Grasping Evil

Chapter 306.2 - The Chaos in the Star Sea (8)

Chapter 306.2 The Chaos in the Star Sea (8)

The previous experience he had in controlling flames emerged before his eyes. However, he rejected all the scenes which he recalled how he wielded flames.

His understanding towards flames had faintly improved by a little.

Killing Qi. Do you think only you possess it?!

At this moment, Ning Fan had completely transformed into the demon body of Fu Li with long purple black hair. A pair of horns grew from his head and his entire body became covered with purple scales.

Meanwhile, the purple star in his left eye rotated with high speed and the Baleful Qi revolving around his body turned into menacing blood-red clouds.


That roar he made was as if he was going to unleash every last bit of his killing intent that he had accumulated throughout his life.

Other than Xi Ran who was under his protection, Stone Warrior, Feng Han, Qing Xuan and the other Divine Transformation Realm beings were stricken with fear faced with that formidable killing intent.

What kind of startling killing intent is this?

The voice of his roar turned into blood-red sound waves which seemed to solidify and blasted towards the one hundred thousand demon troops.

Under that explosion, the formation light of the joint attack conjured by the demon troops immediately shattered!

As for Ning Fan who was standing in midair above the sea domain, he made a stomp without showing any mercy. That stomp he made was not to summon the sword of great momentum. On the contrary, he was using his demon power.

With just a single step, folds of black fire waves turned into a circle of fire and spread in all directions from the place he set his foot upon.

Every wave of the fire waves which he made after that would enhance the power of the flames even more. When the third wave was created, raging black flames emerged, making anyone unable to stare at it directly.

As the black flames continued to spread, the four Early Divine Transformation Realm experts and one hundred thousand demon troops were all engulfed by the sea of flames which covered the vicinity of ten thousand li* (500m per li), filling the surroundings with yelps and shrieks of pain!

Originally, Xi Ran did not dare to open her eyes. At the current moment, however, she lifted her eyelids because of her curiosity towards what had happened.

At first, while she was snuggling in Ning Fan’s arm, what she felt was only coldness. Now, however, her skin felt a scorching heat of the flames from her surroundings.

That incredible temperature made Xi Ran have a false conception: As a member of the Profound Medicine Race, if she were to be burnt by the flames, she would die without a doubt!

“What a powerful flame! It’s no wonder he could resist the coldness of the poison as he possess such flames to protect himself…”

Meanwhile, the three waves of the fire waves caused the sea water to seethe whereas the force of his stomp shook the great earth. With just a move, one hundred thousand demon troops perished.

In the distance, Dragon Burial City experienced a heavy quake and the mountain within its vicinity began to shake.

Countless ferocious beasts rose to the sky. As they noticed the collapse of their last line of defense at the battlefront, their eyes widening in shock.

At the same time, an Immortal’s Abode Treasure somewhere within the city flashed all of a sudden. A black-armored old man then walked out from within and gazed at Ning Fan’s direction with a pair of cold-piercing eyes. His body was scrawny like a narrow strip of wood while a pair of horns adorned the top of his head.

“The Evil Cold Worm? So you are the Lu Bei who is being pursued by Kun Mo! Hmmph, you really have guts to cause trouble in my Dragon Burial City and evade from being hunted down! Do you have any idea what the consequences are of provoking me?! Apparently, my prestige has been forgotten by people after I stopped moving around in the Southern Star Sea in the past one hundred years!”

This black-armored old man’s left eye shone violently with two black stars.

As his stars glowed, a dark-colored dragon prestige extended over the entire area in all directions.

Upon sensing his aura force, countless sea beasts could not help but tremble in fear. Even Qing Xuan, Feng Han and the rest of the group felt an irresistible power which caused them to feel an abnormal feeling of yielding towards that old man.

The prestige of ancestor blood!

“After one hundred years, you only managed to refine half a drop of the ancestor blood? That is to say, you still have one drop and a half left?”

Ning Fan sneered. He let Xi Ran down and took a step forward.

As soon as he made that step, a wicked purple black aura force spread out to the whole Dragon Burial City which was one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) large!

