Grasping Evil

Chapter 192  - Level-up! Peak Gold Core Realm!

Chapter 192  Level-up! Peak Gold Core Realm!

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Continuous high-pitched sobs could be heard from within the Intercourse Chamber of the sect. Some of the rosebuds staggered on their way out with blood flowing down from between their thighs. Evidently, they had lost their virginity.

“Please… Please… Oh yes…”

They wailed and begged lustfully to the man who held their waist tightly. What responded to them was only the sound of the man’s low and deep panting. The ladies’ faces flushed red while moaning painfully in pleasure.

There’s no end to this harem!

The skinny young man did not seem to be exhausted at all from this “sexercise”!

Throughout the whole ordeal, he didn’t waste a single droplet of his Yang Essence on any of the girls. He didn’t need much time to make them quiver in pleasure and the part between their thighs dripping-wet.

“You, kneel down and lick it!”

“You, lift your leg!”

“You, and you…”

When they rode him on top, he would squeeze and slap them harshly like they were slaves!

The chamber was like hell with countless of souls weeping in pain. However, the pleasure blinded their perception, making them all feel like they were in heaven.

Some of the female cultivators who regained consciousness were terrified of the man before them because he alone sucked all the Primordial Yin of 107 girls! Despite them being conscious, they behaved ingratiatingly!

In the real world, these girls were already long dead. However, there was no stopping to this horrible dream realm!

Three days passed and numerous bodies were feebly lying down on the ground. Ning Fan draped himself with a black cloak and left the chamber. Among the women in the sect, only a young girl escaped from the terrible scene, staying outside of the chamber. As she saw Ning Fan approaching her, she immediately shivered in fear.

“Big Brother… Don’t… Please don’t defile me…” As she was pleading to him with a weak tone, her tears began to fall down her cheeks.

To her, Ning Fan was way too scary. He was cold-blooded and merciless towards women! When the young girl thought of her miserable life, the terror in her eyes was replaced with hopelessness.

Instead of getting humiliated, it’s better that I… follow the path… of my deceased brother…

She unfastened a fine Chinese hairpin from her bun. Mustering the final courage that was left within her, she swung it towards her own neck.

Ning Fan quickly held her into his arms and stopped her from doing so. He was heartbroken to see Zhihe in that state. Her tears and unyielding spirit made Ning Fan heartbroken and remorseful.

Back then, Zhihe gave Ning Fan the Yin Yang Locket which prevented his death. When the Yin-Yang Locket recognized him and a raging sexual desire surged within him that threatened to make his body explode, it was also Zhihe who helped him to vent it out.

Zhihe was someone who would die for her purity. However, she sacrificed her virginity just to save my life…

But now, I need to… cut her down!?

She was the kind of girl who was good at nothing other than being a human cauldron, having the perfect body for that very role.

She had a personality that was as pure as white paper and would never be able to adapt to the brutality of the cultivation world.

She was the type of girl that Ning Fan would never defile.

Even if she was just an illusory being in his dream, he was still unwilling to cut her down…

He just owed her far too much…

I really hope that time can stop at the very moment we first met…

“Dumb girl… I’m not going hurt you. Despite knowing that you’re my Heart’s Devil… Despite knowing that I could just destroy this Heart’s Devil with just a wave of a hand and form my Gold Core, I’m still reluctant to do that…”

He held her even more tightly in his arms.

“I’m willing to overturn the Heavens to exchange for your innocence… I’m willing to even sweep every dust on earth just to keep you safe…”

“I’m willing to numb my senses, abandon my desires, sacrifice my heart, forgo my consciousness… defy the Heavens like the ancient traitorous cultivators who see it as their enemy! I’ll stand still and never retreat even if they send thousands of immortals to kill me, just to keep you with me… just to make sure I won’t forget you!”

Ning Fan reached out to her face and wiped away the tears on her cheeks. Although her eyes were still a bit teary, she was no longer crying. Instead, she was blushing red and her heartbeat sped up after hearing Ning Fan’s speech which sounded like a vow to marry her.

