Grasping Evil

Chapter 263 (2) - The Snow Breeze of That Year

Chapter 263 (2)  The Snow Breeze of That Year

“Previously, this little brother was trapped in Li Ban’s devilish grasp and offended Big Brother Bei. I feel really guilty about it and I know even dying ten thousand times will not be enough to atone for my crime…But it wasn’t this little brother’s true intention ah! Big Brother Bei is brave without compare. Under your heaven-defying prowess, the evil general, Li Ban was finally eliminated, allowing this little brother to escape from his devilish grasp. I am truly grateful for your help! This little brother does not have any other things that I can do other than knowing to return the favor to my savior! Does Big Brother Bei need a general and an officer? This little brother is willing to surrender myself to you and become your pawn. This little brother will kill any evil beings who offends Big Brother and air out your anger!”

This Black Tooth seemed to be very proficient in speaking flattering words in order to curry favor with others. From the moment it was summoned by Li Ban, it had never stopped flattering him. Now, after being held captive by Ning Fan, it switched sides and began to fawn on him.

As a matter of fact, it did not want to die. It did not… Since it had now fallen into Ning Fan’s grasp, in order to beg for its life, of course he had to express his true motives.

Ai. This Lu Bei might not have a high cultivation level, but he really is a malefic being. But I have seen lots of people like him. With my great experience, I just have to kiss his a** and be his fighter for a few days and my life will definitely be intact… If there is a chance in the future, I can just slip away without leaving a trace. Matter like this shouldn’t be difficult…Hehe.”

The black dragon wore an expression which was exactly the same as that of a lickspittle while inwardly, he was feeling proud of himself.

After all, he was once the most outstanding being among the demons of the Black Dragon Race. If it was not because he had offended someone he should not have, he would not have fallen so low to become a sinful dragon.

In his heart, he was pretty sure that Ning Fan would definitely be reluctant to kill him afterwards. A dignified Mid Divine Transformation Realm Wild Beast had lowered himself down and given in to Ning Fan!

Unfortunately, the black dragon was completely wrong.

“Soul Searching!”

The two words were like icy-cold frost that numbed his ears when they echoed from Ning Fan’s mouth into his ears. The demon power within his palm shook and the process of Soul Memories Searching Technique had already begun!

The black dragon’s expression was filled with shock.

Doesn’t this Lu Bei know that I am a Mid Divine Transformation Realm Wild Beast? Doesn’t he know how good it would be for him to have such a powerful fighter like me by his side? Why is he even willing to search my soul?!

If he manages to perform that technique on me, my Sea of Consciousness will be damaged and I will be turned into an idiot!


The black dragon let out a loud cry. However, just as his soul was going to be searched, a Thunder Dragon’s seal emerged within his Sea of Consciousness, cancelling Ning Fan’s soul searching technique with ease.

“Huh? I didn’t expect that a little dragon like you would have such a high level memory seal established in your Sea of Consciousness. I suppose I won’t be able to peep at any of your memories at all before attaining the Void Fragmentation Realm…”

Ning Fan reached out his hand and grabbed the soul of the blood dragon into his hand from Stone Warrior. His eyes shone in cold light and he performed the same technique on that demon!

The black dragon was flabbergasted!

This Lu Bei really is a ruthless master. He doesn’t even place any of the Divine Transformation Realm Wild Beasts in his eyes. As soon as he gets one in his hand, he searched their souls without hesitation!

Moreover, he doesn’t give up after failing in searching mine. Now, he’s going to search the blood dragon’s soul! In his eyes, Wild Beasts are like nothing!

The blood dragon began to feel fear crawling within his heart.

This blood dragon was more taciturn as compared to the black dragon. Besides, he had a firmer attitude.

After being caught by Ning Fan, he was not like the black dragon which was full of flattery words and lowered his value although he also harbored the same intention of surrendering to Ning Fan to his own life.

Anyhow, I am still an Early Divine Transformation Realm Wild Beast. As a Wild Beast, one should uphold the pride of their existence.

But the blood dragon had never anticipated that Ning Fan would perform the Soul Memories Searching Technique on the black dragon, not to mention perform the same technique on himself without hesitation after a vain attempt on the black dragon.


The blood dragon emitted a painful shriek. Similarly, a Thunder Dragon’s seal rose within his Sea of Consciousness and forcefully protected his memories.

