Grasping Evil

Chapter 256(3) - Entering the Province!

Chapter 256(3) Entering the Province!

Ever since his arrival at the province, Ning Fan did not intend to get entangled in a conflict with Lu Tianming. The latter might be considered as a proud son of heaven, but Ning Fan could be regarded as an old ancestor figure. In the Second World, those who were competent enough to block his path were none other than the Honorable Demon Generals!

If it was not because Lu Tianming kept claiming that he wanted Lu Wan’er, Ning Fan would be too lazy to even cast a glance at him.

“You said you want to detain my wife, Lu Wan’er?! Tell me, are you bold enough to repeat what you’ve said again?!”

Ning Fan took a step forward. As his foot landed on the ground, the aura of heaven and earth shook and sword light flashed from all directions. With just a single step, the powerless Lu Tianming spat out blood and was sent flying away. Bewildered, his eyes widened and stared straight at Ning Fan.

“Half…Half-Step Spirit Severing Realm! This is the true power of Lu Bei?!”

Injuring a Late Nascent Soul Realm demon with Half-Step Jade Life Body Refining Realm like Lu Tianming in just one step. Not even the seven generals of the Luo Yun Tribe would be able to do it. The only person who could possibly do that was the old ancestor himself!

So this is Lu Bei!

He isn’t similar at all to the rumors. How is it possible that he is the weakest Demon Soldier and the disgrace of the Northern Desert City?

His qi is much stronger than some of the Demon Generals that Lu Tianming had met before!

Who can rival him for the position of Eighth General of the tribe? It’s hilarious that I even publicly claimed that he isn’t qualified to participate in the test…

If he wants to enter the province, who else could stop him for me?! Such being in this world is able to freely trespass other tribes without being stopped by anyone!

The three bloody heads of the Demon Generals are the warnings for whoever tries to stop him!

“I am asking you a question! Do you dare to repeat again what you said earlier!”

Ning Fan took the second step!

When his stomped reached the ground, Lu Tianming coughed out blood again. His demon Nascent Soul was on the verge of collapsing whereas his Heart of Dao was shattered by that move!

Without a hundred years, it would be impossible for him to reconstruct his Heart of Dao. Even if he manages to reconstruct it in the future, it would be especially difficult for him to attain the Spirit Severing Realm!

Lu Wan’er who was standing behind Ning Fan felt touched but also shocked at the same time.

She was touched because Ning Fan kept mentioning “Lu Wan’er is my wife”. The current Ning Fan gave her a feeling that no matter who came to ask for her, he would never be forgiving towards them!

“Offending the Honorable Demon General for a silly lady like me isn’t worth it…” She muttered in a low tone but Ning Fan seemed unable to hear it.

What was even more hard to believe for Lu Wan’er was the chopped-off heads of the three Demon Generals. One of them had the same qi as the phoenix’s wings.

Before this, she asked Ning Fan where the wings came from and he told her that he obtained them from someone he killed. At that time, Lu Wan’er did not believe him. She did not believe that Ning Fan would have the power to kill a Spirit Severing Realm expert.

After all, it was already extremely difficult to defeat a demon at that level, let alone kill them. A cultivator at the Spirit Severing Realm would have a Primordial Spirit while a demon would have a demon soul. To her, restricting a Spirit Severing Realm being from escaping with his demon soul was literally just wishful thinking…It would only be possible when it was a Mid Spirit Severing Realm expert fighting an Early Spirit Severing Realm being…

But now, the evidences were placed right in front of her. She had to believe what Ning Fan said was true. He truly killed a Demon General who possessed the Fire Phoenix bloodline and cut off his phoenix’s wings!

Not only that, what was even more beyond her imagination was that Ning Fan did not just kill a Spirit Severing Realm demon but three!

In the Land of Slumber, there were not a lot of Spirit Severing Realm demons. Lu Wan’er recognized the faces of the three heads even though she was just a lady who always stayed in her room.

Bai Yuan who awakened the incomplete Immemorial Bloodline of Bai Ze, Feng Ziqi who awakened the incomplete Immemorial Bloodline of Xuan Wu1, Xu Ri who awakened the incomplete Immemorial Bloodline of the Fire Phoenix… As for Xu Ri, even my own brother once claimed that if he were to fight him, his chances of winning were just fifty percent…

But the three of them were all killed by Ning Fan by himself…Doesn’t that mean that Ning Fan’s power had already surpassed Demon General Lu Sheng’s who was given the title as the “Second Demon General of Luo Yun”? Perhaps even the First Demon General might not be on par with Ning Fan. In the whole tribe, there was probably only the Honorable Demon General himself who could fight against him…

“I didn’t know Lu Bei was so strong…” Lu Wan’er’s eyes flashed with a hint of guilt and admiration.

In a dark corner, the Cloud General, Lu Daochen widened his eyes in astonishment.

