Grasping Evil

Chapter 249(1) - True Spirits of the Royal Clan

Chapter 249(1) True Spirits of the Royal Clan

61 vortexes were formed within the pool filled with green blood.

At the bottom of the pool, Ning Fan was as quiet as a corpse. Anyone would have mistaken him as dead if he did not occasionally move his fingers to perform hand seals.

After the Life Blood Incense Flame entered into the demon statue of the Demon Ancestor, the heat of the blood in the pool became even more severe than that of magma.

“Is it Lu Zongyun who helped me once again? This person actually has the means to heat up this pool of blood to this extent…”

Ning Fan’s fingers began to perform hand seals again in order to condense more blood vortexes.

61 vortexes, 62 vortexes…69 vortexes.

Three days later, there were already 70 green blood vortexes surrounding him. However, the condensation speed of the demon blood started to gradually decline.

71 vortexes, 72 vortexes… 79 vortexes.

Another ten days had passed by. Ning Fan had congealed 80 green vortexes. This time, the condensation of the power of the blood pool became even slower.

81 vortexes, 82 vortexes…89 vortexes.

One month later, Ning Fan condensed the ninetieth blood vortex!

Two months later, another 9 blood vortexes were formed!

Once he congeals the one hundredth blood vortex, he could then start to try awakening the Incomplete Immemorial Demon Blood!

The golden sense of the Demon Ancestor within his demon blood became more active than before, as if it was trying to lead him into the path of the Immemorial Golden Crow.

However, Ning Fan hesitated!

There were only two options placed before him. Firstly, take a leap of faith and randomly awaken an Incomplete Immemorial Demon Blood after condensing a hundred demon bloodlines. However, there were strong and weak Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodlines. In other words, the bloodline that Ning Fan awakens might probably be far weaker than the bloodline of the Immemorial Golden Crow.

Secondly, rely on the Immemorial Golden Crow’s qi concealed within the Demon Ancestor’s golden sense to awaken the Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodline of the Immemorial Golden Crow.

If he chooses the second option, there was virtually 0% chance for him to fail. However, even if he successfully condenses the Immemorial Golden Crow’s bloodline, there would still be a high possibility that he could only become an ordinary golden crow in the future.

After all, he was not a member of the golden crow race. For anyone like him, it would only be wishful thinking to hope to join the royal clan of the golden crows.

“The bloodline of the royal clans…”

Ning Fan remained silent.

Even among the true members of the golden crow race, those who were able to awaken the royal clan bloodline were extremely rare. There might not be a single demon among ten thousand of them.

In order to awaken a royal clan bloodline, one must at the very least completely awaken the Immemorial Demon Bloodline in the Second Bloodline Awakening. Only then would the complete demon bloodline have a chance to evolve once more in the Third Bloodline Awakening.

In other words, only if those conditions are met would the holder of the Immemorial Demon Bloodline have the chance to become one of the True Spirits of the royal clan!

Take the little pill devil, Bright Sparrow for example. She possessed the royal clan bloodline of the Immemorial Dark Sparrow.

Her bloodline alone was enough to cause thousands of demons to submit to her!

“Is it possible for me to awaken the royal clan bloodline?”

Ning Fan asked himself. But after pondering for a moment, he came up with a conclusion. Before this, he had already devoured more than a thousand drops of Wild Beasts blood. Despite that, there was not even a single percent chance of success to awaken the royal clan bloodline with his current number of demon bloodlines.

Among the two choices he had now, none of them would lead him to become a True Spirit of the royal clan.

He chuckled to himself, thinking that he was being too greedy in the first place.

Even Demon General Li Ban was in euphoria the moment he succeeded in condensing a trace of Immemorial Demon Bloodline of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon. Besides, the reputation of the Immemorial Golden Crow was much higher than the Immemorial Thunder Dragon. Even if he does not possess the royal clan bloodline, his demon bloodline would surely be stronger than Li Ban’s after he completes the Third Bloodline Awakening in the future.

“Fine. I’ll just awaken the Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodline of the Immemorial Golden Crow…”

Ning Fan made up his mind. He opened his palm and performed hand seals with his fingers to congeal the one hundredth blood vortex!

When it emerged in the pool, Ning Fan opened his mouth and sucked all of the green blood vortexes into his abdomen!

At that moment, Lu Zongyun stopped kowtowing towards the demon statue, feeling overjoyed.

“Good! Good! Finally, this kid decided to begin awakening his bloodline. With a hundred demon bloodlines, he will definitely have a high chance of awakening an Incomplete Immemorial Demon Blood! If that’s the case, my efforts all throughout the months will not be put to waste. It took me thousands of kowtows to the demon statue! Hehe. I finally can report to the Demon General on the fulfillment of my duty!”

In the first palace, a satisfied smile appeared on Lu Sheng’s face. Now, Ning Fan’s ranking had climbed up to the 47th place. The strength of his bloodline was slightly stronger than Lu Sheng’s.

“Very well! This Lu Zongyun did not play any tricks. As for Lu Bei, he did not disappoint me! Haha!”

At the side of the pool, Lu Wan’er had been waiting for Ning Fan for months. When she saw the green blood pool began to shine with golden light, her eyes were filled with absolute surprise.

“It can’t be wrong! This golden ray represents the presence of an Incomplete Immemorial Demon Blood! Moreover, judging by the intensity of the light, this bloodline belongs to one of the top races among the True Spirits races!”

