Grasping Evil

Chapter 309.2 - The Beauty and the Realm Beast

Chapter 309.2 The Beauty and the Realm Beast

Xi Ran was stupefied.

“T-too terrifying! He actually still has a fourth and even a fifth venomous worm… and I didn’t even have any clue about it…”

When she recalled her plan of arguing with Kun Mo who seemed to have been paralyzed on the ground, her face immediately blushed.

Ning Fan laughed.

If this little girl who barely had any exposure to the real world is able to see through Kun Mo’s scheme, then the latter would really have lived in vain.

“Remember this next time: you must never completely believe your enemies…”

“Then should I trust you?” As soon as she asked that question, her cheeks flushed red like a tomato without her knowing why they would react in such a manner.

Along the journey of killing and bloodshed, every moment was filled with fear and apprehension. For countless times, they brushed past the brink of death. Currently, the feelings that the little girl had towards Ning Fan was no longer ordinary, though she still did not know that the feelings she had right now was of love.

In fact, she felt a little reluctant to leave Ning Fan’s arms. However, it seemed that there were not any more reasons for her to continue staying by his side.

Through the battle of Southern Prison Country, Ning Fan had managed to strike fear into all forces of the Star Sea using his devil prestige. After Kun Mo’s death, probably no one would be brave enough to provoke him anymore.

Since there should not be any danger from now onwards, Ning Fan did not need to keep Xi Ran by his side to protect her at every moment.

“You already believe me…” Ning Fan sighed with feelings. If he were to exchange places with Xi Ran, he would definitely not be so kind to the point of helping his enemy awaken his medicine soul.

Thinking deeper, Ning Fan could not help but feel astonished by the mystery of karma.

If I did not save Xi Ran, this girl would not have the chance of helping me awaken my medicine soul, let alone tell me the secrets of the Star Tempering Purple Zoysia.

Everything starts with the cause. Because of that cause, it is bound to have an effect. In actual reality, it is also encompassed by the principle of samsara.

Samsara… This kind of power is truly terrifying.

According to Ning Fan’s current cultivation level, he could only display the technique of Wind Mist Finger based on his comprehension towards samsara. However, the comprehension he had right now was the limit the current him could have as he could not possibly obtain anymore comprehension than that.

If I could completely master the power of samsara, then I would be able to display great power like the time when I rang the Bell of Samsara, making every immortal on the star domain lose their memories, burying themselves in samsara forever!

“Perhaps… Only when I become the strongest being like Zi Dou could I rule over heaven and earth and live a peaceful life…”

Ning Fan muttered to himself. As for Xi Ran who was standing beside him, she was predestined not to understand what he was saying.

The Life Worm gradually became quiet. Hugging Xi Ran in his arms, Ning Fan slowly descended upon the area of ten thousand li*. With a wave of his hand, he kept the Life Worm as well as Kun Mo’s storage pouch.

Within one month, Ning Fan had already eliminated millions of Gold Core Realm beasts, ninety thousand Nascent Soul Realm beasts and five hundred Wild Beasts. The remaining beasts residing within the Star Sea had become deeply fearful towards Ning Fan’s capabilities!

Currently, even if there was a massive bounty placed on Ning Fan’s head to attract groups of beasts to hunt him down, no one would be so ignorant and bold enough to do so.

Besides, there were some forces which began to establish friendly relationships with Ning Fan and even regarded him as the new ‘Star Lord of Greedy Wolf’, possessing the same revered status as the other two star lords!

Ning Fan did not have any idea about these. Even if he did, he was a person who gave no concern to fleeting reputation. Compared to reputation, he valued actual gains and power more.

Five types of venomous worms. It would not be difficult for him to improve his spirit sense to the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm!

One hundred thousand Gold Core Realm Dao Fruits, nine hundred Nascent Soul Realm Dao Fruits, seven Divine Transformation Realm Dao Fruits. Other than these, there was also a massive chunk of demon power which he accumulated from consuming countless demon blood.

Ning Fan did not assimilate that demon power. If he does, he would not know how much his cultivation level would improve. Perhaps, it would be enough for him to break through to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm.

One million one-thousand-year-old spiritual herbs, seventy thousand ten-thousand-year-old spiritual herbs and one thousand two hundred spiritual herbs as old as fifty thousand years and above!

With this amount of spiritual herbs, he would be able to do a lot of things as long as his pill refinement techniques improves…

The massive demon troops would arrive in a while. When the time comes, Ning Fan would then totally subdue the Li Kun Palace.

It was a force which had been managed by Kun Mo for many years. Even if its supporters had all run away, it was still a large piece of ‘fatty meat’. If Ning Fan does not plan to subdue it, a lot of other forces would be very willing to dominate it.

On the other hand, it was obvious that the remaining three Holy Demons would never be bold enough to launch any attacks on the star island.

In his hand, he held a glittering token which was translucent like jade and his eyes turned serious.

Poison King Token!

This token was a life-changing item which Kun Mo had found by luck. Because of it, he was promoted step by step to his current position from just an insignificant winged demon.

This token could easily neutralize the poison of the venomous worms. Besides that, apparently, it could also cure other types of poisons with ease.

“In other words, if I assimilate this token into my body, then I won’t be affected by hundreds of poisons anymore?”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed. To him, it was certainly an accidental gain.

“Are we going back now? Should we… stay for a few days more?” Xi Ran pleaded with a soft tone. She felt really reluctant to end this trip with Ning Fan.

