Grasping Evil

Chapter 248(2) - Lu Zongyun’s Indignation

Chapter 248(2) Lu Zongyun’s Indignation

Lu Wan’er’s eyes flashed with astonishment.

“Congealing a new green vortex1 in just a brief moment of time…Even ordinary Demon Generals would not be able to perform that…Besides, the process of Blood Awakening is extremely painful and yet you didn’t even make a single sound. My foresight is really good…You are indeed the most outstanding man that I have ever seen in my life…Unfortunately, I am not the perfect match for you…”

Within the second palace, Lu Zongyun did not dare to act slowly anymore. Immediately, he knelt on the ground and started to kowtow towards the demon statue of the Demon Ancestor.

Ten kowtows, one hundred kowtows, one thousand kowtows… Clouds of white gas gradually rose as a result of Lu Zongyun’s prayers and entered the hundred zhang* tall demon statue. The eyes of the statue slightly glowed with golden light. Although it was extremely faint, the demon blood in the pool of blood seemed to have been affected by the prestige of the Demon Ancestor. Ning Fan’s absorption speed was enhanced by nearly one fold!

At the same time, he felt that his demon blood was burning. Despite the pain, his eyes remained calm and were filled resolute!

His finger drew circles in the liquid which turned into vortexes that rapidly condensed the demon qi!

19 traces, 20 traces…25 traces!

When he attained the required amount of bloodline traces for the Second Bloodline Awakening, his eyelids twitched. His hands did not stop moving as he continued to congeal the twenty-sixth bloodline vortex instead.

On the Wall of Demon Shadow, his ranking kept climbing!

Now, his name was already ranked at the 8600th place!

Lu Bei, winged demon bloodline, 25 marks!

When the score of his bloodline increased to 26, Lu Sheng’s eyes brightened up.

“As I expected, this kid was not just aiming for an ordinary Bloodline Awakening. What he is after is surely the Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodline!”

In the meantime, Lu Zongyun was bitterly complaining within his mind.

While he was kowtowing towards the demon statue, he was flabbergasted by Ning Fan’s unbelievable speed in condensing his demon blood.

When Ning Fan had condensed the twenty-fifth trace of demon bloodline, he heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that Ning Fan would not fail in Bloodline Awakening this time…

However, when the twenty-sixth trace of demon bloodline was formed, Lu Zongyun’s heart sank.

What?! Don’t tell me he wants to attain 60 bloodline traces in order to awaken the bloodline of a hybrid demon?!

Hybrid demons might be weaker than the True Spirits, but they were regarded as powerful type of demons. Besides, if they arrive at the pinnacle of their cultivations, they would probably not be any weaker than the True Spirits.

According to ancient sayings, there were four types of formidable hybrid demons – the Hundun, the Qiongqi, the Taowu and the Taotie. They were known as the Four Perils2. One has to condense different types of demon bloodlines which would then fuse and form a powerful demon body like any of the four types.

“During his first attempt in the Second Bloodline Awakening, he only managed to condense 9 bloodline traces before he failed. This time, he might have been lucky to be able to attain 25 traces of bloodlines but why didn’t he learn to behave? Why does he have to condense 60 traces? What if he fails in the middle of the process? The Demon General will for sure think that it’s all my fault…Hai… Fine! I will just accompany you regardless of anything now!”

Lu Zongyun stopped prostrating in front of the demon statue and slapped his storage pouch to take out a jade bottle which contained a column of milky white gas. It was the power of Incense Flame.

It was the power which he secretly accumulated throughout the years of becoming the flamen of the Bloodline Pool. He once used half of its power for his own son to awaken his bloodline. Now, there was another half left which he intended to use on Ning Fan.

“Since you want to condense 60 traces of bloodlines, this old man will go all-out to help you! Who asked this old man to be bound together with you in good or bad?!”

Lu Zongyun crushed the bottle and the white mist entered the demon statue. Instantly, the speed of condensation of the blood within the pool increased by three times!

After congealing the thirty-first bloodline vortex, Ning Fan could obviously feel the blood of the pool condense at a much slower speed.

The more blood vortexes he tried to congeal, the harder it became.

It will probably take a longer time for me to congeal the thirty-second blood vortex.

Just as he muttered to himself, the blood pool instantaneously boiled even more violently than before. Almost immediately, he formed the thirty-second blood vortex!

Oh? Apparently, that Lu Zongyun spared no effort at all as the speed of the blood condensation in the pool increased so drastically all of a sudden…

He cleared his thoughts and calmed himself down, putting all his concentration in condensing his bloodline.

In a flash, ten days passed!

33 traces, 34 traces… 59 traces!

When he formed the sixtieth bloodline within his body, his name on the Wall of Demon Shadow glowed brightly with green light. His name had risen to the 147th place!

