Grasping Evil

Chapter 191 - Core Formation (4)

Chapter 191: Core Formation (4)

Hastily, a 10-year-old boy approached the emerald green stream. This time, the puzzled look in his eyes got replaced with decisiveness. He stopped by the river and stared at his own reflection once again.

“I’m currently in the Min Luo Dream Realm. I have another 450 years in this place after consuming nine Min Luo Fruits… By the end of this dream, I would have to face my Heart’s Devil. All the scenes that I’ve just been through and those I have yet to were the unresolved knots in my heart… I will be going through each and every one of them again and unravel them so I can cut my Heart’s Devil in the end. After that, my Gold Core will be formed!”

He walked along the river, trying to recall the traces of his memories during his childhood.

As a matter of fact, this dream realm deviated slightly from the one he experienced in reality. What exactly happened in that year was that him managing to get rid of the teens since he was familiar with the mountain routes. The so-called young masters were later found dead, eaten by the wolf king as their auras had attracted its attention.

Perhaps that was Ning Fan’s first experience in killing people. Yes, he did not indeed kill them with his own hands but he still lured them to their deaths!

He returned to the Ning’s house to hand in the spiritual herbs he had gathered.

The steward of the house had a short beard. He would always stand in the main hall, stroking his beard as if he had a long one while waiting for the servants to return. Today, he stood there, looking sideways in each and every corner coldly.

Ning Bi Mountain was a dangerous place even for cultivators. Asking the servants to enter the mountain to gather herbs was equivalent to sending them to die. However, to the clan, sacrificing their servants was a better option than endangering their cultivators.

Before they started their venture towards the mountain, there were originally 471 of them. By the end of the day, there were only 97 of them who managed to return. 70% of those number came back empty-handed. Only those who had studied medicine for at least a few years were able to collect a few herbs. But they just managed to bring back 4 to 5 herbs.

Everyone sucked in cold breaths in astonishment when they saw a 10-year-old boy approaching the steward.

He managed to collect 17 herbs!

The steward was amazed by the kid in front him. He squinted his eyes, scanning Ning Fan from head to toe. To his surprise, this young boy’s eyes were as still as a millpond. Even though he had lots of experience in dealing with people, he was unable to read Ning Fan’s personality.

“What’s your name, boy?”

“Ning Fan.”

“Are these herbs all collected by you?”


“I have a question for you. Would you be willing to join the Medicine Team of my Ning Clan?”

“I refuse.”

“What?! How dare you!?”

Ning Fan’s reply was beyond the steward’s expectation. He was shocked because the boy did not even hesitate with his answer and was clearly not even afraid on rejecting his offer.

In the eyes of the other servants, being able to join the Medicine Team was a golden opportunity to change their lives.

Only three servants who excel in discerning spiritual herbs would be chosen by the steward to join the team every year. Once they enter the team, they are no longer the servants of the Ning Clan. As long as they accomplish the tasks given, they do not have to worry anymore about their basic necessities. Many people had tried to curry favor with the steward because of scarce opportunities.

How could a boy like him reject the steward’s offer?!

Unknowingly, the steward’s forehead became beaded with sweat when the creepy little kid was staring at him without even blinking.

“Fine. As you wish… Each of the herbs can be exchanged for one silver coin. Since you brought back 17 of them, they are worth 17 coins… Here’s 20 coins. Keep the extra 3 coins. Consider it as a gesture of kindness . If you ever change your mind one day, just come to me if you still want to join the team…”


Without speaking a single word, Ning Fan kept the money in his pocket and cupped his fists to the steward as farewell.

Those pair of eyes should never belong to a 10-year-old kid.

Just as Ning Fan stepped out of the house, he was sighing within his heart…

“Medicine Team… it was my dream to join the team that year. However, within the same month I got in, my identity as a member got stripped away by Young Master Tian…

“Young Master Tian, who is also known as Ning Tian! He likes Ning Qinger and he was Ning Feng’s senior. He was the one who always oppressed me, using his junior, Ning Feng. It’s him who framed me and sold me to the bandits… Did he conspire with the bandits who eventually sold me as a human cauldron to the All Pleasure Sect?”

