran rolled up her sleeves, baring her delicate arms to help an unconscious beautiful woman clean her body.

Since Xi Ran was the princess of the Profound Medicine Clan, her knowledge in healing and alchemy were of course profound.

Under her treatment, the injuries of the beautiful woman which were severe at first began to stop bleeding.

The current Xi Ran was wiping the body of the beautiful woman. The latter’s dress was currently half undone. After wiping off the blood stains on her body, she looked just like a white jade beauty who was delicately carved while lying unconsciously on the bed.

Her ample bosoms were white and bouncy. As Xi Ran wiped her body with a wet towel, they shook slightly.

Her skin was silky-white and her abdomen was flat and smooth. Under the veil of her skirt, a dense black ‘forest’ below her lower abdomen was faintly visible. By just looking at her long and slender legs, one would find it difficult to not have wild fantasies.

However, just as Ning Fan entered the room, Xi Ran instantly let out a surprised scream. Stopping her motion of brushing the woman’s body, she immediately lifted the thin blanket beside her and covered the woman’s body.

Petulantly, she spoke, “Lu Bei! Please have some common sense! You are a man, A MAN! You know perfectly well that I am cleaning this woman’s body and you still intruded the room without restraint! Do you know that if you see her entire body, she can’t get married anymore just like me!”

“Oh? You can’t get married? I thought you were going to marry me.”

“W-Who wants to marry you?! I didn’t… I didn’t want to! Besides, my father has not even agreed…” Xi Ran’s tone sounded a little hesitant.

“Really? In other words, if your father nods his head, you will be very willing to marry me?”

“I… I…I…,” Xi Ran stuttered, not able to speak another word.

However, she was not courageous enough to nod her head and say ‘yes’. What a law-abiding little girl she was… She thought that she must follow the orders from her parents and the words from her relatives regarding her marriage…

Upon seeing how embarrassed Xi Ran was, Ning Fan no longer made fun of her and shifted his gaze onto the beautiful woman.

Even if she was being covered by a blanket, Ning Fan still possessed a pair of sharp Fu Li demon eyes. Regardless of whether you are wearing any clothes or are covered by any blanket, in Ning Fan’s eyes, nothing could escape from him.

This woman fell into the southern Star Sea with a Realm Beast. The demon pill from that Realm Beast was kept by him as well as its demon blood. As for its corpse, Ning Fan hid it within his Yuan Yao Jade. The entire body of the one hundred thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) Realm Beast was covered with hard scales and sharp horns. They were precious ingredients for refining equipment.

According to Luo You and Xi Ran, the power of the Realm Beast was undeniable. The reason why the Immortals did not dare to descend to the mortal world at their will was not only because of the existence of the Realm Law but also the existence of Realm Beasts.

This beautiful woman was without a doubt an unparalleled expert for being able to kill a Realm Beast. Among the True Immortals, she would be regarded as someone powerful.

Even so, the damage inflicted by the Realm Beast on her was not trivial. The injuries she suffered were definitely not ordinary. However, after just one day, Xi Ran managed to stabilize her condition. It was enough to prove how powerful Xi Ran’s medical knowledge was.

Nevertheless, the beautiful woman’s injuries might have been treated, but there were still two seals within her body which completely sealed up her cultivation level.

One of them seemed to be planted by her. The reason for it was probably because she wanted to restrict her cultivation level to the Void Fragmentation Realm in order to avoid assaults from the Realm Beasts. However, even after she had done that, she was still attacked by a Realm Beast. If she was not being plotted against by someone else, the only explanation for her encounter was that she had just completely run out of luck.

The other one was planted by the Realm Beast using a magical technique.

The second seal directly regressed her cultivation level by three large levels, restricting it to the Nascent Soul Realm. From here, one could see just how terrifying the seal of a Realm Beast was!

What was more troublesome was that the seal from the Realm Beast contained a trace of extremely secretive poison… This poison should not be possessed by a Realm Beast. Instead, it was a poison which was specifically concocted and planted on the Realm Beast.

That trace of poison made Ning Fan inwardly guess that it was rather likely that the woman was actually being set up by someone, causing her to be pursued by a Realm Beast.

As for the beings who could possibly plot against her, he or she must also be a matchless True Immortal. For the time being, Ning Fan was not willing to offend such a person. Thus, regarding why the beautiful woman was being set up, he did not have much interest in it.

After all, he was just fulfilling his promise of doing Luo You a favor by saving the beautiful woman. As for other matters, he had no intention of asking or knowing.

Of course, since he had promised to save her, he had to do his best. That is to say, he would still need to help in curing the poison within her body.

“Why haven’t you gone out yet? I still need to continue in helping her clean her body…” Xi Ran urged, while twisting the wet towel after rinsing it with clean water.

“If I leave now, she will die. A trace of poison still remains within her body. It concealed itself quite deeply…”

Walking to the side of the bed with determination, he lifted the blanket away. Immediately, the perfect, snow-white naked body of the beautiful woman was revealed right in front of his eyes.

“Pervert! I’ve already performed a diagnosis on her. She wasn’t afflicted with any poison. You’re lying. You just want to peek at her body!” Xi Ran quickly covered her eyes with her hands and her cheeks blushed with embarrassment. However, she seemed to have forgotten that it was Ning Fan who should cover his eyes, not her.

“Did you manage to discover how many seals are planted on her?” Ning Fan placed his hand on the beautiful woman’s abdomen. The cool, tender skin that he felt from his sense of touch made his concentration sway. Instantly, he brought back his focus and wore a serious expression.

“Just one, I guess… Isn’t it the seal from the Realm Beast?”

“There are two. She has also placed a seal on herself. That seal is invisible to any ordinary beings.”

The purple star in Ning Fan’s left eye glinted. The Fu Li eyes allowed him to see through every illusion. Naturally, he would be able to discover the two layers of seals within her body. Therefore, it was not strange that Xi Ran was unable to notice it.

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