That is to say, in the vast and boundless Second World, Ning Fan was ranked 147th within the nine divisions in terms of demon bloodline.

Meanwhile, countless experts rushed to the Demon General Egg in their respective cities and observed the name that rose sharply on their respective Wall of Demon Shadow!

“It’s Lu Bei! Isn’t he the ferocious demon who is on the wanted poster?! The bounty on his head is 30 million immortal jade! I heard that he is a Mid Spirit Severing Realm demon but how is it possible that he had just begun his Second Bloodline Awakening? It’s strange, so strange!”

In the province of the Lie Tu Tribe, a sturdily built man wearing silver armor stood below the Wall of Demon Shadow with his gloomy eyes staring directly on the wall. Innumerable demon experts who stood behind him did not dare to even breathe heavily in his presence.

He was the Honorable Demon General, the Earth General, Bai Wuzun!

“*Snort* So this is Lu Bei. According to the men I sent to investigate him, he is just a trash who once failed the Second Bloodline Awakening. I didn’t believe their reports at first. However, based on what I am seeing now, there is really something fishy about the extermination of the Fallen Peak Guards. He might have used some devious tactics that I don’t know about to harm Xiong Rui… Hmmph! All in all, placing 30 million as bounty on his head is a little too much!”

In the province of the Luo Yun Tribe, an elderly man who wore an armor set made of the shells of beasts stood below the Wall of Demon Shadow while leaning on his crutch which was adorned with a dragon-head on its tip. His eyes were narrowed to slits, making him look wise and sagacious.

“Lu Bei… So this is the person recommended by Lu Sheng to be the Eight General of the tribe. He is quite extraordinary… Emperor Shadow, the qi of the Demon Ancestor… If this person can condense more than a hundred traces of demon bloodlines and awaken the Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodlines, I will without a doubt appoint him as the Eight Demon General of my Luo Yun Tribe even if he has yet to attain the Spirit Severing Realm!”

In the province of the Pure Flame Tribe, a middle-aged man clad in a scarlet dragon robe stood below the Wall of Demon Shadow in their city while twiddling with his long beard.

Behind him, Wang Xiao and the other nine Demon Generals who came from the Demon World sat leisurely on their seats, paying no attention to the wall at all.

“The amount of his demon bloodlines has increased to more than 60 traces. I didn’t expect that he would be such an incomprehensible person…” The middle-aged man’s eyes turned cold.

However, his words caused the ten Demon Generals including Wang Xiao to mockingly laugh.

“It’s just 60 traces of bloodlines. He isn’t even worth mentioning, unless this person condenses more than a hundred traces of demon bloodlines!”

Indeed, Wang Xiao and his group were lofty as they were specially blessed by Heaven.

As the elites from the demon races of the immortal world, they already possessed Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodlines ever since they were born. During the Second Bloodline Awakening, all of their bloodlines had evolved into Immemorial Demon Bloodlines. After the Third Bloodline Awakening, some of their bloodlines had even evolved into stronger Immemorial Demon Blood!

Li Ban was one good example!

Among the experts of the Bloody Carp Race, he relied on his own hard work and successfully condensed the bloodline of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon, making him be regarded as a proud son of heaven!

Therefore, it was common for an outstanding being like him to belittle Ning Fan.

“No. It’s not like what General Wang thinks… This Lu Bei is the spy I arranged to infiltrate the Luo Yun Tribe. Spies like him are selected from demons who have inferior inner potentials and all of them have problematic behaviors. Especially this Lu Bei, he was once a weakling who had no talent at all. I don’t even want to look at him for a single second… Last time, he even turned himself into a laughingstock when he failed his Bloodline Awakening as he only managed to condense nine traces of bloodlines. This time, however, he actually condensed 60 traces of them…It just looks strange…as if he were someone else…”

“Haha! General Flame is just overthinking! I think we should spend more time on discussing proper business. How should we gather the other eight parts of the map of the World Passage and kill Lu Wu, the evil Demon Marshal? I believe it’s much more important than that little weakling, don’t you think so?

“Is it really me thinking too much?” The man in the dragon robe muttered to himself while his brows tightly knitted together.

Among the ten Demon Generals, only Li Ban’s eyes lingered on Ning Fan’s name, as if he was deep in thought.

With no reasons, Lu Bei’s image surfaced within his mind.

It was not the image of a lowly servant who welcomed them into the Second World in the past but it was overlapped by another man’s image…

Zhou Ming… *Snort* I wonder if this man has already died in the ancient teleportation formation. If he is still alive, I would be very willing to go to the Endless Sea once more after completing my mission and finish him off! From the position of the teleportation formation he entered that day, he should have come to the Endless Sea… However, this Zhou Ming must have died in the Void Realm after the collapse of the formation…

Li Ban thought to himself while his lips curved into a sneer.