“I… don’t understand. Have we meet before?”

“No. You don’t have to… because you’re my Heart’s Devil…”

This time, he let her go from his hug.

A millisecond later, the heaven and earth in the dream realm decayed and melted away! The mountains and rivers had vanished, including Zhihe. There was only an ancient land and an eternal heaven dotted with red clouds!

Ning Fan stood with his hands clasped behind his back and glared coldly at the sky!

“I will not cut my feelings!”

His thunderous vow immediately provoked heaven and earth! The earth quaked and the heaven rumbled with red lightning rays!

In ancient times, there used to be three distinctive cultivation paths. The Righteous Path, the Path of Defiance and the Hidden Path.

The cultivators of the Righteous Path would obey Heavens’ order. They were said to maintain justice and eliminate all desires! Therefore, they needed to sever their relationship with their loved ones when they form their Gold Cores. The cultivators of the righteous path must not hold any feelings as they followed the example of the mighty God of the world who was never emotional. It was why God was able to treat every living creature fairly and equally. Those who followed the path of God would eventually become ‘immortals’!

The Hidden Path cultivators deceived the Heavens and secretly kept their emotions with them. They did not sever it thoroughly. Sinister Sparrow was one of them. He surrendered his love and other feelings, secretly leaving behind his emotions for his loved ones. As a result, there was not much struggle within his heart when he formed his Gold Core. However, his heart could never be touched again. Among the three paths, the cultivators of this path were the weakest. They were not as determined as the righteous path cultivators. Instead, they had to hesitate before they act because of their treacherous acts which broke the orders of the Heavens. These cultivators were typically known as ‘demons’!

As for the Path of Defiance…

The cultivators of this path would rather defy the orders of the Heavens than their true feelings! To them, cultivation would become meaningless if they had no feelings. Therefore, they vowed before the Heavens that they would not sever their feelings! Thus, the Heart’s Devil remained in their hearts which gradually turned them into ‘devils’!

As time goes by, the evolution of the paths derailed from the true meaning of ‘immortals’, ‘demons’ and ‘devils’, burying them in the memories of the ancient cultivators who were already dead for a long time. Now, each of the paths had their respective interpretations.

The cultivators of the Path of Defiance were depicted as ruthless devils who commit innumerable unspeakable acts. Their techniques were meant to harm and they behaved mercilessly as if they had severed their human feelings.

That was a huge error!

In contrast, true devil cultivators were strong-willed in protecting the things which they think are important! Only those whose thoughts are unwavering even in this era full of chaos are able to become true devil cultivators!

The devils… would always defy the Heavens!

If the cultivators chose the Path of Defiance, they would face the Heavenly Tribulation whenever they advance into the next cultivation realm after they form their Gold Core!

If the cultivators did not have the will to defy the Heavens, they would not survive the red lightning rays of the Heavenly Tribulation!

For the cultivators who do have the will to do so, their lives were also not guaranteed when the Heavenly Tribulation strikes and they are not strong enough!

In the eyes of Heavens, cultivators who disobey the order of the Heavens must not exist!

Their existence must be erased!

Despite the trembling ground and the rumbling red sky, Ning Fan stood still and glared firmly at it! Strong, howling wind blew towards Ning Fan’s direction, causing his hair to flutter in the air!

In a blink of an eye, Ning Fan transformed into a hundred zhang tall giant which had bronze skin that was impenetrable by metals of any kind! He placed his finger on the lightning star between his glabella. A millisecond later, some of the blood-red lightning rays dispersed!

However, the lightning rays in the sky reappeared once more in a short period of time! This time, the sky rumbled with a more frightening aura. Countless rays of red lightning struck right at the giant, bombarding him together with the ground around him.

When the first strike landed on him, he warded it off easily.

When ten lightning rays struck him together, he endured them without any issue.

When hundreds of lightning rays bombarded him, cracks formed on the giant’s body.

When thousands of rays of red lightning blasted him, the giant turned into black mist after letting out a loud roar!

