Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 398: Owner Bu is a Good Man

Chapter 398: Owner Bu is a Good Man

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Outside the mine, everyone's gaze fell upon the entrance and their aura which was once calm became unstable. The breaths of everyone present became rough as they wanted to see who was the one who came out of the big crystal mine.

The experts from the Oceanic Species and the Great Barren Sect were the most eager and anxious out of everyone there. This was because they clearly knew the objective of their trip. It was the object within the mine. Since their leaders were both inside the mine, all of them wanted to know which one of them got the treasure.

When they saw the man who appeared at the entrance, the complexion of everyone became strange.

The eyes of the Great Barren Sect's experts widened. A look of incredulity appeared in the deepest part of their eyes.

As for the Oceanic Species' experts, their dead fish eyes widened. Their mouths opened up wide and their hideous fangs were revealed. They seemed to be dumb wooden chickens when they stared at the figure.

Only Wu Mu was prepared for this outcome. He wasn't too surprised as he knew how terrifying Bu Fang was. He was probably the only person in the area who knew about Bu Fang's power.

Although Wu Mu wasn't surprised, the Serpentine Sovereign who was beside him was utterly dumbstruck. The Serpentine King, Du Mu, was shocked as well.

How was it possible for them to know Bu Fang's true power? In the eyes of the Serpentine Sovereign, Bu Fang was merely a seventh grade Battle-Saint. He obtained the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame by pure luck. Even though he had a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, he should be completely incapable of showing off the true power of the flame. How was it possible for such an ant-like person to emerge from the mine? The mine was supposed to be filled with countless experts much stronger than Bu Fang...

Could it be that he didn't enter the deepest part of the mine?

That was the guess in everyone's mind right now.

There were many people who felt as though that should be the case and the gaze which they used to look at Bu Fang contained disdain.

However, there were several experts from the Oceanic Species who squinted their eyes as they looked at Bu Fang with doubtful gazes.

One of them had a cold voice and he shouted at Bu Fang, "You were able to come out alive? Where is the Supreme Mantis Prawn?"

Since the ant was able to leave the mine, the Supreme Mantis Prawn should also be able to leave the mine...

When they looked at Bu Fang's carefree expression, a bad premonition crept up the hearts of the Oceanic Species' experts.

"Where is the Supreme Mantis Prawn?"

Bu Fang, who slowly walked out of the mine while carrying the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in his hands, looked at the Oceanic Species' experts with confusion.

The expert from the Oceanic Species who was standing on top of the sea waves glared at Bu Fang. His aura surged out of his body.

Curling up the corners of his mouth, Bu Fang summoned a giant creature with his thoughts. He grabbed the Supreme Mantis Prawn who had compound eyes and stared at the Oceanic Species' expert. He asked, "Are you talking about this big fellow?"

The Supreme Mantis Prawn was still alive. However, it was already on its last breaths. It slightly raised its sickles and it seemed as though he was begging the experts from the Oceanic Species to save it. However, after slightly raising its sickles, it dropped them.

It had no more strength left in its body.

The moment the Supreme Mantis Prawn appeared, everyone who didn't take Bu Fang seriously became surprised.

That kid.... That kid was able to defeat the Supreme Mantis Prawn?

How did a trifling seventh grade Battle-Saint like him defeat the Supreme Mantis Prawn? Wasn't this kind of unreasonable?

Bu Fang calmly looked at everyone who was in his surroundings. He raised his hand and patted the shell of the Supreme Mantis which was filled with countless cracks. He eventually stored it in his system's dimensional storage.

"This time, I won't cook it in oil… I'll steam it with some broth. Since this is such a big mantis prawn, its flavor can only be brought out by steaming it." Bu Fang murmured.

Although he was talking to himself, most of the people around him heard what he said. They were startled and terrified. This was a madman… He actually wanted to cook and eat the Supreme Mantis Prawn.

That was absolutely preposterous!

After the experts from the Oceanic Species came back to their senses, boundless anger welled up in their hearts. The Supreme Mantis Prawn was one of the Oceanic Species' experts. How could they allow it to be cooked and served to other humans as a dish? This would be a humiliation to all of the Oceanic Species' experts.

The dead fish eyes of the three Supreme-Beings of the Oceanic Species widened and sharp fins protruded out from their body. They stared at Bu Fang with a gaze filled with killing intent.