If he were to know that Ning Fan was alive, what would his feelings be like…

Under the Wall of Demon Shadow in the Northern Desert City.

Lu Sheng’s eyes remained at the jade wall with a frown between his glabella.

He deeply believed that Ning Fan did not plan to stop after condensing 60 traces of demon bloodlines.

This kid will surely advance to the higher level – Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodline!

When the number “60” turned into “61”, the crease between his brows faded and his eyes lit up and burst into laughter.

“Haha! My judgement was correct. I didn’t view him wrongly! Who else can compete against him for the position of the Eight General in the province?”

In the second palace, the skin of Lu Zongyun’s forehead started to be covered in blisters.

For ten days, he had been kowtowing non-stop towards the demon statue!

During that period of time, Lu Zongyun could not activate his demon power to protect his forehead in order to display his sincerity, making the skin on his forehead break apart even though he was a dignified Peak Nascent Soul Realm demon.

When he saw Ning Fan’s demon bloodlines had attained 60 marks, he finally felt relieved.

After all, this man didn’t waste all my effort. At least, he did not waste the power of the Incense Flame that I’ve gathered for a thousand years…

Now, it should be enough for him to awaken the demon bloodline of a hybrid demon…

He prepared to stand up but before he could, his knees softened, making him kneel down to the ground again. This time, he felt an unbearable pressure on his heart, making him spurt out a mouthful of blood.

“61! 61! Don’t tell me this guy still wants to condense a hundred traces of bloodlines! He can awaken the bloodline of a hybrid demon already, isn’t he satisfied yet?!”

Within his heart, he was filled with the impulse to curse someone’s mother. If he was not the flamen of the Northern Desert City who was a reputable person in public, he would have spat some curses regardless of his identity.

This Lu Bei is too ungrateful! If I didn’t use the power of the Incense Flame which I have been reserving for a thousand years and exert all my strength in kowtowing to the demon statue, do you really think you can condense 60 demon bloodlines with your poor, inferior inner potential?! After working so damn hard to attain 60 demon bloodlines, now you want to condense up to 100 demon bloodlines and awaken the Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodline? Go and realize it in your own sweet dreams!

You really piss me off! Arghhhhhh!

But if you fail, Demon General Lu Sheng won’t spare my life either!

God… Oh God, please have pity on me. I have been doing my best to help him without a single intention of harming him, why doesn’t he know when to quit?

“…Fine! I suppose you aren’t going to give up before awakening the Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodline. If you fail in the end, my entire family and I will surely be eradicated, let alone continue being the flamen of the Bloodline Pool. This item was passed down from the ancestors of my Lu Family – Life Blood Incense Flame! Every generation of flamen would turn their life and blood into a cloud of blood-red Incense Flame using the contribution of worshipping the Demon Ancestor for thousands of years. I originally planned to use this item during my Third Bloodline Awakening… Now, consider it as the price to pay for my life! If you fail, I won’t even be alive anymore, not to mention attain the Spirit Severing Realm!”

Lu Zongyun sobbed while he broke the bottle. A column of red mist was absorbed into the demon statue.

In the following second, the faint golden glow of the demon statue was slowly being dyed red. At the same time, the speed of the condensation of blood in the pool improved by tens of times!

“If you dare to fail in awakening the Incomplete Immemorial Demon Blood, this old man will kill you!”

Lu Zongyun’s eyes were filled with reluctance, pain, bitterness, madness and even resentment!

He felt that if Lu Bei still doesn’t stop in awakening his bloodline upon condensing a hundred traces of them, he would literally go insane!

People must learn to be contented with what they have and stop being greedy! Didn’t your damned father teach you that?!

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


The number of the bloodline vortexes he congealed in the blood pool was equivalent to the traces of demon bloodlines in his body which is also equivalent to the score of his bloodline on the Wall of Demon Shadow.

For eg: 25 bloodline vortexes in the pool = 25 traces demon bloodlines in his body = 25 marks on the Wall of Demon Shadow

The Four Perils are four malevolent beings that existed in Chinese mythology.

i.The Hundun (Chinese: 混沌 ; pinyin: Hùndùn; literally: ‘chaotic torrent’) It

is a yellow winged creature of chaos with six legs and no face.

ii.The Qiongqi (Chinese: 穷奇; pinyin: Qióngqí; literally: ‘poor and strange’)

It is a monstrous creature that eats people.

iii.The Taowu (Chinese: 梼杌; pinyin: Táowù; literally ‘stumpid stump’) It is

a reckless, stubborn creature.

iv. The Taotie (Chinese: 饕餮; pinyin: Tāotiè; literally ‘greedy glutton’) It is a

gluttonous beast.

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