Grasping Evil

Chapter 307.1 - The Chaos in the Star Sea (9)

Chapter 307.1 The Chaos in the Star Sea (9)


The arrival of the three elders from the Southern Prison Country greatly raised the morale of the citizens of Dragon Burial City!


Countless sea beasts lifted their heads and emitted ear-shattering roars. Currently, all of them already saw Ning Fan and his group as dead people. From their perspective, a mere Early Divine Transformation Realm demon who dared to cause trouble in the Dragon Burial City was purely an act of courting death!


Their thunderous roars were imposing and menacing. Nearly one million sea beasts crawled out from their nests, heavily surrounding Ning Fan and his group of 20 experts, leaving no room for them to escape.

The air was filled with shouts and battle cries. One million beacons and smoke signals were also lit up in the Star Sea, dying the sea domain which was ten million li* (500m per li) wide red!

That scene caused the innumerable races residing in the sea domain to be greatly amazed. That beacon was a signal of Dragon Burial City that would only be sent out when it pledged to kill its enemies by any means necessary!

When the bear demon attacked the Dragon Burial City one thousand years ago, he did not even make them light up one million beacons as warnings!

Who is it?! Who made the city lord of the Dragon Burial City to be so enraged that he sent out a million sea beasts to battle!

No one knew that the person whom the venerated Zang Long was facing was just a weak and thin young man!

As the beacons were lit up, the Star Sea got embroiled in chaos and the color of blood filled the area! However, in Ning Fan’s eyes, his devil flame was much crazier and more ferocious than the fires from the beacons!

You might have one million demon troops. You might have four Peak Divine Transformation Realm experts. But regardless of anything, I must not back off from this!

Even though the Star Sea consist of billions of sea beasts, since they were his enemies, why would Ning Fan show pity towards them?


One million beacon flames, one million sea beasts. When they roared in unison, it congealed into a monstrous killing intent. Meanwhile, nearly thirty thousand sea beasts stepped forward boldly and detonated themselves. The force of their self-detonation fused into the voice of their roars!

Expendable troops! That Zang Long truly deserved to be recognized as one of the most fierce and ambitious beings. His Divine Transformation Realm underlings were mostly worthless beings but each of the sea beasts of lower cultivation levels did not fear death at all!

All the power of their self-detonation, the power of their demon blood and the power of their roars imbued with massive killing intent formed a massive blood-red wave which came rushing at Ning Fan!

That gigantic wave was comparable to a fatal strike of a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert.

That gigantic wave once made the old bear flee right away upon seeing it!

“So what if you have a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse?! This old man has one million of demon troops! How could you even rival me?!” Zang Long let out a cacophony of laughter.

“One million of demon troops? Why should I fear them?! Inlaid Star Compass, appear! Star lamps… light up!”

With a slap on his storage pouch, the Inlaid Star Compass emerged in his hands.

By placing his finger on it, the starlight formed a formation diagram which encompassed the area of one hundred thousand li* (500 m per li)!

In the next moment, above the formation diagram, thirty thousand lotus lamps appeared and five thousand of them lit up in silver flames one after another!

At the moment when the lotus lamps were lit up, Ning Fan stepped above the star diagram and his hands radiated with starlight. At this moment, he was the master of these thirty thousand star lamps!

Layers of formation barriers congealed by the starlight rose up from all directions. The joint attack of the massive group of sea beasts was more than enough to easily tear any ordinary Peak Divine Transformation Realm being apart. Despite that, it was not able to break through that formation barrier of starlight!

“What is that magical treasure?! Its defense is heaven-defying!”

Zang Long’s eyes flashed. With such a sturdy defensive treasure and the golden chariot which had an incredible speed, Ning Fan was literally undefeatable among the experts below the Void Refinement Realm!

However, he could not understand why Ning Fan did not initiate any attacks while standing within the starlight. He seemed to be waiting, waiting for all the attacks from his enemies to be completely neutralized.

“What is he waiting for?!”

Suddenly, Zang Long’s eyes opened wide. It was because after the combined attacks from groups of sea beasts were warded off, that star formation began to turn strange.

From the outside, it looked calm. However, within the formation, the killing qi was growing stronger and stronger.

Ning Fan was waiting. He was waiting for the formation light to deflect the attacks!

The patience he exercised all this time was to prepare for this moment.

All the defense he displayed was just to deflect the strongest hits from his enemies.