Lu Wan’er was filled with hope, looking forward to the moment when Ning Fan succeeds in awakening the bloodline.

In the meantime, Ning Fan who was situated at the bottom of the pool began to grow a massive pair of golden wings on his back!

He looked just like a man made of gold. Even the color of the green demon star in his left eye slowly turned faint gold.

Bloodline Awakening… Once Ning Fan withdraws his blood and qi and stabilizes them, the process would then end successfully.

But just a moment before he succeeded in awakening his demon bloodline, an immense uneasiness surfaced in his mind.

The more he condensed the demon blood, the stronger he felt that something was being drained away from his body…

“Don’t tell me this is…”

His eyes became solemn. It was not an illusion which was why he felt so anxious!

He immediately slapped his storage pouch and took out an ivory-white, round-shaped stone.

The stone was given by Old Ancestor Dong Xu back in the auction when it finished. It was called the Stratagem Stone.

It was meticulously designed with refined Gimmick Techniques, making it be able to partially detect one’s luck!

Luck was not something that could be read easily. Luck was just like life, something akin to an emotion. It might make one overpowered and invincible, but it was impossible to detect, not to mention touch.

However, Dong Xu relied on his proficiency towards the Dao of Luck and created an exquisite tiny stone using his heaven-defying Gimmick Techniques.

As soon as Ning Fan held that stone in his hand, it instantly reflected his luck, glowing in green color.

But the longer he condensed the golden crow’s bloodline, his green-colored luck was gradually seeping away and turning into yellow.

His eyes flashed with shock. The thing that was being drained away was his luck!

“Why would it become like this?! Dong Xu said that my magic power can only go through the Devil Transformation, or else my luck will be drained away. But why can’t my demon power condense the golden crow’s bloodline?”

Ning Fan had no idea where his luck was flowing to.

However, he vaguely understood something.

Someone had been plotting against him all this time. Besides, it looked like condensing the bloodline of the Immemorial Golden Crow was one of the crucial events that the person had been expecting.

Perhaps this was the reason why his future would not be bright if he succeeds in awakening the golden crow’s bloodline. After his luck is drained away, his fate would never revert again!

“The Incomplete Immemorial Golden Crow’s Bloodline!”

The more Ning Fan thought about it, the more he felt terrified.

It was because of the Demon Ancestor’s golden sense that he was able to awaken the Incomplete Immemorial Golden Crow’s Bloodline.

It was because of the Eastern Ocean Bell that he was able to obtain the Demon Ancestor’s golden sense.

The Eastern Ocean Bell was found in the Demon Sinister Forest.

The Demon Sinister Forest was the place where the mysterious True Immortal was raising demons!

No matter what I have done, each and every decision that I made seem to be within the predictions of that person. Everything had been calculated and planned just for today – the awakening of the Immemorial Golden Crow’s Bloodline!

Perhaps that person had already been scheming against me since the entrance examination of the Sinister Sparrow Sect!

The Eastern Ocean Bell was intentionally placed at the third floor in the Demon Sinister Forest, waiting for me to obtain it…

Could that person be the mysterious True Immortal who secretly raised Bright Sparrow?!

Rage filled Ning Fan’s eyes. He never liked to be manipulated by someone else. To be more accurate, no one would like to be within the calculations of others for every single step they moved.

Looking at his luck which was slowly diminishing in his hands, Ning Fan’s eyes shone in cold light.

The day when my luck runs out will be the day I die…

“So, mysterious stranger, you seem to be really enjoying predicting my moves… If that’s the case, I will break free from your calculations!”

Ning Fan had two choices.

Firstly, awaken the Incomplete Immemorial Golden Crow’s Bloodline.

Secondly, randomly awaken an Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodline.

That mysterious True Immortal is indeed excellent in predicting my moves. I suppose he has even predicted that I will see through his calculations today. However, that True Immortal isn’t afraid of me discovering his plans.

In fact, Ning Fan had a feeling that no matter what he decided today, be it awakening an ordinary Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodline or literally giving up the Bloodline Awakening, everything he did would be within that True Immortal’s calculations. That was how a Yang Plot [lit: overt plot] worked. One might be able to see through the plot but they could not escape from it. It was inevitable…

“No… It’s wrong. I still have the fourth choice! I guess even that mysterious True Immortal would not be able to see this coming!”

“I want to awaken a complete Immemorial Demon Blood, not an Incomplete Immemorial Demon Blood! As such, in the Third Bloodline Awakening, I will be able to step into the list of royal clan bloodlines and become a True Spirit of the royal clan!”

“The probability of this happening is not even one in ten thousand. However, it is because of that extremely low chance of success that the True Immortal will not be able to expect such possibility.”

“Regardless of anything, I want to bet on it! Even if the odds are one out of ten thousand, I will never yield!”

The golden light on his body dispersed. The massive wings on his back disintegrated.

His bloodline remained at a hundred traces in the end.

The Bloodline Awakening was a failure…

Lu Sheng inconceivably stared at the Wall of Demon Shadow. He could not understand what had happened.

Just now, it clearly stated that Ning Fan’s bloodline had evolved into the Immemorial Golden Crow’s Bloodline. But why would it regress to winged demon bloodline in the end?!

Lu Zongyun was completely stunned.

After everything I have done and every treasure I have used to help him in awakening his bloodline, he still failed?

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