Grandson of the Holy Emperor is a Necromancer

Chapter 380 - At the End of the Apocalypse -2 (Part One)

Chapter 380: 200. At the End of the Apocalypse -2 (Part One)

Translated by A Passing Wanderer

Edited by RED

The ‘Evil Spirit Summoning’ technique.

Originally, this technique was a part of the school of Necromancy. However, if the caster possessed the divinity of a high-ranking Priest, like me, then this ability would become something else entirely.

It was now the ‘Holy Ghost Summoning’; basically, one would be calling forth a holy ghost from the Heavenly World to serve as one’s guardian.

I used Kelt’s resting place as the medium to summon his soul to my side.

In the middle of this chaos-filled battlefield, I glared at the Vampire King while his blood cage was spread out all around us.

All the broken bones jutting out of his flesh were rapidly recovering, while the burst blood vessels healed up at a visible pace, returning him to his original state in no time at all. .

My attack was overflowing with divinity, more than enough to cancel out the regeneration ability of a vampire, yet the bastard managed to completely heal himself.

Man, what an awe-inspiring regenerative ability that was.


I regulated my breathing just as my body began moving without my input. It was like the Holy Ghost version of Kelt and I had become one being, making everything feel rather natural.

-Well, then. Let us…-

“…finish what we couldn’t last time, now shall we?” Kelt’s voice was transmitted through me.

I lightly loosened my fist that had smacked the blood spear down, then grabbed Avaldi’s Spear. ‘My’ stance looked rather sloppy, though.

That wasn’t all that surprising, since my warhammaer-wielding grandfather now had to swing around a spear instead. But it wasn’t a problem for me at all, since I had become rather familiar with handling a spear now.

After seeing the future in the Foresight, I had only used spears for the past five years. My physical body should instinctively remember the correct methods of holding a spear.

Kelt’s rich battle experience and my body would combine to utterly suppress this Vampire King bastard for sure!

As if on cue, the Vampire King roared out, “You monster-!”

He gripped his spear with both of his hands and charged straight at me.

He leapt up dramatically in the air to swing his spear down, while I swung my own spear upwards.

My golden spear and the spear of blood collided in mid-air, causing divinity and demonic energy to radiate out with massive force.

We glared at each other as noises of destruction exploded all around us.

The ground caved in and choking dust rose up everywhere.

The Vampire King and I spun away from each other and created some distance before dashing back in to thrust and swing our spears.

Our weapons collided several times in the blink of an eye. Sparks danced in the air, and in a span of only a few seconds, we crossed our spears hundreds of times.

“Stop struggling in vain and die already, you bloody livestock!”

Honestly, that’s what I wanted to say to this fool.

This vampire bastard was strong. Even though Kelt had taken over my body and I had obtained transcendental strength, he was still fighting me on equal terms.

Most likely, he too had been training his butt off, and drank lots of human blood in the past five years, to grow even stronger than before. For the purpose of his vengeance, he must’ve been polishing his skills.

…Just so that he could kill me, then kill these Jötnar later!

Unfortunately for him, though… “I also didn’t waste the past five years doing nothing, you see?”

The twelve bone hands attached to my back gripped various weapons, from a scythe to a shovel, a sword and a mace, a spear and a morning star, and of course, a musket, too.

All of my weapons flew in at the Vampire King. His eyes rapidly darted around and scanned my twelve weapons. “That will never work…!”

He gripped his spear with both hands, and spun it around to deflect all the weapons and the holy bullet coming in.

However, making such flashy moves would inevitably leave behind gaping openings.

I secured my footing on the ground, licking my lips under my skull-helm as a grin floated up on my face. I grasped Avaldi’s Spear tightly, then thrust strongly forward at the opening created by the Vampire King swinging his weapon around.


The speartip pierced through the flesh and split bones apart. The Vampire King vomited out blood.

But this wasn’t going to be enough. I immediately shouted out the incantation for Dead Summoning.

The ground below split open; dozens of arms shot out, each of them wielding different weapons. All of them started swinging away, hacking and slicing the Vampire King apart.

“Kelt Olfolse, Allen Olfolse!!!” the Vampire King’s mouth split open as he howled. He tore off a part of his body and left it behind while creating some distance away from me.