"You dare to humiliate a supreme beast from our Oceanic Species? You are courting death!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three explosion sounds resounded from the waves under their feet. Billowing waves soared into the sky. The three experts from the Oceanic Species seemed to have turned into beams of light as they shot swiftly toward Bu Fang.

Their killing intent was extremely dense and it even slightly shocked the Great Barren Sect's experts.

The expression on both Wu Mu's and the Serpentine Sovereign's face turned grave.

When facing the terrifying attacks of three Supreme-Being of the Oceanic Species, Bu Fang couldn't help but furrow his brows. He looked at the giant waves which almost covered the sky. Water sprinkled down from above and drenched his hair.

Bu Fang took a deep breath and controlled the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with his mind. He quickly sent the wok after the three of them.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok whistled in the air as it flew toward the three of them. It quickly blocked the path of the three experts from the Oceanic Species.

"Get Lost!"

The three Supreme-Beings shouted at the same time as their killing intent assaulted Bu Fang. They bombarded the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with the giant waves and they tried to break it.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

When the attacks of the three Supreme-Beings fell on the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, a loud sound of impact resounded.

As soon as the three experts from the Oceanic Species saw what happened to their attacks, their pupils contracted.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok emitted a deafening sound as it shook and trembled.

Bu Fang's complexion was slightly strange when he saw what happened to the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. He couldn't help but pay silent tribute to the Supreme-Beings from the Oceanic Species.

Blacky was sleeping soundly in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Inside the wok, it was warm and cozy, a perfect place to take a nap. As Blacky slept in the wok, its nostrils opened and closed as it took deep breaths.

All of a sudden, within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, a loud noise resounded...

The fur on Blacky's body stood on end when it heard the noise.

It opened its eyes and became so enraged that the fur on its body stood up even more.

"Who's disturbing Lord Dog's sleep?"

Blacky angrily roared and it charged out of the wok. When Blacky was in mid-air, it became bigger.

A terrifying aura was emitted from its body and it shocked the experts from the Oceanic Species. All three Supreme-Beings were completely terrified when they faced Blacky.

With a frightful gaze, they stared at the black dog which appeared from the wok.

Blacky's drowsy eyes, which were filled with anger, swept through the three Supreme-Beings. Their bodies involuntarily trembled when Blacky looked at them.

A resonant bark came out of Blacky's mouth the next moment.

Blacky opened its mouth which became like a sacrificial bowl. Strong gales of wind were swept up. Blacky chomped down on them all of a sudden.

The three Supreme-Beings didn't even get the chance to scream before they were swallowed whole by Lord Dog.

After swallowing the people who disturbed its sleep, Lord Dog gradually calmed down. The fur on its body turned smooth once again.

"Pah! What a heavy taste of seafood..."

Lord Dog twitched its lips in disgust before it gave a proud groan. It returned to the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and resumed its sleep.

This time, Lord Dog went into a deeper sleep compared to before.

When everyone around saw what happened to the three experts from the Oceanic Species, they were scared witless.

It was especially true for the rest of the Oceanic Species' experts. Those seventh and eighth grade experts from the Oceanic Species felt that their legs were trembling. Their gills were all open and water continuously flowed out of them.

They all gazed at the black wok which returned to Bu Fang's hands in fright.

Three Supreme-Beings Commanders... were swallowed by a dog...

At this moment, in their eyes, Bu Fang seemed like a demonic fiend.

Bu Fang curled up the corners of his mouth as he carried the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and slowly walked away. He planned to return to the Grand Serpentine City.

The crystal sources within the big crystal mine were already opened by him. He had also obtained the ingredient in order to complete his mission. He wanted to quickly return to Grand Serpentine City in order to cook the pufferfish.

When Bu Fang approached the experts from the Oceanic Species, they didn't dare to stand in his way. They separated their sea waves and opened up a path for him. They looked at Bu Fang as he slowly walked further and further away.

All of a sudden, Bu Fang, who almost left the sea waves' range, turned his head around. He stared at all the experts from the Oceanic Species and earnestly said:

"Is there still anyone who has any objections about me cooking the Supreme Mantis Prawn?"

After hearing Bu Fang's words, the experts from the Oceanic Species almost wept. What damned objections could they have? Even if they had objections, would he listen to them? Wouldn't he just call out that dog to eat them?

