Grasping Evil

Chapter 257(1) - Li Ban; Yao Fei

Chapter 257(1)  Li Ban; Yao Fei

The night was quiet and still as a gaily-colored boat sailed on the river.

In the River Gazing Tower, Ning Fan did not feel sleepy.

It was just his first day in the province but his name had already shook the entire Luo Yun Tribe. The incident of killing three Spirit Severing Realm demons on his own was rapidly spreading to other tribes in the Second World like a typhoon!

Even though it was just the first day, Lu Wan’er had gone to visit her master and eventually stayed overnight in her friend’s house in the province.

That friend of hers seems to be a prostitute…She is a female entertainer in the Misty Rain House…

“I hope Wan’er will not be influenced by her friend and become bad… However, based on Wan’er’s personality, that woman must be rather unique since she could be regarded as a friend by Wan’er… Misty Rain House…”

Ning Fan repeatedly muttered the three words thrice and then became silent.

After Yao Yuan and the others had fulfilled their duty, they held a token and returned to the Northern Desert City without the Golden Flame Chariot. The chariot of course was reserved for Ning Fan’s use.

Lu Daochen had yet to summon Ning Fan. As for the matter of Lu Tianming, it was completely left out.

Currently, Ning Fan was unclear of Lu Daochen’s thoughts. He could not identify what the latter’s true intentions were. However, he guessed that Lu Daochen had probably found out the truth that he was not the true Lu Bei.

The heads of the generals are just a display of power. No matter if Lu Daochen will befriend me or not, it can at least guarantee that he will not dare to be my enemy.

Perhaps Lu Daochen would automatically present the map of the World Passage of the Third World himself or maybe Ning Fan had to steal or even rob him for it!

There was only Ning Fan left within the River Gazing Tower. Above the dark sky, the moon glowed in faint-red, arousing a shred of loneliness within him in this foreign land.

He came to the province with two purposes in mind – search for the map to the World Passage and learn more demon characters.

However, what he wanted now was just serenity.

With a slap on his storage pouch, he took out a few ten-thousand-year-old demon grass which he bought during the day in the province.

He shook his Cauldron Ring and summoned the Wind Demoness and the Flower Demoness. When they were called out, the two of them were in loose and revealing outfits. Apparently, they were in the middle of resting within the Cauldron Ring. As soon as they saw their master, they quickly held their hands up and covered themselves.

“Is there anything we can do for Master?”

“Take off your clothes and prepare for a bath…”

“Wha…What? Take off our clothes for a bath? Now?”

“Precisely. Why? Are you afraid of me looking at the two of you?”

“No. It’s not. Our appearances are hideous. We hope Master doesn’t dislike us. If Master is wil…willing to enjoy the sight of our bodies, it truly is our good fortune…”

From their perspective, being summoned by their master at a time like this would probably be for dual-cultivation purposes…

The Wind Demoness appeared to be a little reserved. She bit her lip lightly, nervously undressing her bra. On the contrary, the Flower Demoness was rather enthusiastic. She ogled at her master and intentionally turned to her back, hiding her ugly appearance while showing only her voluptuous body. Untying the knot of her dress, it slid down from her body, revealing a silky white back.

If they were not disfigured, they would definitely be stunning beauties…

The atmosphere of the room was filled with a delicate fragrance, as the night breeze gently blew in from the window. Having such gorgeous sight under such relaxing environment was really a delight to one’s heart and refreshing to one’s mind.

As time elapsed, the level of the Yin Yang Locket was slowly advancing to the Second Level of the Second Realm from the First Level.

In order to improve the ability of the Second Realm, he at least has to practice dual-cultivation with Nascent Soul Realm female cultivators or at most, with Void Fragmentation Realm female cultivators. Only then would he have the chance to break through to the Third Realm of his Yin Yang Transformation.

However, practicing dual-cultivation with Void Fragmentation Realm female cultivators was too ambitious. On the other hand, he had two Gold Core Realm female demons by his side.

The expected dual-cultivation by the two demonesses did not come to fruition in the end.

They only saw Ning Fan pointing his finger at a corner, conjuring his Divine Intent of Rain which gradually congealed into a bathtub.

After that, Ning Fan waved his hand at the demon river outside the window and immediately, streams of river water flew in, filling up the bathtub to its brim.

A finger on his other hand lit up a fire, heating up the water within the bathtub. Eventually, traces of hot mist filled the room.

“Alright. You can go in now. Each of you take one of these pills. After consuming them, begin to assimilate the medicinal power of the pills within the bath. In the meantime, I will prepare some medicinal liquid to mix in the bath. The two of you have to absorb the medicinal power from the bath too. When the pills are completely digested, your appearances will be restored!”

Two Facial Restoration Pills were given to them.

At first, the two demonesses were petrified. But subsequently, their faces were filled with happiness and surprise. Deep inside, they were deeply moved.