He managed to divine Ning Fan’s identity to a certain extent. He knew the latter was a devil cultivator who sneaked into the Second World from the Endless Sea. He knew that he was Zhou Ming.

He had also divined that Ning Fan would display his strength and give Lu Tianming a lesson. This setback would cause Lu Tianming to restrain himself, focus on cultivation and move towards the path to become stronger.

But Lu Daochen had never expected that Ning Fan would be able to eliminate three Demon Generals from the Lie Tu Tribe on his own!

“Bai Yuan, Feng Ziqi, Xu Ri! Even if this old man engages them in person, I’m afraid I would at most be able to kill two of them. As for Xu Ri, because of his Fire Phoenix’s regenerative ability, he can’t be cut without an Immemorial Divine Weapon… Unless I use the ‘Power of Bestowal’, there is no way I can kill that demon… This Lu Bei actually did something that I can’t even do…Apparently, I had still underestimated this kid…”

Lu Daochen thought to himself. The four Peak Nascent Soul Realm demons standing behind him wore flabbergasted expressions.

Killing three Demon Generals of the Lie Tu Tribe… This Lu Bei really is a monster!

However, as they saw their young master’s Heart of Dao being crushed, none of them could stand still and look on without doing anything.

“Lu Bei! Stop!”

Four shafts of rainbow light flashed past Lu Tianming, trying to defend him against Ning Fan.

But as soon as they emerged, the purple star in Ning Fan’s left eye blinked. He made the third step!

“Get lost!”

With his current power, all of them were sent flying away by the shockwave of his step, coughing out blood.

They were stunned. Their eyes could look at him as if they could not believe what had just happened. That step he made just now was the prestige of the royal bloodline!

As a demon, no one would be able to stand against Ning Fan unless their cultivation levels were way stronger than his.

“Lu Bei…”

Lu Wan’er grabbed Ning Fan’s arm, feeling worried that he might kill Lu Tianming out of impulse.

“Don’t worry. Let me handle this matter…”

Ning Fan’s eyes shone with cold light and landed on Lu Tianming once more.

“You have yet to answer my question…If you refuse to answer, I will make sure you die! Tell me, do you dare to ask for my wife again right in front of me?!”

The fourth step landed onto the ground.

Lu Tianming was completely covered in his own blood. His face was filled with terror, anguish and panic. His weary eyes looked at Ning Fan as if he was trying to beg for mercy.

Ning Fan’s words were like thunderclap, blasting within Lu Tianming’s mind, making him unable to resist at all.

“Tianming does not dare anymore!”

Well of course, he won’t be so daring anymore! He was a prodigal son, not a fool. To a person like him, one has to understand what kind of people they can offend and those that they shouldn’t!

Ning Fan was a person that he, Lu Tianming, must never offend in his entire life, even if he has attained the Spirit Severing Realm or succeed his old ancestor as the Honorable Demon General of the Luo Yun Tribe one day!

Before Ning Fan, all of his glory was just a laughable and insignificant matter.

“From today onwards, I, Lu Tianming, swear that I will never pester lady Wan’er anymore. If I go against my vow, I will end up just like these fingers!”

He drew out his sword and cut off three of his fingers. Blood oozed out from his hand like stream and the pain was excruciating. However, he did not dare to feel any heartache for his fingers. Instead, he was just worried that his action was not sufficient to quell Ning Fan’s anger.

“Very well! From towards onwards, I do not want to see you in anywhere I go! Disappear from my sight now!”


In a dark corner, Lu Daochen continuously let out a few sighs.

Explicitly, Ning Fan was giving a punishment to Lu Tianming. Implicitly, his spirit sense had collided with Lu Daochen’s three times.

However, Lu Daochen had never once gained an advantage over Ning Fan from those three collisions.

“This kid actually saw through my camouflage here and correctly guessed my intention to temper Lu Tianming’s attitude in order to make him get rid of his love affairs and his haughty demeanor so that he could become an indomitable demon… This kid knew what I was thinking and it was why he did not kill Tianming. As such, I really owe him a favor for helping me out…This kid’s aspiration isn’t restricted within the tribe. Instead, what he wants is to enter the Third World! But the Third World isn’t anything like what he imagines…. What he wants is not within that place…Wan’er, you finally found a good man. Now, I am able to feel relieved for you…”

Lu Daochen heaved another deep sigh and vanished in a column of demonic smoke.

After returning to the Golden Flame Chariot, Ning Fan’s eyes glittered.

I didn’t kill Lu Tianming. In a way, I’ve fulfilled what that old man wishes – to give Lu Tianming the best lesson which I can possibly give.

If Lu Daochen did not give enough benefits to Ning Fan for that favor, perhaps Ning Fan would overturn the entire Luo Yun Province for the map to the World Passage of the Third World!

The current him possessed such power and power was the only guarantee for being domineering…

“I want the map to the World Passage of the Third World!”

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