However, the grade of this seal was obviously weaker than that of the black dragon. Aside from that, this seal seemed to know that it was unable to hold Ning Fan back from searching the blood dragon’s soul and memories, so it began to cause destruction within the Sea of Consciousness of the blood dragon before Ning Fan’s technique overcome it.

Within just a short moment, the seal destroyed the blood dragon’s Sea of Consciousness so horribly that one could not bear seeing it. Ning Fan’s eyes turned solemn and stopped performing his soul searching technique.

It failed… But the blood dragon was not as lucky as the black dragon. Even though Ning Fan’s soul searching technique failed on both of them, the blood dragon was turned into a mindless being…

The black dragon’s heart palpitated in trepidation, feeling unable to calm himself down.

It’s too dangerous, way too dangerous!

Luckily the seal within my Sea of Consciousness is slightly stronger than the one on the blood dragon. Or else, I would have been turned into a brainless idiot.

Looking at the blank eyes of the blood dragon, the black dragon felt his blood freeze and his heart be filled with chills… Ever since he had fallen into Ning Fan’s hands, it was his first time worrying for his own fate…

“Hmm… It’s a hair’s breadth away from succeeding. Unfortunately, it failed in the end… It’s such a pity for this blood dragon… Fine. Since he is also a blood dragon which comes from the same race as the dragon whose bones were used to forge this blood sword, he will be a good offering to the sword…”

Ning Fan let loose of the blood dragon and slashed him into two with the blood sword. Traces of dragon blood flowed into the sword, moistening the body of the sword…

What the f**k! That is a True Wild Beast! How could he kill him just like that?!”

The black dragon trembled even more violently than before. His body which was as frail as an earthworm could not break free from Ning Fan’s grasp, no matter how hard he tried.

“How should I deal with this black dragon…” Ning Fan muttered to himself.

“Just keep this little brother. This little brother doesn’t want to die. This little brother is willing to become Big Brother’s fighter with no excuse! If you don’t need a fighter, I am even willing to be your slave!” The black dragon hurriedly replied. This time, it genuinely wanted to surrender itself and seek refuge from Ning Fan. Well, how could one not be sincere at this point of time? If he couldn’t become Ning Fan’s fighter, there would only be one path waiting for him – death.

“Keep you as my slave? Hmm. That’s not a bad idea. For the time being, a Mid Spirit Severing Realm being still is useful to me… If that’s the case, I just have to plant a Mental Seal on you…”

As soon as he finished speaking, his fingers moved in the gestures of incantation and rotated his mind power, intending to plant a Mental Seal within the black dragon’s Sea of Consciousness.

However, just as the black dragon heard of the three words “plant Mental Seal”, he became even more terrified. His earthworm-like body shuddered uncontrollably.

Mental Seal!

How dare this Lu Bei try to plant a Mental Seal on me?! Don’t tell me he is unaware that the World Law of the Immortal Demon World disallows anyone to plant a Mental Seal on the people from the True Spirit Races! Those who violate the law will be viewed as challenging the might of the True Spirits!

Oh yes… This Lu Bei is just a small demon of the mortal world. How could he possibly know about the World Law of the Upper World… Hai. Even if this malefic being knows about the law, would he obey it? Not to mention planting a Mental Seal on a member of the True Spirit Race, he had already taken the lives of two True Spirits…

I’m doomed… My entire life is completely DOOMED!”

If I am planted with the Mental Seal, I don’t have to think about escaping from his devilish grasp anymore…

Planting a Mental Seal. Ning Fan had performed it many times in the past but this time, he failed.

The establishment of the restrictive seal was successful without a doubt, but the control of the seal over the black dragon was extremely weak…

“Hmm?” Ning Fan pondered.

To the black dragon, however, after the Mental Seal was planted, he was overjoyed about that unexpected outcome.

What kind of low-grade Mental Seal is this? Is he joking with me trying to control me with just this?! Don’t tell me that he does not know that the demon blood of the True Spirits is nearly immune to ordinary Mental Seals? Other than the “Demon Seal” planted using one’s demon blood, a True Spirit won’t be easily controlled like that…

Internally, the black dragon was extremely glad.

Apparently, this Lu Bei does not have any idea how to plant a Demon Seal.