As for the dark-colored dragon prestige from the black-armored old man, it was literally crushed!

Instantaneously, that old man’s face wore an extremely ugly expression.

“Impossible! You have ancestor blood too? Besides, you even have more drops of ancestor blood than me?! Who the hell are you?! If you can tell me a background that can even scare me, I might consider letting you go this time!”

The old man was actually feeling afraid.

A demon who possessed such vigorous aura force must be someone like an old ancestor of a certain large True Spirit Race.

Even if his opponent was only at the Early Divine Transformation Realm, offending him would only be a suicidal act!

Especially when the black-armored old man’s eyes landed on the black dragon refined corpse, they immediately widened with astonishment.

A Half-Step Void Refinement Realm dragon corpse?! And it’s a black dragon from the royal family?!

“This man is really audacious to the extreme for being bold enough to turn a royal black dragon into a refined corpse! However… didn’t the royal family of the black dragon ceased to exist…?”

The old man was unable to guess Ning Fan’s identity. Even so, the dreadful feeling he had towards Ning Fan rose unprecedentedly.

Staring at Qing Xuan, the black-armored old man’s eyes filled with rage. He did not hate him for being a traitor. Instead, he detested that brute for leading such a formidable opponent into the Dragon Burial City.

“I won’t need any backers to kill you. Zang Long, hand over the ancestor blood and fight me!” Ning Fan indifferently uttered. In terms of aura force, he had currently overpowered Zang Long. Hence, it was a good opportunity to completely finish him off.

“How dare you!”

Two Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivators soared high into the sky and assaulted Ning Fan. However, their actions only caused Ning Fan to narrow his eyes with contempt and impatience.

“Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivators aren’t enough!”

When he pushed one of his palms forward, the two Divine Transformation Realm cultivators revealed looks of utter shock. In the next second, their bodies exploded into blood mist.

Zang Long was already terrified. The current Ning Fan who had come to challenge him in such vigorous manner made him really reluctant to fight him.

However, even though the opponent came for the ancestor blood, Zang Long was also reluctant to hand over the ancestor blood.

In another four or five hundred years, he would completely refine the two drops of ancestor blood. When the time comes, he could break free from the body of a star spirit with the power of the ancestor blood and ascend to the Land of Demons.

He might be able to enter the Dragon Race and obtain quite a high position depending on his bloodline. Perhaps, he could even become an immortal.

His opponent might be strong, but it was just impossible for Zang Long to willingly give him the ancestor blood!

“Hehe. It’s really beyond our expectations that the reputable Revered Dragon will also feel fear… Do you need these three old men’s help?”

“It’s you! The Three Elders of Southern Prison Country! Why did you come here for?!”

“A drop of ancestor blood. Promise us that and we will fight for you and kill that young man!” Three winged elderly men whose appearances were exactly the same exposed their true selves.

Each of them was an expert of the Peak Divine Transformation Realm!

“If the four of us combine our strength, even if this young man has a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse, there is nothing to fear. Besides, he also possesses ancestor blood. Although ancestor blood is said to be impossible to extract, consuming his blood would also greatly enhance your bloodline. If you cooperate with us, you could still have half a drop of ancestor blood after killing this young man. If you don’t cooperate with us, you won’t have even a single drop of it and you might end up having your entire race being annihilated by him… Think wisely!” The three of them spoke with a threatening tone.

Upon hearing their words, the black-armored old man’s face turned grim.

“Fine! After this matter is resolved, I promise to give the three of you a drop of ancestor blood!”

However, the black-armored old man was sneering inwardly.

After the matter is resolved, I’m still the one who decide whether to give them the ancestor blood or not. It depends on me. Now, let’s finish off that man first.

The three elders of the Southern Prison Country exchanged glances among each other and wore malicious smiles. In their minds, they were planning to cooperate to neutralize Ning Fan and then murder Zang Long so that they could take his share as well!

When the other three elderly men appeared, Ning Fan’s eyes became solemn.

No matter how many experts there may be, the Dragon Burial City must be destroyed today!

Moreover, there seemed to be another Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert hiding in the dark.

Is he waiting to obtain all the profits in the end?

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