I had time to catch my breath, but the Vampire King would not have any time to rest, even for a second. I had already summoned my holy undead.

Kasim, Nasus, Rahamma and Mikael had been summoned and were pouncing on the vampire. The four undead heroes thrust their weapons to impale the Vampire King’s body and restrain him to the spot.

“Grandpa, please do your thing.”

I roused up more divinity. Electricity began buzzing all over Avaldi’s Spear. Kelt Olfolse’s soul behind me guffawed loudly.

“Not just any, but with a proper bang, too!”

-Alright, grandson! Let’s do this, then!-

The twelve bone ‘wings’ spread open. Demonic energy and divinity swirled around Avaldi’s Spear to create chaos. The powerful combined energy flowed down and focused on the speartip.

The Vampire King flinched in surprise and glared at me. “You bastard-!”

“With this… it’s over.”

I charged towards him.

“Do not come here–!” the Vampire King roared out desperately. Blood gathered from all directions and flew in like bullets at me. Hundreds of blood strands extending like snakes flew in, and I did my best to dodge them all.

The ground beneath me was pierced through and caved in. I stepped on the rising debris and quickly sprinted forward. However, I could not dodge every single one of them. Some brushed past my arms, legs, chest, and even my cheeks.

The demonic energy within them contained powerful Curses, and began changing the colour of my whole body, yet I did not stop. Despite the severe pain akin to my flesh being flayed alive, I was grinning away under Amon’s Skull.

Kelt’s soul and the blood of the Imperial Family coursing through me…

…They were thoroughly enjoying this battle!

“This is the end!”

I drove divinity into my feet and flung my body forward. I moved so fast that for a moment there, I even broke through the shackles of time and space.

I literally teleported myself to the spot right in front of the Vampire King. Sparks danced all over the spear and my body. I jerked my waist back, and cocked Avaldi’s Spear ready.

“Kuwaaaaaaahk-!!!” The Vampire King’s expression distorted viciously.

He forced the four holy undead heroes off of him and pounced on me. He too drew his spear back before stabbing it in my direction.

Our spears brushed past each other.

Then, they impaled their targets.

Blood splattered everywhere.


The Bone Dragon’s fangs sunk deep into Hrungnir’s face. Those sharp fangs, combined with the strength of its jaws, dug in deep while trying to crush the giant’s head. With loud cracking sounds, the skin made out of sand crumbled away.

But that was all that happened.

-Hey, that stings!-

Hrungnir grabbed the skull of the Bone Dragon and forcibly pried it off. Despite the fangs tearing off its skin, the Jötnar simply frowned somewhat in response. It didn’t display much sign of distress at all.

The Earth Giant’s huge hand gripped the Bone Dragon and slammed it straight into the ground, then it followed that up by raising its foot to stomp on the undead’s skull.


The Bone Dragon screeched loudly. Hrungnir raised its foot again and stomped down, hard. Although the undead dragon’s skull developed some cracks, it didn’t shatter. The skull was driven hard into the soil below and got buried there, instead.

This undead was sturdy. What in the world was up with this stupid level of sturdiness!?

-In that case, one more time!-


It stomped one last time, finally managing to shatter the Bone Dragon’s skull. The undead went limp, as if to signal that it was no longer active.

Hrungnir panted and huffed away, then stumbled back while patting its chest. Sand was gushing out from the huge wound there opened up by the Bone Dragon’s claws.

-Bloody hell. And I really liked this skin, too!-

Hrungnir began tearing off its outer skin. All the compacted sand began falling off its frame.

When the skin made out of sand fell away, hardened stone took over the duty. ‘Metal’ plating suddenly enveloped its entire figure; these new layers of stone in dark-red hue acted like armour and shielded it from head to toe.

The stones were actually ores of ‘Orichalcum’, known as the strongest and best type of metal in the world. Even the dwarves could only refine a small amount of it at once, and not only that, they were forced to rely on Alchemy to soften the metal so that they could hammer it into shape.

Yet such stones were embedded all over the giant’s body. As for the minute gaps between those ores, they had been securely covered up by the stones of the spirits that possessed innate resistance to magic, Eltera.

In other words, Hrungnir’s body was the strongest shield in the world and at the same time, the greatest weapon that could destroy everything.

It was the King of all Jötnar, ranked number one!

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