Grasping Evil

Chapter 263 (3) - The Snow Breeze of That Year

Chapter 263 (3): The Snow Breeze of That Year

With a slap on his storage pouch, Ning Fan took out the Golden Flame Chariot. As soon as it appeared, his eyes gleamed.

This Golden Flame Chariot was a military vehicle in the Ancient Heavenly Court. Its speed was not only affected by the flames which formed the body of the chariot but also closely related to the demon beast which are pulling it.

In the past, there should have been a Pegasus pulling the chariot for a Divine Transformation Realm Heavenly General.

Only beings at the True Immortal Realm would have Heavenly Dragons pull their chariots…

This black dragon had been grievously wounded by the female corpse. After its dragon claws had been cut off by her, its power suffered a great decline. Besides, it did not have a physical demon body other than its demon soul. In other words, its combat power might not turn out to be useful.

But if it becomes the driver of the chariot and be the one to pull it, the speed of the Golden Flame Chariot would definitely increase to an astounding level.

“A Gold…Golden Flame Chariot?! It’s my first time witnessing such vehicle!” The black dragon beamed in high spirits. He would love to go for a ride on the chariot and feel its majesty.

This Lu Bei took out this chariot and placed it before me… Is it possible that he wants to give it to me as a present?

He thought to himself.

Aiya. This Lu Bei finally notices my strength now. That’s why he wants to gift this Golden Flame Chariot to me in order to buy me off…

With that thought in mind, the black dragon naturally felt a hint of pleasure. But what Ning Fan said next was like a pail of cold water splashing on top of his head.

“From today onwards, you will reside within the chariot, becoming the chariot’s spirit. When I go out in the future, you will be pulling this chariot. In other words, you will be my dragon mount.”

“Pah! I’m a dignified young master of the Black Dragon Race. Yet you want me to pull this chariot for you? Lu Bei, don’t think too highly of yourself!”


Ning Fan let out a cold harrumph and activated the restrictive seal within the black dragon. Immediately, his little soul was overwhelmed by excruciating agony that he could barely endure while his eyes were filled with terror.

It’s over. I have acted too excessively and forgotten that this Lu Bei is a ruthless master…

“Pull…I’ll pull! I’ll pull the chariot for you. Please stop the Demon Seal now or I will die from the unbearable pain!”

“Mind your tone! If you go too far and forget your own place next time, don’t blame me for being merciless on you… Hmm. You’ve just reminded me of something. Since I can’t search your soul, what if I directly interrogate you?”

Ning Fan’s eyes shone with enthusiasm. He was very keen to find out the secrets of the Immortal Demon World which was also known as the Land of Demons from the black dragon.

Now, he did not need to be afraid that the little demon soul would be dishonest as he could activate the Demon Seal if the latter tells lies.

The black dragon felt chills running down his back. He could anticipate that he would be tasting quite a bit of bitterness during the interrogation.

Another three days passed. Ning Fan finally ended his closed-door meditation. The black dragon, female corpse and Stone Warrior vanished as he had kept all of them.

While taking a stroll within the residence, Ning Fan felt a little amazed. The area around the residence was well-kept and orderly. As soon as he was spotted walking around, the demon guards would immediately salute him with respect while the maidservants would courteously welcome him.

Within the residence, cold plums were planted everywhere, as if someone knew that Ning Fan loved plum blossom flowers.

Moreover, someone seemed to know that Ning Fan loved snow as the residence was established with the formation of cold ice, making snow fall from the sky, despite the weather not being cold.

The Wind Demoness and the Flower Demoness are really putting their hearts and minds into it in order to please me…

Ning Fan’s lips curved into a faint smile. The scene that came into his view made him recollect the memories he had in Seven Apricot City.

His heart softened from the feeling of warmth, recharging his worn-out heart.

Even though the journey might be tiring and exhausting, but I still have to do what I have to do.

In his life, there was no “if”, there was no regrets and there was not even any room for rest. In fact, the path that he had chosen had no path of return. The only way was to continue moving forward.

“It’s time to meet Lu Daochen and hear out his true intentions… If we can reach an agreement and cooperate with each other, I can then temporarily live a peaceful life and attain the Divine Transformation Realm in this province!”

