Grandson of the Holy Emperor is a Necromancer

Chapter 381 - 200. At the End of the Apocalypse -2 (Part Two)

Chapter 381: 200. At the End of the Apocalypse -2 (Part Two)

Translated by A Passing Wanderer

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Hrungnir shifted its gaze over to Utgar over yonder, still engaged in a bitter struggle against Metatron.

The mechanical angel punched at the gargantuan beast. Sparks exploded viciously as that punch landed squarely on its intended target.

The head of the gargantuan beast jerked to the side, and it vomited out a copious amount of sand. Its cheek, made out of plant roots, was crushed into mush.

Utgar riding on top of the beast was flailing about.

-W-what kind of a barbaric nonsense is this?!-

It seemed that the Magic Giant didn’t expect the so-called masterpiece it had created through magic, the gargantuan beast, to be so helpless today. .

Hrungnir watched that scene and its expression distorted deeply. It lowered itself, pressed its hands against the ground and then secured its footing like a sprinter.

-Fuu-woo…!- The Earth Giant sucked in a deep breath, then it clamped its mouth shut.

Its huge figure shot forward.


A huge explosion went off; all the Jötnar and humanoids in the surroundings were blown away.

Hrungnir’s arms swam back and forth as its feet rapidly pounded on the ground to propel it forward.

Metatron turned its head and glared at the incoming Hrungnir. The archangel raised both of its hands, gathered divinity, then fired the lump of energy.

The powerful beam of light flashed and collided with the charging Hrungnir.


It hurts! It hurts so much!

It felt like Hrungnir’s entire body was melting down or something. And in reality, the Orichalcum in the shoulder section was indeed melting down.


The beam of light cleanly pierced through its shoulder, but Hrungnir ignored it and continued to charge forward. It used its entire body to ram into Metatron.



The loud noises of metal cracking resounded out and Hrungnir grinned deeply. The Earth Giant had felt it just then; Metatron’s metal armour plates were being crushed.

But then, the archangel wrapped its arms around Hrungnir and began releasing electricity. The Earth Giant’s body, made out of ores and rock, was gradually heating up.

-You bastard! Dammit!-

Hrungnir urgently grabbed Metatron’s shoulder and side, then applied its stupendous gripping power.

-Get crushed to junk!-

The Earth Giant’s body ballooned up as it increased its power. Metatron’s body was slowly cracking and breaking apart. Even the heat being released by the mechanical angel gradually cooled down.


-Oh, ooooooh!-

Hrungnir’s two large hands completely crushed and broke Metatron’s armour. The mechanical angel was bent and contorted at a weird angle.

The Earth Giant pried off the unmoving machine and threw it down on the ground.

-Huff… pant… fuu-woo…!-

Hrungnir spat out in exhaustion, his breathing laboured, and stepped back. It alternated its gaze between the collapsed and unmoving Bone Dragon and Metatron, then drily swallowed down.

-You were right, Utgar.-

Although it didn’t want to acknowledge it, what the Magic Giant had said earlier was right.

It would have been the giants getting killed here today if they had let their guard down even by a little bit.

-Indeed, some bastards were capable of opposing us.-

-Didn’t I tell you, Hrungnir? Surtr and Hrímr didn’t just die for no reason.-

Utgar was still sitting on top of the gargantuan beast as he replied to the Earth Giant, but then, it began tilting its head while taking in the sights of both Metatron and the Bone Dragon.

Something didn’t feel right about this situation.

For sure, these two things were capable of fighting against Surtr, but if they really did… They seemed far too pristine and undamaged for that.

-…No, wait! These weren’t it!-

Chill ran down on Utgar’s spine. It realised that these two things were not responsible for defeating Surtr.

There was something else! Indeed, something else had devoured the souls of both Surtr and Hrímr!

-…! That human? Where is he…? And where is the Vampire King?!-

Utgar urgently shifted its head around, but all it could see was an expansive battlefield filled with chaos. It was not an easy feat to locate a small human with all the dust obscuring its view.

-Hrungnir! Locate that human!-

-Huh? Who are you talking about?-

-That insect… no, wait! The ruler of these humans! The sovereign of all the humans!-

Utgar was in a genuinely flustered state. It was crying out in fright, as well.

Hrungnir also became flustered by its brother’s reaction and hurriedly scanned its surroundings. However, no matter how hard it looked, it couldn’t find that human. Every single one of them were small and they all looked the same to its eyes.

It was right then that the Magic Giant finally managed to detect the aura of divinity.

What it felt was a level of divine power that no human could even hope to match up to. Divinity exercising absolute power, as if it had even reached the realm of the gods!