He had reached his limit. In other words, thousands of rays of red lightning were capable of killing him!


In the next second, the black mist congealed and the giant materialized again with a dark demonic mark surfacing on the left part of its face! He scowled at the red clouds that created the red lightning in the air and entered into his battle stance once again.

For the remaining 450 years in the dream realm, Ning Fan was trying his best to defeat the Heavenly Tribulation. He had crushed the red rays of lightning for countless of times but he, too, was smashed into pieces by them multiple times. It turned out to be a battle of attrition for him!

As time passed by, the scene would scatter and change into a new one but he would still find himself in the same situation. He was stuck!

The countless number of times of failure began to affect him, diminishing his confidence!

If I fail this time, I might even lose the courage to stand against the Heavens!

Besides, the power of the Min Luo Fruits was at its end. If Ning Fan was still unable to overcome the Tribulation of Red Lightning, he would fail to form his Gold Core!

Just as he felt dispirited by the endless lightning rays, he recalled the journey of how Que Shenzi comprehend his Dao. His state of mind slowly calmed down, comprehending Que Shenzi’s thoughts of defying the Heavens. Gradually, he synchronized his own thoughts with Que Shenzi’s!

“There is momentum even when the rain doesn’t fall… There’s power even if a mountain remains immobile… The dragon that submerges in the deep pool has the tendency to take off… The green insect that forms a cocoon will have the potential to turn into a butterfly… The human king doesn’t kill as he has the power to subjugate… Heaven and Earth doesn’t compete as they have the power to overturn!”

The words that were once said by Que Shenzi rang in his head. While his mouth was repeating those words, the lightning star on his forehead glistened brightly!

His lightning star was able to manipulate the lightning in the sky. However, just about anyone would question why he can’t control the blood-red lightning of the Heavenly Tribulation. It was because the red lightning rays were infused with Heavenly killing intent! Only if he overcomes it would the Tribulation of Lightning stop!

“What is rain? I turn my palm and it becomes a cloud, I turn my palm again and it becomes rain once again!”

The giant turned his palm and rain started pouring down heavily!

“I create lightning from the flat ground. I create rain with my bare hands. When it rains, I kill!”

He let out a wild cry which was so powerful that it sent vibrations to the entire ground. The rain washed away the red colour from the rays of lightning, seeping into the earth. Not long after, rays of blood-red lightning flashed on the ground. The rain now changed its direction, going upwards to the sky from the ground! It carried the red lightning with it, defying the Heavens! The thunderous rumble of lightning echoed against Heavens!

“I will make this rain from the earth and fight against the Heavens! The rain never dies! I want to plant my thoughts into this lightning so that it will defy Heavens! I WILL NOT SEVER MY FEELINGS… I WANT TO FORM MY GOLD CORE!”



At this moment, the silver lightning star on his forehead became dark red.

When he tried to activate the star now, the red lightning rays of the Heavenly Tribulation began to back off, like they were afraid of it!

As for the giant, a tremendous amount of power surged within him, empowering his aura!

The illusory Gold Core merged with his demonic Gold Core in his dantian!

His aura broke through multiple realms in a single breath!

Early Gold Core Realm!

Mid Gold Core Realm!

Late Gold Core Realm!

Peak Gold Core Realm!

The Min Luo Dream Realm shattered and Ning Fan awakened!

He flew out from his abode. The forceful aura that he emanated collapsed his abode and the mountains in front of him were also flattened!

Apparently the Rainbow Gold Core pill is useless to me!

Only 60 years passed by when he woke up from the Min Luo Dream Realm!

Ning Fan who was already at the age of 80 achieved Peak Gold Core Realm! He only had a single step left to achieve Nascent Formation!

After he formed his Gold Core, his behavior experienced a great change!

Sympathy could no longer be felt in his heart. In his mind right now, he wanted to plunder the cultivators of the External Endless Sea and take all the human cauldrons available to increase his cultivation realm!

Finally, he genuinely became a devil cultivator.

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

Golden Red Clouds Pill is now known as the Rainbow Gold Core Pill.

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