At the moment when the aura of the formation light became one with Ning Fan’s, he made a stomp forward and his demon pupil shone with starlight, shouting a single word.


The Inlaid Star Compass was not just for defense.

The strongest characteristic of this weapon, the characteristic which Wei Xuan, a previous immortal proficient in formation techniques praised, was its ability to deflect an enemy’s attack!

If you have one million demon troops, I will face you with my formation!

If you are a supreme being like an Immortal Emperor, I will go against you with my wings!

If you are the Heavenly Dao and fate, I will defy you with my life!


Ning Fan landed his foot onto the formation diagram and bellowed at the sky. The formation light which had absorbed the power of the attacks from the large group of sea beasts erupted at this moment!

One million traces of starlight evil sword poured upon them like a rainstorm.

Multitudes of sea beasts were filled with terror and were shredded into pieces by the sword shadows!

Because of the mayhem which suddenly broke out, the massive group of sea beasts were in disarray, causing their formation to break apart!

Ning Fan then passed the Inlaid Star Compass to Xi Ran and made another step forward, dashing straight at Zang Long!

With the Inlaid Star Compass, no one would be able to hurt Xi Ran. As for the three elders from the Southern Prison Country and the Divine Transformation Realm beings from Dragon City, they were assigned to Stone Warrior and the group of spiritual puppets.

“Zang Long, go to hell!”

As he shouted, the purple star in his left eye glowed. His ancestor blood seemed to be burning!

The prestige emanated by the four drops of his ancestor blood made the three elders from the foreign country to be completely shocked. They could tell that Ning Fan possessed ancestor blood but they had never expected that the prestige of his ancestor blood would be so forceful!

Especially Zang Long who was standing in the middle of the aura force, he felt just like a solitary boat surfing into the middle of a vast turbulent sea!

Insignificant and inferior, facing the four drops of ancestor blood possessed by Ning Fan, his half a drop of ancestor blood was nothing at all!

Without giving Zang Long any time to contemplate, the Fu Li shadow within Ning Fan appeared and he hurled his fist which could shatter a mountain towards Zang Long’s chest, carrying a force which could overturn the seas!

Ning Fan’s speed was too fast that Zang Long could not catch the shadow of his punch clearly with his naked eyes. All Zang Long could do to counter Ning Fan’s punch was to depend on his instincts.

Zang Long’s punch was densely covered with black dragon scales. He threw a punch with all his might without restraint.

In terms of body refining realm, he was at the Fourth Level of Jade Life Realm, which was two small realms higher than Ning Fan’s.

Usually, a random attack from him was more than enough to pulverize a cultivator that has Second Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm. If he were to exert all of his strength, even a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert would be smashed to pieces!

However, Zang Long was completely taken by surprise upon witnessing the outcome of the collision of their punches.

Ning Fan who was clearly just at the Second Level of Jade Life Realm possessed a strength comparable to that of a cultivator at the Third Level, causing Zang Long to retreat a few steps consecutively before he could offset the force he took. Aside from that, some of the dragon scales on his fist had cracked upon impact.

As for Ning Fan, at the moment their punches met, he broke his demon body and turned into a cloud of black shadow, avoiding all of the strength he was supposed to absorb.

As the black shadow congealed, a purple shadow reappeared. Ning Fan emerged again with his demon body which was completely unscathed. Without giving Zang Long even a single moment to rest, he hurled another punch with anger!

Each time their punches met, Zang Long would be sent backwards while Ning Fan would crush his own body and reappear!

Ning Fan’s punches were like torrential rain. His eyes were filled with craziness, making him look like a fierce wolf who would devour anyone in his way.

When the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn passed, both of them had exchanged hundreds of blows. Throughout it all, Zang Long had only been on the defensive and never once had made an attack before.

Thunderous bangs and booms reverberated throughout the Star Sea. Each time their punches met, it would cause the hollow space to shatter. Under such pressing situation, even Zang Long was unable to feel calm.

His dragon scales broke and his defense collapsed. Gradually, the damage he took penetrated his body’s defenses, leaving scars and injuries. Meanwhile, every step he retreated, his injuries became more severe.

As for Ning Fan, every time he congealed his demon body, his aura would surge higher. He only had a single thought in his mind: the chance to kill must not be missed!

Everything he did in this world was just to eradicate every last one of his enemies!

“Incarnation?! You have incarnation? Who can even hurt you?!”

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