-Found him!-

Utgar’s gaze shifted to a spot in the middle of the battlefield. In the midst of the chaos, a group of holy undead with sturdy shields were standing around in a protective cordon over a certain figure.

This human stood tall in the centre of their cordon, his figure reminiscent of a devil covered in bones.

Next to him was the Vampire King on his knees, his whole body slowly burning away.

He had to be the one!

-Yes, it’s that bastard over there!-

The sovereign of humanity was currently preparing some kind of magic right now. Not just any magic, but a powerful and massive-scale summoning magic, to boot!

That bastard was undoubtedly the one responsible for murdering Surtr and Hrímr before stealing their souls!

Letting that man live would come back to bite them in the rear; Utgar cried out, reason almost abandoning the giant, -You must eliminate that bastard right now!-

-Stop ordering me around.-

Despite replying sullenly like that, Hrungnir still got into position to sprint forward, just like before.

‘I shall crush that fool in one go!’

The Earth Giant glared at its target in the distance and gritted its teeth.

When the two Kings of Giants showed suspicious movements, Alice, still singing the sacred hymn, detected it before anyone else. She sent out telepathic messages to everyone.

[Please stop the giants!]

Her voice allowed Charlotte, Oscal, Raphael, Ruppel, Hans and Jenald to become aware of what the giants were planning instantly.


At Hans’s command, hundreds of shells were fired into the air. Each of these shells contained dense divinity, and slammed hard into Hrungnir’s head, torso, arms, and legs. The Earth Giant felt prickling pain from all the explosions going off.

“Stop that Giant bastard!” Ruppel roared to anyone who could hear him. Paladins nearby rushed in to swing their swords at Hrungnir’s legs, but their weapons simply bounced off the giant’s skin.

The Earth Giant ignored them all.

The most important thing right now was that existence Utgar was scared of. As long as that bastard was killed, this world would soon return to the state of primordial nature.

-I shall crush you!-

Hrungnir burst into motion, causing a massive explosion. Ruppel, who had been nearest, was swept up in the explosion and got blown far away.

The Earth Giant rowed its arms back and forth; it raised its back straight up and sprinted at its highest speed. Its eyes were locked on that small human and nothing else besides.

It even held its breath, its thoughts fully focused on crushing its target.

Faster. Faster!

Its whole body seemed to catch fire as if it had transformed into a meteor running across the ground.

The Magic Giant Utgar grinned deeply at this sight. With Hrungnir’s charge, everything should be over even before their opponent had the time to complete his summoning magic.

It was right at that moment that Raphael stood before Allen. The old man roared out and held up his crosier. “Oooh, dear Gaia! I shall offer my soul to you! I beg thee, hear your believer’s prayer!”

Charlotte and Oscal stepped in front of Raphael. The Cardinal slammed his crosier down, then placed his hands on the shoulders of the two people before his eyes. “Through your power, the hope of all humanity and the hands of salvation-!”

Raphael’s Resonance had begun.

Charlotte and Oscal both clenched their teeth and dashed forward. She held her shield up, while he pulled his sword out. The two Sword Kings drove their divinity into their respective armaments.

Their glares locked on Hrungnir racing towards them. The flow of Mana viciously swirling around the giant… They would break through that!

Successfully pulling that off would be the mark of the true…

…Sword King!

The thoughts of both Charlotte and Oscal aligned just then. They simultaneously leapt up in front of Hrungnir.

The Earth Giant narrowed its eyes. A hindrance suddenly presented itself, but it was nothing more than two measly little insects. It absolutely didn’t stop its charge.

As the heat continued to gush out, the giant charged straight on ahead.

“Parrying-!” the two humans roared out at the same time. Their shield and sword were swung around simultaneously.

The barrier and the sword light of divinity accurately dug in between the gaps of the flowing Mana and blew it apart. Right at that moment, Hrungnir lost its circulation of Mana and promptly lost its balance.

The expanding heated air exploded, flinging Hrungnir back.

-What the hell…?!- The Earth Giant faltered in total confusion, a look of disbelief forming on its face.

-You idiot! Don’t stop!- Utgar cried out.

But Alice, still diligently singing away, could feel it. As the divine power resonated forth, she felt an incredible burden trying to crush her whole body.

It’s here!

The humongous, truly enormous summoned creature was here!

It was right at that moment that Allen also held his head up and slammed his spear down. “Skeleton King.”

A vast lake of holy water spread out beneath his feet.

“Donn O’Donnchadha!”

The Bone Dragon dissipated, while Metatron also disappeared into motes of lights as well. However, those lights all gathered as one and were sucked into the lake of holy water.

The amalgamation of the Bone Dragon and Metatron…

The completed form of the Skeleton King began revealing its grand figure from the truly vast quantity of divinity.

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