“This dream realm sure is mysterious… I am not only able to see my memories but also the things that happened afterwards. Maybe this is a special power of the Min Luo Fruit.”

He exited the bustling Hai Ning City, reaching a farmland located at the outskirts. A thatched cottage that stood in the centre of the farmland was Ning Fan’s house.


Multiples shouts could be continuously heard from within the cottage as Ning Gu was currently practicing martial arts diligently. The nine-year-old boy held a longsword in his hand. He might look tiny and powerless but he could actually wield the sword very well. When he caught sight of Ning Fan, the little boy sheathed his sword and a broad smile quickly adorned his face.

“Big brother, you’ve returned!”

“Yes. I’m back…”

He had once returned to Wu Country, the country which he had long departed from. However, it was all just a dream.

Though it is a dream, it feels good, doesn’t it? It’s like a complete reproduction of my childhood!

“In reality, I had failed to give Ning Gu a chance to cultivate the path of being an immortal… This time, I won’t fail, even if this is all just a dream!”

If you want to live peacefully, I will give you green hills and clear waters! If you want wealth, I will grant you a prosperous city and you’ll be the ruler of it! If you want immortality, I will teach you the most powerful cultivation technique and guide you to achieve it!”

In this dream realm, no one will ever be able to hurt you!

“Big brother, what happened? Is there something wrong?” Ning Gu could faintly sense that his brother was a little unusual. It’s like his brother was no longer the servant who would easily be intimidated. But there was a limitation to the little boy’s understanding of Ning Fan. Now, Ning Fan had become a devil that not even the old ancestors of the Ning Clan would dare to offend!

“It’s nothing! Now, you should stop practicing the martial arts of the mortal world. I’m going to teach you the immortals’ martial arts!”

“Immortals’ martial arts?!”

“Yes. The Body Refining Technique that is practiced by cultivators. The technique I am about to pass on to you is called ‘Colossal Bone Secret Arts’!”

Although Ning Fan was currently only at the age of ten, he was already six chi* tall. He might look scrawny but his eyes flashed with determination!

He taught Ning Gu the ways to cultivate the technique. As such, one of the knots in his heart was resolved!

When night fell, he emerged in Hai Ning City once more, strolling alone in the public streets. He knew that the rumor about Ning Feng and his friends becoming the food of the wolf king had been widely spread in the city. He also knew that his senior – Young Master Tian had discovered his tracks at the scene of their deaths. As such, Young Master Tian suspected him to be involved in it.

That night, Ning Fan entered the city to buy a few hundred-year-old mountain ginsengs which helps in strengthening the muscles and bones for his brother. He knew that he would be halted by a group of guards who would then bring him to Ning Tian! He knew all these because they actually happened in the past. However, Ning Fan was unsure on how he had escaped from them.

I would never submit to him this time!

The atmosphere became peaceful and quiet especially when the night sky was graced with the appearance of a bright half-moon.

Ning Fan arrived at a medicine shop. All of a sudden, seven big guys wearing leather armour came out from a dark alley, surrounding him.

“Don’t move! Be cooperative and follow us! Young Master Tian wants to meet you!”

One of the muscular men stretched his hand and grabbed Ning Fan’s shoulder. His powerful grip almost cracked his 10-year-old shoulder blade. It was at this juncture when Ning Fan shot them a contemptuous look.

“A First-Level Vein Opening Realm guard. It’s no wonder you were able to crush my shoulder with just a grip back then… Die!”

Ning Fan heavily stomped on the ground. The impact was similar to the stomp of a giant which almost broke the spiritual veins beneath the city. Immediately, the entire Hai Ning City trembled! The trembling, however, was insignificant because of the limitation of his current physical body.

No one was aware of what had happened in the city other than the three Gold Core Realm old ancestors of the clan!

“Who was it?! Which expert intruded Hai Ning?” The three elderly experts were communicating through telepathy.

The seven guards who were grinning hideously just now perished without having the time to scream.

As for Ning Fan, he had already teleported away!

Wong Sun Pavilion! It was a palace-like room that could only be resided in by the likes of Young Master Tian!