His eyes gleamed in determination and continued walking past the pavilions. At the end of a corridor, Lu Wan’er was standing alone under a cold plum tree in the courtyard, as if she had been waiting for Ning Fan for days.


Ning Fan approached her slowly.

As she heard his call, she gently turned around but her eyes flashed with a hint of embarrassment and anger.

“Hmmph! Is ‘Wan’er’ a name that you can call?”

Ning Fan was stunned.

This little fox has quite a temper today…

“Who has provoked our Missy today…”

Taking a step forward, Ning Fan turned into a cloud of purple smoke and emerged behind Lu Wan’er, directly pulling her waist into his arms.


As her slim waist was being touched, she let out a surprise yell. Her face revealed even more embarrassment and anger. However, no matter what she did, she could not get off from Ning Fan’s arm. Eventually, she gave up and simply leaned her body onto Ning Fan’s chest. After looking around to make sure that there was not anyone else, only then did she feel a little bit relieved. But still, the anger on her face did not subside.

“Let go of me! If you don’t, I will scream and let everyone under the heavens know that the Eighth General of the Luo Yun Tribe, Demon General Bei is a mean and shameless villain who bullies women!”

Obviously, it was just words which were not spoken out of her true intentions as she was not really thinking of doing so within her heart. If Ning Fan does let go of her, he would really be a fool.

Judging by her angry words, is it possible that I have provoked her in some way?

“Alright. Alright… Look at you… I suppose I must have angered you somehow… But could you please tell me which part of me has provoked you?”

“You still dare to ask?! Sister Yao Fei has already told me everything… You…aren’t Lu Bei. You aren’t a demon. You…You…You were lying to me all this while!”

Lu Wan’er’s face reddened and her eyes were filled with nervousness.

“Lu Bei. Do you really not belong to the demon race…Who are you if you aren’t Lu Bei? I’ve asked my master and he told me that you are Zhou Ming, a human outside of the Land of Slumber…But I don’t believe it…”

“If I’m not Lu Bei, what would you do?” Ning Fan looked her squarely in the eye in a serious manner and asked.

“I don’t know…” Lu Wan’er bit her lips.

“If I am originally an enemy of the Luo Yun Tribe who sneaked into this tribe in order to kill the Demon Marshal of the Third World, would you draw your sword and cut me…”

“I don’t know…”

“If I like you, would you like me back…” Ning Fan suddenly teased.

“I don’t…You… What are you talking about?!”

Her face reddened even more like a cherry. All her dissatisfactions turned into complicated thoughts within her mind, making her be stunned and not know what to say next.

“Silly girl. Let’s go and meet your master to see what his true intentions are… But you can rest assured that he does not harbor any evil intentions toward me. Besides that, even if I don’t belong to the demon race, I will never be an enemy against the Luo Yun Tribe. Even if the Luo Yun Tribe betrays me, I will never kill innocent beings here for your sake…”

“One more thing, my true name isn’t Lu Bei nor Zhou Ming… My original name is Ning Fan.”

Ning Fan loosened his arms around Lu Wan’er and patted her head with a gentle look. No one would be able to imagine that the current him was a ferocious and fearless demon who struck fear into many because of his ruthlessness.

“I believe that you won’t betray me. Therefore, I told you my true name. But if you choose to betray me one day, I will never hate you as well.”

“I won’t tell others!” Without any hesitation, Lu Wan’er firmly replied as if she was taking an oath.

Split seconds later, her face reddened again and muttered in a low tone.

“I won’t tell others… I won’t…”

The cold plums and the snow breeze… All of a sudden, Ning Fan felt as if he had returned to the years he spent in Seven Apricot City.

His killing intent began to disappear bit by bit. However, it was a process of dampening his devilish heart which caused it to sublime to a higher level.

Gradually, he was getting closer and closer to the Divine Transformation Realm.

Ning Fan could choose to continue lying to Lu Wan’er just now but he refused. He could continue to deny the fact and conceal his identity but he did not.

Because if it comes to people in his life, he would never disappoint nor harm them.

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