Bu Fang nodded to himself with content and turned around. He eventually left the place. This time, there was no one who dared to stop him.

Wu Mu pulled the Serpentine Sovereign and followed after Bu Fang.

"Don't you want the treasures within the mine?"

"With the two factions here, what treasures can we obtain?" Wu Mu retorted. The beautiful face of the Serpentine Sovereign immediately stiffened as she was at a loss for words.

She could only helplessly follow after Wu Mu and leave.

As for the Oceanic Species and the experts from the Great Barren Sect, they continued to stand there. They wanted to wait for their experts to return from the mine.

After a long time, a rustling sound transmitted from the entrance and someone came out of the mine. The person was soaked in blood and seemed to be in a sorry state. He struggled to walk out of the mine.

The pupils of the Oceanic Species experts contracted and their hearts sank. They lost...

When they saw the miserable state of the expert from the Oceanic Species, they quickly inferred the outcome of the battle. They thought that the expert from the Great Barren Sect was more powerful than him. Everyone thought that the Oceanic Species' expert was beaten by the Great Barren Sect's expert.

"Where are the three Supreme-Being Commanders?"

When he saw that the experts from the Oceanic Species had faces filled with grief, he solemnly asked.

One of the Oceanic Species' expert informed him of what happened while scowling. The Divine-Realm expert who just emerged from the mine had an ugly expression on his face. He sprouted a mouthful of blood and his complexion became worse.

"Let's go... Let's return to the Sea Palace."

Unexpectedly, the Divine-Realm expert from the Oceanic Species didn't want to avenge the three commanders. This was completely out of their expectations. Instead, he ordered them to return to the Sea Palace.

Everyone was taken aback by his order.

The Great Barren Sect's experts were the same. They were shocked as well.

Before leaving, the Oceanic Species' Divine Realm expert strenuously curled up the corners of his lips. He faintly smiled when he looked at the cheerful and delighted expression on the faces of the experts from the Great Barren Sect. The experts from the Great Barren Sect were standing in their warship which was floating in the sky. A trace of derision appeared at the corners of their mouths.

"Laugh for now… When you find the corpse of your Great Barren Sect's Divine Physique Echelon expert, I'll see whether you are all still capable of laughing."


Bu Fang returned to the Grand Serpentine City at a moderate pace.

Wu Mu and the Serpentine Sovereign reached it first. The moment they arrived in the Grand Serpentine City, all the dangers it faced disappeared. The Oceanic Species' experts were all killed by the angry Wu Mu and Serpentine Sovereign.

The sound of excited cheerings echoed in Grand Serpentine City.

There were also some people who recognized Bu Fang. The only reason why Grand Serpentine City was still standing was because Bu Fang drew the attention of the Supreme Mantis Prawn and led it away.

There were countless people who revealed a thankful look toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang, who was carrying the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, was shocked when he saw the grateful gazes from everyone. He thought that they were acting weirdly.

Wu Mu, the Serpentine Sovereign, and the others came to look for him after he returned.

The Serpentine King, Du Wei, had a pale complexion. There wasn't the slightest trace of blood on her face. She almost exhausted all her power as she excessively used Grand Serpentine City's protective array cannons. She looked at Bu Fang with a complex look on her face.

"This human… Although he attacked the city before, he was also the savior of the city." Even though there were some conflicts between them in the past, she felt that he should be a good person.

Yu Fu followed behind the Serpentine Sovereign and came over. When she saw Bu Fang, it was as though a heavy stone was lifted from her heart. She was excited to see Bu Fang again.

"Owner Bu... We may have offended you before. However, we can still sit down and slowly discuss the matter between you and the Serpentine Sovereign."

Wu Mu looked at Bu Fang with a warm expression. He had a smile on his face and he wanted to act as a mediator between Bu Fang and the Serpentine Sovereign.

The lips on the Serpentine Sovereign's beautiful face slightly opened. She appeared as though she wanted to say something.

However, Bu Fang waved his hand at her. He prevented her from saying anything.

Bu Fang looked at the Serpentine Sovereign and calmly said, "Don't say anything. The most important thing right now is for you to prepare a kitchen for me. We can discuss everything else later. Yu Fu… Come over and be my assistant."

The Serpentine Sovereign, Wu Mu, and the people around them were taken aback by his words.

What was going on?

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