Grasping Evil

Chapter 210(1) - Xiao Wanluo’s Request

Chapter 210(1) Xiao Wanluo’s Request

As his hand stroked the dead body, it gradually became softer.

The naked female corpse then lied down on the wooden basin filled with warm water. Even though the water was lukewarm, her skin was hurt.

“Hot…” She looked at Ning Fan with a pitiful gaze.

“Really?” He asked in resignation and submerged his finger into the bath water. The temperature of the water was just slightly higher than the normal body temperature. It was not hot at all.

Perhaps she was accustomed to taking cold baths.

Towards his enemies, he would be as cruel as possible. However, for his wives, he would not mind taking more care with them.

The female corpse was not his wife. But he had good feelings for Mu Weiliang and he had once dual-cultivated with the female corpse. Those two factors made her to be a special woman to him, just like his wives.

In a flash, he exerted a trace of ice power into the water, turning it into a cold bath.

The frown on the female corpse faded. She felt more comfortable and let out a sweet smile to Ning Fan.


“Alright. Don’t simply move. Let me help you bathe.”

Some parts of her pale white face had yet to recover from the rot, exposing the white bones beneath her skin. Despite that, her eyes were innocent and kind. Her hands gently stirred the water and touched the reddish flower petals that floated on the surface while humming a nursery rhyme.

Her expression now reminded Ning Fan of Si Wuxie.

“Si Wuxie…”

He pondered in silence for a second and rolled up his sleeves. In his hand was a small towel which he would use for wiping and cleaning her decayed body.

For outsiders, it would be hard for them to imagine that a ruthless devil lord like him would have such a gentle side.

When he was still at the Early Nascent Soul Realm, he could not keep his devil qi within his heart. But after he attained the Mid Nascent Soul Realm and his state of mind improved, he finally did it.

“Weiliang, is it still painful…”

A corpse devil should not have the ability to sense pain, let alone whether something is cold and hot. On the contrary, this female corpse could do the opposite and she also could feel the pain when she had been under the effect of the Primordial Devil Suppressing Light.

“No…” She shook her head in response to Ning Fan’s question. He then applied the liquid medicine made from fragrant grass on her hair. After rubbing it for a while, bubbles began to form.

Her round puppy eyes got bigger and looked at the bubbles in excitement. She raised her finger and poked at each of the bubbles.

Afterwards, she pointed at herself and tilted her head to one side, asking, “My…name…is…Wei…Liang…?”

“Yes. You’re Mu Weiliang. I’m Ning Fan. However, in the External Endless Sea, you must call me Zhou Ming…”

“No…You…are…Light!” She firmly spoke. She wanted to call him that.

“Haha. You can call me anything you wish…” Ning Fan burst into laughter while caressing her hair.

His hand gradually moved down from her cheek to her collarbones, her chest to her small belly, and even the part between her thighs. He washed every part thoroughly.

Every time Ning Fan touched her sensitive part, her body would tense up.

Occasionally, her eyes would turn fierce as if her ferocity was triggered. But she would be coaxed to be obedient as he would threaten her with the pin.

In the last time she showed signs of ferocity, she consciously suppressed it herself. To Ning Fan, it was indeed good news.

After that, she no longer rejected his touch.

“Alright. It’s done. Go and rest for a moment…”

The female corpse was wrapped in a bath towel. When she climbed up to her bed, she shot Ning Fan a confused look.


“Oh yes. I forgot. Corpses don’t need to rest. Then perhaps you can do embroidery. I’ll concoct medicines for you to prevent your body from rotting any further…”

A few days passed by. Ning Fan did not even set his foot out of the room. He had been refining medicines for the female corpse.

At first, she did not like intimate contact with Ning Fan. But slowly, she adapted. She held the white robe that Ning Fan always wore and embroidered a dark floriation on it.

The design was unique. It was not something that could be found in the mortal world. At least Ning Fan had not seen it before. As for how he knew, it through the memories of the Ancient Chaos Emperor. It was called the Liberal Cloud Flower.

A refined corpse or corpse devil could never recover by themselves as their life forces had vanished. The only thing that Ning Fan could do was to preserve her body with the help of medicines. When the medicines were finished, he would use a method which was similar to the method of refining a corpse to recover her injuries using flames. Not only that, he would cover her body with the corpse qi that belonged to a corpse devil.

At the beginning, she was afraid of the flames that Ning Fan summoned. But after she was familiar with him, she eventually willingly jumped into the sea of flames, recuperating her wounds.

When she changed into a white robe, she no longer emanated any corpse qi.

Other than her deathly pale face and ashen lips, her actions were not much different than ordinary people.

She combed her long, messy jet black hair to one side and tied them up into a bun. Meanwhile, the pin was kept into her sleeve.

If she does not open her mouth to speak, no one would be suspicious of her identity.

If she does not engage in battle, no one would discover that this female corpse was a terrifying corpse devil that was comparable to a Mid Spirit Severing Realm expert!

Later, Ning Fan brought the beautiful corpse devil outside the palace. Each and every member of the female guards gaped in shock.

This woman is like an angel…Although her eyes were innocent and harmless, her brows belonged to those of a highly respected individual. No one dared to have their gaze linger on her body.