“Mm. I’m afraid we will still need to stay around for a few more days. After completely subduing the Li Kun Palace, these countless forces which had surrendered themselves will still need to be dealt with… They are star spirits after all. They can’t be brought outside from this world. It’ll be quite troublesome to deal with them. It would be good if they could be taken away. This really is a huge force…”

While Ning Fan was speaking halfway, he suddenly paused as if he had just noticed something inconceivable. Without uttering any more words, he grabbed Xi Ran by her waist and flew away desperately!

Half a breath later, at the area where he had just escaped from, a tremendous tearing power that could tear anything apart appeared. Millions of li* (500m per li) of the sky was shattered! An endless windstorm from the Void Realm began to sweep across the area. The level of that windstorm was so strong that it was probably enough to tear a Void Fragmentation Realm expert to pieces!

It was definitely not at the same level as the windstorm which Wei Xuan got rid of in the past!

Among the windstorm, a corpse of a one hundred thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) large beast came crashing down from the Void Realm!

The fallen corpse was then followed by a woman dressed in palace attire. Her whole body was dyed with blood and her face was deathly pale. Apparently, she had already passed out.

“What kind of level is this ferocious beast?!”

Ning Fan heaved a deep breath.

This ferocious beast might have already died, but its formidable qi was more than enough to make a Void Fragmentation Realm old monster afraid, not to mention Ning Fan!

“This is… a Realm Beast! Someone has killed this Realm Beast! Is it this woman who did it?!” Xi Ran covered her delicate mouth with her bare hands, revealing a look of disbelief.

“Should we save her…” Looking at the beautiful woman clad in palace attire who fell into the sea domain along with the Realm Beast, Xi Ran’s heart was filled with compassion.

Of course, she had learnt to behave herself. It was still Ning Fan’s decision on whether to save her or not.

“You want me to save her?” Ning Fan shot her a strange look.

Although he did not know how strong a Realm Beast was, he knew that ordinary Immortals were not capable of fighting such a beast.

A woman who could kill a Realm Beast must be a True Immortal. Should I risk my life saving an expert whose identity is unknown?

Once that woman wakes up, would she immediately kill me?

Saving a formidable enemy. Ning Fan would never do such a foolish thing.

However, it would be a waste to just kill her. Besides, he might also involve himself in a bigger trouble…

Catching this woman and keeping her as a human cauldron might seem to be an excellent idea. However, if a woman at such a level lies down and open her legs wide for Ning Fan, he would not be daring enough to pluck her. It was because he would immediately explode into pieces as soon as he plucks such a powerful woman.

Can’t be killed. Can’t be kept. Saving her would only be troublesome…

“Let’s go…”

Ning Fan darted a glance at the woman and shook his head. He did not want to create more troubles for himself. The most sensible way to deal with it was to immediately leave to avoid causing any more trouble.

However, just as he was about to leave, his eyes suddenly widened with solemnity.

On the thumb of the beautiful woman, there was a red ring made of jade. It was exactly the same as his Yuan Yao Jade…

“Yuan Yao Jade?! Isn’t it this an item than can only be possessed by the four mistresses of the Lost World Palace? How come she would have it? Don’t tell me she’s Bei Xiaoman’s sister!”

Ning Fan hesitated.

If she were to be a stranger, he would have evaded the problem by just walking away from it. However, if it was someone related to Bei Xiaoman… Besides, he had quite a good feeling towards the Third Mistress of the Lost World Palace, Bei Li. That woman had helped him quite a lot by guiding him to pass the Three Steps of Mortal Severance.

When I ascend to the Northern Heaven in the future, I will definitely make contact with the Lost World Palace.

If I save this woman, perhaps she would be extremely helpful to me in the future…

“Just save her! What’re you hesitating about?! This woman possesses one out of the Seven Spirit Physiques. She would be extremely useful to you in improving your Yin Yang Transformation, especially in its last seven levels…”

A faint voice echoed from within the Yin Yang Locket. It was none other than Luo You’s. Her words were derisive as if she was not serious at all. However, after making that joking remark, she immediately became serious and her tone turned chilly, becoming as lazy and unruly as usual.

“I recognize that woman. Although I have had some conflicts with her in the past, if it was not because of her help, I would definitely have died in the Lost World Palace being hunted by someone… Considering yourself doing a favor for me, save her!”


Ning Fan no longer hesitated. In a ray of light, he returned to the windstorm from the Void Realm. With a slap on his storage pouch, he took out his Eastern Ocean Bell and raised it above his head.

Holding the bell with one of his hands, he caught the falling, unconscious beautiful woman with the other.

“Holding a young girl on your left while hugging a beautiful woman on your right. You really have a lot of good fortune in love affairs.” Seeing Ning Fan save the beautiful woman, Luo You began to tease him again, as if she had just let out a sigh of relief.

“Good fortune in love affairs…” Ning Fan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Ning Fan firmly believed that in this world, some women must not be touched.

To him, this beautiful woman must be one of them.

However, considering the favors he owed to Bei Xiaoman, Bei Li and Luo You, he really could not fold his hands and see someone related to them die.

Bei Xiaoman and Bei Li might just be someone whom he had met once or twice, but the latter was someone who had saved him from danger multiple times.

As such, Ning Fan had to give this person face!

Even if he would face some troubles after saving this woman, as long as Luo You was with him, he would definitely not die.

Troubles, huh? It might not necessarily be so as this could be an opportunity!

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