Grasping Evil

Chapter 209(2) - The Daughter of the Celestial Emperor?

Chapter 209(2) The Daughter of the Celestial Emperor?

Corpse Searching Technique was another type of technique for reading one’s memories. It was different from the Soul Memory Searching Technique. The memories of cultivators were usually contained in their souls. On the contrary, corpses could only retain a fragment of their memories from their former lives.

As a matter of fact, the remaining memories of a corpse would not reveal much of its past. However, Ning Fan had not expected to read anything useful from the female corpse’s memories anyway. He only hoped to find the name of the female corpse when she was still alive…

With just a finger, the technique was completed.

In his mind, he felt like he was floating in midair in a broken heaven and earth. Every island that floated in the air were the pieces of her remnant memories.

Every piece of them was the incomplete parts of her life. It was impossible for him to obtain any useful information out of them.

Among the countless islands, there was a large, blood-red island which carried a complete part of her memory fragment.

Ning Fan leaped and landed on top of the island. Immediately, he was affected by the sadness and resentment that were contained within the fragment.

A blood-red memory fragment…

It was because of the grudge which she stubbornly held within her mind that she became a corpse devil. It was also because of this grudge that kept this memory fragment intact…

He crouched down and placed his hand on the blood-red memory fragment, reading it with his eyes closed.

A broken scene gradually appeared in front of his eyes.

In the fallen Immortal World, a noble woman who looked exactly the same as Mu Weiliang stood beside an enormous gate which had an immeasurable height. Tears were all over her face and she was overwhelmed by grief.

“Why… Why did you lie to me…. Why did you open the gate… Why did you betray the Celestial Palace… My father trusted you so much… I was so…”

“Hehe. Mu Weiliang, can’t you understand now? I do not belong here! You are the daughter of the Celestial Emperor… You are my enemy!”

The scene faded. There were only so much within her memories.

Ning Fan withdrew his Corpse Searching Technique and his brows tightly knitted together.

The fragmented memory was seemingly related to the annihilation of the Ancient Heavenly Court and the destruction of the Immortal World.

But it was a secret that Ning Fan should not involve himself with. Perhaps even the True Immortals from the Four Heavens Immortal World do not know the full story of what happened in the past.

However, he at least understood one thing… This female corpse was certainly Mu Weiliang’s.

His guess was correct. The reason the qi of the corpse was not the same as hers was because her soul had split into pieces after she died… The Mu Weiliang in the Demon Sinister Forest was just a part of her complete soul…

The female corpse on his knee was still ferociously staring at him.

Despite that, Ning Fan felt heartache when he looked at her cheeks which had partly decayed.

Mu Weiliang was a woman whom he had a short-lived relationship with. Even if this corpse was a corpse devil, she still was an important person to him.

“Do you recognize this pin?”

Ning Fan showed her the embroidery pin as if he was coaxing a baby. That was the Immortal Pin that would only be used by immortal women from the Ancient Heavenly Court. It emanated the qi of the female corpse.


Her eyes quietly stared at the pin as if she was recalling something from the past.

“Pin…I…want…” The ferocity in her eyes gradually diminished and behaved like a child. She quieted down and looked at the pin. Her eyes were filled with an inexplicable emotion.

Upon hearing her request, Ning Fan let out a faint sigh and put the pin on her palm.

A satisfied smile adorned her face.

A corpse devil would still know how to smile?

“Be obedient. Don’t be silly next time. I’ll just give you this pin as a gift. Deal?”

“I…won’t…act…rashly…I…want…to…do…embroi…dery…” She spoke in a soft tone as if she was asking for forgiveness. Sincerity could be seen being reflected from her eyes, just like an innocent child.

If Ning Fan did not know that she was a corpse devil which had power comparable to that of a Mid Spirit Severing Realm expert… If her body was also not rotting… Ning Fan would actually treat her like a naïve young lady.

“I’ll undo the formation. You must not attack me. Otherwise, I will take away your pin.”

“I…obedient…won’t…eat…you…” The female corpse was seemed to be sucking up to Ning Fan.

“Oh really? Thank you for not eating me…”

Ning Fan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Her emotional quotient was exactly the same as Mu Weiliang’s. In Demon Sinister Forest, Ning Fan simply uttered a few words and made the latter run in circles.

A low emotional quotient…It’s no wonder that she would be cheated and killed while she was alive…

Ning Fan stood up and the formation disappeared. The female corpse regained control of her body and began to move her limbs.

This time, however, she was a little more afraid of Ning Fan.

There was no way she would have an understanding of formations. She only thought Ning Fan was a powerful person that could immobilize her with just a thought. She only thought she was not his match.

As for the pin, she still recognized it because she still had a small portion of memories about it. It was why she treated it like a precious treasure.

“Light…I…want…embroi…dery…” She pleaded.

“Light? What light?” A confused expression filled his face.

“Light…” The female corpse pointed at Ning Fan and pointed at herself afterwards. “I…”

She showed him the embroidery pin in her hand and smiled lightly. “Pin!”

“Oh. This.” Ning Fan finally understood her.

“Light” was the name that the female corpse gave him. The reason was probably because of the Primordial Devil Suppressing Light which misled her to think that it was Ning Fan’s magical technique.

“Light…I…want…” A crease formed between her eyebrows as she raised the pin.

“Alright. Wait… Let me give you a bath. I want to cure your decaying body…”

Ning Fan kept the green coffin.

This female corpse was indeed strong but her spiritual intelligence was way too low. She was even worse than the black refined corpse, Black Armour… If she possessed the spiritual intelligence of an ordinary human, he could rely on her to overpower the entire External Endless Sea. Unfortunately, because of her low intelligence, she might be caught by other experts.

It was impractical to summon her during battle. If she started to kill, her ferocity might overtake her senses, making her lose the ability to distinguish between friends and foes and attack everyone including Ning Fan. After all, it was still an unknown factor.

First, Ning Fan had to stop the decaying process on her body. Secondly, he would need to plant a seal using the secret art of Corpse Devil Record.

The female corpse was dead and she did not have a Sea of Consciousness. Thus, Ning Fan could not plant a Mental Seal on her. Fortunately, the Corpse Devil record had a secret art that could restrain her.

However, this secret art was not effective on corpse devils that have high spiritual intelligence.

In the future, I’ll find ways to save Mu Weiliang’s soul from the Demon Sinister Forest and merge them together. Perhaps it would make the female corpse feel a little better.

No matter what, this female corpse could not be deployed as a fighter.

After ordering the female guards to prepare a wooden basin filled with warm water, Ning Fan asked them to leave and closed the door of the room.

He turned around and smiled at the female corpse.

“Take off your clothes and wash yourself. I’ll prescribe some medicines for you to maintain your body…”


“Then let me help you…”


Her whole body stiffened when Ning Fan carried her and placed her on the bed.

Troublesome. It’s really troublesome…

A female corpse that does not know how to bathe…

A female corpse whose body was so stiff that her clothes can’t be taken off…

When she was alive, she was the daughter of the Celestial Emperor. However, after she died, she became a useless corpse that did not know how to care for herself.

Ning Fan activated the Yin Yang Locket and tried to read her mind. To his surprise, he was unable to gain access to her heart.

After her body died, her heart had stopped beating. It was the reason why there’s nothing in her heart…

She sure was a troublesome female corpse. But if she was cured, her appearance would be absolutely stunning…

Should I help her soften her body?

Ning Fan’s hand stroked on her hardened waist. Immediately, her body trembled and her eyes flashed with ferocity.

“If you’re disobedient, I’ll take away your pin!”

“I…am…sorry…” She spoke apologetically and her eyes returned to normal.

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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