She looked just as saintly as Si Wuxie.

However, her innocence and cool were exactly like Mu Weiliang.

“Congratulations! Master has got a new wife…”Bing Ling and Yue Ling saluted. Ning Tianer, Ning Pinger and the other female guards followed their actions together.

“En. Apparently, we’ve been staying too long at the Pill Cauldron Gate. You all return to the Cauldron Ring first. I’ll let you all breathe some fresh air if there’s a chance in the future.”


Exit from seclusion!

A total of three months of seclusion boosted Ning Fan’s power to a whole new level.

His magic power was now at the Mid Nascent Soul Realm. While his demon power was at the Early Nascent Soul Realm. Additionally, his body refining realm was now at the peak of Silver Bone realm. His spirit sense achieved the Peak Nascent Soul Realm.

He activated the second ability of the Yin Yang Locket after breaking through to the second realm. Ultimately, he could be considered successful in bringing the female corpse under his control.

The female corpse might not be able to fight for him since he could not control her heart to kill, but she would come in handy someday. After all, it could be said that he has a total of two Spirit Severing Realm fighters: Stone Warrior and the female corpse!

For three months Xiao Wanluo had been bitterly waiting outside the chamber.

When the door of the chamber opened, he immediately approached the man and woman who walked out from the chamber, welcoming them. However, he was shocked inside.

He did not have any idea of Ning Fan’s current cultivation realm!

The latter’s aura became condensed and still. It was completely different from what he felt three months ago!

If he did not know that this young man was Zhou Ming, the devil lord who slaughtered thousands of cultivators in a single day, he would definitely mistake this person as a common young master. As for the female corpse beside him, he could not see through her as well. He only considered her as one of his cauldrons or concubines and brushed her off his thoughts.

He knew Ning Fan had attained the Mid Nascent Soul Realm. He personally witnessed the latter eliminating the Heavenly Tribulation. However, he knew that Ning Fan’s combat power and techniques was doubtlessly stronger than Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts.

Before he entered seclusion, he could already defeat Xiang Liao. Now, after he had comprehended the Soul Extraction Technique, he would be unrivalled among the cultivators below the Spirit Severing Realm in the External Endless Sea.

“Congratulations fellow Daoist Zhou! Your cultivation realm has greatly improved!”

“Hehe. Thank you.” Ning Fan cupped his fist and smiled.

His action made Xiao Wanluo petrified.


Zhou Ming, the ruthless devil was smiling?!

This is… horrifying!

It was rumored that only powerful devils are able to keep their killing intent within their hearts. When they laugh, it means that they have lifted their killing intent.

Xiao Wanluo felt uneasy from his head to his toes.

Did I say something that offended him just now?!

Otherwise, why is this devil smiling at me? That really is a freakishly weird smile!

“Does Fellow Daoist Zhou have an advice for an old fellow like me?” Xiao Wanluo cautiously asked.

“Advice? I don’t have any of them. However, I heard that fellow Daoist Xiao has been waiting for me outside the chamber. Is there something urgent that you want to discuss with me?”

“Hehe. Precisely. In fact, I have a request. With Fellow Daoist’s intelligence, you must have guessed my intentions. A straightforward person does not resort to insinuations. I’ll cut to the chase. I want to invite Fellow Daoist to become the old ancestor of my Pill Cauldron Gate!”

“The old ancestor of Pill Cauldron Gate?”

Ning Fan was slightly surprised. Originally, he expected that Xiao Wanluo would at most request him to become a Feudal Ranking Elder. To his surprise, Xiao Wanluo wanted him to hold the seat of the old ancestor of the sect.

What was a Feudal Ranking Elder? In layman’s terms, a Feudal Ranking Elder is the guardian of the Pill Cauldron Gate.

What was an old ancestor? To put it simply, it meant that Xiao Wanluo was lowering his pride to recognize Ning Fan as his senior…

If Ning Fan were to replace Xiao Wanluo as the old ancestor of the sect, no one would be so bold to offend the sect anymore.

That is to say, the Pill Cauldron Gate would change hands…

“Is Fellow Daoist Xiao joking with me…” Ning Fan stared at Xiao Wanluo. He was wondering what exactly was he up to.

If only the Yin Yang Locket could read men’s minds, Ning Fan would be more than willing to read Xiao Wanluo’s mind now.

“Please don’t misunderstand, Fellow Daoist Zhou. I sincerely intend to make you the old ancestor of my Pill Cauldron Gate in order to solve the difficulties we are facing. I also heard that fellow Daoist Zhou is an old friend of Elder Ling…”

“I won’t do things that bring no benefits. You don’t have to make an acquaintance out of me!” Ning Fan was direct at his demands.

“Naturally, there will be lots of benefits for Fellow Daoist…” Xiao Wanluo did not flinch at Ning Fan’s demands but inwardly felt bad that he could not move Ning Fan using the relationship between him and Ling Guiku.

“Firstly, every immortal jade that you spent in the auction will be returned to you … Secondly, all the human cauldrons in the Pill Cauldron Gate would belong to Fellow Daoist from today onwards!”

Xiao Wanluo paused and observed Ning Fan’s reaction. But the latter did not even raise his eyebrows after hearing his offer.

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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