Ning Fan’s shadow casted over the roof of the pavilion. With another blink, he was already inside the room!

On the bed, the 19-year-old Young Master Tian was smooching with two female servants. When he sensed that someone had entered his room, his expression became stern.

“A person in a servant attire? How is it possible for a servant to intrude my room? Oh, I know you. You’re Ning Fan. Where are my guards?” Ning Tian let go of the girls who were moaning lustfully. He unhappily wrapped a robe on his body and faced Ning Fan.

The guards must have gone drinking thinking that they have accomplished the task. Hmmph. I’ll teach them a good lesson once they return.

“Fine. Let’s not discuss about the useless guards. Now, I’m going to perform the Soul Memory Searching Technique on you… As you know, that technique will turn you into an idiot. But you don’t have to worry. I’ll make it fast…”

“With just you?”

Ning Fan stood his ground and chuckled to himself. Actually, he was waiting to see what was going to happen next. That night when Ning Tian was searching his soul, he lost consciousness because of the unbearable pain of his broken shoulders.

He had searched my soul yet I didn’t become an idiot. Someone must have saved me.

Ning Fan wanted to know who the person who saved him was.

The power of the Min Luo Fruits is really beyond my expectations. I might be dreaming of my past memories but I am still able to spy on the things outside of what I remember.

Ning Tian was shocked in his heart. He could not comprehend why the servant standing in front of him was so calm.

Outside the room, a green-robed young lady came in, breathing heavily.

It’s Ning Qinger!

She heard that Ning Tian was going to interrogate a servant.

She heard that the servant was closely related to Ning Feng and the other teens.

She was not dumb. She instantly knew that it was Ning Feng and his friends who tried to spy on her when she was bathing. She also realized that the person who gave her a warning was Ning Fan.

“Young Master Tian. Can you please do me a favor… spare him… although he’s just a servant. Please do.”

She was a girl who could clearly distinguish between kindness and hatred. To those who were in need, she would treat them kindly. She had once saved Ning Fan from the drunken men. Now, it was her second time saving him. However, she had never asked about Ning Fan’s name. She did not even look at Ning Fan in the eye.

That was the pride of the unique lady of the Ning Clan.

It’s her, after all.

The ten-year-old boy faintly sighed and shut his eyes, musing.

When his eyelids opened, his expression changed. From being calm and steady, he was now cold and merciless.

“Ning Tian, I will search your soul and memories! Someday in the real world, I will return to the Ning Clan and take your life! You just wait and watch!”

With a wave of his hand, a forceful magic power pushed Ning Tian towards him. Ning Tian did not stand a chance at all under such powerful force and fell towards Ning Fan.

His jaw dropped down in terror with his eyes were full of bewilderment…

What kind of magic power is that?

I can’t even control myself… Argh!

When Ning Fan glared at Ning Feng on the floor, he looked like he was the god of devils!

“Soul Memory Searching Technique!”

At this time, the three old ancestors dashed towards Wong Sun Pavillion. Ning Qinger was deathly pale, trembling in fear. She did not know that Ning Fan would show no mercy when he kills.

“Who… are you?!”

“Ning Fan!”

His thunderous voice disrupted the serenity of the peaceful night!

In a flash, the dream realm changed. A young man wearing a sackcloth was walking on a passage thousands of li away from Hai Ning. He was heading to the western direction.

For every step he made, his facial appearance would mature by a little.

After moving forwards for six steps, his face turned to that of a 16-year-old boy.

Six years passed by in a flash!

“It’s him…” Ning Fan was filled with murderous intent.

After searching Ning Tian’s soul and memories, Ning Fan found out that it was him who sold Ning Fan and his brother to the bandits!

Ning Tian did that for two reasons. Firstly, he wanted to punish Ning Fan for the death of Ning Feng. Secondly, he was jealous of Ning Fan because Ning Qinger had taken a liking to him!

“The next time I visit Wu Country, it would be the day he dies! Whoever steps in my way shall die!”

In the real world, all cultivators in Hai Ning City experienced nightmares.

Young Master Tian, Ning Tian dreamt that he was killed after his soul and memories were searched! The killer was Ning Fan!