These are the Fifth Revolution Pills?!

The abundant medicinal power contained within the pills were enough to prove that they were indeed invaluable.

Ning Fan did not lie to the two demonesses. He had really fulfilled his promise to them.

“Master, we…”

“You don’t have to say anything. Both of you deserve it.” Ning Fan gave them a smile. With a flick of his sleeve, a gust of wind swept the two women into the bathtub.

That was when they realized that Ning Fan’s demon power was already nearly comparable to that of a Spirit Severing Realm expert!

Sitting cross-legged within the water, the two demonesses studied their surroundings and found out that they were now at the Second World.

It had just been less than two years since the last time they met Ning Fan. Within this period of time, Ning Fan’s demon power had improved to nearly at the level of Spirit Severing Realm from just Early Nascent Soul Realm!

Besides, be it the Late Spirit Severing Realm aura force or the prestige of the royal bloodline, his presence was superior, making the two women feel that they could never be on an equal standing with him.

The Baleful Qi he accumulated from killing the Spirit Severing Realm demons had even caused them to be unknowingly stricken with fear.

If Ning Fan did not suppress his Baleful Qi so that he would not be overly intimidating for the two demonesses, he could have easily injured them with just his Baleful Qi alone!

Astonishment overwhelmed their hearts. When they compared their current master to their previous master – Li Ban, they could faintly tell that he could kill the latter without much effort!

“Congratulations to Master for your great advancement in your cultivation level… Thank you Master for granting us these pills…”

“En. Now, consume it.”

Ning Fan patted his storage pouch and took out a few different demon grass. He used his knife-like finger to peel, husk, draw the meridians and grind the roots. Without needing much time, the water in the bathtub turned emerald green. It was filled with medicinal power.

However, the medicinal power of the bath was excessively massive. To the two demonesses whose cultivation levels had regressed to the Gold Core Realm, it was somewhat difficult to absorb it.

While they were drawing in the medicinal power, it almost tore their immortal veins apart. Their faces paled but in their hearts, no matter how painful it might be, they showed no signs of giving up.

The pain they felt from having their appearances being disfigured was equivalent to the pain a man felt from having his immortal veins being maimed. It was an extremely agonizing experience.

Now, they finally got the chance to recover their appearances. None of them were willing to miss it.

In the past when they were the partners of Li Ban, they had no freedom. Not a single day passed by without them worrying when they would die in the hands of their previous master. They only wished that Li Ban could cast them a single more glance and treat them a little more kindly. Unfortunately, those wishes were doomed to be just wishful thoughts.

Currently, they became Ning Fan’s human cauldrons. They did not have to worry about bloodshed of the cultivation world, let alone becoming a sacrificial tool in battle. Now, they even had the chance to regain their appearances.

“These are the Fifth Revolution Pills that our Master concocted with great effort. We must not waste it…We must endure till the end…” They gritted their teeth, strenuously assimilating the medicinal power of the bath. At the same time, a layer of blood scab began to emerge on their faces. Under the scab, their spoiled, hardened skin regrew into completely new, soft ones and their faces slowly turned white and pure.

“Just a little longer…” The Wind Demoness was more unswerving whereas the Flower Demoness who had a more timid personality could no longer bear the pain.

Looking at their progress, Ning Fan let out a faint sigh.

If I let them continue like this, it’s either they will fail in restoring their faces or they will lose their lives due to the unbearable agony.

He undressed himself, entered into the bathtub and sat in a meditative posture under the water bath with the two demonesses.


Immediately, the water within the bathtub overflowed from it.

He pulled the two women who were bearing the pain reluctantly into his arms by their waists. Out of surprise, they moaned and their faces blushed.

“How can our esteemed Master be on the same bath with us, maidservants…”

“If dual-cultivation can relieve your pain, who wants to come first?”

“Wha…What?” The Wind Demoness shyly turned her head to the other direction while bitterly enduring the pain with her teeth clenched tightly together.

Even if she had been plucked by Ning Fan once, she still found it difficult to remain calm while facing Ning Fan with her naked body.

The Flower Demoness was rather open-minded. After all, back in the Song Country, she was regarded as Red Flower Old Demon who specially plucked female cultivators. In fact, she was always looking forward to practicing dual cultivation with Ning Fan.

As soon as she heard what Ning Fan said, she immediately sat on top of Ning Fan without hesitation, placing both of her hands around his neck while lasciviously looking at him.

“Master please be gentle…”

Such an embarrassing scene caused the Wind Demoness to turned her head aside, not daring to glance at them anymore. Under her long, purplish hair, her eyes were gradually being filled with eroticism under the arousing moans emitted by the Flower Demoness. Feeling a little envious, she silently muttered, “What a shameless woman…”

But when she was in the midst of criticizing, she suddenly felt a big hand gradually gliding up along her calf from the bottom of her feet. Eventually, it stopped at her soft, sensitive point and began to caress her…


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