Although I have been planted with a Mental Seal by him, if I try to secretly dissolve it using my demon blood, I would break free from the so-called Mental Seal sooner or later. Then, I will find a chance and escape from him. After that, in this boundless world, where else can’t I go… Hehe.

The black dragon wore a delightful look on his face. However, when Ning Fan caught sight of it, his eyes narrowed coldly.


He wanted to directly activate the Mental Seal to see whether it could kill the black dragon!

As the Mental Sea within his Sea of Consciousness was activated, it immediately turned into a formation mark and exploded.

He felt a sharp pain in its Sea of Consciousness. His dragon mouth spurted out fresh blood while his eyes were filled with horror, but he survived the ordeal.

Terrifying! This Lu Bei is too terrifying! To test whether the Mental Seal is effective or not, he actually activated it without a second thought…

Luckily, the Mental Seal was of not much effect. Otherwise, I would have been dead just now!

“True enough, this Mental Seal can’t restrain you…”

The cold light in Ning Fan’s eyes did not recede.

If I can’t put this black dragon under my control with a Mental Seal, leaving it by my side will only be a hidden danger…

According to Ning Fan’s observation, when the black dragon heard of “Mental Seal” earlier, the fear revealed on his face was not just a pretense. After realizing that his Mental Seal was inferior and did not have much effect, the happy, arrogant and scornful look on his face was also not merely an act.

As such, Ning Fan conjectured that the Mental Seal he planted was useless to the black dragon. However, he did not know what the main cause was.

I suppose there might be some kind of unique Mental Seal to control the black dragon and plant a restrictive seal within it.

His shifted his gaze towards Stone Warrior and indifferently asked.

“Stone Warrior. Let me ask you something. Why is the Mental Seal that I planted within this evil dragon’s Sea of Consciousness ineffective?”

“Since this dragon belongs to the Black Dragon Race, he is actually a member of the True Spirit Race. Rumor has it that the demons of the True Spirit Race from the Immortal Demon World are immune to common Mental Seals relying on their demon blood. Apparently, they could only be controlled using Demon Seals… If this demon is not a True Spirit, I actually have quite a few types of Mental Seals to put him under control. But since he’s a member of a True Spirit Race, other than the Demon Seal, he couldn’t be controlled by any other kinds of Mental Seals!”

“Demon Seal? I see. Since you also don’t know about it, then I guess I really have no choice…”

Ning Fan’s gaze then landed at the black dragon with a cold look.

“Black Tooth! I will only give you a period of three breaths. Tell me everything without missing even a word about the Demon Seal! If you try to lie and the Demon Seal is ineffective, I’ll have to kill you! If you don’t know anything about the Demon Seal, I’ll kill you too since there’s no point in me keeping you around! The death of the blood dragon is an example for you to learn your lesson from!”

Ning Fan’s tone was intimidating, making the black dragon tremble again.

Three breaths. He only had three breaths to decide his own fate!

What he felt lucky was that he knew the right kind of Demon Seals to use.

What he felt unfortunate was that once Ning Fan learns it, he would definitely be planted with that Demon Seal. Then, he could only be Ning Fan’s slave for the rest of his life.

However, the black dragon had no other options. If he doesn’t tell him the method of planting the Demon Seal, what would await him was not slavery but…death!

A single breath passed.

A second breath.

Before the third breath came, the black dragon gritted his teeth and spoke, “I…I’ll tell! Please give me a jade slip. I will then imprint the Demon Seal technique onto it…”

The black dragon’s face turned gloomy. After all, he was still unable to escape the fate of being enslaved by Ning Fan.

Fine…Fine! Even if I’ve become his slave, I am still alive. That blood dragon is really pitiful. A dragon which was supposed to be in perfectly good condition was turned into an offering for a sword… Hai… So what if I become a slave? In the past, I was Li Ban’s slave. Now, I am a slave for Lu Bei. I guess it won’t make any difference… However, if this matter is spread to my fellow brothers in the Black Dragon Race, perhaps my reputation will be terribly tarnished… Hai…Fine. Let them laugh at me. They just don’t understand my situation at all!”

The black dragon was also a master of spiritual victory. With just a few words, he had managed to console himself and accept reality.

The Demon Seal was imprinted on the jade slip.

After reading it, Ning Fan incorporated his demon blood of Fu Li to his spirit sense and eventually planted an inescapable restrictive seal on the black dragon.

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