The seven guards dreamt that they were turned into minced meat by a junior. They knew him as they had once bullied him before. He was Ning Fan!

The three old ancestors of enemy called Ning Fan?! If there is, immediately apologize to him and send him the Ning Clan dreamt of a powerful cultivator who was able to crush the spiritual veins of Hai Ning City in one stomp! That person was Ning Fan!

To them, it was a bizarre phenomenon!

“Check! Check all the list of names in Ning Clan thoroughly! Do we have an all the precious gifts that we have! Otherwise… Hai Ning will be annihilated! This unusual nightmare is a sign of grave danger!”

The things in the real world could be affected by the dream realm. This is the most abstruse but unique effect of the Min Luo Fruits.

Back in the dream realm, Ning Fan was sauntering towards Yue Country quietly. He was unaware about the effects of his dream on the real world. But so what if he knew about it? There’s nothing to fear about the Ning Clan of Hai Ning. What could the old ancestors do after they figure out who Ning Fan was? Nothing could stop him when he returns.

There are quite a few of people that I will take revenge on in Wu Country.

In the passage, he might seem walking in a relaxed manner but every step he made could travel thousands of zhang* of distance. After some time, he was approaching the border of Yue Country.

After I get past this border, there are only a few mountains left before I reach the All Pleasure Sect at Li Hen Mountain.

In this sect, there were a total of 107 female cultivators and also a young harmless girl.

That girl was the main hindrance in cutting down his Heart’s Devil!

Under the moonlight, he leaped in the air, arriving above the sect. Without speaking a word, he waved his hand and his enlarged Dan Fragmentation Cauldron pounded on the sect!

The defensive formation was pulverized after only the first thump! When the second blow landed, the gate of the sect was flattened! On the third thump, half of the mountains and river became separated, sinking into the hollow space created!

When the attacks stopped, an indifferent voice echoed in the night sky.

“I’m Ning Fan. I came to pay back the humiliation I suffered when you all degraded me when I was your human cauldron! Today, everyone in this mountain can either become my human cauldrons or die gruesome deaths!

This voice was imbued with a massive amount of magic power which was equivalent to that of a Peak Gold Core Realm expert!

All female cultivators in the sect were overcome with fear when they witnessed the disastrous impacts on their surroundings.

A nude couple was currently cuddling closely in the boudoir of the sect master. The lower part of the male was jerking while the woman sat above him. Both of them were drenched in sweat. Suddenly, the man unintentionally asked, “The girl that I left in the sect’s care should’ve grown a lot by now. I think it’s time for me to…”

“Pah! Why are you so anxious about her, Mister Wu? Aren’t you satisfied to have me to play with you? Yes…Yes… Harder… Yes…” The female let out moans filled with lust.

These two individuals were no common people. One of them was the outer sect elder of the Heaven Separation Sect, Wu Dongnan and the other one was none other than the sect master of the All Pleasure Sect, Sha Jiuyou!”

When they felt the violent tremble of the earth, both of their eyebrows raised in shock. As for Wu Dongnan, the surprise distracted him from holding himself in any longer and ejaculated.

“It’s a Gold Core Realm old ancestor?!”

Just as he finished speaking, his head which carried a puzzled look disappeared from his body. His life had ended!

Blood spurted all over the bed!

Sha Jiuyou’s face and naked body were all covered in warm blood. Disbelievingly, she stared at the shadow of a young man who appeared abruptly.

“Se…Senior, please spare me…”

“Don’t worry. I will not kill you. I came to repay you for what you’ve done to me in the past… That night, all of you plucked me and used me like a toy. Today… it’s my turn to pluck all of you.”

“Yes…Yes…” Sha Jiuyou did not even have the courage to reject him. She begged with a trembling voice since she knew that if she ever oppose him, she would not be able to see the light of day anymore. Her enlarged watery eyes which were locked on Ning Fan when he reached his lecherous hands out to her tender breasts and pinched.

Instantly, she moaned painfully but the pain seemed to awaken some kind of hidden pleasure within her which made her… wet.

None of the 107 female cultivators could escape from Ning Fan’s grasp, except for Zhihe…

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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